Lamps Discontinued-Out of Stock

This page is a storage place. When we sell out of a discontinued product we do not want to lose the technical information in case we find more stock and can add the product back to inventory. We do not have any of the lamps on this page. In some cases we may be able to have the lamps manufactured if you need a large quantity.

If you do not know what lamp you require or for lamps not listed, email your request or call technical support at 336-882-2854.

1000PS52/SBIF-120V $25.00 GE 22348, 1000/SBIF, 1000W, 120V, Silver Bowl, Inside Frost, PS52, PS-52, MOL 13", 1000 Hours, 1000SBIF, Mole Richardson 20133 Overhead Cluster Six Light 1000W, E39 Mogul Screw Brass Base, C-7A Filament, 20,400 Lumens, MOD 6.5", LCL 3.13"
100/300/W $6.00 Philips, 3 Way Soft White, 100-200-300, Operate Base Down, 120V, PS25 Glass, E39D Three Contact Mogul Screw, 858944, 5X-PS25A, 0-46677-10122-0, 1200 Hours Based on Continuous Burning of Major Filament, 1350/3350/4700 Lumens, Burn Base Down
100A21/RS/IF-250V $5.00 GE 17524, 18334, 100W, 250V, A21 Rough Service Inside Frost Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, C-17 Filament, MOL 5.25", LCL 3.81", 1000 Hours, 960 Lumens, Replacement for GE 17516, 17515, Possible Substitute 100A-250V
100A23-120V $1.50 Philips 22430-3, 224303, 100W, 120V, A23 Frosted Glass, 816466, 0-46677-22430-1, 100 Watt, 1600 Lumens, 750 Hours, E26 Medium Screw Base, Possible Substitute 72WHLL50
100A23/R $3.00 120V, 100W, E26 Medium Screw, A23 Red Enamel, Ceramic Red, 100A/R, FG2348-AX- #3882611, 4V982-6
100A-277V $3.00 GE, 100W, 277V, A21 Inside Frost Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base
100A21-277V $5.00 GE 17990, 100W, 277V, A21 Inside Frost Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, C-7A Filament, MOL 5.25", LCL 3.81", 1000 Hours
100A/90WM 75¢ GE 12618, 90W, 120V, Watt-Miser, Average Lumens 1620, Average Life 750 Hours, Replaces 100A, A19 Diffuse Coating, Inside Frost, CC-8 Filament, MOL 4.43", LCL 3.12", Possible Substitute 72WHLL50
100A/90WM/CL 75¢ GE 13558, 90W, 120V, Watt-Miser, A19 Clear Glass, 1640 Lumens, 750 Hours, George Kovacs P965-077 5 Light Grid™ II Chandelier P965077
100A/90W/MP/99-130V 75¢ GE 13023, 100W, 90W, 130V, 1260 Lumens, 2500 Hours, At the 120V typical use this lamp is 960 Lumens, 80W and 6800 Hours, E26 Brass Medium Screw Base, Watt-Miser Plus, 0-43168-90937-8, JGX90D4, 100A90WMP/99, A19 Frosted Glass, 100A-90A/99/EW, 100A/90/SSXL, GE 22375, 100A/WM/COMM, 100A/90WMP/99, Replaces 100A/99, 1490 Lumens, 2500 Hours, 1360 Lumens, GE 21315, GE 97851, Possible Substitute 72WHLL50
100A/CL/H/RVL $3.00 GE 82139, 100W, 120V, Halogen, A19 Clear Reveal Coated Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 2900K, 3000 Hours, 1275 Lumens, C-8 Filament
100A/CRY/H/RVL $6.00 GE 72374, 64686, 100W, 120V, A19 Heavy Cut Crystal Glass, Reveal Full Spectrum Color Enhanced Coating, 1400 Lumens, 3000 Hours, Halogen, 100ACRY/H/RVL-CD, 1100 Series, 2900K, 0236935
100A/HAL $5.00 Sylvania 18970-1, 100W, 120V, MB19 Heavy Indoor/Outdoor Frosted Glass, Halogen, 1925 Lumens, 2250 Hours, 100A/HAL/RP, 0-46135-18970-8, E26 Medium Screw Base, Post Lamp, 100MB/CAP, 100A/HAL/POST
100A/RS/CL-120V $2.00 Sylvania 12956, 100W, 120V, A21 Clear Glass, Rough Service Filament, E26 Medium Screw Base, 100 Watt
100BTT/SW $4.00 GE 10042, 100W, 120V, BTT/A A-Line Replacement Glass, Soft White, Halogen, 3000 Hours, 1600 Lumens, E26 Medium Screw Base
100K19/KR-120V $3.00 Tungsram, Krypton, Superba, 100W, 120-130V, K19 Reflector Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 100 Watt, Made in Hungary, Recommended Replacement 100K19/DL-120V
100T10/HAL/F $10.00 Sylvania 18893 100W 120V 1058 E26 Medium Screw Frost Frosted T10 18893-1 2000 Hours 2950°K 1550 Lumens CRI 100 AX2-Q 100T10/HAL/F-120V AL155, Replace with JDD120V100W/FR-E26
1045 $20.00 GE, Mazda, 5.9V, 5A, 29.5W, P30s Single Contact Prefocus Base, RP11 Clear Glass, G-E, Possible Substitute 1007
10C7/5DC-120V $1.00 GE 12014, 10W, 115-125V, C-7 Clear Glass, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, Indicator, Rough Service, C-7A Filament, MOL 2-3/16", 5000+ Hours, Substitute 10C7DC-120V
10G12/W-120V 75¢ Satco S3830, 10W, 120V, G12.5 Outside White Globe Shaped Glass, Extra-Life, 120V10W, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 2500 Hours, Substitute 10G12/W-130V
1110 $10.00 BA15d 6-8V C-2V/C-2V Dual Filament, 21/21CP, Possible Substitute 21/3CP 1158
1145648 $100.00 ORC, Optical Radiation Corporation, Arc Lamp
120BR40/FL/PRO-130V $6.00 GE 24999, 120W, 130V, BR40 Frosted Flood, Proline
120ER40-120V $4.00 GE 41607, 120W, 120V, E40 Frosted Reflector Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 2000 Hours
120ER40-130V $4.00 Sylvania 15168, 120W, 130V, ER40 Ellipsoidal Reflector Frosted Flood, E26 Medium Screw Base, S4958
120PAR38/CAP/SPL/FL30-130V $10.00 120W, 130V, PAR38, E26 Medium Skt Base, 30° Flood Beam Spread, 14861-1, Halogen, 4.75" Glass Diameter, Capsylite, Indoor/Outdoor, 1800 lumens at 130V and 1370 lumens at 120V, Energy Used 120W at 130V and 106W at 120V, Average Life 3000 Hours at 130V or 6000 Hours at 120V, 0-46135-14861-3, 046135148613, N06313
120R40/FL/CVG-130V $12.00 GE 46877, 120W, 130V, R40 5" Teflon Coated Indoor Floodlight, Base Up, Cov R Guard, Teflon Coated, GE 27428, 150R/FL/120WM/CVG, 150R/FL/120WM/CVG-130V, 150/FL120WM/CVG, Reflector, E26 Medium Screw Base, 1550 Lumens and 2000 Hours at 130V, about 5000 Hours at 120V, 120R40/FL/CVG, Teflon Coating, Indoor Flood, Cov-R-Guard, BR40
1240-GE $25.00 GE1240 32V 3.5A 32-112-67 G16 1/2 DC PREF 115W EI-1240 1240E E-1240, Discontinued by GE, Kodak Recordak MPE, Eastman Kodak Recordak Microfilm reader P-40, PM, PM-1, PM-2, PL, PS, PS-1, PES, PES-1, PEK, PEK-1, PV, PVA, PVM, MPE-1, PFC-1A, PTA, PE-1A, Eastman Kodak Kodagraph MPE, Generic Replacements are Available
12910 $5.00 BA9s 12V 3W 12910/04 1231N AM12910 200 Hours 50052
12998 $20.00 K23d, 12V, 50W, KLS, CL, Halogen, 3000 Hours, Universal Burn Position, 350 Lumens, Maximum Diameter 50mm, Maximum Length 46mm, MR16 FAC, Faceted Reflector, 924014417101, Cables should be downwards to ensure that filament position is horizontal, Fibre Optic Solutions, Traffic Matrix Systems, Variable Message Signs and DRIPs (Dynamic Route Information Panels), Cable Length 110mm, 8711500475145, 47514544, Lumina Ra Fiber Optic Table Lamp SCG-LUM-RA-TABLE 350-20 350-33, Traffic Signal, 475145-XX, Long Life, Two Male Spade Connectors, Dambach Dynamic Message Signs, Substitute Osram 64005, Can Order Dr. Fischer Brand 847101 for $17.18 Each
12VSP $20.00 Possible Substitute 1383, 12V, 15W, BA15s, R14 Reflector
13117 $30.00 37614-5, 376145, 17V, 150W, MR16, 50 Dich, GX5.3, 1000 Hours, CC-6, MOL 1.85"/ 47mm, 3200°K, Burn in Any Positon, 409935, Type 13117
13139 $50.00 Philips, GZ6.35 GZ6,35 12V 75W 409799 33545-5 335455 MR16 50 DICH 1000 Hour Long Life EFN C-8, Discontinued by Philips, Generic Substitute Available
14102 $60.00 Philips, 259226 25922-6 HDA IR 150W 230V E27 6093 8M HDE Quartz Infrared Lamps Halogen HDA Emetteurs Infraroughes Infrarotdtrahler qwartz infrarood Lampen T-12 8 Inches Long Ferrowatt
150A/135WM-120V $2.00 GE 12619, 135W, 120V, A21 Inside Frost Glass, 1000 Hrs, Watt-Miser, 2380 Lumens, E26 Medium Screw Base, 12820
150A/135WM-130V $2.00 GE 12627, 135W, 130V, A21 Inside Frost Glass, 2600 Hours at 120V, 1000 Hours at 130V, 1790 Lumens at 120V, 2340 Lumens at 130V, Effective Wattage at 120V is 120W, In the typical application you will be applying 120V and get 120W, 2600 Hours and 1790 lumens, Watt-Miser, GE 13025, 150A135WMP/99-130V, 1000 HRS, Possible Substitute LED19A21
150AW/RL/HAL $3.00 GE 71364, 150W, 120V, Reader Light, Halogen, A21 Inside Frost Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, Edison, 2650 Lumens, 2000 Hours, 150HALOA/W/RL
150/D $3.00 GE Mazda 19584, 120V, 150W, PS25 Blue Coated Glass, Daylight, C-9 Filament, MOL 6.938", LCL 5.188", 1000 Hours, Possible substitute if your fixture will support the higher wattage-BCA
150G40/W-120V $5.00 GE 16585, 150W, 120V, 5" G40 White Globe, E26 Medium Screw Base, 150G40W
150PAR/3FL-130V $7.28 80317, 150W, PAR38, 130V, Medium Side Prong Base, 150PAR38/3FL-130V, Mining Lamp, CC-6 Filament, 2000 Hours-6000 Hours at 120V, 1740 Initial Lumens-1305 Lumens at 120V, 36° Beam Spread, 3100 CBCP-2325 at 120V, 2775°K-2675°K at 120V, MOL 4.3" or 109.2mm, Bulb Diameter 2.375" or 60.3mm, 150PAR/3FL/MINE, GTIN 10043168803172, UPC 043168803175, Incandescent
150PAR46/1 $12.75 GE 19512, 150W, 32V, PAR46, Screw Terminals, Train, Locomotive, Mining, Very Narrow Spot, CC-8 Filament, Incandescent, 800 Hours, 1950 Lumens, 9° Beam Spread Vertical and Horizontal, 100,000 Center Beam Candlepower, MOL 3.75", MOD 5.75", GTIN 10043168195123, UPC 043168195126
150PAR/FL/120WM-120V $4.00 GE 12360, 120V, 120W, Outdoor Floodlight, 2000 Hours, Watt-Miser, E26 Medium Skirted Base, 0-43168-90612-8
150PAR/FL/B $50.00 GE 19465, 150W 120V PAR38 Medium Skirt CC-6 2000 Hours Flood Dichro Blue
150PAR/SP/Y $15.00 Sylvania 13868, Dichromatic Color Yellow Spot, 150W, 115-125V, E26/SKT Medium Skirted Base, Spotlite, Indoor and Outdoor Use, PAR38
150PS25-130V $3.00 24230-5, 150PS25/FR, 150W, 130V, at 130V 1900 Lumens and 5000 Hours, at 120V which is typical use this lamp is 132W, 1450 Lumens and 14000 Hours, Industrial Grade, Vibration Service, 125-130V
150R40/FL-120V $10.00 Chromalux 51150, 150W, 120V, R40 5" Diameter Frosted, Natural Balanced Light, Full Spectrum, R40FL/150W, 7-38041-51150-5, Lumiram, 5000 Hours
150R40/SP-130V $5.00 150W, 130V, R40 5" Reflector, Spot Beam Spread, 3500 Hours, Long Life
150R/Y-120V $10.00 GE 19851, 150W, 120V, R-40 Yellow Glass, R40 5" Diameter Reflector, E26 Medium Screw Base, CC-6 Filament, MOL 6-9/16", 2000 Hours
15A15/CL-130V 40¢ Westinghouse, 15W, 130V, A15 Clear Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 2500 Hours, 126 Lumens, Made in USA, HMA152
15FC/AIC/4M $2.00 Sylvania 13612, 15W, 120V, FC Amber Fire Candle Glass
15FC/W/4M $1.00 Sylvania 13613, 15W, 120V, FC Flame Glass-Candelabra Base, White
1802-L $50.00 1802L, Arthur H. Thomas Co. Scientific Apparatus, 6.5V/1.4A, 6.5V, 1.4A, 9.1W, S-8 Glass Painted Black with a Small Hole for Light, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet
1925EC $1.00 Zampa, Silver 25CAM, 120V, 25W, Clear Candle Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, ZAMPA120V25WTAIWAN
1944X $20.00 14V, 50W, BA15s, C-8Z, 300 Hours, Possible Substitute 1944
1958-GE $50.63 28011, 1958, T4, Aircraft, Low Voltage, Tab Base, CC-8, 150W, 28V, 300 Hours, Gas-Filled, 3142 Initial Lumens, 250 MSCP, MOL 2.25"/57.1mm, DIA .5"/12.7mm, LCL .75"/19mm, 20043168280116, 043168280112
1959-GE $25.00 28V, 150W, Special Tab Base, 59026, Aircraft Navigation, Filament Supported, T-4 Clear Glass, 240C, 240CP, 5.35A, CC-8, 300 Hours, LCL .75", MOL 2.25"
1962B $50.00 8.5V, 62W, 7.29A, 39641, Insulated Wire Leads, 1962-B, JGEB, 8000133, 110 MSCP, 1382 Lumens, 50 Hours, Speical Service Quartz Halogen Cycle, T-3, 80C, 80CP, C-6, 150 Hours, LCL .285±.1", MOL 1.136", Possible Substitute 1962BG or 1962DZ
1M/G40/25 $40.00 1000W 120V G40 P40s Mogul Prefocus 3200°K Spotlight Burn Base Down to Horiaontal Five Inch Diameter Globe Shaped Glass, Possible Substitute BVT
20003004 $75.00 Macbeth, 2.6V, Lens End Frosted, Kollmorgen RD-912 Reflectance Densitometer, RD912, RD920, NSN 6240-01-313-1933, 84935, MDL TR927, Some 900 Series Densitometers
200/99IF-130V $2.00 GE 20354, 200W, 130V, 3000 Lumens, 2500 Hours, Extended Service, 22737-1, Possible Substitute Clear 200-130V
200PAR46/3NSP-120V $20.00 GE 20115, 200W, 120V, MedSidePrng, 200PAR/463NSP,  NARROW SPOT, 05-15-97 18 1338
200PS30/IF-120V $2.00 GE, 120V 200W, Extended Service, PS30 Inside Frost Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, Possible Substitute Clear 200-130V
200R/SP-120V $10.00 Sylvania 14758, 200W, 120V, R40 Spot 5" Reflector, E26 Medium Screw Base
20590 $25.00 Crouse-Hinds, 62W, 6.6A, MR16, GX5.3, GE 11187, 111874, 50 Hours, Guidance AGS Signs, 310507, Substitute Philips 6142
20PE13A $25.00 Vidicon Panasonic 8823
2115KC $1.00 Zampa, 15G14C, 15W, 120V, G14 Clear Globe Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 1500 Hours
2190834/LG $5.00 Specialty Equipment, Converts P28s Base to Bell and Howell P46l Large Ring Base
2190834/SM $5.00 Specialty Equipment, Converts P28s Base to Bell and Howell P46l Small Ring Base
22405 $5.00 Westinghouse, Socket Adapter to Use and E12 Lamp in an E26 Medium Screw Socket, Use GE-6038
22924/117 $1.00 40BC/F, 40W, 120V, Frosted Candle Style Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 1500 Hours, Gold Line, Point Elegance
2331 $25.00 Prefocused, Mazda, P30D, DC Pref., RP11, Clear, 32 & 32C, 6-8V, Dual Filament, 32&32C, 32 & 32 CP, Headlight, 659530, 27W & 27W, C-6/C-6 Filaments, 8000152, MB/23310, For 12V use 1026, Possible Substitute 2330
24V100/FR/E27 $4.54 91873, 24V, 100W, E27 European Medium Screw Base, 60mm Diameter Frosted Glass, 100A60-E27, 1000 Hours, 1700 Lumens, EEC D, EAN 9004102290537, DUN 20043168918736
2500/66R $7.18 L03361, 6.6A, 25V, 1750 Lumens, PS-35 Glass, E39 Brass Mogul Screw Base, 165W, MOL 9-3/8", LCL 7" MOD 4.38", 110x215mm, 3000 Hours, Replaces 2500/66G 24V 6000 Hour, 22.8V, 2500 Lumens Lamp, Philips 25065-4, 36785-4, Street Lighting
25A-120V 50¢ GE, Mazda, 25W, 120V, A19 Inside Frost Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 215 Lumens, 2500 Hours, 0-43168-90102
25A19-250V $2.00 GE, 25W, 250V, A19 Inside Frost Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base
25A/FT $1.00 Sylvania 11365, 25W, 115-125V, A15 Peach Colored Glass, Flametint, Flame Tint, 11365-1, E26 Medium Screw Base, 25/FT
25C9.5C/4M $1.00 Sylvania 13762, 25W, 120V, Clear Bent Tip Candle Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, Decor 4 Decorative Lamp, Possible Replacement 25CFC/32/2
25FM/W $1.00 GE 18895, 25W, 120V, 19506, 1500 Hours, E26 Medium Screw Base, 90814, Soft White, White, Decorative F Type Glass
25R14N/SP-120V $1.50 Westinghouse 03628, 25W, 120V, R14 Spot Reflector, E17 Intermediate Screw Base, 1500 Hours, 0-30721-03628-6
25R14/SP-120V $1.50 Westinghouse 03622, 25W, 120V, R-14 R14 Spot Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 1500 Hours, GE 71693, 1.75" Diameter Soft White Reflector Spot, GE120V25W, 25R14/CD-TP6, Spotlight 25
300M-130V $2.00 GE 20863, 300W, 130V, PS30 Clear Glass, At 130V this lamp is 6120 Lumens and 750 Hours, This is a long life bulb and you are typically applying about 120V which equals 266W, 4710 Lumens and 1950 Hours, E26 Medium Screw Base
301-21 $40.00 PCB 301-03, REV-A, ASSY 301-21 CCI1-0, Note: These are new-old stock, never used replacement bulbs; the foam padding went bad and these had to be cleaned, X-Rite 301 Black and White Transmission Densitometer, P/N 301-21, Placement is critical to proper function but you may be able to solder in a 787 lamp to your old assembly to save money.
30S11DC-75V-GE $5.00 GE 15012, GE15012, S11 Clear Glass, 30W, 75V, Train Marker Control, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, MFG 1119BX3, 10765, 23605-9, 236059, 30S11DC75V, C-7A Filament, 500 Hours Average Rated Life, 350 Lumens, Maximum Overall Length  2.37"/60.1mm, Bulb Diameter  1.375"/34.9mm, Light Center Length  1.25"/31.7mm, GTIN 10043168150122, UPC 043168150125, 48446948, EDP# 928364, 5V303-2, 6240-00-269-0938, 6240002690938, EMD 8004457 Lamp 30 watt 75V 30S11/30RS11, Generic Version Available Here
32 $5.00 150050, 12V, .06A, T1, Midget Flange, Airplane
327R $2.00 327-R, Red, 28V, 40mA, 6240-00-272-8601
35PAR20/FL-120V $2.21 35W, 120V, PAR20, Flood
375G30/IR-115V $25.00 GE, Westinghouse, 375W, 115V, E26 Skirted Medium Screw, Infrared, AL, Industrial, Heat Lamp, 375G30/1-115V
37.5H1 $3.00 12V, 75CP, TL3705H1000, 0-42723-93170-4, Weldon, 37.5W, B-Pin GY6.35
380179 $12.00 Wotan, BA15d, 6V, 15W, 402 A 903, Carl Zeiss, C. Zeiss, New Number 380029-9020, Older Types of Stereomicroscopes with Lamp Housing, 380029-9020-000, Stereomikroskop 01, Stereomikroskop 02, Stereomikroskop D, Stereomikroskop DR, Stereomikroskop DRC, Stereomikroskop I, Stereomikroskop II, Stereomikroskop III, Stereomikroskop IV
4001 $5.00 Delisted, Substitute H5001
4002 $5.00 Durolite, 8.5STC, 8.5W, 120-125V, ST9.5 C9.5 Candle Crystalier Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base
400T20/1-120V $40.00 GE Mazda, 120V, 400W, T-20 2.5" Diameter Tubulbar Glass, C-5 Filament, Clear Blue, Photographic, Photo, E26 Medium Screw, Base, Daylight
4030 $10.00 6V, 45/35W, PAR56 7" Diameter Glass, 3 Contact Lug Base, Mazda, 6-8V, C-6 Filament, MOL 5.25", 120/200 Hours, Possible Substitute 6006
4054 $2.00 40STC, ST11 Clear Glass, 40W, 120V, Sparkelite, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, Do Not Burn Base Up
40DG25/F $10.00 GE 46675, 40W, 120V
40G30 $2.00 Westinghouse 03142, 40W, 120V, G30 Clear Globe Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 1500 Hours, 0-30721-03142-7, Possible Substitute 40G25/CL-130V
40G40/S $5.00 Sylvania 14625-3, 40W, G40 5" Silver Globe, E26 Medium Screw Base 120-130V, Mood Glo
40G45mm/CL/B22d-120V $4.43 40W, 120V, B22d, G45mm Clear Glass
40K19/DR-120V $2.00 Sylvania 10471, 40W, 120V, K19 Frosted Reflector Glass, 1150 Hours, Possible Substitute 40R16
40R63MM/E27-230V $2.00 Philips, 40W 230V E27 Screw Base R63mm Reflector, 230 V 40 W R63 30 o h428, Euro-27, Lival Finland 230V Max 60W, 0.5m
40T10/FR-120V $1.00 40W, 120V, T10 Frosted Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, Frost, GE 15892, 15901, 41314, Showcase, Show Case, C-8 Filament, MOL 5-5/8", 1000 Hours, 415 Lumens, Recommended Replacement
4132 $5.00 DuroLite, 40W, 120-5V, 5" Silver Globe, E26 Medium Screw Base, Globelite, Crome-Globe, 4500 Hours, Silver Designer Bulb, 40G40/SB
4137 $5.00 60STC, 60W, 120V, ST11 Crystalier Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, Burn Base Down, Little Bits of Glass on the Coating
41374 $14.00 4V, 3.6W, T2.5 Clear Glass, Special Screw Base, .9A, S-2F Filament, MOL 1.02" or 26mm, MOD .31" or 8mm, 45 Lumens, 10 Hours, Retinoscope, Neitz L-04
41376 $15.00 12.5V, 60W, G11 Clear Glass, P30s Single Contact Prefocus Base
41960SP $10.00 Osram 41960-SP, 6V, 10W, AR48 48mm Diameter Reflector with Shield Over Lamp, 8° Spot Beam Spread, G4 GY4, GZ4, 2 Pin Base, 2000 Hours, 3000K, MOL 35mm, Halo Star, Halostar, Germany, AMAT, 221010019, Silber, 10AR48/6V/10/SP, We can have these custom manufactured if you need a large quantity.
4203 $5.00 Duro-Lite, 100W, Flamescent, 120V, A19 Special Spun Coated Clear Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base
42MB/CAP $3.00 Sylvania 18907, 42W, 120V, E26 Medium Screw Base, MB19 Inside Frost Heavy Capsylite Glass, 570 Lumens, 3500 Hours, Halogen
4404 $10.00 Possible Substitute 4416
4422 $10.00 GE 24542, PAR36, Tractor, 12.8V, 35W, C-6, Screw Terminals, 300 Hours at 14V, Possible Substitute 4406, 4422 has a 75° Cone and the 4406 has an 80° Horizontal x 30° Vertical Beam Spread
4433A $50.00 14V 37.5W/37.5W SAEW2 PAR56 3 Contact Lug Base Amber Glass, Possible Substitute H6024A
4433R $50.00 14V, 37.5W/37.5W, SAEW2, PAR56, 3 Contact Lug Base, Red Glass, Fire Engine, Caboose, Possible Substitute H6024R
4439X $50.00 12V, 18W, PAR46, Special Service, Two Contact Lugs, Flood
4445 $30.00 12V, 35/35W, PAR36, Snowmobile Headlamp, 9505, AC L4445 Lamp Part # 1547197, Harley-Davidson Headlight
4465 $30.00 12V, Snow Mobile, Snowmobile, Head Lamp, Headlamp, HDLMP, 9536029, 30/30W, PAR36, L4465, 12.8V for 12V Systems, 6000 CP/4000 CP, 38° Horizontal-6° Vertical Beam Spread, 3 Contact Lug Base, MOL 3", MOD 4.5" Average Rated Life 300 Hours, Possible Substitute 4440X If Your System Can Support 40/40W
4469 $50.00 12V, 60W, PAR36, Tractor, Clear Front, Red Back with Window, Screw Termnials
446-L-SLH-TC-P $10.00 GE, 86137, Universal, Rapid Start, 2-F40T12ES .65A, 2-F40T12/U .76A, 2-F40T12 .75A, 2-F40T10 .76A, R-2S40-TP, R-2S34-TP, MB2X40/120RS, M2/40RS-120
4492 $20.00 12V, 60/60W, 96255, PAR46, 0-43168-96255, 04316896255, Snowmobile, Three Prong Base, Artic Cat El Tigre Z, Panther, Polaris Starfire, TXL, John Deere 1972-1984, Kawasaki Drifter F/A 1980, John Deer Spitfire 1979, Possible Substitute 4000
4513 $3.00 40CAC/F, 40W, 120-125V, CA9.5 Tini-Brite Candle Style Satin Frost Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 2500 Hours
4524 $15.00 6V, Spot Light, 28.5W, PAR46, 2 Screw Terminals, Incandescent, Clear Glass
4537X $31.88 GE 39022, PAR46, Marine-Spotlamp, 13V, 100W, Screw Terminals, C-6, 25 Hours, Possible Substitute 4537
4547-1 $20.00 4.75V Hand Lantern, Slip-on Terminals, PAR36, Possible Substitute 4547 or 4546-1
45R20/H/HIR $3.00 GE 74204, 45W, 120V, Heavy R20 2.5" Diameter Reflector Flood Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 490 Lumens, 3000 Hours, 2750K, Energy Saving Halogen Infrared Replaces 50W Incandescent, Possible Substitute 45R20/MI
4603X $40.00 12.8V, 35W, PAR36, Clear Front, Red Back, GE 10399, Tractor-Special Tail Light, Two Screw Terminals, 2800 CBCP, 300 Hours at 14V, Trapezoidal Beam Spread
4610 $10.00 110V 75W Possible Substitute PH/211
4630 $10.00 110V 150W BYX abY Osram, Leitz Focomat 1C Possible Substitute PH/212
4633R $50.00 14V, SAE W W2 72 DOT, PAR46, Slip-On Terminals, Red Glass, 4633-R, 80W, Police, 12V, Signal, SAE W W2 68 D.O.T , 12.8V, School Bus, 700 CP, 80° Horizontal and 15° Vertical Beam Spread, 70 Hours
4636-1 $15.00 14V, PAR46, 80W, Auto Signal, 2 C-6 2C-6 Dual Filament, 200 Hours, Slip-On Terminals, 9° Horizontal 7.5° Vertical Spot Beam Spread, 90,000 CBCP, 16407, 40280, 19632, Emergency Vehicle, Possible Substitute H7680X
4705 $50.00 13V, 100/100W, PAR46, Marine, Dual Filament, 3 Screw Terminals, Spot, 40460, 22044
473-121 $18.00 Omega Heat Glass, F/B-600
4C7-120V $1.00 GE, 4W, 120V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, C-7 Clear Glass, GE4W91, 120V4W49, 120V4W28, We can order this lamp, we discontinued it due to lack of demand.
5000 $10.00 GE, BAY15d Indexed Double Contact Bayonet Base, MF 5000, MF5000, RP11 White Glass, G-E, 28V for 24V Systems, 4W, BAY15d Indexed Double Contact Bayonet, RP12 White Frosted Glass, 6240-00-178-9935, V9935, 200 Hours, F5000, MF5000, Cessna, MS15616-1
5001 $10.00 AC, Guide, GM, 12V, PAR46, 2 Contact Lug Base, 5965416, DOT, H 79, 50W, Replaces 4001, Modern Replacement H5006
500T14/7-120V $100.00 500W 120V T14 500T14/7SPOT Spot G22 Medium Bi-Post Base Up ±30° 21803 AFG1448A1-UK Res. #9660813 9000 Lumens 2850°K 800 Hours  These lamps are clear with glass that is tubular in shape and 44mm in diameter. The glass flares out a little at the base and is 51mm at the widest point. The filament is near the top of the lamp with a bridge and glass insulators above and below the filament. The distance from the bottom of the glass to the center of the filament is about 102mm. They have the medium bi-post base that is 22mm from center of post to center of post and the posts themselves are 6.4mm in diameter. The glass has 500T14/7SPOT, 500W, 120V, Base UP 30 around the GE logo. These are in the original GE case that has the GE 21803 part number on the box. Westinghouse, Spotlight, Base Up, 125V, USA, Possible Substitute EGN
50/150-Halogen $3.00 GE 81590, 3-Way, 120V, Edison, 50-100-150W, A19 Inside Frost Glass, 3C Medium Screw Base, 2500 Hours, 700/1600/2300 Lumens, Halogen
502 $5.00 Visda Stori-Strip Interchanger Model 502 Visual Data Corporation
5021-E10 $10.00 5021-E10 6V 5W G4.5 Glass E10 Screw Base Delisted 544050O 544050-O 54405-0, Philips6V1AFrance, Philips 6V1A France, 4215, E-417 ZEISS 3800297180, 5122, 080-405, Substitute 157
50830 $30.00 Editor Replacement Lamp/Prefocused Lamp Assembly BAIA, Baia Dual 8 Reviewer Movie Editor cat. no. 05200, 1129, Sears Dual 8, Motorized, Movie Editor, Sears 186.9386 for 186.9382, P/N 8554, Daia Dual 8 Movie Editor/Viewer Model #05202, You may be able to Install a New 1129 Lamp in Your Assembly
50A19/IF-12V $1.50 Halco 101160, 12V, 50W, E26 Medium Screw Base, A19 Inside Frost, Low Voltage, A19FR50/12V, FR, 1.5M, 580 Lumens, 1500 Hours, C-6 Filament, MOL 4.25"
50BR20/FL-120V $1.00 ACE 3019775, Made for ACE by GE 11544, 50W, 120V, BR20 Indoor Reflector Flood, 2000 Hours, Substitute 45R20MI/1
50PAR20/H/FL25-120V $8.00 GE 17868, 50PAR20/H/FL25-120V, 50W, PAR20 Glass, 25° Flood, Floodlight, Halogen, 120V, Compact PAR20, Med NP Base, MOL 3.125"/80mm, MOD 2.5", 50W, 2500 Hours, 14928, 1500 CBCP, 2800°K, CC-8 Filament, Lumens 570, UPC 043168900980, GNSN 6240013445075, Kenmore Elite Range Hood 57853, Replace with 38PAR20/HIR
50R20/2YR $1.50 GE 71787, 50W, 120V, 360 Lumens, 3000 Hours, Approximately 2 Years at 4 Hours per Day, Flood, R20, Track and Recessed Lighting, Soft White, Res. #9648017, 0-43168-71787-8, SACG201L50-GT2 is a Packaging Number, GE120V50W2YRCHINA, E08E, Substitute 45R20MI/1
52MB/CAP $3.00 Sylvania 18921, 52W, 120V, 770 Lumens, J338, Capsylite, Heavy Glass, Halogen, 3500 Hours, E26 Medium Screw Base, Shipped in two different glass shapes A and MB-Only A style glass remaining
551-GE $10.00 GE551, Double Ended, 12V, T-4.5 Clear Glass, 1.65" Long, 12.8V, .97A, 12.42W, 1000 Hours, Chrysler Overhead Console in 1970 Model Year Cars
57BTT/CL $3.00 GE 72307, 72306, 64789, 57W, 120V, BT15 Clear Glass, BTT/A, E26 Medium Screw Base, 3000 Hours, Halogen, 790 Lumens, Price is per bulb, 57BTT/CL/CD/TW
60020 $4.00 H4, 12V, 60/55W, Koito, Japan, H430020, 12V60/55W, 37R, E4, 2CN, DOTHB2, DOT, HB2, Substitute 01009
6013-GE $15.00 12V, Truck, With Ceramic Shock Absorber for Rough Service Trucks, Built-In Spotlight in the Lower Beam, Suburban, PAR56 Headlamp, Rough Service SAE
6014 $12.00 GE 18519 PAR56 Auto-Headlamp Type 2D1 12.8/12.8/12.8V 60/50W 3 SAE Contact Lug Base C-6/C-6 Filament MOL 5"/127mm MOD 7"/178mm 150/320 Hours at 14V UPC 043168960069 043168185196 SCC 00043168185196 GNSN 6240010090242, Possible Substitute for 50/40W 6012, 1969 Volvo P1800S, Substitute H5024
60272 $5.00 #60272, 300W, 130V, 300T3/Q/CL, 300T3/Q/CL-130V, Substitute Q300T3/CL-130V
6045 $60.00 GE 25153, 26V, 170W, PAR56, Two Screw Terminals, Emergency Vehicle, CC-6 Filament, Incandescent, 100 Hours, 9° Horizontal-8° Vertical Beam Spread, Spot, 230,000 Center Beam Candlepower, DIA 7", MOL 4.5", 98040-0556
6095 $70.00 Ellipsoidal Strobe Module ESM-DMX Source 4 0481 0466 Selecon, & 0465, 5600°K, Output Candela 1,000,000, Lamp Life 3,000,000 Flashes, 1320 Peak Watts/Flash, 15 Flashes per Minute to 15 Flashes per Second, Helical Quartz Lamp, High-Speed Xenon Strobe Bursts
60A55/FR/E27/125-130V $2.00 Philips 361103, E27 European Base, 125-130V USA Voltage, 60 Watts, A55 Frosted Glass Regular Light Bulb, A55 ES, 1000 Hour, 1000h, 820 Lumens, 361103xx, 60W, 3222 627, 12191, 8-711500-361103, 8711500361103, Classictone, Spain, M3, 55mm Diameter Frosted Glass
60A/CL-130V $1.29 60W, 130V, A19, E26
60A/CVG $2.00 GE 14414, 60W, 120V, CC-6 Filament, Cov-R-Guard, Teflon Coated, MOL 4.43", LCL 3.12, 1000 Hours, 850 Lumens, Inside Frost
60A/D-GE $3.00 GE Brand, 60W, 120V, A19, Daylight Balanced, Blue, E26 Medium Base, Similar to Philips 380279 38027-9 220863 22086-3 280279 28027-9, Sylvania 10480 10480S 60A/D-115-125V, Feit Electric Enhance Full Spectrum #60A/D/4, 60 A/D, General Electric 60 Watt 120V, Blue Frosted, A-Type, 60A/D/SYL, 60A19/B, 60W/A19, FG 1935-DY3, CG 196-RY1, Possible Substitute 60A21/B-120V
60A/HAL $5.00 GE 48105, 60W, 120V, A19 Heavy Flat Top Frosted Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, Halogen, 840 Lumens, 3000 Hours, B1290, 60A/HAL/CD
60A/HAL $5.00 Sylvania 18960, 60W, 120V, Halogen, 3000 Hours, E26 Medium Screw Base, BT19 Heavy Glass, 960 Lumens, Indoor/Outdoor, 60A/HAL/RP
60A/STP/PK-120V $3.00 Philips 34822-7, 348227, 60W/120V, A60/A19, Softone, E26 Medium Screw Base, Pastels, Pastel with a hint of pink, Glare-Free, Soft White, 720 Lumens, 1000 Hours, 817140, 0-46677-10782-6, 335-252, 9252-790-36309, 5-00-46677-10782-1
60BTT/CL $3.00 GE 10036, 11856, 60W, 120V, BTT Clear Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 900 Lumens, 3000 Hours, Halogen, 2800K, Price is Per Lamp, Possible Replacement 60ETC/3, 60ST64, 43BT15
60BTT/POST $8.00 GE 64684, 10044, 60W, 120V, BTT Spiral Decorative Post Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 900 Lumens, Halogen, 2800K, 3000 Hours
60G25/H/CRYSTAL $4.00 GE 16775, 60W, 120V, G25 Heavy Crystal Style Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 900 Lumens, 2250 Hours, 2900K, 120V60W
60G25/F-130V $1.50 60W, 130V, G25 White Frosted Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, Possible Substitute 60G25/CL
60G40/W-120V $3.00 GE 24989, 60W, 120V, G40 5" Diameter White Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 60G40/W/PRO, Proline 120V60W Hungary, 600 Lumens, 2000 Hours
60PAR/1 $10.50 GE 17210, 60W, 38V, PAR46, Train, Slip-on Terminals, Incandescent, 800 Hours, CC-2V Filament, 24000 Center Beam Candlepower MBCP, MOD 5.75", MOL 4.37", GTIN 10043168172100, UPC 043168172103, Possible Substitute 60PAR/3
60PAR/3-38V $25.00 GE 35312, 60W, 38V, Train, Transit, Spot, PAR46, 2 Screw Terminal Base, 60PAR46, Incandescent, MOL 3.75", MOD 5.75", Possible Substitute for Discontinued GE 17207 60PAR, Mine, Possible Substitute 60PAR/3
60PAR/HIR/WFL-130V $8.25 20948, 130V, Replaces 20947 120V, 60PAR/HIR/WFL, GE PAR38, Up to 28% more efficient than standard halogen Up to 22% energy savings, Up to 20% longer life -3000 hours, Halogen, Medium Skirt Base E26/50x39, CC-8, 60/54W, 130/120W, Rated Life 3000 hrs/6000 hrs, Initial Lumens 1050/800, 2850 K, Maximum Overall Length 5.313"/134.9mm, Bulb Diameter 4.75"/120.6mm, GTIN 00043168209489, UPC 043168900881, Substitute 60PAR/HIR/WFL-120V
60T10/H $2.00 GE 16778, 60W, 120V, T10 Clear Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, Halogen, 900 Lumens, 2300 Hours, 2900K
6144F $65.00 61447, 6144F1, 31337 Philips, 16V, 8A, 128W, G13, BA21d, Picker 11DB4 400890, 3450 Lumens, Burn Position S15, Average Rated Life 25 Hours, 9222 520 18700, Microprojection, BA21d-3
620PS40P-130V $15.00 GE 21952, 620W, 130V, PS40 Clear Glass, P40s Mogul Prefocus Base, 11,200 Initial Lumens, MOL 10.06", DIA 5", LCL 5.68", Substitute 620PS40P-120V
64486-CL $9.00 64 486 100W 120V Clear E26 Double Envelope
64613 $25.00 Osram, 12V, 75W, G5,3-4,8 Base, MR11 Glass, Sylvania 54159, C-8 Filament, Special UV Allow with Dichroic Reflector, 25 Hours, Burn Position P90/15, MOL 35.5mm, Typical Working Distance 26mm, Blue Light, Dental Lamp, Dentistry, 64613HLX, Possible Replacement 64617
6604 $40.00 Philips, 12V, 75W, GZ6.35, Holland, MR17 2.11" Diameter Reflector, MOL 2", Berr 2900
6880P $40.00 FPZ 120V 750W 120-750-28P CANIMPEX 26132-1 261321 GX9.5 GX9,5 Studio Lamp Clear Glass 1000950 JCS750W JCS JCS-0750 762015 50 Hours 3200°K
69/0315 $1.00 6V, 6W, 1A, E10 Miniature Screw
6RB $10.00 35220, 98764, 6V, BA9s, Reflector
6S6-100V $5.00 6W, 100V, CL, Clear, Candelabra Screw Base, GE, Kodaslide Dialight Viewer Model A 12W Max Lamp
7128 $10.00 12V, 8W, PAR36, Screw Terminals, Substitute H7555
714 $1.00 714AS15 W-L-00111/70 714 As15 T-1 Clear Sub-midget Flanged SX4 5V .075A SUBMIDG FLNGE
72168 $31.50 Nikon Microscope, OP-2700, OP2700, 15V, 150W, P28s, G16, N-72168, N72168, 8000228, Halogen, 15-150-27R
7241 50¢ 18V, .026A, .47W, SX4s Sub Midget Flange Base, T-1 Clear Glass, 26mA, 16,000 Hours, .15 MSCP, C-2F Filament, LCL 4.7mm, MOL 9.5mm, Indicator, CM7241, GI7241, S7241, JKL7241, 6240-00-437-5216, WL-7241
72MB/CAP $5.00 Sylvania 18938, 72W, 130V, BT19 Heavy Glass Post Lamp, Capsylite, 3500 Hrs, Hours, 1150 Lumens at 130V, 900 Lumens at 120V, 63W at 120V, 7000 Hours at 120V, Long Life, E26 Medium Screw Base, Halogen
7301 $10.00 12V 45W BA20s 7227 12247 B35, Hella Foglamp, Bosch Foglight
7315 $10.00 Osram, 6V, 35W, BA20s Base, S-11 Clear Glass, zRY, Germany, CC-6 Filament
750T24/16-130V $150.00 750W 130V 750T24/16 T-24 Glass 22117 1000 Hours 14800 Lumens Medium Bi-Post Base 9.18 Inches, 234mm Maximum Overall Length C-13 Filament Inside Frost, Lamp is made of heat resistant glass (HRG). Operate Dase Down, Collector grid. Insertion in "twist-in" type sockets requires only a slight clockwise turn - excessive force may break the bulb. Possible Substitute EGR
75A/67WM/CL 50¢ GE 13556, 67W, 120V, Watt-Miser, Replaces 75A/CL, A19 Clear Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 1130 Lumens, 750 Hours
75A/CL-130V 75¢ GE 24652, 75W, 130V, A19 Clear Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, ProLine
75A/HAL $4.00 Sylvania 18965-1, 75W, 120V, MB19 Heavy Indoor/Outdoor Frosted Glass, Halogen, 1300 Lumens, 2250 Hours, 75A/HAL/RP, 0-46135-18965-4, E26 Medium Screw Base, Post Lamp, 75MB/CAP, 75A/HAL/POST
75ER30-120V $4.00 75W, 120V, Litetronics, L-134, 20,000 Hour Long Life, LT Frost, Elliptical Reflector
75ER30-120V $5.00 GE 37044, Elliptical Reflector, 2000 Hours, 75W, 120V
75PAR30L/H/FL25/RVL $8.00 GE 81862, 72817, 75W, 120V, Halogen, PAR30 Long Neck Reveal Coated Glass, 25Ä Flood Beam Spread, E26 Medium Screw Base, 980 Lumens, 3000 Hours, Color Enhanced Full Spectrum
75PAR30LN/HAL/WFL50-120V $7.00 Sylvania 14768-5, 75W, 120V, PAR30LN, PAR30 Long Neck, Halogen Flood, 50° WFL Wide Flood, Indoor/Outdoor, 3.75" Diameter Glass, 1130 Lumens, 2500 Hours, 75PAR30LN/CAP/SPL/WFL
75/PAR/3FL-120V $6.00 Sylvania, 75W, 120V, PAR-38 Glass, Medium Side Prong Base, Flood, Projector, Use 75PAR/3FL
75R20/FL-120V $3.00 GE 71788, 75W, 120V, R20 Soft White Reflector Flood, E26 Medium Screw Base, Floodlight 75, 630 Lumens, 1500 Hours
75R20/FL-120V $2.00 Generic Made by GE, Ace 3142577, GE 40895, 75W, 120V, 75R20/FL-ACE, R20 Indoor Floodlight, 2000 Hours, 120V75W
75R30/FL-125-120V $2.00 Philips, Westinghouse, 75W, 125-130V, Reflector Flood, Made in USA, Use 65BR30
75T10/45-120V $10.00 GE 17754, 75W, 120V, C-23 Filament, MOL 11.87", 1000 Hours, 800 Lumens, T10 Clear Glass, Showcase, Aquarium, Replacement 75T8C
77903 $8.57 Nikon, Eiko 41100, 6V, 15W, 130 Lumens, C-BAR-6 Filament, MOL 2.16"/55mm, MOD .75"/19mm, T-19mm Glass, P15d30 Double Contact Prefocus Base, 2.5A, FS7K
7890 $25.00 39295, 6V, 15W, BAX15d, S-8, Osram Tractor Lamp
790 $5.60 GE 43121, T2.75, G4 Bi-Pin, C-6, 25W, 14V, 200 Hours, 528 Lumens, 42 MSCP, MOL 1.05"/26.6mm, DIA .3444"/8.7mm, LCL .77"/19.5mm, 43122, 790, 541-10326 Pulnix OEI & Mainline OEII, OEIII
805 $15.00 Halogen, 98981, 12V, 6A 1903-19, G7.1 Bi-Pin Base, T-4 Clear Glass
8125 $50.00 Beseler Exposure Flash Tube Flashtube, Minolta 45A Light Source, 0-94653-08125-7, 4x5 Enlarger Lamphouse, F/45A, BE8125
843004 $15.00 1521, T-4, 4V, 0.75A, 3W, 843004, SX15s, Dr. Fischer 00843004, Steenbeck Sound Bulb, We can have these manufactured
89K $1.00 98851, 34261-0, 89-K, E12, G6, 13V, 750 Hours, MSCP 6
9011-GE $14.46 GE 14776, 12V, 65W, HIR1, 24T, PX20d
90PAR38/FL/H-120V $4.00 Westinghouse 05484, 90W, 120V, PAR38 31° Flood, E26 Medium Skirted Screw Base, 1270 Lumens, 2000 Hours, Halogen Flood, 4000 CBCP, Indoor/Outdoor Use, PAR-38, FL Recommended Replacement 75PAR/HIR
90PAR38/FL/H-130V $4.00 Westinghouse 36917, 90W, 130V, PAR38, Halogen, 1300 Lumens, 90W and 2500 hours at 130V, Typical Use 975 Lumens, 79W and 5000 Hours at 120V Recommended Replacement 75PAR/HIR
90PAR/H/FL25-130V $5.00 GE 13308, 90W, 130V, PAR38 Indoor and Outdoor Use Glass, E26 Skirted Medium Screw Base, 25° Flood Beam Spread, 79W Effective Wattage at 120V, 1000 Lumens at 120V, 5000 Hours at 120V, Halogen Plus, FL 25° Beam, Recommended Replacement 75PAR/HIR
90R40FL/LL $6.00 GE 89114, 90W, 120V, Flood, Longer Life, R40 5" Diameter Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, Soft White, 1040 Lumens, 2500 Hours, Possible Substitute
933/IC $4.00 35989-0, Sylvania, SYL933, 24V, Bi-Pin, Clear Glass
938/IC $1.80 938IC, 28V for 24V Systems, .04A, BiPin, SYL938IC
95BTT/SW $3.00 GE 72311, 64791, 95W, 120V, BT15 A19 Replacement Soft White Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, Halogen, 1490 Lumens, 3000 Hours, 95BTT/SW/CD
A12V15W $20.00 Toshiba, BA15s, S-8, 12V, 15W, Possible Substitute 93
AG-1B 50¢ GE, Black and White and Color Film, Blue Coated
B&H Filmo 57 $75.00 200W, 50V, 38mm Diameter B&H Index Ring Small, T10 Clear Glass, C-13, Photo
BAJ $15.00 GE, 120V, 25W, A19 Deep Red Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, Dark Room Lamp, Possible Substitute BBX, BCC or BPD
BAS $10.00 Medium Base Red 120V 25W Darkroom Bulb A19 C-9
BEK $50.00 120V, 150W, 2CC-8, 150T10-2P, T10, P28s, Possible Substitute CTL
BEP $20.00 300W 115-120V Photo Movie Flood 40° Beam Spread 3400°K 4 Hours E26 R-30 Photo-BEP Substitute DAN
BFM-10W $10.00 6522 Bfm Diascope 140/110V-10/6W
BFM-15W-Frost $5.00 Frosted 15W Osram Germany 125-130V 15WcYZ CYZ 4300410 430 0410 Bfm imatt 022 769 022769 OS-0314 E14  14mm European Threaded Base with US Voltage 313125 31-31-25, Bimenip. 26, Matt, Radium, Agfascope, Clear Substitute BFM
BFM-15W-White $9.00 P2BJ G.E.C. 110-120V, Possible Substitute BFM
BFM/F-25W $5.00 110V, 25W, E14 European Screw Thread, Clear Pygmy Glass, adY, F 27-1, 90237, Lietz 5m, Osram, Germany, Possible Substitute BFM
BM17S $3.00BA15s, 4.5V, 1A, G-8, Possible Substitute 81
BRK $20.00 4V, 3W, 50 Hours, .75A, P30s, C-8
BVJ $20.00 50W 115-120V T7 CC2V PXFT BA15d, COC Projection Table Viewer 35mm
BXC $20.00 8.5V 34W 4A BA15s 4A/T8SC-8.5V 100 Hours
BXN $10.00 10V 5A 50W T8 P30s Single Contact Prefocus Bayonet T-8 Code-5A/T8/SCP PREF.SC BAYONET Horizontal Filament Burn Base Down Sound Reproducer SC.PF Clear 23272 5A/T8SCP 5AT8SCP NAED 3168-23272-8
C2/DC $25.00 Sylvania, Concentrated Arc, Made in USA, Cenco 87324
CAD $50.00 120V, 75W, four prong keyed, 50 Hours, Jukebox, Juke Box, AMI Rowe MM-3 Jukebox, Rockollah Juke Box
CDM400S51/V/O/4K $40.00 Philips 130948, 400W, S51 Ballast, 15,000 Hours, Burn Base Up or Base Down, E39 Mogul Screw Base, S51/O Ballast, ED18 ED-18 Clear Glass, MasterColor, Metal Halide, Alto TCLP Compliant, Rated for Open Fixtures, HPS-Retro White, Ceramic Metal Halide, 28,900 Lumens, CRI 85, 4000°K
CHY $15.00 230V 50W BA15d T8, American Optical Corp. 11082
CJW/CJT $50.00 220V/230V, 100W, BA15s, A1/021, 58.8192, 58.8175, FP-8, 220/250V, 6158N/05, 2870°K, 6158N, A1/21, 555, Opaque Top/Crown, 50 Hours, 1500 Lumens, Burn Position S15, MOL 78mm, MOD 26mm, T8, Orlux 100, Minigrand 100 Slide Projector, Kodascope Eight Model 30, For 120V Use CDD
CKK-230V $25.00 230V 150W BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, PH/150T8/115SC-230V S. C. Base Down CC13 Filament T8 Clear Glass, 2700 Lumens, 50 Hours, A1/167, 58.8297, 230-150-04W, 13141N/05, 13141, 9061646, 9222 101 44200, Diameter 25mm, Overall Length 90mm Light Center Length 35mm, 2920°K, 9061051, Argus 150, For 120V Use CEW
CMH70/TD/UVC/830/Rx7s $22.77 GE 92587, 36910, 70W, Ceramic Metal Halide, RX7s Double Ended, 3000°K, ConstantColor GMH, 0909R, High Intensity Discharge, T-6 Clear Glass, 15,000 Hours, For Enclosed Fixtures, UV Control, Ballast Thermal Protection, 7000 Initial Lumens, 5250 Mean Lumens, CRI 81, Burn Horizontal to ±45°, MOL 4.65", LCL 2.24", M139 or M85 Ballast Required
CNP $50.00 230V, 300W, BA15s, 25 Hours, Opaque Top, A1/37, A1/037, SYL-37, CC-13, 9060623, 6600 Lumens, 3050°K, Burn Base Down, Maximum Overall Diameter 27mm, Maximum Overall Length 105mm, Light Center Length 35mm, SYL-3, Cabin Automat Slide Projector, Argus 300 Slide Projector Model III VA 15S Lamp 220-250 volts AC Only 350 Watts, Use 300 Watt, 240-300-04, For 120V use CLS/CLG
CP24-220V $20.00 CP24, FVA, 1000W, 220V, Q1000T8/4CL-220V, 3200°K, Quartzline, Halogen, G11 Clear Glass, GX9.5 Prefocus Medium 2-Pin, C-13, 18.5x17.5 Filament, 200 Hours, 26,000 Lumens, Burn base down to horizontal, LCL 2.170"/55.1mm, CP70, FVB, CP49, BERKEY COLORTRAN 6" FRESNEL, ADB EUROPE, GAMMA, TDH, THH - ALL 1K CCT Silhouette and Starlette 1k Silhouette 90 and Turbo FURSE MPR/TH SELECON Compact 610 Compact 612, 1200W Zoomspot, Fresnel & SPC Chorus SPOTLIGHT All 1kw Models All 1.2kW Models STRAND LIGHTING Patt 743, 749, 750, 763, 764, 774, T64, T84, 814, Harmony Cantata TEATRO Tipo Tratto Tratto 2 Spazio PC/E, F/E Spazio 1.2kW LEE/LITO/LUMA/TULLA 1000W Profile Spot 6995P GE 20281 GE20281 00043168202817 043168202817 0-43168-20281-7 Q1000T8/4CL-CP24 8502173199202816 850-21731-99-20281-6, Discontinued by GE, We can have this product manufactured in a generic brand.
CPS $150.00 6V 100W T10 Double Contact Medium Ring
CPT $150.00 100T10P-6V P28s C-6 100W T10 6V Contour Projection, Ex-cello 14-814
CRSN117 $5.00 CR-S-N117 Eldema C-Lite Neon 100K CR04-RCS-N117
CXL $50.00 8V, 50W, P30s Prefocus Base, T8 Clear Glass with Painted Top, 25 Hours, Recommended Replacement CXR/CXL
DAF $50.00 300W 120V 300 Hours 312244 John Bean Alignment Machine
DAH-5 $35.00 125V, 500W, Use DAH
DAN $6.00 (R-20) =200w (3400K) 115-120V E26 Medium Screw Base 4 Hours Movielight, Omega Enlarger Omni-Con Variable Contrast, Pro-Kalt Copy Stand KP9001WL, Substitute BEP
DAT/DAK-5 $50.00 400W, 120V, 4 Pin G17q, Long Life, Use DAT/DAK
DBF $25.00 220V 300W P28s T10 Opaque Top CC13 Fila 6900 Lumens 25 Hours FXHE Med. Prefocus Projection Lamp Burn Base Down 901139 32X135 A1/6 P/28/25/220 LIF PH300T10P-220V 300T10P-220V Kodak EE, Ditmar Duo For 120V use CXK
DBT $50.00 500W 230V 25 Hours P28s T10 6152C / 05 6152C/05, A1/7, 240V, 250V, GB Bell and Howell 8mm projector- model 625, 58.8890E, 58.8890
DCC $50.00 120V 500W T12 P28s 6240-155-8018 Possible Substitute CZX
DCN $50.00 24V 400W P28s T12 Off-Center Filament MOL 4.85", Scopitone Jukebox, Juke Box
DHC $25.00 150W/120V (4-Pin/G17q) DJA Substitutes 15 Hours
DHV $50.00 115-120V, CFBT121, 1200W, 10 Hours, T10, P28s
DHW $40.00 1200W 100V 10 Hours P461 T12 Large Ring
DKT $50.00 1000W 230V PH/1M/T12P-230V Base Down P28s Medium Prefocus For 120V Use DFD
DSB $50.00 120V 1000W 3225°K P40s T-20 C-13D 25 Hours Clear 1M/T20/40-120V 1000/T20/40-120V KP20L-1000W PH/1000/T20/40-120V 297C, American Optical Corp. LK
DSE $50.00 1000W 120V 3050°K E39 Mogul Screw Base T-20 Frosted Glass Sylvania Low Noise, Burn within 45° of Base Up BU 881-015 124-015 18" Scoop Light 34377
DSW $100.00 200W, 24V, 25 Hours, 76200 CG-141A 5XMPR, B&H 39217, B&H Autoload 483, 483A & 483Z, K&S 1484 Wire Bonder, Argus Holiday 483A, Focus, Optical Comparator, Possible Substitute DCW
DWA $50.00 650W, 120V, Home Movie Flood Lamp, For lower wattage substitute See FGS/DWA
DWJ $50.00 100W, 6.3V, PAR36, Screw Terminals, 6.3-100-100R, Medium Beam Lamp for Normal Lenses, Cinema Light, Newport Battery Portable, Substitute DWH/DWJ
DWK $35.00 230V, 1000W, P28s, T20 Clear Glass, A1/58, GE 29953
DXY $40.00 650W 115/120V PAR36 Bulb
DXZ $50.00 58.8480 58.8480E 125V 250W P28s Gold Top T10 Leitz Prado 250 100-130 volt 250 Watt Nr. Osram 588480/1E Philips 6070 C
DYM $20.00 120V 420W G5.3 G-7 CC-6
DZJ $25.00 900W 220-230V 6.3A 64733 iB0 430 1459/10CE GY9.5 T-7 C-13D 7804, Greytag, Graytag
EDE $50.00 1000W, 120V, C13, T20, E39 Mog. Prefocus, 3200°K, 1MT20/59-120V
EDT $200.00 Microscope Illuminator, 18A/T10/1P-6V, Med. Pf. P28s, SR-8 Straight Ribbon Filament, 18A, 6V, 108W, T10 1.25" Diameter Clear Tubular Glass, CG 101-AX, Burn Base Down
EI-2201 $6.00 115V, 20W, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, G9 Clear Glass
EI-722 $10.00 120V, 30W, BA15d, S9.5, Swift Microscope
EMC $10.00 12V 100W MR16 Faceted 2-Pin
ERL $10.00 12V 1A 12W Wedge Base T2.5 12-012-120L
ERV $15.00 340W, 36V, 2-Pin GX5.3, MR16, 75 Hours, 3300°K, Video Recorder
EXS $15.00 30V, 200W, MR16, GX5.3
EZP $20.00 7.6V, 6.6A, 50W, 0-43168-99461-3, MR16, GX5.3, 23523, AHQ16, 1000 Hours
EZS $100.00 GE MARC-300/35K, +Anode USA, 300W, High Intensity Arc, Polorized DC with Positive End, Operate for at least 3 minutes at a time and ideally 30 minutes minimum per use. Marc-300/35K, 37.5V, Marc300/35K, SP2P Base, Arc Lamp, 5000°K, Kodak Ecktagraphic Slide Mast Random Access 137H, 25 Hours
EZT $400.00 Marc 350/16T MARC-350/16T 5000°K 39936 45V 350W 50 Hours, DTID FB250031230162, NSN 6210DSLIGHTSE
EZW $25.00 82V, 85W, MR16, GY5.3, 2PIN, Possible Substitute ESJ or ESH
EZX $15.87 Q20MR16/C/VNSP7, 12V, 20W, 2Pin GX5.3, Spot, Possible Substitute ESX
EZY $20.00 Q42MR16/C/VNSP9, 12V, 2Pin GX5.3, 42W
F14T12/CW $4.00 14W MOL 15"/381mm MOD 1.5"/38mm G13 2-Pin Base 9000 Hours T-12 Glass Cool White 4200K 4200°K 15536 07530 Efos 3053 10117 Initial Lumens 650 Mean Lumens 550 CRI 60 UPC 043168980494, 043168101172 SCC 00043168101172 Preheat 259168 21409 10116 Halco 9228 SL21409 21410-Discontinued-You may be able to use F14T8/CW, Pelton & Crane EXE & SP, Use FS-20 Starter
F20T12/BLB $10.00 Philips TL20 RS 20W Black Light Blue
F20T12/CW $2.00 GE 10214, F20T12-CW-ECO, 20W, Cool White, T12 Glass, Medium BiPin Base, 24"
F3A $15.00 NE57, 1/4W 105-125V, T4.5, Candelbra Screw Base, Clear, Neon, GE 31694, 63057
F48T12/CW/1500/O $10.00 General Electric, Outdoor, 1500, Cool White, Cold Temperature, T12 Enclosed in 1.81" Diameter Tube, R17d Recessed Double Contact, 10,000 Hours, Minimum Starting Temperature -20°F, 7000 Initial Lumens, 6075 Mean Lumens, 4100K, 110W, CRI 60, 84V, GE 34206, 46"
F48T12/D/1500 $4.00 GE, Daylight
F/58 $50.00 6V 48W SES E14 European Screw F58GB00 Microscope Illuminator R.J. Beck Limited G12 Clear Glass MOL 2.5"/61mm Sieswan 7 England Siemens Ediswan Projector Lamp, Possible Substitute 8100
F72PG17/CW $12.00 GE 10602, Power Groove, 72" Nominal Length, 12000 Hours, Cool White, 165W, Td Tubular Dented Glass, R17d Recessed Double Contact Base, PG-17 Glass, 6240-00-067-1021, CRI 62, 4150°K, 11000 Initial Lumens, 8140 Mean Lumens, Glass Diameter 2-1/8" or 54mm, Very Expensive to Ship-Local Pick Up Recommended
F96T12/CW/HO/SS $5.00 Sylvania 25010, 95W, Cool White, Super Saver, High Output, Local Pick Up Only
F96T12/CW/WM $5.00 GE 13790, 60W, Watt-Miser, F96T12/LW/1500/WM
F96T12/CW/SS $5.00 Sylvania 29815, 60W, Super Saver, SuperSaver, 8', Cool White
FAB $30.00 650W 120V 25 Hours 650T4, Sylvania Sun Gun II SG 55 & SG-50, Possible Substitute DWY
FB40/D35/6 $6.00 Sylvania 24081-2, 40W, Designer 3500K, Curvalume, BiPin, Rapid Start, T12
FBD $50.00 120V, 500W, 50 Hours, T-4 Tubular Glass, Substitute FBG/FBD
FBF $30.00 650W 120V PAR36 Home Movie Flood-Dual Beam
FC55/2C/827 $10.00 55W, Double Circular, G10q 4Pin base, 2700K, 8-3/8" Diameter
FC6T9/WW $5.00 20W, 6-Inch Circline Lamp, Warm White, GE 0-43168-98047-0, Lights of America FC6T9EX-L, 27K, LOA 2620BC, Substitute FC6T9/CW
FCM/HIR $35.00 GE 13895, 650W Replaces 1000W FCM, 120V, R7s, 119mm, Halogen Infrared, FWM, 46773, T3, 400 Hours, 3275°K, Q650T3/4, T-3, 25,200 Lumens, C-8, Burn position horizontal +-4 degrees, Halogen-IR, Clear
FEA38/2D/SW $10.00 GE 18739, Ballast and Lamp Kit, 120V, 39W, Soft White 150, 2D, FEA382D, 39W System, 120VAC, 60Hz, 650mA, FCC ID: NEA439DLS, MKGCT120, Use with 38W 2D Lamp, Includes F382D/827 Polylux Lamp, 0-43168-11526-1, 153396, 48219, FEA392D/SW/EC/CD, UL Listed 3P89, 10,000 Hour
FFX $25.00 500W, 230V, G5.3, 50 Hours, Sylvania 54541-0
FGD $15.00 120V 500W R7s 3.61 Inches 91.76mm Long Clear JPD120V500WC
FKF $30.00 GE 30535, 230V, 500W, T17, T17/FKF, Halogen, T8 Clear Glass, P28s Medium Prefocus Base, C-13 Filament, 750 Hours, 9500 Lumens, 2950K, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, MOL 5.25", LCL 3.18", Stage, Studio, 88498, Philips 6800C, Sylvania 54685
FKM $50.00 240V, 650W, 3200K, CP51, Q650T8/4CL, T8 Clear Glass, P28s, 20324, CP/51, 64724, 6993C, 100 Hours, CP69, 64722, 16,800 Lumens
FlashCube $2.00 Three pack with 12 Flashes Flash Cubes, Sylvania GTE 91288-2
FLE20TBX/HPF/RFL $5.00 GE 41360, Biax, Electonic, 20W, 120VAC, 60Hz, 185mA, FLE20TBX/HPF/R40/827, FCC ID: BLD20HHS, 800 Lumens, 10000 Hours, R-40 Reflector, Soft White Ultra, 0-43168-41360-2
FML27/41 $5.95 27W MOL 5.7"/145mm GX10q-4 Base 1400 Initial Lumens 1260 Mean Lumens 4100°K 10,000 Hours CRI 82 FML T4 Quad Tube, Recommended Replacement FML27/65
FML36/65 $7.95 36W FML 6500K GX10q-6 Base Fluorescent 9036BC LINEAR QUAD FML-36EX LOA GX10Q4/2G10 4100°K Qx10Q6 T-4 49317 MOL 10"/254mm 10,000 Hours 36Watt Compact Fluorescent 2600 Lumens FML-36W T201 Replaces one 150W incandescent lamp with only 36 watts of energy used and lasts as long as ten 1000 hour light bulbs.
FNB $15.00 300W 120V 75 Hours 8815
FO17/730/ECO $1.50 Sylvania 21849, Octron, 3000K, Ecologic, F017/730/ECO, T30, T8, 17W, 23.75" Long
FT/400 $40.00 FT400, Norman, 812822, 400W/S, For LH2, LH4, LH52, LH52-5, LH52K, LH54, LH55, LH500 and TL500 Tri-Lite Heads, Lamphead, FT-400, Strobe Flashtube, Possible Substitute FT/140
FT/92-UV $30.00 800V, 1000W, Novatron 2100 Through 2160, F402-UV, 1000W/S Heads UV, F0008, 2103-FC Bare Tube Flash Head, 80110, 2100C, Possible Substitute FT/92
FT/96 $114.98 Norman FQ3, Photogenic EP287, 900V, 2000W/S, Norman LH2000, LH2400, WK96
FT/98 $99.00 FTMW8QV, 3200WS, 14570, Possible Substitute FT/98UV
FTM $20.00 Osram 64788, CP72, CP/72, 2000W, 240V, GY16, 54485
Fujilamp 8,B $50.00 300W 100V P28s Medium Prefocus T-10 Clear, Fuji Electric Lamp, Possible Substitute CXK
FVM $12.00 105W, 120V, GX5.3, NAED 54900, 54434, FMV/T12, 250 Hours, 3250K, T-4 Clear Glass, T-12mm, 2250 Lumens, Universal Burn Position, MOL 61mm, LCL 32mm
G16T5 $10.45 Ushio 3000311, 16W, T5 Glass, G5 Base, MOL 12", Typical Length 11-7/8", Osram 23357, 43V-50V, .35A-.41A, 3.2W-4W of 254nm UV-C Output, Length Excluding Pins 287mm, Lighted Length 230mm, 8,000 Hours, Fishmate 16W, Hagen/Laguna PT521, 253.7nm
G17q $15.00 Socket for line voltage lamps with the G17q base. We have a few removed from equipment that take some engineering to install. Pictures front and back.
GLD $18.54 Osram Leo Elipso Model 15-0BP 750W, G9.5, 54522, GLD 750/115/300, 3250°K, 115V, Lumens 19000, 300 Hours, T6 Glass, HX754T, HX754, HX-754, HX-754T, Replacement GLE
H16C $1.65 Sol-Rex 4W150V, 4W, 150V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, T4.5 9/16" Diameter Clear Glass, MOL 1-3/8", 4T4.5C-150V, .027A
H39-22KC/C $10.00 Sylvania 68812, 175W, H39 Ballast, Coated Glass, E39 Mogul Screw Base, Mercury Lamp
H44GS-100SP $100.00 100W, Sylvania, Mercury Spot R, E29 Admedium Screw Base, Possible Replacement with change of socket H44GS-100MDSK
H6024NH $10.00 H6024 Nighthawk, Night Hawk, PAR56, Automotive, GE 28153, 3 Contact Lugs, 150/320 Hours at 14V, Halogen, Headlamp, High/Low Sealed Beam, SAE, 65/35W, 12.8V for 12V Systems, DIA 7", MOL 5", 2D1, Ultra Bright
HBO200W/2/TM/L2 $228.00 Osram 69223
HPL550/C-77V $17.33 GE 17607, 2-Pin Special, 550W 77V 16170 Lumens 3250°K T-6 4-C8 MOL 4.17" 300 Hours, Order The Osram Lamp Here
HPR125 $122.85 Philips Mercury Discharge Reprographic Source
GE 40122, 450W, 120V, E-Z Merc Self-Ballasted Incandescent Retrofit, BT37, E39, Universal Burn Position, LCL 7.37", B75 Ballast, 16,000 Hours, Initial Lumens 9100, Mean Lumens 8280, 3900K, CRI 50, Deluxe White
HTI Metal Halide Photo Optic Lamp 250W/32 C HID 250 Watts 54089 250 W/32C 2-Pin with Cable Connector 3000 QZ3 Quantum Xenon, Storz 450V Light Source
JCR9.5V55W $20.00 Ushio 1000945, 9.5V, 55W, Halogen, Projector Lamp, 9.5V55W, Japan, MR16, GZ6.35, Aluminum Reflector, 3000°K, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, Specular, 1500 Hours, C-8 Filament, Mirrored Reflector, MOD 50mm, MOL 42mm
JDR6V10W $25.00 Elmo Halogen Lamp, JDR, 6V, 10W, Code 8591, 10W6VM, Sylvania, Japan, 1.61" Diameter Metal Reflector, GU4 Bi Pin Base, Elmo TRV original 8591, JDR Halogen Flood, Possible Substitute Q10MR11-6V
JM1112 $9.23 EYE, JM-1112, JM 112, MR11, 12V, 12W, DichroCool Halogen, Japan, JM1112/000, 12V12W/2M-GZ4 E, 12MR11/19 EYE, 19°, GZ4 Base, 2900°K, 77728, Average Rated Life 2000 Hours
Hedler, 110V, 850W, 75 Hour, Edler, 75H, 75 H. L-1222 See P1/16
L40/MB $50.00 Sylvania Lumiline 40W 115-125V Blue MOL 11.75"/299mm Long 295 Lumens 1500 Hours T-8 Disc Base C-8, Daylight, Blue Daylight Balanced Alternative to the L40/W White
L40/W $50.00 Lumiline, 40W
L7390 $25.00 12V 100W M28 E4 ML060694A L7390A 7390 2000 Lumens 3000°K 2000 Hours C-6 GY6.35 12-100-26L, Possible Substitute EVA
LED19A21/DIM/O/827/G3 $11.63 Sylvania 79075, 19W to Replace 100W Incandescent, 2700K, Dimmable, 1600 Lumens, 25,000 Hours, Soft White
LED4A15C/DIM/827 $4.88 4W, 120V, A15 Style Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 2700K, 250L, 250 Lumens
LED4A15/DIM/827 $4.88 Sylvania 79076, 4W, 120V, A15 Style Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 2700K, 250L, 250 Lumens
LU400/T7/RSC $40.00 Damalux 8734A Damar Diameter .9"/23mm Length 10 1/8" T7 Clear 400W High Pressure Sodium HPS RX7S 24,000 Hours 46,000 Lumens Lumalux 2100°K 67527 S51 100V 4.7A OGS400 AZRM6ES LU400T7/RSC CRI 21 LU400/TD 30244 Burn Position Horizontal ±20° Open Fixture, Generic LU400/TD
LU400/T7/RSC $84.75 Sylvania 67527
LU400/TD $45.00 GE 30244, RX7x-24 Double Ended, 400W, Lucalox, High Pressure Sodium, T7, Horizontal Burn Position, MOL 10.12", S51 Ballast, 24,000 Hours, 43,000 Initial Lumens, 37,300 Mean Lumens, 2000K, CRI 25, Clear, OHDR, 400, K37, Thorn, Sunline, 9-004102-302445, LU400TD
M-04011 $10.00 M04011, 24V, 50W, CC-6 Filament, G50SPT, G50 50mm Diameter Globe Shaped Glass with a Mirror Top, BX22d Double Contact Bayonet Base 22mm in Diameter, 650 Lumens, 700 Hours, Hosobuchi-0-3742, Hanaulux-016678, Guerra-0079/1, Substitute 936009
M2000T9/DE $165.00 Sylvania 66631, 2000W, T9, Double Ended
M250/C/U $10.00 Sylvania 64458, Metalarc, M58, R 250, E39 Mogul Screw Base, Coated Glass, Universal Burn Position
MA586 $10.00 115V, 15W, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, G-30mm Clear Globe Glass, G9.5 Globe, 115V-15W, Swift, Japan, SSL-10, 946-0586, 9460586
MagiCubes $3.00 GE MAGICUBE, 42408, Pack of 3 Cubes with Four Flashes Each for a Total of 12 Flashes, 0043168424080
MB316 $5.00 Wire Terminal Leads, Flasher, T2.5 Clear Glass, OAL 1.22", Possible Replacement MB315
MHL-261L $194.33 25270901, 23/3, Ushio 5000090
20A, 503W, 25.15V, G22 Medium Bi-Post Base, T20 Clear Glass, Airport, 503T20/20A/BP, 6240-00-914-2549, 20AT20-3, 20AT20-5, C-13
Na Spektrallampe M8Z or MSZ $150.00 286W, 220V, P28s, Clear 28.5mm Diameter Tube
NE-56 $20.00 NE56, J9A, S-11 Clear Glass, 210-250V, 1W, Nominal Current 5, E26 Medium Screw Base, MOL 2.25", Breakdown Volt-75V AV-100V DC, 33K Resistance, 5000 Hours
NE-79 $15.00 NE79 BA15d R1A 8mA R1A
NOS20T9 $6.50 20W, T9 Clear Glass, 120V, E26 Medium Screw Base, 132509, Hair Pin Filament, 20 Lumens, 3000 Hours, MOL 7.44", Possible Substitute NOS30T9
OP2505 $58.50 Hosobuchi, G16½ P28s base 12V 150W Medical Lamp Mitutoyo Profile Projector Type PH-350 Surface and Contour Lamps for Profile Projector Mitutoyo model PH-350 201131 12V150W OIL O1L 01L 0IL 0000 12-150-63V PH350 201-131, 12 150 -60 B, 40 FC-6U, P28s/24, 2850°K, 100 Hours, G60x96mm LCL=40mm, Comparator, 201131, 201-131, We can order these but we have to order 100 and they do not often sell.
OP2700 $50.00 OP-2700, Hosobuchi, Nikon Microscope, 72168, OP2700, 15V, 150W, P28s, G16, N-72168, N72168, 8000228, Halogen, 15-150-27R
P1/16 $30.00 110/115V 850W for CIMA 1000M Hedler "jet-lux" D 6251 flood lights Hedler 75 J2 lamps, 110 volts, 850 watts Possible Substitute 64535
P-129359-934 $79.00 P129359-934, 22V, 200W, G17T, T-6 Frosted Glass, Steris, Surgical Endoscopic Lighting, Amsco, Gemini 22 Surgical Light, Gemini-22, 58934, Amglo, 200/T6FR/200W-22V, AS4810
P3/106 $20.00 55W, 110-120V, C35, C 35, C65, C 65, Durst Color Enlargers, P3106, E27 European Medium Screw Base, R63 63mm Diameter Reflector Glass, R20, MELAMP, MOL 4", Possible Substitute 45R20, Note: Substitute has an E26 base, not E27, which may create problems when the shorter E26 does not hit the bottom of the socket, you can bend the center tab out to make contact; the thread count is different so in base up operation you may have problems. There is an 50W E27 halogen here but it is not frosted so may create other enlarging problems
PG-8H(S) $5.00 PG-8HS, 250V, 200W, G8, Dimensions
PH2130, 250W, 220-240V, E26 Medium Screw Base, Maximum Life 3 Hours, Photo ENL, White Enlarger Lamp
$25.00 PH300 No. 300 Photo Enlarger 150W 115-125V GE E26 Medium Screw, White Glass, You may be able to use the PH212 Lamp with the GE-6010 Adapter to replace this lamp.
PH/301 $50.00 PH301 No. 301 Super-N-Larger Lamp 300W 115-125V Sylvania E26 Medium Screw, PS30 White Glass, NO.301 U.S.A., You may be able to use the PH213 Lamp with the GE-6010 Adapter to replace this lamp.
PH/302 $25.00 PH302 500W 100 Hours Super-N-Larger Lamp Type 302 PS-30 Glass, You may be able to use the PH213 Lamp with the GE-6010 Adapter to replace this lamp.
PLC-LMP13 $200.00 Lamp and Assembly, UMR-6102641196, 610-264-1196, 5000778, Sanyo, PLC-550M, PLC-550MB, PLC-550ME, PLV-20N, EIKI, LC-360, LC-360DVD, LC-3610, LC-4300, LC-4300PAL, LC-4300S, PLCLMP13, PLC-LMP13, PLC-LMP-13, POA-LMP13, UMR200SA, Osram VIP R 200/33, 1AV4T30B02400
P/N820-52 $50.00 PN 820-52 X-Rite Densitometer 810 Reading Lamp, 820 X-Rite, SD43-820-06
POA-LMP26A $200.00 Assembly with Lamp, 5000941, 6102983135, 610-298-3135, Sanyo/Eiki LC-SX2U, LC-SX2UA, LC-SX2ULA, LC-SX3, LC-SX3L, LC-X2U, LC-X2UA, LC-X2ULA, LC-X3, LC-X3L, LC-X1, LC-X1A, LC-X2U, LC-X2UA, LC-X2UAL, LC-X2UL, LC-X2ULA, LC-X3A, LC-X2, LC-X2A, PLC-XF10A, PLC-XF10B, PLC-XF10L, PLC-EF10A, PLC-EF10AL, PLC-EF10BA, PLC-EF10NA, PLC-EF10NAL, PLC-EF10NZ, PLC-EF10NZL, PLC-EF10Z, PLC-EF10ZL, PLC-EF12E, PLC-EF12N, PLC-EF12NL, PLC-XF10E, PLC-XF10EA, PLC-XF10EL, PLC-XF10N, PLC-XF10NL, PLC-XF10NZ, PLC-XF10NZL, PLC-XF12, PLC-XF12N, PLC-XF12NL, SMDR400-SN, 1AV4T30B04002, Contains Mercury, 07203-020
P-VIP 200/1.0 P21.5 $68.37 Osram 69471, Use Philips UHP 200W/1.0 P21.5
Q12MT26/4CL-240V $733.98 GE 48779, Q12MT26/4CL, 12,000W, 12kW, Clear, MOL 16.14"/409.9mm, 240V, GX38 Oriented Mogul Bi-Post, 48779, Q12MT26/4CL, 1-00-43168-48779-2, 26, 8K219, C-13, Halogen, 130 Hours, 420,000 Lumens, 3400°K, Burn Within 45° of Vertical Base Down, Bulb Diameter 3.25"/82.5mm, LCL 10"/254mm, GTIN 10043168487792, UPC 043168487795
Q250PAR/FL30 $20.72 GE 23718, PAR38, Medium Skirt Base E26/50x39, CC-8, Halogen, 250W, 120V, 4200 Hours, Medium Flood, 3600 Lumens, 9000 CBCP, 2880K, MOL 5.313", MOD 4.75", 00043168237185, 043168979610
43707 120V 400W 2000 Hours 8250 Lumens 2950°K T4 Mini-Cand MOL 3.62"/92mm CC-8 043168437073 10043168437070
43706 400W 120V Frosted E11 Mini-Cand 2000 Hours 7850 Lumens 2950K T4 MOL 3.62"/92mm LCL 2" CC-8 UPC 043168437066 SCC 10043168437063
Q50MR16/CG/47/36 $7.00 Eiko 18003, EXN/CG, 12V, 50W, MR16C, GU5.3 Bi Pin Base, 4700K, 36° Wide Flood, 47K/36° Beam, 12V50W, Solux, Japan, C-8 Filament, MOL 45mm, MOD 50mm, 1390 CBCP, CRI 100, 4000 Hours, Front Glass, Display 36, 12V50W36, Vietnam, Possible Substitute 18004
Q900T3/CL/HIR-240V $40.00 GE 13642, 900W, 240V, Clear, RSC, R7s, Replaces Q1500T3 & Q1500T3/CL, T3, HIR, MOL 10" Long, Halogen Infrared, Double-Ended, T2.5, Recessed Single Contact, Filament C-8, Bulb Finish Clear, 900W, 240V, Average Rated Life 2000 Hours, Initial Lumens 32,000, Color Temperature 3160°K, Burn Position Horizontal, Maximum Overall Length MOL 10.063"/255.6mm, Bulb Diameter DIA 0.312"/7.9mm, Light Center Length LCL 6.125"/155.5mm, GTIN 10043168136423, UPC 043168136426
QH1000T3/2CL-240V $25.00 GE 22365, 1000W, 230-250V, QH-2CL, HT, Metal Sleeve with Wire Leads Base, MOL 13.81", C-8 Filament, LCL 10", 5000 Hours, 2400K, Infrared, Clear, High Temperature Construction, Horizontal Burn, Possible Substitute QH1000T3/CL/240V
QH1600T3-240V $32.93 Eiko 17026, 230-250V, 1600W, Frosted, T-3, 6 Inch Leads, Heat Lamp, MOD .4"/10mm, MOL 19.8"/503mm, C-8, 2400°K, 5000 Hour, OIH240V-1600T/S36, We can order replacement lamps of this type
QH375T3/CL/7-120V $20.00 GE 21337, 375W, 120V, Quartz Heater Lamp, L-QTZ2, QH 375T3/CL/7, 115-125V, C-8 Filament, MOL 8.81", LCL 5.06", 5000 Hours, 2400K, We can order this lamp or a replacement.
QT2X59/120IS $15.00 Sylvania 49581, 120V, 2-Lamp Instant Start Electronic Ballast, 60Hz, .95A, 870Voc, 2-FO96T8, LR82649, QT 2X59/120 IS, Quicktronic (Replace with 49598 QTP 2x59T8/UNV ISN-SC)
R4336 $50.00 Sylvania Xenon Flashlamp, 2000V, 60W-S, Up to 120 Flashes per Minute, Average Rated Life 3,600,000 Flashes, 120W, 9kV Minimum Trigger, REIL: FA-8767, Runway, Aircraft Approach Lighting, 50 Million Peak Lumens
SKR423FL/CW-120V $7.00 MaxLite 33030, SKR423FLCW, 4100K Cool White, R40 5" Indoor Refelctor Flood, FloodMax, 23W Fluorescent = Incandescent 125W, 1300 Lumens, 8000 Hours, 50/60Hz, 50/60 Hz, Possible Substitute
SOX55 $20.00 SOX/55, NA, 55W, NA55W, Imp. A3Y6, MOL 16.75"/425mm, Low Pressure Sodium, 21297, 7650 Initial Lumens, 6655 Mean Lumens, 18000 Hours, 1800°K, For use in enclosed fixture, T16, BY22d, LCL 9.5", ANSI, Ballast Required L71, 6240010978686, Clear, Horizontal Burn ±20° or Vertical, 69512
SOX135 $30.00 SOX/135, GE 21299, T21 Clear Glass, Enclosed Fixtures, Maximum Length 30.5", LCL 16.37", L73 Ballast, 16,000 Hours, 22,000 Initial Lumens, 19140 Mean Lumens, 1800°K. Burn Horizontal ±20°, 32153-9, 1SL, T67mm, 69514
SP920VPB $10.00 Asahi, Kr, 120/130V-60W, Japan, E17 Intermediate Screw Base, G11 1.38" Diameter Clear Globe Glass, C-2V Filament, Kyokko
TAL415/C $20.00 TAL415C, TAL 415/C, 20W, 24° Narrow Flood Beam Spread, Possible Substitute TAL416C
TAL418/C $20.00 TAL418C, TAL 418/C, 35W, 18° Narrow Flood Beam Spread, Possible Substitute TAL417C
TAL420/C $20.00 GE 30901, TAL Twist and Lock Base, 50W, 12V, MR16, Quartz, 10° Narrow Spot Beam Spread, 3500 Hours, CBCP 10,800, 3000°K, C-6 Filament, SCC 00043168309011, Turn & Lock, ConstantColor®, 50MR16/Q/10/TL, 50MR16/Q/10°/TL, TAL402, MOL 2"/51mm, UPC 043168994491, 043168309011
TC-26 $1.70 E26, 250V, 660W, Subsitute Golo GE-6006
THE/296 $8.25 Thorn, THE296 12V 12W BA15d Double Contact Bayonet MR11 Spot, JM1141, 10°
TL5C 55W/835 $15.00 Philips Master TL5 C 55W/835, Base 2Gx13, 4200 Lumens, 148627, TL5C55W/835, 55W, T5 Glass, 12" Diameter, Style TL80, CRI 85, 3500K, 16,000 Hours Average Rated Life, Silhouette® Series, 14862-7, High Output, Generic Replacement
TP17 $25.00 Sylvania, TP 17, 250V, 10A, 2-Pin .040" Dia, 8" Leads, G6.35, GZ6.35, TP17/8, 750W
VIP R 400/32 $350.00 69352, 55V, 400W, 7.3A, Parabolic Reflector, 28,000 Lumens, Discharge Tube 80,000 CD/CM², 7000°K, 3mm Arc Gap, MOL 90mm, MOD 110mm, 750 Hours, 1AV4T30B02901, 4-050300-509624, A 296 055 00 87, Proxima 9310, Discontinued

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