Recommendations, Complaints and International Delivery Times

Thank you for visiting ReplacementLightBulbs.com. The following are compliments and complaints from customers regarding our products and/or services and reports of international USPS Airmail delivery times. Customer identities are not provided for the protection of our customer's privacy. These emails and letters are unedited except to remove information not related to the compliment or complaint, to remove contact information or to add the country of origin and associated delivery time.

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Heya Ron! Thanks for replacing my order so fast, this is Michael in Vail, AZ., and I believe I spoke to you on the phone. I received the replacement order very quickly and everything was good, although for some reason two of the Osram bulbs instaflashed on me. I don't have a multimeter any more so I can't double check the voltage. Ah well. At least this is absolutely not your fault. I emailed Osram about it a day and a half ago and haven't received a reply yet, we'll see what happens. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I received my replacement order and all is well! I am recommending y'all to my lumens starved friends!
Vail, AZ

Just wanted to let you know it has arrived. I haven't had a chance to try it out but shipping time was just as promised.
Jane-8 Working Days-Canada

Lamps arrived today Monday 23.4.06. Intact ,despite box being crushed at one corner. Thanks to your excellent packing all lamps and lamp boxes were in pristine condition. An excellent job on your part.

Very pleased, Thanks and Best regards.
Les-6 Working Days-Australia

Most of us take time to make customer service complaints, but it's the good customer service that often goes unnoticed. I just wanted to thank you for excellent customer service. I recently received a light bulb in the mail that didn't work. The person on the phone didn't even question it. He said he'd look into it and 2 days later I had a new, working lightbulb delivered to my door.
Thank you. We will definitely look to your company again in the future.

Hi Ron,

I just wanted you to know that the replacement under-counter halogen
lights arrived just now and I've already installed them. I can SEE
again! Thanks so much. Now, what will I blame for my cooking? I'll
be back!


Hi Ron
The Pack is arrived today.
Thank you very much
Switzerland, 4 working days


I have received the package this week. Every thing is OK.

Thank you very much for the lamps, a little slow shipping butit wasnot for you.

JOHNY, Columbia-5 Weeks

Hi, Ron!

Thanks for your suggestion. It worked, but the E26 lamp I have is not what I need (it's a 75W bulb). I'll order two PH 212 from your store.

Thanks again!

Thank you for trying to help me out. You went above and beyond your
seller's duties for a tiny customer like me. I'll be back whenever I need
another bulb.
Best of luck to you as well.


Hi Ron

Receieved the bulbs today. 8 days to Ireland.



Hello Don,
Got the bulbs today! I´m very pleased with your firm, prices and delivery.
Hopefully it will be some time until I need to contact you again, but be certain it
will be You !
Sweden-5 Working Days

Hi Ron-
There was no way I could have known that research was needed to use the
equipment without blowing the bulb. According to you, this happens to a
lot of your customers.
I was giving you the opportunity to make a wise business decision, and
earn customer loyalty.
I am amazed at your level of courtesy, and will be sure to pass on my
experience to anyone I know who needs a replacement bulb.
I know you will experience all the business success you deserve.
Thank you,

This customer was not happy with this order and the above is not a complement but a complaint with sarcasm. We helped them as much as we could but they did not want help and just wanted us to pay for their mistake. We often eat the costs of customer mistakes as you will see in other complements on this page. In this case it was blatant misuse that is not our responsibility. This customer had no interest in learning what happened to avoid a repeat failure. Thanks, Ron


I just wanted to drop a line and say that my order for
3 CPG-type bulbs arrived today and appear to be in
great shape - exactly what I wanted. Thank you very
much for your great pricing and prompt service !!

Siena College
Physics Dept.

Many thanks your good efforts, great expertise! Package arrived yesterday (as expected) in good
order; the bulbs tested AOK and appear to be in all respects closely identical to the original I sought.
Nice work, sir!

Hi Ron,
I received The lamp today. I want to thank you for all your help and lightning fast shipping!
Lamp works great!
Thanks Again, Have a Great Weekend! Adam

Hello Ron,

A bit belated I would like to let you know that my Dad received the bulbs less than a week after you posted them. He didn't know that I had found and ordered the lamps so he was very touched and pleased. Also, being slightly internet phobic (he only started to get into computing several years after his retirement) he was quite impressed with how easily the lamps had been ordered, purchased, dispatched and delivered!

All in all we were both very happy with the service.

The only blight to this is that the lamps are the wrong kind!!! This is my mistake; my Dad didn't have the manual to hand so I tried to find the information on the internet. His projector is of the Super 8 type and I found the corresponding manual and lamp reference. Of course, I didn't realise that there is more than one Super 8 model. After some more research I think that my Dad's projector requires a lamp that is obsolete. Alternatively a modification is available to accept a new lamp that is still being manufactured. I also found out that Bolex in Yverdon (Switzerland) still support this product and do the upgrade. After talking to my Dad about this he confirmed that this is the route he would like to take. So next time I'll visit we hope to make a little trip to Yverdon.

As far as your lamps go, my Dad will keep them as a souvenir (...or toy, perhaps??? He somehow managed to blow up one already... Boys...always remain boys, they say...???). The adage "it's the thought that counts" applies here, I think.

Once again thank you for your excellent service.



Thanks for the first class customer service, Ron. I received the replacement lamp on Sat.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I appreciated your service, quick shipping and PRICING on some bulbs I ordered recently from your site! I have already recommended your site to 2 other people. -jj (Coconut Creek, FL order a little over a week ago).

Hello, I just wanted to let you know I received the 2nd bulb today as you promised. It's a great pleasure dealing with professionals as yourselves who are thorough, respond quickly to problems and provide total customer satisfaction. I'm a very happy camper and I'll be back. Thanks again for your courtesy and rapid resolution. You're a great asset to eBay.


Got my bulbs yesterday. Very good service!



hi ron
bulb received today
fitted and now watching 35 year old home movies
many thanks for your great service

Hi Ron, This is Theresa. The one that bought a replacement bulb for her overhead projector. It works great. The total cost for the projector and the light bulb. Was just the light bulb? It was given to me. Praise God. Just thought I would email you and tell you that it did work. Now I can get my banner making on the way.



Hi Ron,

The lamps arrived today exactly one week from you sending them. I find USPS
and Australia Post both mostly take around a week between the US and
Australia; 10 days at most.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


Dear Ron,
The small package arrived today at noon.The two bulbs are in my hand.They were hire in 12 days.I am very happy.I will recommend you to everybody who needs a replacement bulb.
Thank you very much,
Mircea from Romania

I think it is a Disgrace that I cannot return a light bulb- since with shipping and insurance it cost me $11.75- that is not the right one. EVEN THOUGH I MEASUREED IT, DISCUSSED THE MEASUREMENTS WITH THE PHONE ATTENDENT, MADE IT VERY CRYSTAL CLEAR WHAT DIMENSIONS I WAS TALKING ABOUT- AND THE IDIOT MEASURED IT AT THE WRONG END!!!!!!! SEND ME ONE THAT ODES NOT FIT INTO THE GLOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!THAT IS A DISGRACE!!!!!!!


Note from Ron: We do allow returns so I am not sure why we received this complaint. We try to help customer select the correct lamp and it looks like we did not communicate correctly on this one. I am not sure what happened here. We did send a reply email to the customer saying that they could return the lamp.

Ron -

Thank you for taking the time to look into the situation. It's easy to enjoy
doing business with a company with such a positive approach to customer

I'll be sure to return the favor with as many recommendations as possible.
On my end, these lamps went from hard to find on Sunday, to installed on
Wednesday. I appreciate the quick turnaround on the order. Keep up the great


Hello Mr. Ron,
Today morning I receive the
DKK Lamp in my house in
Madrid, and it´s going o.k.,
(it takes 13 days).
Thank you for your information
and help.
I have a better shopping than here.
I would repeat if I need another lamp.
Spain-13 Days


The packages was delivered yesterday(seems to be very express ;))

Slovakia-4 Working Days


Thank you very much for the reply back. I was not aware of the fact
that the fan should stay running for ten minutes after the lamp is
turned off. Nor did I realize that fingerprints on the glass could also
cause failure as well. I will certainly relay all of this information
on to my father.

I understand that you are not able to apply a credit, but I do thank you
for the courtesy bulb. That and the simply fact that you took the time
to provide me all of the information below is a credit to your
outstanding customer service. That is something I greatly appreciate.
Because of this email, I will use your company for any future
replacement bulb needs. Thank you again!


Ron, I can't thank you enough- we both have better things to do than
mess around with a bad light bulb, and I really appreciate the service
you have given this issue- it goes above and beyond anything I expected.
(we try to run our business the same way) I will recommend Replacement
Light Bulbs.com to anyone I get a chance to!
And thanks for all the info on pins, etc. I have replaced many bulbs
over the years and never had one do this. I will be extra careful,
realizing now, what can happen. Thanks again! Dick

Excellent, buyed 25 october and received3 november.


Jacques, Canada 2006

Hi, I just recieved my order, It was just the ones i have been looking for (ge425) It was not a big order, but you folks
treated it like one.. packaged very well and shipping was very prompt,
I could not be happier,,, I will referr you to all of my friends,, Thanks again,,,,,,,, Dave

Hello Ron. My bulbs arrived today. I'd like to thank you for your patience and diligent service. I will not hesitate to visit your site for future lighting needs.
Thanks again,

Hi Ron,
Just a short note to let you know that I have received
my projection lamp as ordered and in very good
condition on the 11th September 2006.

Thank you and your staff for your very efficient and
informative information regarding this product.

It has been a great pleasure dealing with you and your

Kindest Regards from down under,


Today I received the projector bulb I ordered and it fit PERFECTLY. I am just THRILLED. A special thanks toJack Miller and Ronfortheir assistance. I really appreciated Mr. Miller calling me to verify the bulb I ordered, thanks to his expertise, he saved me from ordering the wrong bulb. I am sooooo excited to use my "vintage" projector and even more excited to surprise my Dad withit. Now wecan watch allthose old family films....great memories.
Thank you very,very much.


Thanks for the speedy reply and accurate information. You were
Right on! I appreciate your excellent customer service, great job.


Thank you Ron for your prompt reply and solution to my problem.
An order for two bulbs will be sent right away on your form.
Congratulations for your very informative, and very well done website; it is
now in my "Favorites" and I passed word to all interested friends.
Best regards.

Hi Ron

The Slik post arrived today -- just 1 week in transit .

Thanks for the great service.


Hello Ron,
Thank you for your very prompt and helpful response to my questions. I've ordered the Philips ELC bulb(s), as well as the OLV-1 Buhl Lamp socket. Hopefully the socket will work, but if it doesn't at least it won't have cost me a fortune.
By the way, your price for the ELC is about five dollars less than the price for the same bulb at Freestyle Photo in California. What's more -- and believe it or not-- the same bulb costs more than three times your price at KM Camera here in New York City.
Thanks again, Ron. Doing business with you is a pleasure.

Thanx Ron for the info. I purchased these replacement bulbs for my 93 year old Mom in Ontario. She loves her floor lamp as she reads all the time. Not much else to do at her age. When her lamp fell over and the bulb broke she was heartbroken. So thank you very much for bring her some sunshine.

Many thanx,


Hey Ron,

Got the lights on July 31st, pool looks great.
Gave your card to the local pool place, she has a lot of odd orders for
light and can't always fill them.

Gary, Canada, 2 Weeks

Hi Ron,

thanks for the delivery. I got the packet yesterday (Friday), the bulb properly wrapped and in a fine condition. Thanks again för the deal, it was a pleasure to "meet" you.

Sweden, 6 Working Days

Hello Ron,
The replacement bulb we ordered arrived today!! Thanks so much for the great customer service. We've bookmarked your site and will use it again if the need arises. Will also recommend you to our friends.

hi ron

my name is tony and i ordered a tfn projector globe from you last week to suit a bauer projector and recieved it in sydney australia in just 4 days. i cant believe the service. i cant get products from interstate as quikly as that. keep up the good service and thanks for the globe it fits perfect.

Sydney Australia (Four Days)

Hi Ron. That is great news. I will order two of them. Or I will have my Wife order them because she is good at that stuff. Thanks for the support and you ongoing E-mails. You and your business is appreciated.
I will indeed make the order.

Hello Ron

Thank you for the bulbs. I tried them and you are correct, they work. I appreciate your quick response and will definitely do business with you in the future.



A huge thank you! I will pass on to other schools that you are set up as
an account in our district. You have been very helpful and I appreciate
the great service! Thanks for finding the hard to find bulbs! Looking
forward to doing business in the future...
Thank you,

Hi, Ron !

Just a note to inform you that the lamp I ordered arrived bright and early
this morning, safe and sound in its well padded box . . .

My grandfather is thrilled - he has a lot of very old 16mm footage that he's
desperate to see transferred to DVD, and he didn't think he'd be able to, as
this type of lamp is now non existent in the UK. The family have been
invited to his home tonight for a movie show . . . .

Many, many thanks for the excellent service !

All The Best,

England-Five Working Days

Already received, thanks!
I could see in your stock-list that you had 9 pcs of the
Would you get more later on?


Denmark-Shipped 5-13 / Delivered 5-18 / 4 Working days

Your package arrived May 8, in good shape. There were no other charges for duty or local tax on the four BXT bulbs.
Thanks again. I will certainly use your service again.

Canada-Shipped May 1st-5 Working Day Delivery


I wanted to thank you for the super fast delivery and excellent
It cost me just under $13.00 including shipping to order a bulb from you
that would have cost me over $20.00 for the same bulb alone elsewhere.
Thanks again for your excellent service. I'll definitely be telling
about your website. Thanks again!


Hi Ron,

I'm going to put the order in now. But I'm going to order the 50W --you said it might take a little longer, but that is actually what the desk lamp calls for. I'll order three...that should still be below the 1 lb. weight limit, so I'll just have to pay the $5.15 for the shipping. Thanks so much Ron for your prompt response. I don't think I have every received this type of customer service--this good I mean !!

Thank you...



Bulbs have been received and installed. They are perfect. Thanks for your promptness and professionalism.


I got the bulb I ordered for my old super 8 film projector, and it works great! Also, I received it very quickly.
Thank you, and have a nice day!

I didn't place this order till Saturday and the bulbs are already here....very impressive!
I'll be back for future business....you can count on it.


Hello Ron,
I am glad to inform you that the package arrivedin good shape today, so that makes it less than one week!
Thanks and kind regards,

Thank you so much for your help. Unfortunately, as we suspected, these are not the bulbs we need. You give terrific customer support. I appreciate it and will pass the word...

Hey Ron! Thanks so much for your great web store! I received the bulbs in perfect condition (great packaging) and faster then I ever imagined.. ZOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!! Thanks again and I know where to return forbulbs.


I just want to say thank you. I received my order (RL 4271) very quickly and it was exactly as ordered.

Thanks for taking care of business promptly. I will definitely recommend you to others.


Good Morning Ron,

Last night I ordered two CLS/CLG Bulbs from your website.

Thanks for yourassistance with the research, I appreciate your time and efforts.

Have a good weekend.

Thank you for lamps! I receiv!

Shipped on 2-3-06, Delivered 2-8-06, Three working days, Amazingly fast for Airmail. Latvia is very effecient, I am impressed, Ron

HI Ron thanks for the new bulb it works great we have watched our movies from
the 60ty'S both my parents just past away and there are good memorys on these
films thanks again for being fair on this mater


We received light bulbs in perfect condition and weenjoying pictures thatwehad not seenina long time.Thank you for taking the time double check to see had ordered correct bulbs.


I received my light bulb order today and just wanted to let you
know. Thanks once again for the speedy delivery.

Torrance-Canada, 5 working days

Amazing! They arrived this morning (Sunday) as if nothing untoward had ever
happened - 1 month and 10 days later...

After this event you may want to consider another shipping method to Canada.

Thanks for all your assistance.

Canada-This was shipped with USPS Airmail

Thanks for your fast service, it is grately appreciated!
Also thank you for offering USPS shipping to Canada, Private carriers charge unacceptably high brokerage fees..


I receive today the lamps in good condition after 8 days only. Thank you


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