CZX/DAB 500W Light Bulb Replacement Lamp

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Voltage: 115-120V, 120 Volt, 120 Volts
Wattage: 500W, 500 Watt, 500 Watts
Base: P28S, Med PF, Medium Prefocus, Med. Pref.
Glass: T-10, T10, Clear with Opaque Top
Filament: C13D, C-13D
Color Temperature: 3200°K
Average Rated Life: 25 Hours
Maximum Overall Length: 5.5"

Note: When available the discontinued DAB lamp has brighter light with a shorter life.

Alternate Part Numbers: A1/7, PH/500T10P-120V, Type PH/500 T10P, 500T10/95, PXBK, P28 typ .6152C/05, C Z X 500W 105-120V BASE DOWN, FP-10, K-15CT121, DAB 10HR, NSN 6240-295-2689, 62402952689, lamp, light, bulb, bulbs, lamps, 110v, 4.5A, 500W, P28, typ 6152C/05 , 115V, Sylvania 500C2, 550W, Singer 37762, Philips 300871, GE

For 230V use the DBT Lamp

Agfa-Gevaert, Inc.

Karator 55-77, Slide Projector

Aircraft Engineering Co.

Auto. Cont. Model

Alpex-Allied Impex

500 DUO (8mm), 500DUO

American Optical Corp.

AO-500, Educator 500, Executive 500
McCustom 500, Performer 500, President 500
Producer 500, Reviewer 500, GK

Ampro Corp. (Graflex)

A-8 (serial number to 14000) 8mm
GD, GK, GS, J, JD, JS, M, MC, JC
H, K, L, N, R, S, U, KD, KS, NC, UA, UC, YC, UAB
Century-5, Century-10, Century-10A, Compact
Model M Junior Amprosound
Model N Senior Amprosound
Model XA Amprosound
Premiere-10, Premiere-20, Premiere-30, Premiere-40
Premiere 10, Premiere 20, Premiere 30, Premiere 40
Paramount-20, Paramount 20
Super Stylist 508, 510, 512
Stylist Deluxe 548, 568
DEC, 481, 479 Military
Ampromatic 500

Anson Research Corp.

Dunning Animatic A, B(old)

Bell and Howell Company

B and H 616-D5
Bell & Howell TDC 716A Stereo Slide Projector
253A, 253-A, 253 A
253R, 253-R, 253 R
Model G
765-A Robomatic
Streamliner 500, 3 Dimension Company, 525W Max


GB-16, G-16
Bolex Standard 8 movie
M8, M-8R, M-8S

Busch Film and Equipment Co.

Cinesalesman 3, 4, 4A
Cinesalesman Senior 4
3S Cartoon Circus


Cine P-8

Capitol Projector Corp.

Drive-in Movie
Panama A, Panorama, Peep Show
Test Pilot, Turnpike, Tournament


P120 9.5/16 Dual Gauge Projector

Charles Beseler Co.

Beseler Vu-Graph Jr.

Conn. Tel. and Electric Co.

Sound Kong C-1

Continental Products Corp.

Movie Sound 8

DeJur Amsco Corp.

P-500, 500
Eldorado DP-660

Dekko Cameras Ltd

Model 119A

DeVry, De Vry Corp.

BC, BCS, C, CS, RR, RS, Q, QR, SS, Z
15 Super 16, DeVrylite, DeVrylite 5, Bantam Super 16
11000-AA, -AB, -BA, -BB, -CA, -CB, 14000-AA

E. Leitz, Inc.

Leitz IV-F, IVF
Leitz Prado 500 Slide Projector

Eastman Kodak

Kodaslide Signet 500 Model 1 Slide Projector 115 Volts 50-60 Cycles AC 550 W Max. Lamp 500 W
Kodascope Eight 33, Eight-33
Kodascope Eight 70, 70A, 70R, 70AR, 8-70, 70A-R
Kodascope Eight 71, 71A
Kodascope Eight 90, 90A
Kodascope Eight 90R, 90AR, 90A-R
Kodascope K-50, K50, K-50 5 Ohm
Kodascope Pageant
Kodascope Sixteen-10, Sixteen-20, 16-10, 16-20
Brownie 500
Brownie 500 Model A
Chevron Showtime-8 Model 500, Model 8-500
E, EE, EE Series II, L, G 16mm
Sound Kodascopes F, FB, FB-25, FB-40, FS-10, FS-10-N, Sound Special, Special FS-10N
Cine-Kodak Showtime 8 105-125V 60 Cycles A. C. Only 600 Watts 500 Watts Lamp Max. Model 8 - 500
115V120V500W PRO CZX
Kodaslide Master


927-DM-16, 930-D-16, 928-AR-116

Empire Projector Corp.

Empire PX 16mm

Excel Movie Products, Inc.

Apollo 8, Super-8 Super 8
Excel P-63, P63
Apollo P-65, P-76, P65, P76
P-66, P66
Excel 110
Excel 37

Fairway Products, Inc.

Visomatic 16mm

Fuji (Fujica)

Fujica 8mm
Fujica Photographic Equipment

General Photgraphic Supply Co.

Elmo 16mm

Holmes Projector Co.

Rex A, I-A, II-A, III
ITP Television
Holmes 12

Kalart Victor Corporation

65-4, Classmate 4
70-0, Silent 16

Keystone Camera Company Incorporated

A-8, K-66, K-108, K-109, K-109AZ, K66, A8, K108, K109
K-70, K-80 L-8, R-8
K-75, K-88, K-100
K-95, K-10, K-109AX, K-109D, K-109V, K105, 109D 8mm
A-75, A-78, A75, A78 16mm
A-81, A-82, K-160, K-161, K-M, K160, A81, A82
K100, K-100
R8 R-8 5A 115V
L8 L-8 Model # 394048
K-100M, K100M
K-500, K-500D, 510, 511 Old Model

LaBelle Industries

LaBelle 500
LaBelle 302

Lumen, Inc.

Jan AQ2, AQ3

L-W Photo, Inc.

Athena 1900, 224, 224-M, 224-MR

Marcellus Manufacturing Co.

Miracle #2

Movie-Mite Corp.

Calvin Movie Sound 8

Neumade (see Kalart Victor)

65-4, Classmate 4
70-0, Silent 16


Stereo 3-D 3D Projector
North Star Specialties Inc.

Paillard Products Inc.

Bolex M-8

Polaroid Corp.

Polaroid 610

Projection Service Co.

Talk Pix 16, 20 Sheffield, 35mm

RCA Corp.

FP-5, FP-10, FP-20, FP-205, PB-139, PG-71, PG-170, PG-200A, PG-201
PB-80, PG-60

Realist, Inc.

Stereo Realist ST-81

Revere Camera Corp.

P-80, P-85, P-85X, Model 80, P85D, P85-D
90, P-90, P90X, 777, P777, P90
Model 85 projector
35mm Bantam, Bantum 888
35mm projector automatic delux, bantam1 1/2x 1 1/2 Model P 888D, P888D
Model #505, 505
Revere 555 Auto -Magazine Slide Projector.
Model P-555
120 V, 50-60 c, 550W. Lamp:  500 W
888 Model P-888 P888 Slide Projector

Sawyer's Incorporated

Stereo-Matic 500, Stereo Matic 500

Sears Roebuck and Company



Sekonic 30C, 30D

Sentry Safety Control Corp.

Universal III, H, H-3, J

Sherr Tumico



Early Model 49 Schoolmaster 500

S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp. Photo Cine Optics

Imperial 16, Cinemaphone 16 Educator, Cinemaphone 16 Professional

Specto Ltd.

500 DUAL (XD)

Spindler & Sauppe

Selectroslide 300
Selectroslide 301A
Selectroslide Junior 320

Standard Projectors, Inc.

Standard 38, 90
Standard SP-38, SP38


PS 65 F

Technical Devices Corp.

Fodeco 8
TDC Stereo Vivid Projector 116

Three Dimension Co.

TDC Vivid Streamliner 500
TDC Vivid Professional 500
TDC Vivid Stereo Vivid
TDC Dual Streamline 500 Model 151, Made by Bell & Howell

Universal Camera Corporation

Cinematic 752
P500, PC500, P-500, PC-500
Univex 750, 752, P750, P752

Universal Sound Systems, Inc.

Apex P
Apex R, S
Universal III, Universal H, Universal J

Victor Animatograph Corp.

3-R, 7-R, 3R, 7R
10, 10E, 10FH, 10-E, 10-FH, 12-A, 12-B, 25, 12A, 12B
11, 20, 21, 22, 26, 31, 33, 36, 16, 16S, 24A, 24B
24C, 24AB, 25AC, 40A, 40B, 41A, 41B, 38, 40
40C, 41C
55, Lite-Weight, 56, Envoy
60, Triumph, 60-2, 60-10, 60-25, 65-10, 65-55
60-4, 65-4, 65-0

Viewlex, Inc.

Viewlex Microfilm Reader
Viewlex AP7CT, AP-7CT
V25, V-25, V35, V-35, V45, V-45, V500, V-500, V-555, V555

Weber Machine Corp.

Syncrofilm 16

Wollensak Optical Co. (also see Revere)

Wollensak 715, AZ-715, P-715, 18
815 35mm Automatic Slide Projector
Wollensak 65, P-65


Model 8, 8P Projector, 500W, 550W Max, Anglo Photo Ltd, Montreal Que, 100-125V, 5.7 Amperes, 50~60 Cycles, A.C. Only,

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