FML27 27W 4 Tube and FC22T5 22W Circular Fluorescent Lamp Ballast
FML 27W Lamp Ballast

*Ballast for 27W 4-Tube and 22W Circular $12.95 Each

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Model: CH40-120B
Electronic Ballast
Lamp Type: FML 27W, FC22T5
Rapid Start
Class P, Type 1 Outdoor
Sound Rating: A
120V 50/60Hz .42A
Dimensions when measuring a sample ballast, actual measurement may vary slightly: 2.656"/67.47mm long, 1.743"/44.29mm wide and 1.061"/26.95mm tall. The length including the base plate is 3.356"/85.26mm long.

Use Only Within an Electrical Enclosure
Ballast Must Be Grounded
UL Listed E240748

You can order the FML27/65 lamp to go with this ballast here.

This is not a dimmable ballast. Do not use with a dimmer.
Do not use in 230V applications.
This ballast is specifically made for the 27W FML and 22W Circular style bulbs. This ballast is not designed for any other bulb type.
We have had customers mistakenly purchase this ballast for 40W circular fluorescent lamps with higher amperage requirements and it does not work in that application.

If you have any questions about using or installing this ballast please call technical support at 336-882-2854.

Our ballast is a perfect match for the 27W FML and 22W Circular lamps but may not be a perfect match for your fixture. This means that once installed properly our ballast will work perfectly and that sometimes additional wiring is required to properly install the ballast.

It is recommended that, prior to purchasing this ballast, you look at your fixture and determine the ease or difficulty of installing the ballast in your fixture and read all of the below information.

This ballast is designed to drive the FML 27W bulbs including the FML27/27, FML27/41, FML27/65 and all other color temperature and part number variations of this bulb and 22W Circular lamps in all color temperatuers. This ballast may not fit in all fixtures. Each equipment manufacturer has their own ballast with a variety of shapes, sizes and wiring methods. In some cases it may require a little engineering to use this ballast in your fixture.

Your fixture should have four wires going from the ballast to the lamp socket. If your ballast has two wires you will probably find a capacitor built into your socket. The manufacturer of your equipment, presumably to save wire, placed the ballast capacitor at the socket instead of in the ballast. To use our ballast you will have to pull two new wires through the fixture and attach all four wires to the socket and ballast.

Basic Wiring Information

The white wire is the neutral wire and goes to the white wire coming from the wall.

The black wire is the hot wire and will go through your switch. This means that the black wire from the wall will go up to your switch and back down to the ballast. The switch interrupts the power supplied to the ballast.

Our ballast has two red and two yellow wires coming out of the ballast. These four wires go to the socket directly. The bulb has two filaments and the two red wires go to one filament and the two yellow wires go to the other filament. Lay your FML 27W bulb on a table in front of you with the tubes facing away from you and the pins facing you. The bulb is positioned flat so that the tubes are all the same distance from the floor, not up on its side. There is a filament on the right and a filament on the left. You can wire to the relative positions in the socket a red wire to the upper left, a red wire to the lower left, a yellow wire to the upper right and the other yellow wire to the lower right. The red wires go to the filament on the left and the yellow go to the filament on the right. It does not matter which side is red and which side is yellow but you cannot cross the wires. A red and a yellow will not light up a filament.

If you need to add wire to install the new ballast it is recommended that you match the wire gauge currently used in your fixture. Our ballast and most applications using this ballast use 18AWG wire. Use of a smaller gauge wire will negatively affect the operation of the fixture and represents a fire hazard.

If you need to remove a capacitor from the old socket it is usually held in like Chinese handcuffs. It easily pushes in but will not easily pull back out. To remove the capacitor a precision flat head screwdriver can depress the mechanism to release the wire from the socket. If the socket is damaged then I recommend you purchase the socket below if it matches the style of socket used in your fixture. If you are going to need a socket it is better to order it with the ballast to avoid paying double shipping charges. The socket is inexpensive and shipping is not inexpensive.

Here are instructions for wiring a floor lamp with only two wires going up the pole.

If you need a socket to go with your FML 27W light bulb then this socket fits the bulb.
It may or may not be exactly like the one already in your equipment.
GX10q-4 Lamp Socket

Lights of America

Alternate Part Numbers: Kebaohengj KB226 1X27W PL lamp 4 pins (Note: This ballast will NOT drive the 26W lamp driven by the KB226 1x26W ballast), 0.35A, XN126, GX9906F, ES 101, Sunter Lighting- code #6111, OTT Light, Chia Chien Electronic Ballast Model APL-127S2, Solarex floor lamp model CF-004, 20051205, APL-127, electronic ballast for flourescent lamp. Input 120V/60hz 0.38A Lamp PL 27W rapid start E236433, 3M polarizing task light TL1000, Chia Chien / Mod. AP:-127, TP1/27 FML, BK-31, EBCF-127-120V-LPF, CH11 1K 407J, Tkebaohengji KB227, Kebaohengji KB227, Brookstone Model : 634238 , 120v , Electronic ballast APL-127DM ; Class P ; Lamp Type PL 27 w ; FCL 22w , 28w, 32w mfg. Chia Chien Electronics, BS1NF1-02

Cross reference information is designed to help you find the correct part for your application. We do not verify the accuracy of this information. You are responsible for ordering the correct part and we make every attempt to help you in that process. We recommend that you confirm the information with the equipment manufacturer before ordering.
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