LG Zenith LCD DLP Projector and TV Lamps

Lamps ordered will be shipped the next business day by UPS or USPS Priority Mail. Large orders may qualify for a discount and may not qualify for next day shipment. If you do not know what lamp you require or for lamps not listed, email your request or call 336-882-2854. To order, please order from the individual lamp links below or call 800-692-3051.

Model Price Description
56DC1D $45.00 6912B22010A
62DC1D $45.00 6912B22010A
62SX4D-UB $45.00 69377, UHP 100W/120W 1.0, 62SX40-UB, 000002166, TOP 291 L5 SVC P/N 3141VSNH19C
BX220 $150.00 AJ-LT91, 6912B22008A
E44W46 $45.00 69374, REAR PROJECTION LCD  TV
LP-XG22 $102.93 150W UHP, VIP R 150/P22, 69468
LP-XG24 $102.93 150W UHP, VIP R 150/P22, 69468
M52W56LCD $45.00 UHP 100W/120W 1.0, 000000077, 69374
MW60SZ12 $45.00 3110V00139A
RD-JT40 $144.00 AJ-LA80
RD-JT41 $144.00 AJ-LA80
RD-JT50 $150.00 AJ-LT51
RD-JT51 $150.00 60.J8618.CG1, AJ-LT51/6921B22006D
RD-JT90 $150.00 AJ-LT91, 6912B22008A
RD-JT91 $150.00 AJ-LT91, 6912B22008A
RD-JT92 $150.00 AJ-LT91, 6912B22008A
RL-JA10 $102.93 RLJA10, 150W UHP, VIP R 150/P22, 69468
RT-52SZ30RB $45.00 UHP 100W/120W 1.0 101009946 69374
RT-52SZ31RB $45.00 UHP 100W/120W 1.0 101009946 69374
RU-44SC63D $68.85 RU44SC63D, 69375, 101089262
RU-52SZ30 $45.00 UHP 100W/1.3 P22, 69374
RU-60SZ30 $45.00 UHP 100W 1.3
Z44SZ80 $45.00 69377, AS-LX40, 3141VSNH19C, UHP 100W-120W 1.0 000002178
Z52DC1D $45.00 6912B22010A
Z56DC1D $45.00 6912B22010A
Z62DC1D $45.00 6912B22010A

Replacement Light Bulbs
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Technical Support Line: 336-882-2854
Fax Line: 336-882-2819

Hours: 8 AM to 4 PM EST Monday through Friday

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Technical Support: Help finding a product not listed, determining the correct lamp for your application, lamp handling and premature lamp failures

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Ron Miller
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