Germicidal Lamps

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Germicidal Lamp Handling Warning

4W T5 Germicidal 6 Inch , F4T5/GL *Stock
G4T5/Ozone $4.72 4W, T5, Germicidal, 6", Ozone Producing *Stock
6W T5 Germicidal 9 Inch, F6T5/GL
G6T5E $22.50 Hikari, Sanyo-Denki, UV-B, Germicidal, 300nm, 6W *Stock
G6T5E $10.05 Import, UV-B, 6W, Germicidal, 300nm *Stock
8W T5 Germicidal 12 Inch, F8T5/GL
UV-B, 8W, Germicidal, 300nm, Ushio 30000318
Ozoneless, 00205, 50V, 16W, Maximum Overall Length 14"/357mm, Maximum Diameter 0.61"/15.5mm, Average Rated Life 9000 Hours, Bulb T-5, Base Single Pin 7.9mm, Germicidal 254nm, Preheat, Amps 0.425, UV Output Watts: 5.3, UV Micro Watts: 55.2uW/cm2 at 1M
10W T-8 Germicidal Lamp UVC G13 Base 41386 46V MOL 13"/330mm MOD 1"/25.5mm 6000 Hours 254nm Preheat, 253.7 nanometer wavelength, UV Output Watts 2.7, .23A, UV Micro Watts 27.1uW/cm2 at 1M, F10T8/GL *Stock
G11T5 $5.25 Osram Puritec HNS 23354, G5, 11W, G11T5/OF, 37V, .33A, 2.5 UV-C 254nm Watts  
G14T5/287/4P $15.00 Sankyo Denki, 14W, GPH287/4P, 3000348, G14T5L/287/4P  
15W, MOL 17.2"/436mm, MOD 1"/25.5mm, Average Rated Life 8000
G15T8E $14.70 15W, UV-B Germicidal 300nm *Stock
G20T10 $10.00 Sankyo Denki, GL20, Japan, 20W, T10 Clear Glass, 23-1/8" Long Excluding Pins, 23-3/4" Long Including Pins, G13 2-Pin Base on Each End, 8,000 Hour Average Rated Life, UVDI Ultraviolet Devices, Inc. 07-4001, 17-1011, VM-24-120-01, Ushio 3000314, UV Output 7.5W, Eiko 00202, 58V, .36A, 68.7uW/cm2 at 1M, GE 15876 148
25W Germicidal, T8 Glass, G13 Base
30W, T8, Germicidal, 36" Long, One Inch Diameter, Tube, 7500 Hours, G13 Medium Bi-Pin, Ushio 3000009
39W, 34", Germicidal, 4-Pin, Sylvania 23381-0, G36/T5/4P/SE/0F, G10q, GE 29503, 12W UVC Output
39W, Single pin at each end, T5, 23443-0, Germicidal, G36T5/SP/OF, G36T5/SP/0F, 34", TUV36T5/SP, TUV36T5, 29267-2, 292672, GML005, 4614B, 23443, G36T6L, G36T5/SP/OF, 15874, 3000312, GPH843T5L
G40T10 $19.67 Eiko 00214, 40W, G13 Bi Pin Base, T-10 Glass, MOL 47.2", 8,000 Hours, Ushio 3000315, 254nm, UV Output Watts 19.8W, UV Micro Watts 151uW/cm2 at 1M, Ozoneless, 106V, .425A, MOD 1.25" 71
G40T5/SE/4P $26.55 40W, Replacement for Danner 12974, T5F Single Ended Four Pin, Maximum Overall Length 20", 9000 Hours, 02940, UVC12974, Pondmaster Sterilizer *Stock
G55T8/OF, G55T8/0F, 55W Germicidal Fluorescent, T-8 One Inch Diameter Glass, 23388-0, G13 Medium Bi-Pin Base, 36", 3000316, 37634-3, TUV55WHO, 00224, 8000 Hours
G64T5/4P/SE/OF $35.00 Sylvania 23386, 65W, Japan, 62", 4 Pins at One End  
G64T5/HO/4P/SE $45.00 Philips 39200-1, 145W, High Output  
G64T5L $35.00 Eiko 00207, GE 15864, Ushio 3000313, T-5 Clear UV Transmitting Glass, Germicidal, Fa8 Single Pin Base, 9,000 Hours, 65W, UV-C 22W - 25W, MOL 64", Length Excluding Pins 61.3", G64T5, Single Pin 7.9mm, 250V, .425A  
GE 15885, 55W, Twin Tube, 2G11 4-Pin Base, Clear Glass UVC Germicidal, GE 40706, 8000 Hours, 20.7", Philips 29464-5, PL-L 55W/4P TUV, Osram, Biax, Hg  
GCF5DS/G23/SE $3.95 Osram 23396-0, 5W, G23  
Sylvania, PL-S 7W/TUV, 7W, T4, G23, 23372-00, GCF7DS/G23/SE/OF, GCF7DS/G23/SE/0F, 20390-0, Osram Puritec, HNS-S-7W, UV-C, Germicide  
GCF9DS/G23/SE $4.95 Osram Puritec, 21062-0, GCF9DS/G23/SE/OF, 9W Germicidal, UV-C, HNS-S-9W, 941226  
$5.95 GCF11DS/G23/SE/OF, GCF11DS/G23/SE/0F11W, Germicidal, G23 2-Pin Base, 23377-0, T4 Glass, 8000 Hours
GFT18DL/2G11/SE $7.00 Osram 21054-0, 18W, 2G11  
GFT24DL/2G11/SE $7.00 Osram 20849-0, 24W, 2G11  
Sylvania 23392-0, PL-L 36W/TUV, Germicidal, 36W, T5 Duo-Tube, 23380, GFT36DL/2G11/SE/0F, 0-46135-23380-7, 8,000 Hours, 16.5" Long, 4-Pin 2G11 Base, UVC Output 12W at 253.7nm, Ozone Free, Uses FS-4 Starter, ANSI C78.901-2001, GFT36DL/2G11/SE/OF  
GPH212T5VH/4 $19.97 10W, Four Pin, 8-5/8" or 220mm Including Pins, 212mm Long Excluding Pins, Single Ended, 10,000 Hours, Ozone Producing, 185nm, 85014, Disinfection, Oxidation, Municipal Water Treatment, Heraeus, LSE-UV0227, GPH212T5L-VH, Very High Ozone, Replace Annually, Converts Oxygen to Ozone, Sun Aire Purifiers, GPH212T5V Perkin Elmer Optoelectronics, GPH212T5VH/CB *Stock
GTL2 $4.49 GTL-2, 2W, 10V, .22A, E17 Intermediate Screw, T-6 Glass, MOL 2.2" or 55mm, MOD .79" or 20mm, UV Output Micro Watts 1.2uW/cm2 at 1M, 2000 Hours, 254nm, Ozoneless, Preheat, Hotcabi 207 *Stock
GTL-3, 3W, E17  
LMP22001 $25.00 Wedeco Systems, Ideal Horizons, 3352-L69, Length Excluding Pins 287mm, Length Including Pins 302mm, Water Purification, ES080003, NSN 6240-01-431-3603, GPH287TSL/2, BI Pin, IH-1, IH-2, SHE-4, SH-7, Sunlight Systems Equivalent to LP4150 AAE1214, Atlantic UV MP-16, 14W, 10,000 Hours 5
PL-L 18W/TUV $11.87 TUV, PL-L, 18W4P, UC18W 1004, 4 Pin 2G11, Germicidal *Stock
PL-L 55W/4P HF TUV $12.00 Philips 294645, TUV PL-L 55W/4P HF Germicidal, 2G11  
PL-L 60W HO/4P $15.00 Philips 13035-1, 60W, 2G11  
PL-L 95W/HO/4P $18.00 Philips 888927, 137257, 13725-7, 95W, TUV, UV-C, 2G11 Four Pin Base, 21.25" Long, 8711500888297, 9279 098 04007, 9,000 Hours, TUV PL-L 95W/4P HO, 115V, .8A, 27W UV-C Radiation, Sterilamp  
PL-S 9W/TUV $6.00 9W, G23 Germicidal *Stock
TUV 16W T5 4P SE $8.00 Philips 38541-9, TUV16WT5/4P/SE, 16W, 4 Pin Single Ended  
TUV 25W T5 4P-SE $15.00 Philips 13341-3, 133413, 25W, Four Pin, Single Ended, Special, 264404, 21.75" Long Including Pins, UV-C, G10q Base, T-16mm Glass, 9000 Hours, 82V, .35A, 8W UV-C Radiation 6
TUV 36W T5 4P-SE $20.00 Philips 36209-5, 362095, 36W, Measured Length 33-7/16" Long, Maximum Length 34", TUV36T5/4P/SE, 39W, 40W, 9000 Hours, 15W of UV-C Radiation 100 Hour on HF Gear, G36T5/4P, G36T5L/4P, Ushio 3000343, GPH843T5L, HE, 94V, .425A, Slimline, UNP, S400 Base, GE 29503, 642318, Alto, 40W at 420mA-Actual Wattage Depends on Ballast 21
TUV 36 T5 SP 40W $25.00 Philips 29267-2, 40W, Special Post Double Ended  
UVGL-GUX36K $25.00 Hikari, 36W, 2G11, Jebo PU-36, Can Substitute GFT36DL/2G11/SE 1
*Stock-We keep plenty of this lamp in stock and can order more lamps quickly.

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