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Some of these bulbs are not purchased directly from the manufacturer. We purchased these bulbs from auctions and businesses that discontinued selling bulbs or went out of business. All are new and most are in original display boxes. Some of the boxes may be ragged or missing, but the lamps are guaranteed new. Most of the lamps are GE or Sylvania brand. Some of these lamps are other brands like 3M, Apollo, Avigo, Bell & Howell, BIAI, Brooks Equipment Company, CEW, Chicago Miniature, Colortran, Cool-Lux, Crest, Damar, Dukane, Durst, Eiki, Eiko, Eveready, EYE, Filmo, Focus, GOKO, HIT Hoffman, Kaiser, Kalimar, Kando, Kandolite, Ken-Rad, Kondo, Lamco, Lucas, Micro Lamps, Inc., Narva, Norelco, Olson, Olympus, Omega, Orion, Oshino Lamps, Osram, P&B, Pelican Products, Inc., Philips, Ponder & Best, Prism, Radiac, Radiant, Radion, RCA, Riluma, Rival, Sifang, Stanley, Star Headlight & Lantern Company, Sunpak, Sunray Lighting, Tensor, Thorn, TP Hi-Lite, Tungsram, Ushio, Wagner, Westinghouse, Wiko and Wotan. If you have an inventory of new bulbs you no longer need, let me know and I will make you an offer for them.

12V, 6CP, T90, BA15d, G6, Elevator A484L15
90-0159-1 $5.00 WI-555, LA28GA, 28V, 28VDC, 6240-01-511-0721, Apache, VID90-0159, SX6s Single Contact Midget Flange Base, T1.75 Blue Glass, 387B  
900-2-50 $10.00 L/F, 125V, 1/3W, Neon Glow, K0196, KO196, NSN 6240-00-765-9455, Clear Lens, Cartridge, Bi-Pin, 25,000 Hours, 507-3835-0937-600 1
9003-HIB $4.69 HIB9003, HB2, 9003, 12V, 60/55W, Hi Intensity Blue, Blue Glass, PX43t-38 Base, 12.8V for 12V Applications, 4.69/4.3A, MSCP 119/72, C-8 Filament, MOL 3.62"/91.9mm, LCL 1.12"/28.5mm, 150/320 Hours, Made in Germany  
9004 $1.84 12V, HB1, 65/45W
9005 $1.79 Eiko 41052, 12V, 65W, 1695 Lumens, C-8 Filament, MOL 3.09", 320 Hours, T3.25 Clear Glass, P20d HB3 Right Angle Prefocus Base, Halogen, 135 MSCP, DOT E11 Approved, High Beam, 12.8V  
9005NH $2.00 GE, 9005, NightHawk  
9005SB $2.99 GE 45718, 9005 Super Blue, 12V, 65W, HB3  
9005XSLL $5.00 GE 45866, 12V, 60W, HB3A  
9006 $3.00 12V, 51W, 55W, 9006/BP, 9006HB4, HB4, DOT12V, L0596, Low Beam for Four Headlight System, 2B4, HB4U, 22P, DOT, F2999, USA, Honda Accord '91 4-door 2.2L Sedan, 2008 Nissan Quest Van
9006SB $2.99 GE 45917, 9006 Super Blue, 12V, 55W, HB4  
9007 $2.27 12.8/12.8V for 12V Systems, 65/55W, 150/320 Hours, HB5 Px29t Axial Prefocus Base, Halogen, Shielded, 107/88 MSCP, DOT Approved  
901 $1.00 12.8V for 12V Applications, 4W, 36 Lumens, C-2R Filament, MOL 1.49"/37.9mm, MOD .62"/15.8mm, 500 Hours, T-5 Clear Glass, W2.1x9.5d Miniature Wedge Base, LCL .81"/20.6mm, .31A, 2.9 MSCP  
9011 $11.93 Wagner, 12V, 65W, HIR1, 24T, PX20d  
904 32¢ T5 Wedge, 13.5V, .69A, 4CP, 9W, MOL 16mm, MOL 37.8mm, LCL 20.6mm, 5000 Hours  
904-080-120 $25.00 Tiyoda, #7008, 8V5A, 8V, 5A, 40W, Three Flat Tabs Base, Special Lamp for Tiyoda Microscopes, OP2205, RP11 RP35mm Pear Shaped Glass, 1-3/8" Diameter Clear Glass, Base Flange Diameter 41mm, Overall Length 66mm, EL-RKL, Japan, Flat Coil Filament  
32¢ 13V .69A 9W 6 MSCP C-2F MOL 1.49 Inches 37.9mm 1000 Hours E-906 GE906 CM906 Miniature Wedge Base T-5 T5 Auto Indicator Special Service Bissell Lift-Off
GE, 907, 6V, 1A, 6W, Signal, P30s, S11, WWII Handheld Spotlight Signal Lamp
908 $1.00 6V 9W 1.5A W2.1d Wedge Base
909 34¢ CM909, 6V, 3.72W, W2.1d Wedge, T-5, C-2R, Z-4-SP, 50 Hours, C909, MOD .625", MOL 1.49", MSCP 3, .62A, LCL .81"
909/IC $5.00 SYL 909, 909IC, 6V, .040A, Cartridge, Bi Pin, Clear Cylinder Glass, 909, .24W, C-2V Filament, 160 Average End Foot-Candles, 10,000 Hour Average Rated Life, MOL Excluding Pins .94", T-2 Indicator Cartridge Lamp 1
90MB $1.00 90V, .03A, 2.7W, BA9s Single Contact Bayonet Base  
912/24V 57¢ 24V, 16.8W, .7A, T-5 Clear Glass, MOD .625" or 15.875mm, C-2R Filament, MOL 1.49" or 37.8mm, 21 MSCP, 21CP, LCL .81" or 20.6mm, 1000 Hours, Possible Replacement for Discontinued 24V 18W T5 Wedge Lamp  
914 32¢ 4V, .9A, 3.6W, 3.5CP, T5 Clear Glass, Wedge Base, C-2R Filament, MOL 1.49", LCL .75", 50 Hours Average Rated Life  
915 $1.00 12V, .75A, 9W, T-5 Clear Glass, W2.1x9.5d Wedge Base, MOL 1.49"/37.9mm, MOD .63"/16mm, LCL .81"/20.6mm, 11 MSCP, 50 Hours, 41021, C-2R Filament  
916 34¢ GE 16289, 13.5V, T5 Wedge, .54A, 2CP  
917 36¢ 12V, 1.2A, 10CP, T-5 Wedge  
918 27¢ 12.8V .56A 7.17W 6.5 MSCP C-2R 500 Hours 1.49 MOL  .62 MOD Miniature Wedge Base T-5 Glass, HP-761R Estes Recessed Step Light Part #: 3880623  
920 32¢ 12.8V, 1.2A, 10CP, T-5 Wedge  
921 36¢
Eiko 41026, 12.8V, 1.4A, 18W, Filament C-2R, MOL 1.49"/37.9mm, MOD .62"/15.8mm, Average Rated Life 1000 Hours, Bulb T5 T-5, Miniature Wedge Base W2.1x9.5d, LCL .81"/20.6mm, 1.4A , MSCP 21, GE921, JKL921
922 36¢ GE 23027, 12.8V 12.5W, 13W T5 T-5, Miniature Wedge Base, GE922, 922/BP2  
923 30¢ 12.8V, 11W, W2.1x9.5d Miniature Wedge Base, T-5 Clear Glass, Landscape Lighting, 155 Lumens, C-2R Filament, MOL 1.49", MOD .62", 500 Hours, LCL .81", .91A, 12.5 MSCP, Eiko 41031, GE 40180, Pathway, Garden, Deck, GE 71481, 923/Land  
926 30¢ GE 13483, 4V, 1.8A, 7.5CP, T5 Wedge  
927 32¢ 6V, 1.2A, 7.2W, 8CP, T-5, Wedge  
93 35 BA15S, 15W, 8121, E4, CM93, 93HI, 12W12V, 12V, 12W, p3IF, 93T, 12S8/93T, PLG 82-11, S93  
35995-0 Sylvania 24V ADT087W 5900 .035A 2-Pin T-2 359950 Clear
Replacement Lamp, Photocopier Exposure Tube Control, For Panasonic FP6070, FP6090, FP7160, FP7650, 9351362011, Philips
9352-2320-62 $20.00

Minolta, 115V, 300W, IRK, 300W5, R7s, 16-3/8" Long, H-lo, Copier Lamp

6V, .9A, 5.4W, MOL 1.49"/37.9mm, MOD .62"/15.8mm, T-5 Clear Glass, Wedge Base, C-2R Filament, Emergency Lighting
93IF 53¢ 93 Inside Frosted, 12V, 1.08A, BA15s S-8  
$5.00 12.8V, 15CP, Indicator, S8, E12, GE93K, Clear, 500 Hours
94 98¢ BA15d, 12V, 15CP, 12.8V, 190 Lumens, C-6 Filament, MOL 2", MOD 1", 700 Hours, S-8 Clear Glass, LCL 1.33", 1.04A  
949-Alba $11.18 949ALBA ALBA 130V .023A 3W BA9s 130VMB ALBA-A-949-99 Rand-Brite 36-70 Allen Bradley Control Panel Diameter .4"/10mm Length 1.1"/27mm, VFS HES-5272 Possible Substitute 130MB
949 Eiko $4.49 130V, .023A, BA9s  
Aircraft, 9.48V, .50A, BA9s, T4.5, 4.74W
963-GE $1.00 23684, Emergency Lighting, 6V, 2A, 12W, 15 MSCP, T5 Clear Glass, Wedge Base W2.1x9.5d, C-2R Filament, Light Center Length .81", Maximum Overall Length 1.49", 50 Hours  
GE964, BA15d, G16.5 Clear Glass, 6V, 5A, 30W, C8Z Filament
965 $2.00 9.84W, .5A, E10, C-2R, 15 Hours  
97 24¢ BA15s, 13.5V for 12V Applications, 4CP, G-6 Clear Glass
GE 12V, Amber, BA15s, G6, 5000 Hours
98 28¢ GE 16287, 13V, .62A, 8W, 6CP, BA15s, G-6 Clear Glass  
$30.00 W2E10, GE988, BA15d, G16.5, 28V, 2.05A, 57.4W, C2V
9.83V, .3A, GE993, G4.5, E10
W2I12, BA15d double contact bayonet base, G16.5 clear glass with opaque top, 12V, 6A, 72W, G-E 995, GE995, Base Down to Horiz, Horizontal

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