Hard to Find Bulbs-Misc. J Series

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J13.5V60W 13.5V, 60W, R7s, SL60DC, Coolux Bulb for SL3000 Light, CLXSL60DC, 100, Japan, 3.09" Long, 78.5mm, Cool-Lux, Tungsten Lighitng, SL60DC/944683, 13.2V
J13.5V100W 13.5V, 100W, R7s, SL100DC, Coolux Bulb for SL3000 Light, CLXSL100DC, 202, Japan, 3.09" Long, 78.5mm, Cool-Lux, Tungsten Lighitng, SL100DC/944538, 13.2V, 3200°K, 944538, 350 Hours
J110/130V1000W/BLV J120V-1000WB, Ushio 1000695, J110-130V1000W, 2000 Hours, 3000°K, 120V, 1000W, 8.3A, 7-7/16" Long, 189mm Long, MOL 191mm
J120V-1000W-127mm Flecta, Halogenbrenner, 120V, 1000W, T3 Clear Glass, R7s Double Ended Base, Bogen 7511 Reflecta Replacement, Bogen SEL1000, 115V, IV/82, 1V/82, Halogen, Brenner
J120V100W-118mm 120V, 100W, R7s, CC-8, 119.6mm, 4 11/16" Long, 1450 Lumens, 1500 Hours
J120V200W-118mm J2055, J-2055, 120V, 200W, 118mm, R7s, Q200T3-120V
J120V200W-79mm 120V, 200W, T-3 Clear, R7s, 79mm
J120V60W-79mm 120V, 60W, 78mm Double Ended RSC R7s Base, 2000 Hours, 2900°K
J130V100W-78mm 130V, 100W, T-3, R7s, 78-80mm
J130V100W/F-78mm 130V, 100W, T-3 Frosted Glass, R7s, 78-80mm
J130V150W-118mm 130V, 150W, T-3 Clear Glass, R7s, 118mm
J130V150W-78mm 130V, 150W, T-3 Clear Glass, R7s, 78mm
J130V200W-79mm 130V, 200W, T-3, R7s, 78-80mm
J130V300W-79mm 130V, 300W, T-3, R7s, 78-80mm
J130V300W/PB 130V, 300W, Pin Blade
J130V400W-79mm 130V, 400W, T-3, R7s, 78-80mm
J130V500W/PB Hikari, 145mm Overall Length, 127mm Excluding Pins, 130V, 500W, Double Ended, Pin Blade, Clear, T3
J130V750W-189mm 120V, 130V, 750W, 178mm, R7s
J220V200W-78mm 220V, 200W, T-3 Clear, R7s, 79mm
J220V300W-118mm 220V, 300W, T-3 Clear, R7s, 118mm
J230V150W-78mm 220-240V, 150W, R7s Double Ended Base, 78mm Long, T2.5 Glass
J240V100W-78mm 240V, 100W, R7s, 78-80mm
J240V500W-118mm J3119 240V 500W R7s Double Ended 2000 Hours 9500 Lumens C8 2900K, Itek 19068203, 620s
J24V300W-118mm Hikari S-02315, J8223, 24V, 300W, R7s, 118mm
J277V1500W-254mm 277V, 1500W, R7s, 10" Clear Glass
J36V300W-118mm Hikari, 36V, 300W, R7s, 118mm, J-8236, J8236, S-02320, 1500 Hours, 5400 Lumens, MOL 120mm, DIA 9mm, C-8 Filament
J2A GE Neon Glow, AR-3 Argon, 105-125V, 1/4W, T4.5, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, Nominal Current 3.5, MOL 1-17/32", Maximum Initial Breakdown Voltage AC 85V-DC 120V, 15K Series Resistance OHM's, 150 Hours
JC12V100W-E11-52mm Kandolite, 12V, 100W, E11 Screw Base, C-Bar6 Filament, MOL 52mm, 12V100W, 100W12V, Hikari JC7057, JC-7057
JC12V100WH20 12V, 100W, G6.35
JC12V-100WS/LP 12V 100W 2-Pin JC12V-100W/S/LP
JC12V-100WS/ST Ushio, 12V, 100W, VL6, Folstitz, P-A, Stitz
JC12V10W-BA15d 12V, 10W, BA15d, Landscape, Leco Microhardness Tester
JC12V15W-G4 Hikari JC-5015, 12V, 15W, G4, JC5015
JC12V20W-BA15d Hikari, 12V, 20W, BA15d
JC12V20WH20-G6.35 Eiko, 12V, 20W, T-3, G6.35
JC12V20W-GY6.35 Abco 04444, 12V, 20W, GY6.35
JC12V30W-GY6.35 Hikari, 12V, 30W, GY6.35, JC-5035, JC5035, 2000 Hours, 560 Lumens, 2800K
JC12V35W-GY6.35 12V, 35W, GY6.35, Clear, MOL 40mm, MOD 10mm, LCL 30mm, 2900°K, 2000 Hours, Transverse Filament, 630 Lumens, 2-Pin, Low Voltage Halogen Lamp
JC12V35W-GY6.35-Frost 12V 35W GY6.35 Frosted MOL 40mm MOD 10mm LCL 30mm 2900°K 2000 Hours Transverse Filament 600 Lumens 2-Pin Low Voltage Halogen Lamp
JC12V35WH20 12V 35W G6.35
JC12V-50WF-G6.35 Ushio, 12V, 50W, G6.35 BiPin Base, Frosted Glass
JC12V50WH20 Eiko 15019, 12V, 50W, 950 Lumens, C-8 Filament, Clear T5 Glass, MOL 1.73"/44mm, MOD .46"/11.5mm, G6.35 Base, LCL 1.18"/30mm, 4.17A, 3000°K, Slit Lamp, JC12V50WGG2, 64440, JC 12V50W H20
JC12V5W/F-G4 12V 5W G4 Two Pin Base Frosted Glass
JC12V75W-GY6.35 Hikari JC-5051, 12V, 75W, GY6.35
JC14V20W-G4 14V, 20W, G4 BiPin Base, JC-5813, JC5813, Clear Glass
JC14.5V-50WC Ushio 1000837, 14.5V, 50W, G5.3 Base, CBAR6 Filament, 100 Hours, OAL 55mm, LCL 32mm, 1250 Lumens, 3200K, Clear Glass, JCV14.5V50WC, Lowel Pro Long Life 12V 50W Replacement
JC24V20W/FR/G4 Hikari, 24V, 20W, G4 Bi Pin Base, Frosted Glass, 2000 Hours, 2800K, 350 Lumens, MOL 30mm, MOD 8mm, JC5517F, JC-5517F, JC 5517 F
JC24V50W-G6.35-BU 24V, 50W, G6.35, Black Umbrella
JC28V10W-G4 Hikari JC5815, 28V, 10Wm T3, G4
JC34V20W-G4 W2H26, 34V, 20W, G4, Clear Glass, JC-5920, JC5920
JC6V15W-G4 6V, 15W, 3000°K, G4, JC, 655-7RL, F/RL-20, 6V15W
JC6V15W-G4-3200°K JC 6V 15W, G4 Two Pin Base, 3200°K Video Light, SUNPACK ReadyLite20
JC6V35W-G6.35 6V, 35W, T3.5 Clear Glass, G6.35 Bi-Pin Base
JC6V35W-GY6.35 Kandolite, 6V, 35W, GY6.35, Clear
JC6V50W-GY6.35 Kandolite, 6V, 50W, GY6.35, Clear Glass, 2900°K, 2000 Hours, 900 Lumens
Sylvania, JCD, 100V300WCL, 100V, 300W, JCD300/S, JCD100V-300WCL, GY6.35 Bi Pin, 19mm Wide, 9mm Thick, 15.5mm Tall Ceramic, 57.1mm Overall Length, G7 Clear Glass
JCD100V650WC Ushio 1000889, 100V, 650W, MOL 63mm, LCL 36.5mm, CC-6 Filament, GY9.5 16x21 Base, 17,750 Lumens, 3200K, 150 Hours, Burn Base Down to Horizontal
JCD120V1000WC JCD120V1000WC/C3 120V 1000W GY9.5 EYE GAC 4361, 28,000 Lumens, 3200°K, 75 Hours, LCL 46mm, MOL 80mm
JCD120V-100WA 120V, 100W, JCD, 120V100W/A, 2-Pin G6.35, JCD120V100W/A, T4.5, MOL 1.91"/50mm, CC-6, G6.35 with Ceramic Seal Cover, 2000 Lumens, 3000°K, 150 Hours
JCD120V100W-G6.35 Kandolite, JCD, 120V, 100W, G6.35, Clear, LL100, LC-100, American DJ
JCD120V-150WCT 120V, 150W, 100 Hours, G6.35 2-Pin, JCD 120V-150WB, OAL 50, DIA 14mm, LCL 30mm, CC-6 Filament, 3200 Lumens, 3075°K, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, Clear Glass
JCD120V200W-G6.35 Kandolite, JCD, 120V, 200W, G6.35, Clear, LL200, LL-200, American DJ
JCD120V20W-G8 120V, 20W, G8 Bi-Pin Base, Maximum Overall Length 45mm
JCD120V20W-GY7.9/GY8.0 Westinghouse 04710, 20T4Q/GY8/120/CD
JCD120V25W-GY7.9/GY8.0 Westinghouse 04721, 120V, 25W, GY7.9/8.0, Halogen
JCD120V-300WC/LP Ushio 1000897, 120V, 300W, GX6.35, CC-6
120V 300W G5.3, 1000899
JCD120V35W-GY8.6 JCD, 120V, 35W, GY8.6
JCD120V-50W/GY6.35 Ushio 1000905, 120V, 50W, GY6.35, 0-48777-15936-1, Japan
JCD120V60W/FR-G9 Globe 04703, 120V, 60W, T4 Frosted Glass, G9 Base, 760 Lumens, 2000 Hours, 120V60W, BB 08 04, BB0804
Ushio 1000906, 120V, 650W, GY9.5 16x21, 75 Hours, 17750 Lumens, MOL 63mm, LCL 36.5mm, CC-6 Filament, 3200K, Burn Base Down to Horizontal
JCD120V75W-GY6.35 75W, 120V, GY6.35, T-4, Clear
JCD130V25W-G6.35 Eiko 00308, 130V, 25W, G6.35
JCD130V75W/FR-G8 Hikari, 130V, 75W. G8, Frosted
JCD130V75W-GY6.35 Hikari, 130V, 75W, GY6.35, Q75T4/CL/GY6.35-130V, T-4 Clear Glass, JCD75W-130V, JCD130V-75W, JCD6019, JCD-130V/75W
JCD230V150W-G6.35 Ushio, JCD, 230V, 150W, Ceramic G6.35, 6.35mm pin spread, 1mm pin diameter, Clear Tubular T3.25 Glass, .4"/10.2mm Glass Diameter
JCD6V20WH20 6V, 20W, G4
JCP100V750W 100V, 750W, GY9.5, GZ9.5, 21000 Lumens, 3250K, 100 Hours, C-13D Filament
JCR14V35W/ALU-GX5.3 14V, 35W, MR16 with Cover Glass, MR16C, Aluminum Reflector, 36° Wide Flood, UV Stop, Halogen, 100% Frontal Light, No back-directed heat and light protecting decor and ceiling from tarnishing and discoloration.
JCR, 100V, 300W, JCR100V-300W, 3300°K, CC-8, MR16, GY5.3, 50 Hours, MOL 1.75"/44.5mm MOD 2"/50.8mm
JCR20V-115W 20V, 115W, MR16, GX5.3
JCR/M-9.6V-20W 9.6V, 20W, MR11, GU4, Ushio, Japan, 9.6V20W, 03590
JCR/M-12V-20W 12V, 20W, MR11, GZ4, F/CV-320
JCR/M-12V-30W 12V, 30W, MR11, GZ4, MR11
JCS12V55W-G6.35 12V, 55W, 1,200 Long Life Xenon, 990 Lumens, T3.5 Clear Glass, G6.35 Bi-Pin Base, C-6 Filament, LCL 23.5mm, MOL 42mm
JCS24V55W-G6.35 24V, 55W, 1,200 Long Life Xenon, 990 Lumens, T3.5 Clear Glass, G6.35 Bi-Pin Base, C-6 Filament, LCL 23.5mm, MOL 42mm
JCV120V-1200WCH/UA Ushio 1000972, 120V, 1200W, G9.5 Bi Pin Base, MOL 104mm, CC-8 Filament, 33,000 Lumens, 200 Hours, T22mm Clear Glass, LCL 60.3mm, 3250°K, Universal Burn Position
JCV120V20WGSN Ushio 1000973, 120V, 20W, E11 Mini-Candelabra Screw Base, JCV120V-20WGSN/E11/INC, CC-8 Filament, Krypton Gas, 120V20W
JCV120V250W 120V, 250W, G6.35, T4 Clear Glass, C-8 Filament, C.O.M Pact II Projector Lamp, Japan, DK
JD110V50WNI/E-NB GE 46902, 110V, 50W, T4.5 Clear Double Envelope Glass, 5.65mm BiPin, 3000 Hours, Infrared Reflective Film Coated Inner Tube, Hitachi, 1180 Lumnes, 2850K
JD110V65WNI/E-NB GE 48483, 110V, 65W, T4.5 Clear Double Envelope Glass, 5.65mm BiPin, 3000 Hours, Infrared Reflective Film Coated Inner Tube, Hitachi, 1680 Lumnes, 2900K
JD110V90WNI/E-NB GE 48498, 110V, 90W, T4.5 Clear Double Envelope Glass, 5.65mm BiPin, 3000 Hours, Infrared Reflective Film Coated Inner Tube, Hitachi, 2400 Lumnes, 2900K
JD120V100W-E14 1220, 120V, 100W, Halogen, T-4, J-100, J-110
JD120V50W-E11 Kandolite, 120V, 50W, E11, 2000 Hours, Halogen, MOL 2.1" or 53.4mm
JD120V60W-E14 Kandolite, 120V, 60W, E14
JD120V75W/FR-BA15d 120V, 75W, BA15d, T-3.5 Frosted Glass
JD125V75W-E11 125V, 75W, E11 Mini-Candelabra Screw Base, T3.5 Clear Glass
JD130V100W/F-BA15d 130V, 100W, BA15d DC Double Contact Bayonet Base, Frosted Glass, JD-7063F, JD7063F
JD130V/250W-E14 Hikari JD-7043, 130V, 250W, E-14 European Screw Base
JD130V250W/FR-E11 130V, 250W, E11, T-4 Frosted
JD130V500W-BA15d Hikari JD-7089, BA15d, 130V, 500W
JD130V50W-E11 Kandolite, JD-7003 JD7003 130V 50W E11 Clear Glass Long Life T4 MOL 56mm/2.2"
JD130V75W-E14 Hikari JD7041 JD-7041 130V 75W 130V75W E-14 European Thread Base
JD130V85W-E11 130V, 85W, E11 MC Mini-Candelabra Screw Base, Clear Glass, JD-7009, JD7009
JD220V150W-BA15d-HTS JD7186-HTS, 220V, 150W, Tungsten Halogen, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base with High Temperature Solder and Ceramic Extension
JD230V150W-BA15d 230V, 150W, Laser, BA15d with Ceramic Extension
JD230V250W-BA15d Hikari JD-7191, 230V, 250W, BA15d, T4, MOL 90mm, Ceramic Insulator, 2000 Hours, 2850K, 3800 Lumens
JD240V150W-E11 240V, 150W, E11 Mini Candelabra Screw, Clear Glass, JD-7188, JD7188, At 240V 2000 Hours, 2850K, 2200 Lumens
JD240V250W-E14 240V, 250W, E14 European Candelabra Screw Base, JD-7037, JD7037, 220-240V, 2000 Hours, 2850K, 3800 Lumen, MOL 74mm, DIA 15mm
EYE, 84718, E26, Q500CL/E26, JD2108, 120V, 500W, Iwasaki, E2, 9500 Lumens, 2000 Hours, 2950K, CC-8, MOL 4.4"/113mm, LCL 3.2"/81mm, Glass Diameter .5"/13mm, Marine, Boat, T-4
JDD120V100W/F-E26 120V, 100W, E26, T10 Double Envelope, Frosted
JDD120V150W/F-E26 120V, 150W, E26, T10 Double Envelope Frosted
JDD120V150W/F-E27 120V, 150W. E27, T10 Frosted Double Envelope
JDD120V250W-E26 120V, 250W, E26, T10 Double Envelope
JDD120V250W/F JDD Double Envelope, 120V, 250W, T10 Frosted Glass, E26
JDD120V250W/FR-E27 120V, 250W, E27, T10 Double Envelope Frosted
JDD120V50W-E11 Hikari, JDD7307, JDD-7307, Double Envelope Clear Glass, 120V, 50W, E11
JDD120V75W Kandolite, 75W, 120V, T10 Clear Double Envelope, E26
JDD12V20W-E26 12V, 20W, E26 Medium Screw Base, Double Envelope Clear Halogen, 2000 Hours, 2850K
JDD12V35W-E26 Hikari, 12V, 35W, T10 Double Envelope, Halogen, E26, Clear
JDD12V50W/IF-E26 Double Envelope T10 Glass, E26, 12V, 50W, Inside Bulb Frosted
JDD12V50W/IF-E26 Double Envelope T10 Glass, E26, 12V, 50W, Outside Glass Frosted
JDD12V75W/IF-E26 12V, 75W, JDD T10 Double Envelope Glass with Inside Bulb Frosted, E26 Medium Screw Base, Hikari, JDD-7533IF, JDD-7533OF, 2000 Hours, 2850K, Halogen, MOL 86mm
JDD130V150W/CL-E27 JDD, 130V, 150W, E27
JDD130V150W/IF Hikari, JDD, 130V, 150W, T10, Inside Bulb Frosted
JDD130V150W/IF-E27 130V, 150W, T10 Double Envelope, Halogen, E27 Frosted
JDD130V250W-E26 Hikari, 130V, 250W, E26, T10 Double Envelope, Halogen
JDD130V250W/F-E26 Hikari, 130V, 250W, E26, T10 Double Envelope, Halogen, Inside Frosted Bulb
JDD130V250W/OF-E26 Hikari, 130V, 250W, E26, T10 Double Envelope, Halogen, Outside Frosted
JDD24V35W-E26 Hikari, 24V, 35W, T10 Double Envelope Clear, E26, Halogen
JDD28V20W-E26 Hikari, 28V, 20W, E26, T10 Clear Glass
JDR100/FL Eiko, 120V, 100W, MR16 with Cover Glass, MR16C, Flood, E26
JDR100/MF Eiko, 120V, 100W, MR16 with Cover Glass, MR16C, Medium Flood, E26
120V, 150W, MR16, VL5, JDR120V150WCST, Stitz, GZ6.35, Ushio P-1, P-K, Dichroic Reflector
JDR120V35W-E26 120V, 35W, E26, MR16, JDR-9019, Medium Flood
JDR120V75W/F-E26 120V, 75W, E26, MR16, Frosted Bulb, Flood
JDR120V-75WL/N/E26 Ushio, 120V, 75W, MR16, E26
JDR75/SP Eiko 10451, 75W, 120V, JDR+C, MR16 with Cover Glass, E26, 12° Spot
JDRC120V20W/ALU/F-GX5.3 Kandolite, 120V, 20W, GX5.3, Frosted, Aluminum Reflector, JDR with Cover Glass
JDRC120V20W-G8 Kandolite, JDR-C, 120V, 20W, G8 Bi-Pin Base, MR16C MR16 Reflector with Cover Glass, Dichroic, Display
JDRC120V35W/F-GX5.3 Hikari JDR9517FP, 120V, 35W, MR16C Cover Glass, GX5.3 2-Pin Base, Frost
JDRC120V50W-E26 Hikari, 120, 50W, E26, MR16C
JDRC120V50W-E27 Kandolite, MR16, 50W, 120V, E27, Range Hood, Rangehood
JDRC120V50W/ALU/F-GX5.3 JCDRC 120V 50W, Frosted Cover Glass, GX5.3 2-Pin Base, Aluminum Reflector
JDRC120V50W/ALU/NDL-GX5.3 Kandolite, JCDRC 120V 50W, Natural Day Light, GX5.3 2-Pin Base, Aluminum Reflector, H50W HAR, Photo Studio in a Box Light, JCDR-C, CO-LAMP-50
JDRC120V50W/F-GX5.3 Hikari, 120V, 50W, MR16C, GX5.3, 40 Degree Wide Flood, Frosted Bulb
JDRC120V75W-E26 JDR-C, 120V, 75W, MR16 with Cover Glass, E26, Flood
JDRC120V75W-E27 Kandolite, E27, MR16, 75W, 120V
JDRC130V50W Eiko 00211, JDR+C, MR16, 130V, 50W, E26, Cover Glass
JDRC130V75W/F-E26 JDR-C, 130V, 75W, MR16 Dichroic Reflector with Cool Color Light Front Glass and Frosted Bulb, E26 Medium Screw Base, Long Life, 40° Flood, JDR-9037FP-130
JDRC230V75W/FR JDR-C, MR16 with Cover Glass, 220-240V, 75W, Dichroic Coated Reflector, Frosted Bulb, E26 Medium Screw Base, 40° Flood, JDR-9201FP
JDR/M 12V-35W/G/W Ushio MR11, GU4, 12V, 35W, Frosted Glass, Japan
JDRN120V75W-E27 120V, 75W, MR16 Dichroic Glass, E27 European Medium Screw Base, Open Face (Not for Range Hood Applications), Yorkville 10617, JDR-N, Japan Y, XE, 120V75W, Long Life, Quartz-Halogen, Narrow Beam
JF13XE Eiko 50132 24V .208A T-3 1/4 Rigid Loop Xenon
JM1182 12V, 12W, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, MR11C, MR11 With Front Glass, 20° Narrow Flood Beam Spread, C-6 Filament, MOL 40mm
JP125V-800W Ushio 1001081, 800W, 125V, 4-7/8" Long, C-8 Filament, 26,000 Lumens, 3400°K, 25 Hours, Clear T3 T10mm Glass, R7s Double Ended Base
JR12V-10W/NFL21 12V, 10W, JR 12V-10W/M, MR-16, GU5.3, 21° Beam Angle
JR1576 EYE 74386, 12V, 50W, MR16CG, MR16 Cover Glass, 12V50WSMW/CG, Dichroic, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, MSW, 50MR16CG/DC/48°, 48° Wide Flood, 850 CBCP, 5000 Hours, 3050K, C-6 Filament
JT120V-150WG Ushio, 120V, 150W, E26 Medium Screw Base, T10 Clear Glass, Double Envelope, Halogen, 120-150WG
JTT120V-1000W-3200°K Kandolite, JT, 120V, 1000W, FV-SL1000 for the Photoflex Starlite, FVSL1000 120V1000WC, Amvona Dynaphos, 22000 Lumens, MOL 255mm, MOD 38mm, JTTE40, JT120V-1000WC, FV-SL1000-1, JTT9090 JT120V-1000WB, Dynaphos, JT120V-1000WC/E40, DP-B1000, Photo Digital Video Tungsten Light Kit DP1497R, DP-1497R, MOL 7.75"
JTT120V100W/OF Hikari, JTT, 120V, 100W, E26, T10 Outside Frost
JTT120V75W/F Hikari, 120V, 75W, T10 Double Envelope, E26
JTT130V-1000W-3000K Kandolite, JT 130V 1000W FV-SL1000 for the Photoflex Starlite FVSL1000 120V1000WC Amvona Dynaphos 22000 Lumens MOL 255mm MOD 38mm JT130V-1000WC Dynaphos
JTT130V250W Hikari, 130V, 250W, E26, BT15 Clear Glass
JTT130V-500W-3000K Kandolite, JTT, 130V, 500W, E40 Base Socket, FV-SL500-BD, 500 Watt, Lamp for Photoflex Starlite Basic Kit, 3000°K 38MMx200MM, FVSL500, Rev 1, MOL 215mm, MOD 38mm, 9500 Lumens, Dynaphos
JTT220V-500W-3200°K Kandolite, 3200°K, 220V, 500W, E40 Mogul Screw Base, Photoflex Starlite QL FV-SLE500

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