The following is a customer with a TV lamp complaint, our respononse and their compliment. Hi. I am frustrated with my TV / replacement lamp. The TV is an RCA Scenium. The lamp died. I tried to call RCA at the provided number but it has been disconnected, so I went on the web to look for a lamp. The sticker of the TV says Model Number HD50LPW175YX7 and Lamp Part No. 265866. However on the web each company including yours lists the lamp for this model should be 271326 and lamp 265866 is only suitable for other RCA models. So I had a 50 - 50 choice, pick 271326 to match the sticker Model Number or pick 265866 which is listed on the sticker but apparently didn’t match the Model Number. I chose to order the 271326 Phillips lamp from you ( Receipt # RL - 255205 ). It doesn’t work. The picture is almost black. Setting the TV to Standard Mode doesn’t help. Does this seem logical to you? Is the 265866 a more powerful lamp? Can I return the 271326 lamp in exchange for a 265866 ? Sincerely John L.

Hello John,

Thank you for your request!

I show that those two assemblies have the same lamp inside but the assembly is different. You did not order the wrong lamp. If you were ordering the assembly you would have been taking a 50/50 risk of the assembly not fitting. Buying the lamp you were 100% correct, not 50/50.

Please send a photo of your assembly so I can identify the style. I would love a photo of the assembly so I can make proper notes on your model here. It has happened a number of times that a TV manufacturer changed the lamp design within the same model number. It is a challenge when that happens to figure out what they did. We were not aware of two different assemblies with this TV model.

Since you purchased a lamp to go in your assembly please check to make sure that the lamp is positioned correctly in the assembly. If the lamp is not seated properly then your image will be dark as the light is not focused properly. It is possible that you had it seated properly but did not secure it properly and it shifted out of position during installation in the TV.

If you check and the lamp is seated properly, you made sure the settings on the TV are correct and the picture is still dark then we need to get the lamp back and provide another lamp. There is a one in a thousand chance of having a defective lamp. It is rare but it can happen.

If the lamp positioning does not fix the problem and you do return the lamp I recommend that, just to do something different, you have us send an Osram replacement. If the Osram lamp operates the same way in your TV then you may have some other problem with your TV. Statistically the TV is fine and the lamp is fine and the problem is an installation or setting problem.


Ron Hi Ron Thanks for your email - excellent - quick response, detailed instructions and absolutely correct diagnosis. My TV is up and running again and I can now watch the Olympics on the big screen. The story on the TV. It first belonged to my son. It broke down so he gave it to me. He is of the mindset that if something breaks throw it away and buy a new one. I try to fix things. Not knowing anything about TV's I took it to a repair shop and paid over $400 to have it fixed ( lamp replacement ?). When it broke again I studied the online manual and decided it needed a new lamp ( certain on and off flashes ). The repair shop had not inserted the two screws connecting the lamp assembly to the TV body. When I got your lamp I also did not try to insert these screws and I had the very dark result. Your email informed me that the alignment was very important so I made the effort to align these two screws and get them tightened and lo and behold everything is fixed. Now I wonder if my original bulb might be OK just not seated correctly. However, I am going to accept it as is now, and not mess with a good thing. I'll keep the old bulb for possible future use. Since I am afraid to mess with things that are working, I can't send you a photo of the assembly. However, the one problem I had with your lamp is that the ground cable connecting screw I had did not fit your bulb. I took your bulb to Home Depot and they couldn't match the screw size, US or Metric. I ended up having to use a sheet metal screw to make the connection. The assembly looks exactly like the one on your web site under RCA HD50LPW175YX7 271326R. Thanks again Ron. If you are not the owner, but an employee of, show this email to your boss and ask for a raise. I have never had such a detailed and excellent response to an product email enquiry. John.