Hard to Find Bulbs-Misc. J Series

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J13.5V60W $10.00 13.5V, 60W, R7s, SL60DC, Coolux Bulb for SL3000 Light, CLXSL60DC, 100, Japan, 3.09" Long, 78.5mm, Cool-Lux, Tungsten Lighitng, SL60DC/944683, 13.2V  
J13.5V100W $10.00 13.5V, 100W, R7s, SL100DC, Coolux Bulb for SL3000 Light, CLXSL100DC, 202, Japan, 3.09" Long, 78.5mm, Cool-Lux, Tungsten Lighitng, SL100DC/944538, 13.2V, 3200°K, 944538, 350 Hours  
J110/130V1000W/BLV $6.00 J120V-1000WB, Ushio 1000695, J110-130V1000W, 2000 Hours, 3000°K, 120V, 1000W, 8.3A, 7-7/16" Long, 189mm Long, MOL 191mm  
J120V-1000W-127mm $8.00 Flecta, Halogenbrenner, 120V, 1000W, T3 Clear Glass, R7s Double Ended Base, Bogen 7511 Reflecta Replacement, Bogen SEL1000, 115V, IV/82, 1V/82, Halogen, Brenner  
J120V100W-118mm 99¢ 120V, 100W, R7s, CC-8, 119.6mm, 4 11/16" Long, 1450 Lumens, 1500 Hours  
J120V200W-118mm $1.09 J2055, J-2055, 120V, 200W, 118mm, R7s, Q200T3-120V  
J120V200W-79mm 99¢ 120V, 200W, T-3 Clear, R7s, 79mm  
J120V60W-79mm $2.49 120V, 60W, 78mm Double Ended RSC R7s Base, 2000 Hours, 2900°K  
J130V100W-78mm 99¢ 130V, 100W, T-3, R7s, 78-80mm  
J130V100W/F-78mm 99¢ 130V, 100W, T-3 Frosted Glass, R7s, 78-80mm  
J130V150W-118mm 93¢ 130V, 150W, T-3 Clear Glass, R7s, 118mm  
J130V150W-78mm $1.27 130V, 150W, T-3 Clear Glass, R7s, 78mm  
J130V200W-79mm 99¢ 130V, 200W, T-3, R7s, 78-80mm  
J130V300W-79mm $1.49 130V, 300W, T-3, R7s, 78-80mm  
J130V300W/PB $4.79 130V, 300W, Pin Blade  
J130V400W-79mm 99¢ 130V, 400W, T-3, R7s, 78-80mm  
J130V500W/PB $2.49 Hikari, 145mm Overall Length, 127mm Excluding Pins, 130V, 500W, Double Ended, Pin Blade, Clear, T3  
J130V750W-189mm $1.15 120V, 130V, 750W, 178mm, R7s  
J220V200W-78mm $1.29 220V, 200W, T-3 Clear, R7s, 79mm  
J220V300W-118mm 99¢ 220V, 300W, T-3 Clear, R7s, 118mm  
J230V150W-78mm $1.27 220-240V, 150W, R7s Double Ended Base, 78mm Long, T2.5 Glass  
J240V100W-78mm $3.30 240V, 100W, R7s, 78-80mm  
J240V500W-118mm $1.99 J3119 240V 500W R7s Double Ended 2000 Hours 9500 Lumens C8 2900K, Itek 19068203, 620s  
J24V300W-118mm $7.95 Hikari S-02315, J8223, 24V, 300W, R7s, 118mm  
J277V1500W-254mm $6.90 277V, 1500W, R7s, 10" Clear Glass  
J36V300W-118mm $6.38 Hikari, 36V, 300W, R7s, 118mm, J-8236, J8236, S-02320, 1500 Hours, 5400 Lumens, MOL 120mm, DIA 9mm, C-8 Filament  
J2A $15.00 GE Neon Glow, AR-3 Argon, 105-125V, 1/4W, T4.5, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, Nominal Current 3.5, MOL 1-17/32", Maximum Initial Breakdown Voltage AC 85V-DC 120V, 15K Series Resistance OHM's, 150 Hours 10
JC12V100W-E11-52mm $6.00 Kandolite, 12V, 100W, E11 Screw Base, C-Bar6 Filament, MOL 52mm, 12V100W, 100W12V, Hikari JC7057, JC-7057  
JC12V100WH20 72¢ 12V, 100W, G6.35  
JC12V-100WS/LP $20.00 12V 100W 2-Pin JC12V-100W/S/LP  
JC12V-100WS/ST $20.00 Ushio, 12V, 100W, VL6, Folstitz, P-A, Stitz  
JC12V10W-BA15d $2.79 12V, 10W, BA15d, Landscape, Leco Microhardness Tester  
JC12V15W-G4 74¢ Hikari JC-5015, 12V, 15W, G4, JC5015  
JC12V20W-BA15d $3.06 Hikari, 12V, 20W, BA15d  
JC12V20WH20-G6.35 $1.49 Eiko, 12V, 20W, T-3, G6.35  
JC12V20W-GY6.35 $1.49 Abco 04444, 12V, 20W, GY6.35  
JC12V30W-GY6.35 $1.29 Hikari, 12V, 30W, GY6.35, JC-5035, JC5035, 2000 Hours, 560 Lumens, 2800K  
JC12V35W-GY6.35 $1.49 12V, 35W, GY6.35, Clear, MOL 40mm, MOD 10mm, LCL 30mm, 2900°K, 2000 Hours, Transverse Filament, 630 Lumens, 2-Pin, Low Voltage Halogen Lamp  
JC12V35W-GY6.35-Frost $1.29 12V 35W GY6.35 Frosted MOL 40mm MOD 10mm LCL 30mm 2900°K 2000 Hours Transverse Filament 600 Lumens 2-Pin Low Voltage Halogen Lamp  
JC12V35WH20 69¢ 12V 35W G6.35  
JC12V-50WF-G6.35 $2.00 Ushio, 12V, 50W, G6.35 BiPin Base, Frosted Glass  
JC12V50WH20 99¢ Eiko 15019, 12V, 50W, 950 Lumens, C-8 Filament, Clear T5 Glass, MOL 1.73"/44mm, MOD .46"/11.5mm, G6.35 Base, LCL 1.18"/30mm, 4.17A, 3000°K, Slit Lamp, JC12V50WGG2, 64440, JC 12V50W H20  
JC12V50W-G6.35 $1.00 12V, 50W, G6.35, C-6  
JC12V5W/F-G4 $1.49 12V 5W G4 Two Pin Base Frosted Glass  
JC12V75W-GY6.35 99¢ Hikari JC-5051, 12V, 75W, GY6.35  
JC14V20W-G4 $1.25 14V, 20W, G4 BiPin Base, JC-5813, JC5813, Clear Glass  
JC14.5V-50WC $20.61 Ushio 1000837, 14.5V, 50W, G5.3 Base, CBAR6 Filament, 100 Hours, OAL 55mm, LCL 32mm, 1250 Lumens, 3200K, Clear Glass, JCV14.5V50WC, Lowel Pro Long Life 12V 50W Replacement  
JC24V20W/FR/G4 $1.00 Hikari, 24V, 20W, G4 Bi Pin Base, Frosted Glass, 2000 Hours, 2800K, 350 Lumens, MOL 30mm, MOD 8mm, JC5517F, JC-5517F, JC 5517 F  
1000848, JC 24V, 50W, G6.35 Base, C-6 Filament
JC24V50W-G6.35-BU $7.73 24V, 50W, G6.35, Black Umbrella  
JC28V10W-G4 $2.15 Hikari JC5815, 28V, 10Wm T3, G4  
JC34V20W-G4 $2.00 W2H26, 34V, 20W, G4, Clear Glass, JC-5920, JC5920  
JC6V15W-G4 99¢ 6V, 15W, 3000°K, G4, JC, 655-7RL, F/RL-20, 6V15W  
JC6V15W-G4-3200°K $3.20 JC 6V 15W, G4 Two Pin Base, 3200°K Video Light, SUNPACK ReadyLite20  
JC6V35W-G6.35 $2.00 6V, 35W, T3.5 Clear Glass, G6.35 Bi-Pin Base  
JC6V35W-GY6.35 $1.99 Kandolite, 6V, 35W, GY6.35, Clear  
JC6V50W-GY6.35 $1.99 Kandolite, 6V, 50W, GY6.35, Clear Glass, 2900°K, 2000 Hours, 900 Lumens  
$25.00 Sylvania, JCD, 100V300WCL, 100V, 300W, JCD300/S, JCD100V-300WCL, GY6.35 Bi Pin, 19mm Wide, 9mm Thick, 15.5mm Tall Ceramic, 57.1mm Overall Length, G7 Clear Glass  
JCD100V650WC $20.00 Ushio 1000889, 100V, 650W, MOL 63mm, LCL 36.5mm, CC-6 Filament, GY9.5 16x21 Base, 17,750 Lumens, 3200K, 150 Hours, Burn Base Down to Horizontal  
JCD120V1000WC $30.00 JCD120V1000WC/C3 120V 1000W GY9.5 EYE GAC 4361, 28,000 Lumens, 3200°K, 75 Hours, LCL 46mm, MOL 80mm  
JCD120V-100WA $15.00 120V, 100W, JCD, 120V100W/A, 2-Pin G6.35, JCD120V100W/A, T4.5, MOL 1.91"/50mm, CC-6, G6.35 with Ceramic Seal Cover, 2000 Lumens, 3000°K, 150 Hours

JCD120V100W-G6.35 $2.99 Kandolite, JCD, 120V, 100W, G6.35, Clear, LL100, LC-100, American DJ  
JCD120V100W-GY6.35 $2.99 100W, 120V, GY6.35, T-4 Clear  
JCD120V-150WB $12.00 120V, 150W, 100 Hours, G6.35 2-Pin, JCD 120V-150WB, Ushio 1000893, OAL 50, DIA 14mm, LCL 30mm, CC-6 Filament, 3200 Lumens, 3075°K, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, Clear Glass  
JCD120V-150WCT $12.00 120V, 150W, 100 Hours, G6.35 2-Pin, JCD 120V-150WB, OAL 50, DIA 14mm, LCL 30mm, CC-6 Filament, 3200 Lumens, 3075°K, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, Clear Glass
JCD120V150W-GY6.35 $2.26 120V, 150W, GY6.35, T-4 Clear Glass  
JCD120V200W-G6.35 $2.99 Kandolite, JCD, 120V, 200W, G6.35, Clear, LL200, LL-200, American DJ  
JCD120V20W-G8 $1.69 120V, 20W, G8 Bi-Pin Base, Maximum Overall Length 45mm  
JCD120V20W-GY7.9/GY8.0 $3.62 Westinghouse 04710, 20T4Q/GY8/120/CD  
JCD120V25W-GY7.9/GY8.0 $3.62 Westinghouse 04721, 120V, 25W, GY7.9/8.0, Halogen  
JCD120V-300WC/LP $25.00 Ushio 1000897, 120V, 300W, GX6.35, CC-6  
120V 300W G5.3, 1000899
JCD120V35W-GY8.6 $1.84 JCD, 120V, 35W, GY8.6  
JCD120V-500WC $20.00 Ushio 1000903, 120V, 500W, GY9.5/16x21 Medium Prefocus 2-Pin Base, DIA 22mm, OAL 62mm, LCL 36.5mm, CC-6 Filament, 13,000 Lumens, 3200K, 100 Hours, Burn Base Down to Horizontal 1
JCD120V-50W/GY6.35 $5.97 Ushio 1000905, 120V, 50W, GY6.35, 0-48777-15936-1, Japan  
JCD120V60W/FR-G9 $2.00 Globe 04703, 120V, 60W, T4 Frosted Glass, G9 Base, 760 Lumens, 2000 Hours, 120V60W, BB 08 04, BB0804  
$20.00 Ushio 1000906, 120V, 650W, GY9.5 16x21, 75 Hours, 17750 Lumens, MOL 63mm, LCL 36.5mm, CC-6 Filament, 3200K, Burn Base Down to Horizontal
JCD120V75W-GY6.35 $4.97 75W, 120V, GY6.35, T-4, Clear  
JCD130V100W-GY6.35 $1.50 Hikari JCD-6025, 130V, 100W, GY6.35, 2000 Hours, 2700K, 1450 Lumens, MOL 58mm, LCL 11.5mm, T4 Clear Glass 1
JCD130V25W-G6.35 $1.28 Eiko 00308, 130V, 25W, G6.35  
JCD130V75W/FR-G8 $3.00 Hikari, 130V, 75W. G8, Frosted  
JCD130V75W-GY6.35 $2.33 Hikari, 130V, 75W, GY6.35, Q75T4/CL/GY6.35-130V, T-4 Clear Glass, JCD75W-130V, JCD130V-75W, JCD6019, JCD-130V/75W  
JCD230V150W-G6.35 $25.00
Ushio, JCD, 230V, 150W, Ceramic G6.35, 6.35mm pin spread, 1mm pin diameter, Clear Tubular T3.25 Glass, .4"/10.2mm Glass Diameter
JCD6V20WH20 $1.30 6V, 20W, G4  
JCP100V750W $25.00 100V, 750W, GY9.5, GZ9.5, 21000 Lumens, 3250K, 100 Hours, C-13D Filament  
JCR14V35W/ALU-GX5.3 $4.99 14V, 35W, MR16 with Cover Glass, MR16C, Aluminum Reflector, 36° Wide Flood, UV Stop, Halogen, 100% Frontal Light, No back-directed heat and light protecting decor and ceiling from tarnishing and discoloration.  
JCR, 100V, 300W, JCR100V-300W, 3300°K, CC-8, MR16, GY5.3, 50 Hours, MOL 1.75"/44.5mm MOD 2"/50.8mm
JCR120V-150WC/ST $20.00 Ushio, VL5, 120V, 120W, MR16, GZ6.35, Q-B 1
JCR20V-115W $8.40 20V, 115W, MR16, GX5.3  
JCR/M-9.6V-20W $10.00 9.6V, 20W, MR11, GU4, Ushio, Japan, 9.6V20W, 03590
JCR/M-12V-20W $5.00 12V, 20W, MR11, GZ4, F/CV-320
JCR/M-12V-30W $10.00 12V, 30W, MR11, GZ4, MR11  
JCS12V55W-G6.35 $16.95 12V, 55W, 1,200 Long Life Xenon, 990 Lumens, T3.5 Clear Glass, G6.35 Bi-Pin Base, C-6 Filament, LCL 23.5mm, MOL 42mm  
JCS24V55W-G6.35 $16.95 24V, 55W, 1,200 Long Life Xenon, 990 Lumens, T3.5 Clear Glass, G6.35 Bi-Pin Base, C-6 Filament, LCL 23.5mm, MOL 42mm  
JCV120V-1200WCH/UA $32.63 Ushio 1000972, 120V, 1200W, G9.5 Bi Pin Base, MOL 104mm, CC-8 Filament, 33,000 Lumens, 200 Hours, T22mm Clear Glass, LCL 60.3mm, 3250°K, Universal Burn Position  
JCV120V20WGSN $5.00 Ushio 1000973, 120V, 20W, E11 Mini-Candelabra Screw Base, JCV120V-20WGSN/E11/INC, CC-8 Filament, Krypton Gas, 120V20W
JCV120V250W $10.00 120V, 250W, G6.35, T4 Clear Glass, C-8 Filament, C.O.M Pact II Projector Lamp, Japan, DK
JD110V50WNI/E-NB $2.00 GE 46902, 110V, 50W, T4.5 Clear Double Envelope Glass, 5.65mm BiPin, 3000 Hours, Infrared Reflective Film Coated Inner Tube, Hitachi, 1180 Lumnes, 2850K  
JD110V65WNI/E-NB $2.00 GE 48483, 110V, 65W, T4.5 Clear Double Envelope Glass, 5.65mm BiPin, 3000 Hours, Infrared Reflective Film Coated Inner Tube, Hitachi, 1680 Lumnes, 2900K  
JD110V90WNI/E-NB $2.00 GE 48498, 110V, 90W, T4.5 Clear Double Envelope Glass, 5.65mm BiPin, 3000 Hours, Infrared Reflective Film Coated Inner Tube, Hitachi, 2400 Lumnes, 2900K  
JD120V100W-E14 $5.00 1220, 120V, 100W, Halogen, T-4, J-100, J-110  
JD120V150W/E14 $4.00 120V, 150W, E14 European Candelabra Screw Base, T-4 Clear Glass, JTL2102, JTL Modeling Lamp, 2102 1
JD120V50W-E11 $2.99 Kandolite, 120V, 50W, E11, 2000 Hours, Halogen, MOL 2.1" or 53.4mm  
JD120V60W-E14 $2.99 Kandolite, 120V, 60W, E14  
JD120V75W/FR-BA15d $1.49 120V, 75W, BA15d, T-3.5 Frosted Glass  
JD125V75W-E11 $2.99 125V, 75W, E11 Mini-Candelabra Screw Base, T3.5 Clear Glass  
JD130V100W/F-BA15d $2.52 130V, 100W, BA15d DC Double Contact Bayonet Base, Frosted Glass, JD-7063F, JD7063F  
JD130V/250W-E14 $3.20 Hikari JD-7043, 130V, 250W, E-14 European Screw Base  
JD130V250W/FR-E11 $2.97 130V, 250W, E11, T-4 Frosted  
JD130V500W-BA15d $4.64 Hikari JD-7089, BA15d, 130V, 500W  
JD130V50W-E11 $1.59 Kandolite, JD-7003 JD7003 130V 50W E11 Clear Glass Long Life T4 MOL 56mm/2.2"  
JD130V75W-E14 $2.99 Hikari JD7041 JD-7041 130V 75W 130V75W E-14 European Thread Base  
JD130V85W-E11 $2.00 130V, 85W, E11 MC Mini-Candelabra Screw Base, Clear Glass, JD-7009, JD7009  
JD220V150W-BA15d-HTS $10.00 JD7186-HTS, 220V, 150W, Tungsten Halogen, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base with High Temperature Solder and Ceramic Extension  
JD230V150W-BA15d $15.00 230V, 150W, Laser, BA15d with Ceramic Extension  
JD230V250W-BA15d $5.88 Hikari JD-7191, 230V, 250W, BA15d, T4, MOL 90mm, Ceramic Insulator, 2000 Hours, 2850K, 3800 Lumens  
JD240V150W-E11 $2.97 240V, 150W, E11 Mini Candelabra Screw, Clear Glass, JD-7188, JD7188, At 240V 2000 Hours, 2850K, 2200 Lumens  
JD240V250W-E14 $2.97 240V, 250W, E14 European Candelabra Screw Base, JD-7037, JD7037, 220-240V, 2000 Hours, 2850K, 3800 Lumen, MOL 74mm, DIA 15mm  
EYE, 84718, E26, Q500CL/E26, JD2108, 120V, 500W, Iwasaki, E2, 9500 Lumens, 2000 Hours, 2950K, CC-8, MOL 4.4"/113mm, LCL 3.2"/81mm, Glass Diameter .5"/13mm, Marine, Boat, T-4
JDD120V100W/F-E26 $5.80 120V, 100W, E26, T10 Double Envelope, Frosted  
JDD120V150W/F-E26 $4.80 120V, 150W, E26, T10 Double Envelope Frosted  
JDD120V150W/F-E27 $6.40 120V, 150W. E27, T10 Frosted Double Envelope  
JDD120V250W-E26 $4.50 120V, 250W, E26, T10 Double Envelope  
JDD120V250W/F $5.00 JDD Double Envelope, 120V, 250W, T10 Frosted Glass, E26  
JDD120V250W/FR-E27 $6.40 120V, 250W, E27, T10 Double Envelope Frosted  
JDD120V50W-E11 $7.50 Hikari, JDD7307, JDD-7307, Double Envelope Clear Glass, 120V, 50W, E11  
JDD120V75W $4.50 Kandolite, 75W, 120V, T10 Clear Double Envelope, E26  
JDD12V20W-E26 $5.00 12V, 20W, E26 Medium Screw Base, Double Envelope Clear Halogen, 2000 Hours, 2850K  
JDD12V35W-E26 $3.75 Hikari, 12V, 35W, T10 Double Envelope, Halogen, E26, Clear  
JDD12V50W/IF-E26 $4.50 Double Envelope T10 Glass, E26, 12V, 50W, Inside Bulb Frosted  
JDD12V50W/IF-E26 $4.50 Double Envelope T10 Glass, E26, 12V, 50W, Outside Glass Frosted  
JDD12V75W/IF-E26 $4.50 12V, 75W, JDD T10 Double Envelope Glass with Inside Bulb Frosted, E26 Medium Screw Base, Hikari, JDD-7533IF, JDD-7533OF, 2000 Hours, 2850K, Halogen, MOL 86mm  
JDD130V150W/CL-E27 $5.99 JDD, 130V, 150W, E27  
JDD130V150W/IF $4.50 Hikari, JDD, 130V, 150W, T10, Inside Bulb Frosted  
JDD130V150W/IF-E27 $6.40 130V, 150W, T10 Double Envelope, Halogen, E27 Frosted  
JDD130V250W-E26 $5.25 Hikari, 130V, 250W, E26, T10 Double Envelope, Halogen  
JDD130V250W/F-E26 $5.25 Hikari, 130V, 250W, E26, T10 Double Envelope, Halogen, Inside Frosted Bulb  
JDD130V250W/OF-E26 $5.40 Hikari, 130V, 250W, E26, T10 Double Envelope, Halogen, Outside Frosted  
JDD24V35W-E26 $4.13 Hikari, 24V, 35W, T10 Double Envelope Clear, E26, Halogen  
JDD28V20W-E26 $5.00 Hikari, 28V, 20W, E26, T10 Clear Glass  
JDR100/FL $2.39 Eiko, 120V, 100W, MR16 with Cover Glass, MR16C, Flood, E26  
JDR100/MF $2.39 Eiko, 120V, 100W, MR16 with Cover Glass, MR16C, Medium Flood, E26  
120V, 150W, MR16, VL5, JDR120V150WCST, Stitz, GZ6.35, Ushio P-1, P-K, Dichroic Reflector
JDR120V35W-E26 $4.13 120V, 35W, E26, MR16, JDR-9019, Medium Flood  
JDR120V75W/F-E26 $5.10 120V, 75W, E26, MR16, Frosted Bulb, Flood  
JDR120V-75WL/N/E26 $8.00 Ushio, 120V, 75W, MR16, E26  
JDR75/SP $2.95 Eiko 10451, 75W, 120V, JDR+C, MR16 with Cover Glass, E26, 12° Spot  
JDRC120V20W/ALU/F-GX5.3 $4.95 Kandolite, 120V, 20W, GX5.3, Frosted, Aluminum Reflector, JDR with Cover Glass  
JDRC120V20W-G8 $4.95 Kandolite, JDR-C, 120V, 20W, G8 Bi-Pin Base, MR16C MR16 Reflector with Cover Glass, Dichroic, Display  
JDRC120V35W/F-GX5.3 $4.64 Hikari JDR9517FP, 120V, 35W, MR16C Cover Glass, GX5.3 2-Pin Base, Frost  
JDRC120V50W-E26 $4.77 Hikari, 120, 50W, E26, MR16C  
JDRC120V50W-E27 $3.95 Kandolite, MR16, 50W, 120V, E27, Range Hood, Rangehood  
JDRC120V50W/ALU/F-GX5.3 $4.64 JCDRC 120V 50W, Frosted Cover Glass, GX5.3 2-Pin Base, Aluminum Reflector  
JDRC120V50W/ALU/NDL-GX5.3 $5.95 Kandolite, JCDRC 120V 50W, Natural Day Light, GX5.3 2-Pin Base, Aluminum Reflector, H50W HAR, Photo Studio in a Box Light, JCDR-C, CO-LAMP-50  
JDRC120V50W/F-GX5.3 $4.64 Hikari, 120V, 50W, MR16C, GX5.3, 40 Degree Wide Flood, Frosted Bulb  
JDRC120V75W-E27 $3.95 Kandolite, E27, MR16, 75W, 120V  
JDRC130V50W $3.00 Eiko 00211, JDR+C, MR16, 130V, 50W, E26, Cover Glass  
JDRC130V75W/F-E26 $1.99 JDR-C, 130V, 75W, MR16 Dichroic Reflector with Cool Color Light Front Glass and Frosted Bulb, E26 Medium Screw Base, Long Life, 40° Flood, JDR-9037FP-130  
JDRC230V75W/FR $5.00 JDR-C, MR16 with Cover Glass, 220-240V, 75W, Dichroic Coated Reflector, Frosted Bulb, E26 Medium Screw Base, 40° Flood, JDR-9201FP  
JDR/M 12V-20W/G/M
$10.00 MR11 12V 20W G4
JDR/M 12V-35W/G/W $10.00 Ushio MR11, GU4, 12V, 35W, Frosted Glass, Japan  
JDRN120V75W-E27 $6.00 120V, 75W, MR16 Dichroic Glass, E27 European Medium Screw Base, Open Face (Not for Range Hood Applications), Yorkville 10617, JDR-N, Japan Y, XE, 120V75W, Long Life, Quartz-Halogen, Narrow Beam  
JF13XE $1.00 Eiko 50132 24V .208A T-3 1/4 Rigid Loop Xenon  
JM1182 $4.95 12V, 12W, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, MR11C, MR11 With Front Glass, 20° Narrow Flood Beam Spread, C-6 Filament, MOL 40mm  
JP125V-800W $13.50 Ushio 1001081, 800W, 125V, 4-7/8" Long, C-8 Filament, 26,000 Lumens, 3400°K, 25 Hours, Clear T3 T10mm Glass, R7s Double Ended Base, X-H, AB DIck 145, 155 Exposure Lamp, Mulitgraphics 875 885, Nucographics 215, 375, JP125V-800W/UA 7
12V, 10W, JR 12V-10W/M, MR-16, GU5.3, 21° Beam Angle  
EYE 74386, 12V, 50W, MR16CG, MR16 Cover Glass, 12V50WSMW/CG, Dichroic, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, MSW, 50MR16CG/DC/48°, 48° Wide Flood, 850 CBCP, 5000 Hours, 3050K, C-6 Filament
JR24V28W-GU4 $3.00 Ushio 1001004, 24V, 20W, MR11, MR11C, FG Front Glass, 24V-20W/W/FG, 0-48777-16608-6, Japan, GU4 2-Pin Base
JT120V-150WG $6.00 Ushio, 120V, 150W, E26 Medium Screw Base, T10 Clear Glass, Double Envelope, Halogen, 120-150WG
JTT120V-1000W-3200°K $20.00 Kandolite, JT, 120V, 1000W, FV-SL1000 for the Photoflex Starlite, FVSL1000 120V1000WC, Amvona Dynaphos, 22000 Lumens, MOL 255mm, MOD 38mm, JTTE40, JT120V-1000WC, FV-SL1000-1, JTT9090 JT120V-1000WB, Dynaphos, JT120V-1000WC/E40, DP-B1000, Photo Digital Video Tungsten Light Kit DP1497R, DP-1497R, MOL 7.75"  
JTT120V100W/OF $6.15 Hikari, JTT, 120V, 100W, E26, T10 Outside Frost  
JTT120V75W/F $6.15 Hikari, 120V, 75W, T10 Double Envelope, E26  
JTT130V-1000W-3000K $15.00 Kandolite, JT 130V 1000W FV-SL1000 for the Photoflex Starlite FVSL1000 120V1000WC Amvona Dynaphos 22000 Lumens MOL 255mm MOD 38mm JT130V-1000WC Dynaphos  
JTT130V250W $6.00 Hikari, 130V, 250W, E26, BT15 Clear Glass  
JTT130V-500W-3000K $15.00 Kandolite, JTT, 130V, 500W, E40 Base Socket, FV-SL500-BD, 500 Watt, Lamp for Photoflex Starlite Basic Kit, 3000°K 38MMx200MM, FVSL500, Rev 1, MOL 215mm, MOD 38mm, 9500 Lumens, Dynaphos  
JTT220V-500W-3200°K $25.00 Kandolite, 3200°K, 220V, 500W, E40 Mogul Screw Base, Photoflex Starlite QL FV-SLE500  
JV12V-50W $2.00 12V 50W 2-Pin 1

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