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1684 Promaster 300C Studio Flash
211041 002A, SU 3290348-0191 OF 0200, 6240-01-141-4468, LAMPFLASH, Flash, Strobe, 400118, 6240011414468, 27646, DLA-400-86-M-T517, Flashtube, Xenon, Three contacts with two mounting L's on a 72.5mm x 50.8mm board
BSB-1 Flash Tube Replacement for all Model Brightco Strobe Lites, Xenon Gas Strobe Lite Tube, 50 Watt-Seconds, 50WS
C4-4 Photogenic AK30, 400W/S
C92Q Photogenic Flashtube Versatron AG30-SC Heads 1200 watts-seconds, FT/C9-2Q, 908244, Photogenic® AG30 and AG31A Heads
FT/92 FT92, 1000WS, Kemlite F402, Novatron 2100, 2101, 2160, 800V, 1000W, FT2107P00
FT/94 800V, 400W/S, Novatron 2000 Through 2060 500W/S Heads, Novatron 2001, F401, F401UV, WK94, FT2107P001 500WS, Kemlite F401, 1000W
FT/96 FT2109Q30, 2000WS, 2000W/S, Norman FQ3, LH2000, LH4000, 900V, Photogenic EP287
FT/99 FT2109Q301, 2400WS, WK99, 950V
FT/99-UV FT2109Q301UV, 2400WS
FT/100 VS100, Ascor 060-607, 0197, 2400WS
FT/120HD FT120HD, 450V, 400W, WK120HD, Eiko 80020, 400WS, FT37P403
FT/120HD-UV 400WS, FT37P403UV, FT/120HDUV, Lumedyne 090, Norman LH-2, LH-2K
FT/152A 400V, 10-30W, 80230, Flash Tube, WK 152, FT152A-G.E., WK152
FT/217 200WS, 400V, Ascor 0406-44, NL, 040-644, Speedotron MW-12, MW12, Lumedyne
FT/C4-2 Photogenic C4-2, AA17 AA-17 FlashMaster Head, 907954, F-3
FT/C9-1 Photogenic 8084
FT/H4-6 Photogenic, FT120
FT/H9-2 Photogenic
FT/H9-5 Photogenic, StudioMaster AE10, AE14, AD10, Frosted
FT/MW18QV FT41511Q30, 5000WS, ASL 415.11Q30
WK76-UV Wiko, 600-1000V, 400W

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