Germicidal Lamps

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Germicidal Lamp Handling Warning

05-0660 Atlantic Ultraviolet, 39W, G5
4W T5 Germicidal 6 Inch , F4T5/GL
G4T5/Ozone 4W, T5, Germicidal, 6", Ozone Producing
6W T5 Germicidal 9 Inch, F6T5/GL
G6T5E Hikari, Sanyo-Denki, UV-B, Germicidal, 300nm, 6W
8W T5 Germicidal 12 Inch, F8T5/GL
UV-B, 8W, Germicidal, 300nm, Ushio 30000318
10W T-8 Germicidal Lamp UVC G13 Base 41386 46V MOL 13"/330mm MOD 1"/25.5mm 6000 Hours 254nm Preheat, 253.7 nanometer wavelength, UV Output Watts 2.7, .23A, UV Micro Watts 27.1uW/cm2 at 1M, F10T8/GL
G11T5 Osram Puritec HNS 23354, G5, 11W, G11T5/OF, 37V, .33A, 2.5 UV-C 254nm Watts
15W, MOL 17.2"/436mm, MOD 1"/25.5mm, Average Rated Life 8000
G17T8 Philips 133405, TUV F17T8, 24"
25W Germicidal, T8 Glass, G13 Base
G30T8 30W, T8, Germicidal, 36" Long, One Inch Diameter, Tube, 7500 Hours, G13 Medium Bi-Pin
39W, 34", Germicidal, 4-Pin, Sylvania 23381-0, G36/T5/4P/SE/0F, G10q, GE 29503, 12W UVC Output
39W, Single pin at each end, T5, 23443-0, Germicidal, G36T5/SP/OF, G36T5/SP/0F, 34", TUV36T5/SP, TUV36T5, 29267-2, 292672, GML005, 4614B, 23443, G36T6L, G36T5/SP/OF, 15874, 3000312, GPH843T5L
G40T5/SE/4P 40W, Replacement for Danner 12974, T5F Single Ended Four Pin, Maximum Overall Length 20", 9000 Hours, 02940, UVC12974, Pondmaster Sterilizer
G55T8/OF, G55T8/0F, 55W Germicidal Fluorescent, T-8 One Inch Diameter Glass, 23388-0, G13 Medium Bi-Pin Base, 36", 3000316, 37634-3, TUV55WHO, 00224, 8000 Hours
GE 15885, 55W, Twin Tube, 2G11 4-Pin Base, Clear Glass UVC Germicidal, GE 40706, 8000 Hours, 20.7", Philips 29464-5, PL-L 55W/4P TUV, Osram, Biax, Hg
GCF5DS/G23/SE Osram 23396-0, 5W, G23
Sylvania, PL-S 7W/TUV, 7W, T4, G23, 23372-00, GCF7DS/G23/SE/OF, GCF7DS/G23/SE/0F, 20390-0, Osram Puritec, HNS-S-7W, UV-C, Germicide
GCF11DS/G23/SE/OF, GCF11DS/G23/SE/0F11W, Germicidal, G23 2-Pin Base, 23377-0, T4 Glass, 8000 Hours
GFT24DL/2G11/SE Kandolite, Osram 20849-0, 24W, 2G11
GFT36DL/2G11/SE Kandolite, Sylvania 23392-0, PL-L 36W/TUV, Germicidal, 36W, T5 Duo-Tube, 23380, GFT36DL/2G11/SE/0F, 0-46135-23380-7, 8,000 Hours, 16.5" Long, 4-Pin 2G11 Base, UVC Output 12W at 253.7nm, Ozone Free, Uses FS-4 Starter, ANSI C78.901-2001, GFT36DL/2G11/SE/OF
GPH212T5VH/4 10W, Four Pin, 8-5/8" or 220mm Including Pins, 212mm Long Excluding Pins, Single Ended, 10,000 Hours, Ozone Producing, 185nm, 85014, Disinfection, Oxidation, Municipal Water Treatment, Heraeus, LSE-UV0227, GPH212T5L-VH, Very High Ozone, Replace Annually, Converts Oxygen to Ozone, Sun Aire Purifiers, GPH212T5V Perkin Elmer Optoelectronics, GPH212T5VH/CB
GTL2 GTL-2, 2W, 10V, .22A, E17 Intermediate Screw, T-6 Glass, MOL 2.2" or 55mm, MOD .79" or 20mm, UV Output Micro Watts 1.2uW/cm2 at 1M, 2000 Hours, 254nm, Ozoneless, Preheat, Hotcabi 207
GTL3 GTL-3, 3W, E17
LMP22001 Wedeco Systems, Ideal Horizons, 3352-L69, Length Excluding Pins 287mm, Length Including Pins 302mm, Water Purification, ES080003, NSN 6240-01-431-3603, GPH287TSL/2, BI Pin, IH-1, IH-2, SHE-4, SH-7, Sunlight Systems Equivalent to LP4150 AAE1214, Atlantic UV MP-16, 14W, 10,000 Hours
PL-L 18W/TUV TUV, PL-L, 18W4P, UC18W 1004, 4 Pin 2G11, Germicidal
PL-S 9W/TUV 9W, G23 Germicidal

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