ELC/C 24V 250W MR16 Color Printer Replacement Light Bulb
ELC/C 24V 250W MR16 Enlarger Printer Replacement Light Bulb

Very uniform light distribution ideal for fiber optics, enlargers and color printers and all ELC applications.

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Average Rated Life: 50 Hours
Voltage: 24V, 24 Volt, 24 Volts
Amperage: 10.42A
Wattage: 250W, 250 Watt, 250 Watts
Glass Shape: MR-16. MR16
Filament: CC-6
Base: GX5.3; also known as: Miniature 2-pins; round
Maximum Overall Length: 1.75 Inches
Typical Working Distance: 1"
Burn Position: Burn Horizontal ±15° or Base Down
Color Temperature: 3400° Kelvin
Lumens: 800

Replaces the 22.5V, 250W Omega 471-029

If you are experiencing a declining lamp life you may need to replace the socket. Common sockets for this lamp are the QLV-1 socket or the QCX-34 socket. If the socket contacts are pitted or corroded it will shorten lamp life. Under normal humidity you can expect to use this socket for about 2,000 hours.

Alternate Part Numbers: GE 22023, Ushio 1001037, JER24V-250W, JER-0250, Copal, Kodak, ELC/E, Fiber Optic, Color Printer, Colamp 250S


CLS-13, CLS-21, CLS-23-3, CP2 PP2, ML-2000, ML-3130, ML-6030, ML-6550


P7L / P7MS, P7TS

Bell and Howell Company

2580, 2580A, 2582A, 2585A, 2585B, 2592A, 2592B
Autoload, 3592
3885 Filmosound
Autoload 2592B,
Filmosound 1680G, 1692B, 1693B, 1695B, 1698B
Filmosound 3592
TQ3 Specialist


510 / 521


Chromega D Dichroic, Chromega D Dichroic II and Chromega E Dichroic lamphouse

Copal Kodak

40/70 Creation Station


Enlarger Bulbs 108AF,203,500,507,508H,1085 810H, Color Head
250W, 500W, and 2000W Dichromat, Difcon and Varicontrast lamphouses as fitted to the Model 203, 504, 507, 108S, 810H, and 1010XLH enlargers.
De Vere - 108AV, 203, 500 / 504 / 507 / 508H, 810H, 1085, Color Head


Enlarger 402/L138D,403/V184,D184 AC650,L900/CLS 500,CLS-450 Colorhead
AC-650, D-184, L900/CLS500, L1200/CLS450 & 500, Pro
Durst Laborator 1200 with Color Head CLS 501
AC-800 Computer Dichroic

Eiki International Incorporated

ENT0, ENT1, ENT2, ENT3, ESL1, ESL2, NT0, NT1, NT2, NT3, SL0, SL1, SNT0, SNT1, SNT2, SSL-0B, SSL-OL, SSL-0L
3580 / 3585 / 3592, ENT-O/3592, SNT-O/3585, SSL-O/3580


16AL, 16AL-M-O, 16AL-OPT, 16ALR, 16AM, 16AO, 16CL, 16CL-M-O, 16CL-OPT, 16CL-TC, 16CM, 16CO, 16DDS, 16TC
16A / AA / AAR / AC / AL / AR, 16-CL / 16CLDSS / 16F / 16FR / 16FS, 16CL-M/O


Dichro Color Head

Forway Industries Incorporated



Enlarger-FT405, FT507,FT1010 -All Fotar Brand Light Sources)


Master 12, Master Lab+ series, Master One series, Master Pro series, Micro Lab, Micro Scan, ML 57, ML DIG series


Enlarger Models-All


SC10, SC10S, SC11


MG-600 Enlarger


HR 500 Plus & HR Universal Film Scanners


EL-512, system II, 801, 802, QSS 1401, 1901, 501, Delta
801 / 802, EL-512
QSS 501, QSS 503, QSS 801, QSS 802, QSS 1401, QSS 23, QSSII


D5-XL, Super Chromega D,E,F, D5 dichro Dichroic Enlarger 8x10 8 x 10 18x24 18 x 24 Model F
5 x 7 5x7 13x18 13 x 18 Model E
4 x 5 4x5 9x12 9 x 12 Model D


402 Colorhead


Fiberoptic Pool Light

Simmon Omega

Automega D, E, F Chromega, Dichroic, Super
D5-XL, Super Chromega Dichroic D/E/F

Starrett Sigma




Super Vision Tower


Vision Engineering

Lynx Microscope
Lynx Stereo Dynascope

Weil Dental


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