EJV 21V 150W Light Bulb Replacement Lamp

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Volts: 21V
Watts: 150W
Average Rated Life: 40 Hours
Tungton Halogen
Maximum Overall Diameter: MOD 2"
Maximum Overall Length: MOL 1.75"
Filament: CC-8
Base: GX 5.3, GX5.3
Reflector Type: MR16, MR-16, 50 DICH
Temperature: 3350-3400°K
Burn Position: Horizontal ±15° or Base Down
Higher Intensity/Lower Life
Typical Use: 8mm Movie and Slide Projection

Alternate Part Numbers: Efos 3027, 31-31-52, FL-400, B10010, Philips 13629, 337444, 33744-4, 02290, 3022, 301203, 1450, 750-9024, 3904, 471-033, 20.5V 150W, 950-9024, 9509024, GE 32831, Ushio JCR21V-150W, 1000302, 6001, HMS, 1-944, 54732, 93637

This 150 watt, 21 volt halogen light features a 2-pin base and reflector used in medical instruments. Bilirubin, photo curing and photo therapy bulb. Also used in 8mm projectors, and fiber optics. High output lamp for most fiber optic applications. Fiber optic lamps used in fiberstar lighting boxes and many diferent types of fiber optical lighting sorces for swimming pools, walk ways and displays. These Light bulbs include halogens and metal halides that produce intence light for use in solid or stranded fiber optics. Extra-Oral/Photo Curing/Fiberoptic Handpiece.


1501 150-Watt Quartz Halogen Illuminator

Blue Light Industries

Model 5410 Fiber Optic Illuminator

Bausch & Lomb Equipment

Microscope 31-31-52

CHIU Technical Corporation

FO-150R, FO-150 DPHM Regulated Fiberoptic Illuminator


CoolspotTM II Double
CoolspotTM II Single Ceiling
CoolspotTM II / Outpatient® II with FastracTM


Superdent 7500

DeJur Amsco Corp.

Eldorado DP-86
Remote Command 86ZR
84-MV, 86-MV, 86-Z

Dolen Jenner

Fiber Lite 180 High Intensity Illuminator
Model 180 Light Source
Fiberlite MI-150
Model 170-D, 170D
DC-Regulated Fiber Optic Illuminator Model PL-900
Fiber Optic Illuminator Model PL-800


Fiber Optic 150W Light Source

High Intensity FO-150 Series F0-150 (with rotary dimmer) and FO-150 DPHM (with diaphragm)
Intralux 5000-1, 6000-1, NCL 150 & V-Lux 1000

Karl StorZ

481C, 481-C 21 Volts 150 Watts

Micro-Lite FL 3000 series 150 watt halogen light boxes
Microlite FL3000

Mille Luce

Model M1000 Fiber Optic Illuminator


Fiber Illuminator 176-336


Dichroic C 6x7, 2¼x2¾
Chromega Dichroic Enlarger 2.25 X 2.75 Model C
Super Chromega C Dichroic Lamphouse


MP35030 Light Source. 150w Light Source, ACE #65336

Orascoptic Xeon Illuminator, Zeon


200L Wand, 200-L Wand


Fiber Optic Microscope Illuminator IL-88-FOI 
SCI-CAN Dual-Lux II Illuminator
SCI CAN Dual Lux III Illuminator

Simmon Omega


Surgical Light CoolSpot II

Technicolor Inc.

1000, -A, -B, 1300, 1400


Fiber Optic Illuminator FOI 150
Techni-Quip Fiber Optic Illuminator Model T-Q/FOI-IV


Dental Head Lamp Light

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