General Lighting

Lamps ordered will generally be shipped the next business day by USPS Priority Mail or UPS, check here for Shipping Information. Large orders may qualify for a discount and may not qualify for next day shipment. If you do not know what lamp you require or for lamps not listed, email your request or call 336-882-2854. To order, please use our secure shopping cart or call 336-882-2852 or 800-692-3051. Click to go to our Home Page and View Cart.

100A19-24V Generic 24V, 100W, A19 Inside Frosted Glass, E26
100A19/34V Generic 34V, 100W, A19 Inside Frosted Glass, E26
100A/250V Generic 250V, 100W, A21 Inside Frosted Glass, E26
10T8/DCI/12V Generic
10W, T8, 12V, Marine Navigation, BAY15d Indexed Bayonet
18S11/1SC-10V Generic 18W, 10V, S-11 Clear Glass, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, 2000 Hours, CC-6, MOL 2.37", LCL 1.25", 200 Lumens
88525, 1000W, 120V, T7, G38 Bi Post, Airway Beacon
20T7C-130V CEC 20W, 130V, T7 Clear Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, Glass Diameter .875"/22mm, Amperage .15A, C-7A Filament, MOL 2.25"/58.7mm, LCL 1.31"/33.3mm, 1500 Hours
25A19-12V Generic 25W, 12V, A19 Inside Frost, E26
25A19-24V Generic 25W, 24V, A19 Inside Frost, E26
25C11A Bulbrite 430125, 25W, 130V, C11 Spunlite Amber Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base
25C11S Bulbrite 430025, 25W, 130V, C11 Spunlite Satin Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base
25F10A Bulbrite 420225, 130V, 25W, F10 Amber Glass, E12, 3750 Hours
25F15CL Bulbrite 421125, 25W, 130V, F15 Fiesta Flame, E26
25F15WH Bulbrite 421025, 25W, 130V, White Fiesta Flame, E26
25G16CL2 Bulbrite 391125, 25W, G16.5, Clear Globe Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 120V, 175 Lumens, 2500 Hours, MOL 2.75" Long, Scentsy Wickless Warmers, Warmer, KE-25WLITE, 120V25W
25G25CL2 Bulbrite 393102, 25W, 120V, G25 Clear Glass, E26
25T8/DCI/12V Generic
12V, 25W, T8, BAY15d
25T8/DCI/24V Generic 24V, 25W, BAY15d, 2430U, T8, 1LE15D-24/25, Radium, Ushio
30W, 120V, R39, R12, E17 Lava Lamp Bulb
30S11DC-75V Generic 30W, 75V, S11, BA15d DC Bayonet
35W, GY7.9/GY8, 120V, T4, Quartz Halogen, 35T4Q/GY8/120/CD, JCD120V35W-GY7.9, 04722-A, 04722A, 35T4/GY7.9/120V/CD, JCDT4/35/120V
40A19/IF-24V Generic 24V, 40W, A19 Inside Frost, E26
40C11A Bulbrite 430140, 40W, 130V, C11 Amber Spun Glass, E12
40CTC/25/2 Bulbrite 490140, 40W, 120V, B8 Clear Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 370 Lumens, 1500 Hours, MOL 3.125"
40ETC/3 Bulbrite 405040, 40W, 130V, B10 Clear Glass Blunt Tip, E26
40F15A Bulbrite 421240, 40W, 130V, F15 Fiesta Amber Glass, E26
40F15CL Bulbrite 421140, 40W, 130V, F15 Fiesta Clear Glass, E26
301040, 40W, G12 1.5" Diameter Clear Globe Glass, 130V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 2500 Hours, 350 Lumens, MOL 2.375", 2700K, Warm White
120V 40W Clear S-11 E17 Intermediate Base Long Life High Intensity 40S11N/CL120V 40S11N/CL-120V 9050 1500 Hours WE3629 3629 40 S11 N Clear 53-013105 DA -5000042 V023 made in China E101956, Lava Lamp, #S11-40C
48V, 50W, H3, Forklift, Nordic, BJ, 93020441211, PK22s, Special Long Life, UV Stop, Fork Lift, Narva, Spezial LL
4C7 Eiko 120V, 4W, C7, E12
4T4-1-1/2DCB130 CEC 4W, 130V, T4.5 Clear Glass, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, Glass Diameter 14mm or .55", C-7A Filament, Maximum Overall Length 1.5" or 38mm, Candlepower .36 MSCP, .031A, 1000 Hours
4T-4 24V-1-3/8", 4W, T4 Clear Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 24V
4T4C-130V CEC 4W, 130V, T4.5, E12
50A19/IF-24V Generic 50W, 24V, A19 Inside Frost Glass, E26
50A19/IF-30V Generic 50W, 30V, A19 Inside Frost Glass, E26
50A19/IF-34V Generic 50W, 34V, A19 Inside Frost Glass, E26
50A19/IF-47V Generic 50W, 47V, A19 Inside Frost Glass, E26
50AR111/FL24-12V-5K Kandolite 50W 12V AR111 Aluminum Reflector 24° Flood Super 5000 Hour Xenon-Halogen Technology 3000°K 4,000 Candlepower G53 Base 55103 50AR111/FL25
50AR111/WFL45-12V-5K Kandolite 50W 12V AR111 Aluminum Reflector 45° Wide Flood Super 5000 Hour Xenon-Halogen Technology 3000°K 1,200 Candlepower G53 Base
50R20G Bulbrite 224050, 120V, 50W, E26, R20 Green
5C7TG Bulbrite 709405, 5W, 120V, C-7 Transparent Green Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 3000 Hours, MOL 2.125", 5C7/TG
60C11A Bulbrite 430160, 60W, 130V, C11 Amber Spun Glass, E12
60C11S Bulbrite 430060, 60W, 130V, C11 Spun Glass, E12
60C15S Bulbrite 431060, 60W, 130V, C15 Spun Glass, E26
60CTC/32/2 Bulbrite 490060, 60W, 120V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, B10 Clear Torpedo Glass, 615 Lumens, 1500 Hours, MOL 3-7/8", 32mm Diameter, Chandelier
60CTF/32/3 Bulbrite 401060, 60W, 130V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, B10 Frosted Torpedo Candle Style Glass, 32mm Diameter, 3.875" Maximum Overall Length, 490 Lumens, 3750 Hours, 2700K, CRI 100
60F15A Bulbrite 421260, 60W, F15 Amber Fiesta Glass, E26, 130V
60G16CL2 Bulbrite 391160, 60W, 120V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, G16.5 Clear Globe Glass, 615 Lumens, 2500 Hours, MOL 2.75", MOD 2"
65BR30/FL-120V GE 20331, 65W, 120V, BR30, Flood, Watt Miser
65BR30/FL-130V GE 24705, 65W, 130V, BR30, Flood
7.5CFF/15/3 Bulbrite 404307, 7.5W, 130V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, CA5 Frosted Candle Glass, 37 Lumens, 2500 Hours, MOL 2.875"
75W 12V AR111 Aluminum Reflector 24° Flood G53 Slide or Screw Terminal Base Can replace PAR36 sealed beam lamps for some applications with shielded fixtures. 75AR111/FL25 55123 OCN AI030 41840 FL 41840FL 3000°K 3000 Hours 5300 CP
75PAR/3FL/MINE Generic 80316, 75W, 120V, PAR38 Glass, Medium Side Prong Base, Incandescent, Mining Lamp, CC-6 Filament, 2000 Hours, 765 Lumens, 33° Beam Flood Beam Spread, 1750 Center Beam Candlepower, 2725°K, MOL 4.3", DIA 4.75"
7.5S11R Bulbrite 702707, 7.5W, S11 Red Glass, E26, 130V
7.5S11W Bulbrite 702007, 7.5W, S11 White Glass, E26, 130V
7C7-120V Eiko 7C7/120V, 40874, 120V, 7W, C-7A Filament, Clear C-7 C7 Glass, MOL 2.3"/58.4mm, MOD .88"/22.3mm, 3000 Hour Average Rated Life, E12 Candelabra Screw Base
7C7-130V Eiko 7C7/130V, 130V, 7W, C-7A Filament, Clear C-7 C7 Glass, MOL 2.3"/58.4mm, MOD .88"/22.3mm, 3000 Hour Average Rated Life, E12 Candelabra Screw Base
7C7W-130V Eiko 44318, 7W, 130V, C7 Ceramic White Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 3000 Hours, MOL 2.125"
7C9C Bulbrite 709109, 7W, 120V, E17 Intermediate Screw Base, C9 Clear Glass, 45 Lumens, 3000 Hours, MOL 3"
7C9TP Bulbrite 709619, 7W, 120V, Transparent Pink C9 Glass, E17 Intermediate Screw Base
7G8C-130V Generic 7W, 130V, G8 One Inch Diameter Clear Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 2000 Hours, MOD 1", MOL 1.62", 7G8, 7G8-130V
7W, Star, 120V7W, 03747, Decorlite, Estrella, 0-30721-03747-4, 1000 Hours, 45 Lumens
80PAR38/HAL/S/NFL25 Sylvania 80W, 125V, PAR38, E26, Narrow Flood, Halogen
847055 Dr. Fischer 00847055, 24V, 50W, BA15d
85T3/RM Osram Sylvania 54400, 85W, 82V, GX5.3 Bi Pin Base, MR13 Glass
8794X Generic 120V, 60W, P28s, T10, Marine Navigation
A-12V35W Import 12V, 35W, P15D-25-1, T6
A12V35WS Import 12V, 35W, P15s-25-1, T6
A-6309 Hikari 6.6A, 150W, PK30d Base with Male Leads, CC-6 Filament, A6309
B25PRISM Bulbrite 480125, 25W, 120V, E12, Clear Decorative Prism Glass
BA15d T16x35 24V 5W B35024005, 5T5-BA15D-24V, CM8-A233, 5T5-BA, 117551, T16mm, 2000 Hours, 156-270, 04572868, AB4090, 5280, OR10900, Ampolleta, 1002598, 04572868, SBC 35x16mm
B3544 Generic BA15d, 7W, 145V
B5326 Orbitech 16x54, 24/30V, 6/10W, BA15d, T-5 Clear
HPA-400S Isolde 400W, UV-A, Cleo UV Suntanning Lamp, R7s, 135V, T-16mm, MOL 118mm, Horizontal Burn Position, 600 Hours, 444489, 44448-9, HPS400-S, HPA400S, 919220445, Philips sold the rights to Isolde
J130V50W-78mm Hikari J1005 130V 50W R7s RCS Double Ended Lamp
J1007, J78, 78mm, R7s Double Ended, 130V, 75W, J75W130V
Hikari 120V 100W R7s Double Ended J-120V100W J2044 J-2044 Q100CL-120V-78mm
J120V150W-118mm Hikari 120V 150W 118mm Double Ended 2900°K 2000 Hours, Diameter 8mm C-8 Filament J2053 J-2053
J130V300W-118mm Hikari Q300T3/CL-130V, 130V, 300W, T-3, R7s, MOL 4.69 Inches 119mm, C-8 Filament, 6000 Lumens, 2900°K, 2000 Hours, J2023RS, J-2023RS
J240V300W-118mm Hikari 240V, 300W, R7s, RSC, Double Ended, 117-120mm
J2229 J-2229 120V 1000W 10" 10 Inches Long Q1000CL-120V Q1000T3/CL-120V
J130V1000W-189mm Hikari J3117, J-3117, 130V, 1000W, R7s RCS Recessed Single Contact Base, T-3 Clear Glass, Quartz-Halogen, 2000 Hours, 3000K, 21000 Lumens, MOL 191mm, 190mm, C-8 Filament
J220V200W-118mm Hikari 220V, 200W, 118mm Long, T3 Clear Glass, J3125, J-3125, 1500 Hours, 2800K, 2500 Lumens, C-8 Filament
J4113, 240V, 1000W, 254mm 10 Inches, Double Ended R7s, 2000 Hours, 22000 Lumens, C-8, 2900°K
J240V1500W-254mm Kandolite
240V 1500W 254mm 10 Inches Double Ended R7s 2000 Hours 33000 Lumens C-8 2900°K J240V1500W TVD 240V1500WB 240V 1500W 3000°K 2000 Hours R7s 10 Inches 254mm T-3 1113 13021R 64760 J4119 1000243 DYD, J240V1500WB/DYD, 1500T3Q/CL, 1500T30/CL
JC6V5W-G4 Hikari 6V, 5W, G4, JC-5603, Used in place of 6V 7W in Emergency Fixtures
JC 6V 10W G4 Axial Filament 2000 Hours, Light & Motion Solo Logic
Kandolite 6V, 25W, G4, Video Light, Q25CL-6V
JC12V5W-BA15s Hikari 12V, 5W, BA15s
Hikari 12V, 10W, G4 Bi Pin Base, T-3 Clear Glass
Hikari JC4020 JC-4020 12V 20W BA15s HTS 12V20W MOL 1.6"/40mm Clear Focus FL-07-20W SC JCX 12V20W JCX12V20W FL-07-20-SCX RM-3
Hikari JC-5017F JC5017F 12V 20W G4 2-Pin Base Frosted Glass
JC12V35W-BA15d Hikari 12V, 35W, BA15d, 12V35W, JC12V-35W-BA15d
Hikari JC, 12V, 35W, 12V35W, BA9s, Landscape Lamp
Hikari 12V 35W G4 12V35W Length 1.2"/31mm LCL 21.5mm 2800°K 2000 Hours 650 Lumens
12V 50W GY6,35 JC-5043 JC5043 2000 Hours CRI 100 2800°K MOD 10mm MOL 44mm LCL 30mm 950 Lumens 1000827 1000828 19376, Lightolier 22MW4
JC12V50W/FR/10K-GY6.35 Kandolite
12V, 50W, Frosted, GY6.35, Xenon, 10,000 Hour
Hikari JC, 12V100W, 12V, 100W, GY6,35, Halogen, JC5057, JC-5057
JC-12V150W, 12V, 150W, GY6,35, JC5059, JC-5059
Hikari Q50T3.5/24V-GY6.35 50W 24V MOD 10mm MOL 39mm LCL 30mm JC-24V/50W/GY6.35 JC-5521 JC5521 CRI 100 2800°K 950 Lumens 2000 Hours C-6 Clear Universal Burn Position M89 M/89 64445U 1415
Hikari 24V, 75W, GY6.35, Waldmann HSWK 75, HSW 75, 1x75W, IP65, 320283060-00004596
JC24V100W-GY6.35 Hikari JC-5539, JC5539, 24V, 100W, GY6.35 Bi Pin Base, T3.5 Clear Glass, 1000 Hours, 2000 Lumens, 2800K, MOL 44mm
JC28V150W-BA15d Hikari S-01018, 28V, 150W, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, 1924, A-6503, Aeroflash P/N 040-0003, 150W-28V
JCD120V20W-G6.35 Bulbrite 652020, 120V, 20W, G6.35, T4 Clear Glass, 2700K, 330 Lumens, 2000 Hours, MOL 1.6", Q20GY6/120
JCD130V20W-GY6.35 Hikari JCD-6007, JCD6007, 120V, 20W, GY6.35, T4
Hikari JCD 130V 20W G8 Base G-8 JCD-6905 JCD6905 2000 Hours LCL 27mm MOL 35mm MOD 13mm Lumens 200 2650°K Clear
JCD120V20W-GY8.6 Kandolite JCD, 120V, 20W, GY8.6
Hikari 130V, 35W, GY6.35, JCD-6009, JCD6009, MOD 12mm, MOL 55mm, Clear, 2700°K, 2000 Hours, CRI 100, Q/GY6130V103435, Q35GY6.35130V, Q35GY6.35-130V, JCD130V-35W, 35W/BIPIN/HALO/130V
JCD130V35W/F-GY6.35 Hikari 130V, 35W, GY6.35, JCD-6009F, JCD6009F, MOD 12mm, MOL 48mm, LCL 12.5mm, Frost, Frosted, 2700°K, 2000 Hours, CRI 100
Hikari JCD 130V35W 130V 35W G8 MOL 45mm JCD6909 JCD-6909 Q35T4/CL/G8, G.08, Fundix, Desk Lamp DMGOH1 Use Type 100, 120v, L-25, 35w, Halogen, Type JCD, G-8 Base, Clear, CSL Lighting Mfg. CA-120-32 Under Cabinet Fixture, Counter Attack NCA-120-32WT
Hikari 130V, 50W, G8, MOL 45mm
Hikari 130V 50W GY6.35 JCD-6013 JCD6013 MOD 12mm MOL 55mm Clear 2700°K 2000 Hours CRI 100 600 Lumens Q/GY6130V103450 Q50GY6.35130V Q50GY6.35-130V JCD130V-50W WW100-200 50W/BIPIN/HALO/130V
JCD130V75W-G8 Hikari 130V, 75W, G8, MOL 55mm, Bi-Pin, Center of Pin to Center of Pin 8mm, Pins .75mm Thick, 120V75W, JCD6919, JCD-6919
Hikari 130V, 100W, G-8 2-Pin Base, JCD6921, JCD-6921, MOL 55mm, 100T4/CL/G8, Satco 4622
JCD130V250W-GY6.35 Hikari 130V, 250W, GY6.35, JCD6035, Q250T3/CL-130V, Q250T3CL-130V
JD120V75W-BA15d Hikari JD120V75W 120V75W Double Contact Bayonet JD7259 JD-7259 Clear T4 Clear Glass 2000 Hours 2900°K CC-8 Q75CL/DC-120V 75Q Q75CLDC120V 75W JD75DC
Hikari JDE11, JD-7027, JD7027, 120V, 75W, E11, Clear
120V, 250W, T4, E11
Hikari JD7053, JD-7053, JD-130V35W, 130V, 35W, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, Q35CL/DC-130V
Hikari JD130V50W 130V50W Double Contact Bayonet JD7055 JD-7055 Clear Length 48mm/1.9" T4 Clear Glass 600 Lumens 2000 Hours 2900°K CC-8 Q50CL/DC-130V 50Q Q50CLDC130V 50W JD50DC 107018 PRISM Quartz
JD130V50W/F-BA15d Hikari JD130V50W, 120V, 50W, 130V50W, Double Contact Bayonet, JD7055F, JD-7055F, Frosted, Frost, Length 48mm/1.9", T4 Clear Glass, 600 Lumens, 2000 Hours, 2900°K, CC-8, Q50FR/DC-130V, 50Q, Q50FRDC130V, JD50DC, PRISM Quartz
Hikari JD-7003F JD7003F 130V 50W E11 Frost Frosted Long Life T4 MOL 2.2"/55mm
JD130V75W-BA15d Hikari 130V, 75W, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, JD7059, JD-7059, Clear T4 Clear Glass, 2000 Hours, 2900°K, CC-8
JD130V75W/FR-BA15d Hikari 130V, 75W, BA15d, T-3.5 Frosted Glass, JD7059F, JD-7059F
JD130V 75W/FR-E11 Hikari
130V, 75W, E11 Screw Base, JD7007F, JD-7007F, Frosted Q75MC-130V
JD130V100W-BA15d Hikari 130V, 100W, BA15d, T-4 Clear Glass
E11, 130V, 100W, ESN-Long Life, MOL 66mm, JD-7011, Satco 60263 100QCL
Hikari E14, 130V, 100W, E14 European Screw Base, JD7045, JD-7045
JD130V150W-E11-FR Hikari 130V, 150W, E11 Candelabra Screw Base, Frosted Glass
Hikari 130V, 150W, E14 European Screw Base, Clear T4 Glass, Overall Length 2.85"/72mm, Digipopper 300 Monolight, JTL 2102 Modeling Lamp, JTL2102, 120V
JD130V500W-E11 Hikari JD 7035, 130V, 500W, E11 Candelabra Screw, T4 Clear Glass, Halogen, 2000 Hours, 2850K, 9000 Lumens, MOL 88mm, MOD 15mm
JDD130V150W Hikari JDD-7517, 130V, 150W, T10 Double Envelope with Clear Glass, E26
JDD130V50W/F Hikari JDD-7507IF, 130V, 50W, T10 Clear Glass with Inside Frosted Bulb, E26
JDD130V75W Hikari JDD-7509, 130V, 75W, T10 Clear Glass, E26
JDD130V75W/F Hikari JDD-7509F, 130V, 75W, T10 Frosted Glass, E26
JDD130V75W/IF Hikari JDD-7509IF, 130V, 75W, T10 Frosted Bulb, E26
JDR120V50W-E17 Hikari JDR 120V 50W E17 Intermediate Screw Base JDR9125, JDR-9125 Clear 25° Beam Spread
JDR120V75W-E17 Hikari JDR E17 120V 75W FL, Clear, CL, Flood, 120V75W, MR16, No Cover, JDR9137, JDR-9137, JDR-9137
120V, 20W, MR16, GX5.3, Clear Cover Glass, JDR9513P
JDRC120V35W-E26 Hikari JDR-9019P, 120V, 35W, MR16, E26
JDRC120V35W-GX5.3 Hikari 120V, 35W, MR16, GX5.3, Clear Cover Glass, Medium Flood, JDR9517P
JDRC120V50W/AL/FR Hikari 120V, 50W, GU10, MR16C, Aluminum Reflector, Frosted Bulb, 40° Wide Flood
JDRC120V50W/F-E26 Hikari JDR-9021FP, 120V, 50W, MR16 with Front Glass, Frosted Bulb, E26
JDRC120V50W-GX5.3 Hikari
JCRC MR16C Clear Cover Glass 120V 50W 120V50W JDR-C Medium Beam Spread JDR9523P JDR-9523P JDR-9523-P W/C JDR-C120V-50W-GX5.3
JDRC120V75W-E26 Hikari JDR-C, 120V, 75W, MR16 with Cover Glass, E26, Flood
KR25CTC/32 Bulbrite 460025, 120V, 25W, B10 Torpedo Clear Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 240 Lumens, Krypton Gas, 2700K, 2500 Hours
KR60G16CL Bulbrite 461260, 120V, 60W, G16, E12
KX20CL/E12 Bulbrite 120V, 20W, Clear T-3 T3 Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 473020, 20W120VE12, KX20CL3M/E12
KX20FR/E12 Bulbrite 473021, 20W, 120V, KX2000, 20W120V, T3.25 Frosted Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 200 Lumens, 3000 Hours, MOL 2.4375"
KX40CL/E12 Bulbrite 473040, 40W, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 120V. T-3 Clear Glass, 560 Lumens, 3000 Hours, MOL 2.438", 2700°K, CRI 100
KX40FR/E12 Bulbrite 120V, 40W, Frost T-3 T3 Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 473041
KX60CL/E12 Bulbrite 120V, 60W, Clear T-3 T3 Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 473060, 60W120VE12, KX60CL3M/E12
KX60CL/MC Bulbrite 120V, 60W, Clear T-3 T3 Glass, E11 Miniature Candelabra Screw Base, 473160, 60W120VE11, KX60CL3M/MC
LU100/H/ECO GE 85369, E39, S54, 100W
LU100/M Hikari 100W, High Pressure Sodium, ED17 Clear Glass, E26
LU150/55 GE GE 85371, Eiko 15316, 150W, S55 Ballast, E39 Mogul Screw Base, ED23.5 Clear Glass, MOL 7.75", LCL 5", 16,000 Initial Lumens, 13,800 Mean Lumens, 24,000+ Hours, 2000°K, CRI 22, HPS
LU150/M Hikari 150W, High Pressure Sodium, E26, BT17, Clear
LU50/M Hikari 50W, High Pressure Sodium, E26, BT17, Clear
LU70/M Hikari 70W, High Pressure Sodium, E26, BT17, Clear
MH100/U/M Eiko 100W, Metal Halide, ED17 Clear Glass, E26
MH150/U/M Eiko 150W, Metal Halide, ED17 Clear Glass, E26
MH175/U/M Eiko 175W, Metal Halide, ED17 Clear Glass, E26
MH175/U/MOG Eiko
175W ED-28 Clear Glass E39 Mogul Screw Base 49193 MOL 8.3"/211.2mm MOD 3.54"/90mm 10,000 Hours
MH50/U/M Hikari 50W, E26, BT17 Clear Glass, Metal Halide
MH70/U/M Eiko 70W, E26, ED17 Clear Glass
5000086, 2000W, 200V, 7.09"
MP70/U/MED IP 70W, Protected Metal Halide, M98, E26, ED17 Clear Glass, Universal Burn
Hikari MR8315 MR16 24V 20W 38° Flood GX5.3
MR8315P MR-8315-P MR16C 24V 20W Cover Glass Flood Q20MR16C/FL-24V
MVR1000/U GE GE 41826, 1000W, Initial Lumens 108000V/100280H, Mean Lumens 86000V/79000H, Average Rated Life 11000H/15000V, Color Temperature 4000°K, CRI 65, Burn Position Universal, Clear Hard Glass BT56, Base Mogul Screw, MOD 7", MOL 15.37"/391mm, LCL 9.5", Use M47 Ballast
MVR250/U GE 42729, 250W, ED28 BT28 Glass, E39 Mogul Screw Base, Universal Burn Position, 10,000 Hours, Enclosed Fixtures, HID High Intensity Discharge, 3.5" Diameter, LCL 5", MOL 8.25", 1.4" Arc, 13500 Mean Lumens, 20,800 Initial Lumens, CRI 65, 4200K
MVR400/U GE 43828 Ballast M59 Fix S 400W R400 Multi-Vapor Metal Halide 4000°K 15,000 Hours ED37 M59/S Mogul Screw MVR400/U E-37 M59PJ-R400/U Clear M400
7528, 42245, 13.5/13.5V, C-6/C-6, MOL 2"/50mm, MOD 1.04"/26.4mm, 300/2000 Average Rated Life, S-8, BAY15d, ECE Type P21/5W, LCL 1.25"/31.8mm, 1.86/.44A, MSCP 35/2.8
Q1000T3/CL-277V Eiko 1000W, 277V, T3 Clear Glass, R7s Base, 10" Long
Q20GY8/120 Bulbrite 20W, 120V, GY8 Bi-Pin, UV Block, T4 Clear Glass, 655021, 2700K, 330 Lumens, 2000 Hours, MOL 1.3125
Kandolite JCR8295 5W 12V G4 MR11 Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp, Q5MR11/FL-12V
Kandolite JCR8295P 5W 12V G4 MR11 Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp Front Glass Covered Glass
Kandolite JCR8193 5W 6V G4 MR11 Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp, Q5MR11/FL-6V
Q5MR11/6V/CG/G4 Kandolite JCR8193P 5W 6V G4 MR11C Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp Front Glass Covered Glass MRC11
Q5MR11/6V/CG/G4-10° Kandolite
6V 5W MR11 G4 10° Narrow Spot Lamp for Headlamps and Headlights commonly used for cycling.
Kandolite 6V, 5W, MR11, Open Face, Narrow Flood, 20° Degree Beam Spread can replace the 23°
Q5MR16C-6V Hikari 6V, 5W, MR16C, GU5.3, 38° Flood
Q6MR11/6V/CG/G4-20° Kandolite 6V 6W MR11 G4 20° Narrow Flood Lamp for Headlamps and Headlights commonly used for cycling, Cygo-Lite Night Rover
Q8MR11/12V/G4 Kandolite 8W 12V G4 MR11 Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp
Q8MR8/12V/G4 Generic 8W, 12V, GZ4, MR8 One Inch Diameter Reflector
Kandolite JCR8297 10W 12V G4 MR11 30° Beam Spread Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp Q10MR11/FL-12V HTL
Kandolite JCR8297P 5W 6V G4 MR11 30° Beam Spread Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp Front Glass Covered Glass Q10MR11/FL-12V/LENS Part#61 15001-00
Kandolite 12V 10W Cover Glass MR11C 10° Spot Beam Spread for Head Lamp and Bicycle Applications
Kandolite 12V, 10W, Blue Cover Glass, 30° Beam Spread, MR11, MR11BC, JCR-8297BLP
Kandolite 12V, 10W, Orange Cover Glass, 30° Beam Spread, MR11, MR11OC, JCR-8297ORP
Kandolite JCR8191 10W 6V G4 MR11 Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp Q10MR11/FL-6V Egglite in Pond
Kandolite JCR8191P 10W 6V G4 MR11 Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp Front Glass Covered Glass
6V 10W Cover Glass MR11C 10° Spot Beam Spread for Head Lamp and Bicycle Applications, Smart 10W Halogen Rechargeable Headlight BL-912HF
MR11 24V 10W GU4 3000°K 3000 Hours 30° Flood Beam Spread
Kandolite JCR9319P 10W 24V G4 MR11 Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp Front Glass Covered Glass
Q12MR11/FL/CG-6V Kandolite 6V 12W 30° Cover Glass Wide Flood G4 MR11 Fiber Optic Lamp
Q12MR11/SP/CG-6V Kandolite
6V 12W 10° Cover Glass Narrow Spot G4 MR11 Bike Headlamp 32 DOK MR11C 12W-P C 8 Marwi NightPro Dual Halogen, Nite Rider Bike Light, Light & Motion Commtuer
Q15MR11/SP/CG-6V Kandolite 6V, 15W, MR11 Cover Glass, 10° Narrow Spot, Bike Lamp, GZ4 Bi-Pin Base
Q15MR11C-6V Kandolite 6V 15W MR11 G4 30° Flood Beam Spread Covered Glass Fiber Optic Lamp
Q15MR11-12V Kandolite 15W MR11 12V GU4 Flood Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp Q15MR11/FL-12V 30° Beam Spread JCR8229 3000 Hours 3000°K Kelvin, Q15MR11/FL-12V
Kandolite 15W MR11C 12V GU4 Flood Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp Front Glass Covered Glass Q15MR11/FL/FG-12V 30° Beam Spread JCR8229P 3000 Hours 3000K
Q15MR11C-12V-10° Kandolite 15W MR11C 12V GU4 Narrow Spot Light Front Glass Covered Glass Q15MR11/FL/FG-12V 10° Beam Spread 3000 Hours 3000K Bike/Headlamp, Light & Motion Commuter
Kandolite MR11 6V 20W GU4 3000°K 3000 Hours 30° Flood Beam Spread JCR/M6V20W
MR11 6V 20W 10 Degree G4
Q20MR11C-6V/10° Kandolite 6V 20W MR11C Cover Glass 10° Bicycle Lamp Spot Helmet Lamp G4 GU4 Two Pin Base
Kandolite MR11 6V 20W GU4 3000°K 3000 Hours 30° Flood Beam Spread Front Glass
Q20MR11/FL-24V Kandolite 20W MR11 24V GU4 Flood Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp JCR9323 3000°K 3000 Hours 30° Flood Beam Spread
Kandolite 20W MR11C 24V GU4 Flood Fiber Optic Light Source Lamp Front Glass Covered Glass JCR9323P CVG MR11C 3000°K 3000 Hours 30° Flood Beam Spread
Q20MR8C/NSP-12V Eiko 12V 20W MR8 Cover Glass 10° Narrow Spot, Eiko 49407
Q50MR11-12V Hikari JCR-8/307, 12V, 50W, MR11 30° Flood, GU4 Bipin Base
Q50T3/CL/GY6.35-12V GE 34702, 12V, 50W, T-3 Clear Glass, GY6.35 Bi-Pin Base, Halogen, 930 Lumens, 4,000 Hours, C-6 Filament, MOL 1.75", UV Control
Q75GY8/120 Bulbrite 655075, 75W, 120V, GY8, T4, 1300 Lumens, 2900K
S-01404 Hikari 12V, 20W, GY9.5
6V, 18W, K15611, 15x43mm, Z6255, Perishable Tooling Optima Drill Grinder Projection Bulb, Orbitech, Orbitec Signal Lamps, 121838, Festoon SV7-8, 17503, P-6807, S84506018, S8.5, 15x44
XE5/12 Bulbrite 12V, 5W, T3.25 Wedge, Landscape Lamp, Xenon
XE5/24 Bulbrite 24V, 5W, T3.25 Wedge, Landscape Lamp, Xenon
XE18/12 Bulbrite 12V, 18W, T5 Wedge, Landscape Lamp, Xenon

It is a characteristic of phosphor-coated vapor lamps to require a few hundred hours of operation to gradually reach normal characteristic color. New lamps may have a slight pink appearance during this initial operating period.

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