When using Sylvania 250BR40/1

This lamp is designed for use in applications specifically requiring a short wave infrared radiation source. Infrared radiation from this lamp causes surfaces to be heated. This lamp should never be placed closer than 18 inches to any person or surface.

A. This heat lamp should not be used on infants, children, incapacitated persons, or sleeping or unconscious persons without continuous, responsible attendant. Do not use over sensitive skin or persons having poor blood circulation. Sufficient temperatures are generated that may cause burns. To reduce risk of eye injury, do not stare at exposed lamp in operation. In industrial applications where large banks of these lamps may be used, appropriate eye protection should be used when continual exposure is expected. Do not use this heat source in close proximity to combustible materials (litter, paper, etc.) or to materials adversely affected by heat or drying.

B. Although this lamp has been carefully constructed using the best materials, certain conditions beyond the manufacturer's control may cause the glass bulb to crack or shatter. Prevent water, moisture, liquids or metal objects from coming in contact with this lamp as the glass may shatter. Use a protective screen or mesh between the lamp and the exposed person or other application where glass shattering would be a safety hazard. Do NOT use this lamp in wet or moist environments, including sauna, shower, bathing, bathroom or other areas where steam or moisture may accumulate; other heat resistant glass lamps may be appropriate for this use.

C. Avoid scratching, scraping or striking a hard surface with the glass bulb since this could cause minute cracks. Do not use if the glass bulb is scratched, cracked or touching accessory equipment.

D. Use only in standard 120 volt sockets designed for 250W use.