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12V 100W GZ6.35 Halogen Medical & Microscope 54026 T-3 CRI 100
64111 5W, 12V, BA9s, Mini Bay, Littlite Bulb
64265 30W 6V HLX64265 NAED 53999
35W 6V G4 64275AX AX Axial Filament 54258 54027 Q35T3/CL-6V
64317 6.6A, 45W, PK30d, 58947, 58910, 6.6A/45T4/CL-PK30d
6.6A 45W J1/57 G6.35 1200 Hours 840 Lumens C-8 6.6A/45 T3.5Q 6A/45T3.5Q 58813 MOL 50mm T3.5 
64342 100W/6.6A PK30d JI/80 58706 6.6A/100T4/64342/HLX 2700 Lumens C bar 6 Filament 1000 Hours MOL 58mm w/Cable, Agfa MSC2 Scanner (Straight Leads) Airfield/Airport
64361 150W 6.6A PK30d T-4 T4 58717 6.6A/150T4/64361/HLX 3600 Lumens C bar 6 Filament 1000 Hours MOL 58mm w/Cable Female Leads
150W 6.6A PK30d T-4 T4 58717 6.6A/150T4/64361/HLX 3600 Lumens C bar 6 Filament 1000 Hours MOL 58mm w/Cable Male Leads
12V 5W 2-Pin G4 JCD12V5WH20 JCD H20 OS64405 T3 MOL 31mm C6 #58652 60 Lumens 4000 Hours Q5T3/CL/12V 68601 NA68601 13283 5T3Q/CL/TR 12V  filiment orientation is Axial or parallel to the pins, Marine
10W 12V T3 Frosted Glass G4 Bi-Pin Base 58656 Q10T3/FR/12V/G4 10T3Q/F Frost  64415/FR Halostar Halogen 2000 Hour Matt 64415F HSG/F/LP 4050300942278 4050300269047, Zeiss Stemi DB4, UV Filter Dimmable
64418 12V, 10W, G4 Bi-Pin, Oven, Halostar, Ilcos HSG/TE, UV Filter, Dimmable
64425 20T3Q/CL-12V Transverse Filament 2000 Hours
12V, 20W
12V, 20W, GY6.35, 58663, 4000 Hour, 3000°K, 320 Lumens, Axial Filament, CRI 100, Clear Glass Capsule, 20T4Q/CL/AX, Low Pressure, UV Filter, Dimmable
12V, 35W, GY6.35
12V, 35W, IRC, 64432IRC
12V, 35W, Halostar, Starlite, 58672, 4000 Hour, 3000°K, 600 Lumens, Axial Filament, CRI 100, Clear Glass Capsule, 35T4Q/CL/AX, UV Filter, Dimmable, 2-Pin GY6.35
64435, 20W, 24V, G4 Bi-Pin, Halostar UV-Stop, UVS, HSG/TR/UB, 58662
64440S 50T4Q/CL-12V ( 2-Pin/GY6.35)
50W, 12V, IRC, 64440IRC, 64440ES
24V 50W 64445 64445-U UV Stop 2000 Hours GY6.35 50T4Q/CL/AX/24V Halostar 335544 HSGT/UB-50-24-GY6,35-15 900 Lumens 58678 3000°K CRI 100 T-4 Clear Glass MOD 12mm, MOL 1.75"/44.5mm LCL 1.12"/28.6mm 750228, 4050300335544, FS1, Axial Filament, ILCOS HGS/C/UB-50-24-GY6,35-12/30, 4050300942414
12V, 60W, IRC Infrared Coating, 60W = 90W Energy Saving Bulb, 1700 Lumens, Halostar ES, GY6.35, UV Filter
64514 300W/120V  (2-Pin/GX6.35) 75 Hours 7700 Lumens
64602 12V, 50W, G6.35, NAED 54607
12V, 50W, HLX64611, 54028, G6.35, 100 Hours, 1350 Lumens, Burn Position S90, T3.25 11.5mm Diameter Clear Glass, MOL 44mm, LCL 30mm, 3.3mm x 1.6mm Filament
15V, 150W, MR16, GZ6.35, 500 Hours
JCR12V100W/15H/5 1500 Hour, EFP/LL, 54214, MR16, GZ6.35, Burn Position S120, A1/271, 130259, 1000941, 6834-15H, 12-100-27LR, American DJ Hydro
64638 100W/24V  (Glass 2-Pin/G6.35)
64647 120W, 24V, G6.35
64665 EVD/XL 36V 400W 300 Hours HLX64665 64665HLX Lumens-12,200
25684-2, 256842, 335423, 33542-3, 6V 10W T-3 G4 2000 Hours C-6 LCL .77"/19.5mm MOL 1.81"/46mm 150 Lumens 2700°K Burn in Any Position M42 410092 8-711500-410092 8711500410092
8000385, T8, BA15d, 120V, 20W, Silvered, SM-78595, MA361/10
BAB 20W, 12V, 2-Pin GU5.3, MR16
BAB/120-GU5.3 620020, 120V, 20W, GU5.3, MR16, 36° Wide Flood, 2500K, 130 Lumens, 2000 Hours, 160 CBCP, MOD 2", MOL 1.875"
BAB/120V-GY8 20W, 120V, MR16, Cover Glass, GY8, 620320
BBA 250W, 120V, Photo Flood, E26 Medium Screw Base, A21 Inside Frost Glass
BRJ/EVB 150W 15V 54250 54039 PH6550 6550 140210 T-3 T3 G6.35 50 Hours A1/234 5600 Lumens HLX64633 PN200 PN 200 Type 10, Medical & Microscope
BRL 50W/12V (Glass 2-pin/G6.35) (64610HLX), MacBeth Transmission
31627-3 12V 50W T3½ G6.35 50 Hours C-6 LCL 1.18"/30mm MOL 1.73"/44mm 1500 Lumens 3400°K BDTH
CP23 230-240V, 650W, GX9.5
DDL 150W, 20V, 2-Pin GX5.3, MR16
21V, 80W, MR16, GX5.3
DXW 1000W, 120V, RSC
DYS 600W, 120V, 2-Pin Pf GZ9.5
ECA 250W/120V (IF/Medium) A23
EFN 75W, 12V, 2-Pin GZ6.35, MR16, 64615 HLX
EFP 100W, 12V, 2-Pin GZ6.35, MR16, 64627 HLX, HLX64627
EFR 150W, 15V, 2-Pin GZ6.35, MR16, 64634HLX
EHJ 250W, 24V, 2-Pin/G6.35, 64655HLX, Oriental Equipment
EHT 250W, 120V, Mini-Can E11, Q250CL/MC
EJA 150W, 21V, 2-Pin GX5.3, MR16
EJL 24V, 200W, MR16, GX5.3
150W, 21V, 2-Pin GX5.3,  MR16
EJV MR16 2-Pin 150W 21V GX5.3 93637
EKE 21V, 150W, GX5.3, MR16
150W, 21V, 2-Pin GX5.3, MR16, EKE-X, NAED 58771-0, 1000 Hours
ELC 250W/24V (2-Pin/GX5.3) MR16 (64653 HLX) 800 Lumens 50 Hours 54212 54840
24V, 250W, GX5.3, MR16, 300 Hours
ELC/7 250W/24V (2-Pin/GX5.3) 700 Hours ELC/700 475 Lumens 54814 54811, #ELC7X54814
ELC/10 24V, 250W, 1000 Hour, MR16, GX5.3, DJ Lighting
24V, 250W, 950 Lumens, 50 Hours, MR16, GX5.3
ELH 300W, 120V,  Oval 2-Pin GY5.3, MR16
ENH 250W/120V  (Oval 2-Pin) MR16, Pako BC24XLS, Copal
360W, 82V, Oval 2-Pin GY5.3, MR16
ENX/5 86V 360W ENX/5 54913-2 GY5.3 NAED 54913 500 Hours at 82V MR16 T-6
EPN 12V, 35W, 04200
26126-3 7387 64225 54025 M/29 M29 6V 10W G4 100 Hours 200 Lumens T-2.5 3200°K Clear P-6605 8-B104, Nikon 76342
ESB 20W/6V (2-Pin/G4)  (64250 HLX)
100W 120V E11 JD-7211
ESS 250W, 120V, DC Bayonet Ba15d, Q250CL/DC, Modeling Lamp
ESX 20MR16/NSP-12V, 41860SP, MR16, 12V, 20W, GU5.3 Bi-Pin, 58576 20MR16/NSP/RP Halogen Narrow Spot 4000 Hours Tru-Aim
ETB 250W, 120V, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, Frosted Glass, Q250DC, Q250/DC
ETC 150W/120V  (DC Bay/Ba15d)  Q150CL/DC JD-7269 JD120V150W-DC
15228, 120V, 100W, Lumens 1750, Filament CC-2V, MOL 2.44"/61.9mm, MOD .52"/13mm, Average Rated Life 750, T-4, BA15d, Frosted, LCL 1.38"/34.9mm, 2900°K, Q100DC/2V, Universal Burn Position
ETG 120V 150W Q150CL/MC CC-8 E11
ETH 150W, 120V, Mini Cand E11, Frosted, Q150/MC
EVA 100W, 12V, 2-Pin GY6.35
EVC 250W/24V (2-Pin/G6.35) (64657HLX), Agfa Minilab, MSC, MSC100, 101, 200, Agfa Dimax Scan, FGX, 3141 Print Lamp, EVC/FGX, Agfa Minilab
EVW 250W, 82V, 2-Pin GX5.3, MR16
EXL 6.6A, 30W, GY9.5, 1000 Hours, 380 Lumens, 30CP, MOL 44mm, LCL 25.5mm, T3 Clear Glass, C-8 Filament, Airfield, Aviation
EXN 50MR16/WFL/12V, GU5.3 2-Pin, Flood 38 degrees
620350, 120V, 50W, MR16, Flood, GY8, Cover Glass
EXR 300W/82V  (2-Pin/GX5.3) MR13
EXT 50W, 12V, NSP, MR16, GU5.3
EXT/24 24V, 50W, MR16, GU5.3, Narrow Spot
EXY 250W 82V 13632 2-Pin GX5.3 MR13
EYB 360W/82V  (Min 2-Pin/G5.3)
75W, 12V, GU5.3/2 Pin, MR16
Q500CL/MC-130V, 500W, 130V, E-11 Miniature Candelabra Screw, T-4, 49615, Clear,  500Q/CL
FCB 600W, 120V, R7s, 3.75" or 95.3mm Long, 3200K, 16,500 Lumens, 75 Hours
FCR 12V, 100W, GY6.35
FCS 150W, 24V, 2-Pin G6.35
FDV 150W/24V 2-Pin/G6.35 64642 
FEV 200W, 120V, DC Bay/Ba15d
FHS 300W/82V  (MR13/2-Pin/GX5.3)
120V, 35W, Flood, MR16C, GY8
12V, 65W, 10°, 10 Degree, NSP, Narrow Spot Beam Spread, MR16, GU5.3, C-8, MOL 1.81"/46mm, MOD 2"/50.8mm, 3000 Hours, 1200 Lumens, 18,000 CP
FRA/CG/24V 24V, 35W, MR16C, GU5.3, Narrow Flood
FTK 500W, 120V, 2-Pin GY9.5
FVL 54459, 120V, 200W, GX5.3, T4 Clear Glass, 200 Hours, 5200 Lumens, 2CC-8 Filament, Universal Burn Position, MOL 2.379".60.4mm, LCL 1.248"/31.7mm
FXL 410W, 82V, Oval 2-Pin/GY5.3, MR16
ALR12 12V 20W 32° Flood FL BA15d Frost Aluminum Reflector UV Block .5m Minimum Working Distance 5F 12V-20W GBF-32 3000°K 2000 Hours MOL 39mm
JCD100V-650WL 650W, 100V, 1000890, JCD-0650, Fuji 27-FA 140,1040B, Compact PP1200, 250, 290, JCD 100V-650WCL/N, Philips JCD 100V650WCL, Japan, G6.35/15x19 Base, MOL 63mm, LCL 37mm, 17,750 Lumens, 3200K, 150 Hours, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, JCD, 100V650WL, Printer Lamp, Wiko, G7 Clear Globe Glass, G6.35 Bi Pin Base, CC-6 Filament, 100V 650W L, Eiko 03550, Fuji Minilab, Fuji 278, A J
JCD120V-300WC 120V, 300W, GZ9.5
JCR 15V 150W 15V 150W JCR 15V150W/H5 15V150WH5 249235 2-pin GZ6.35 JCR/H5 EFR-LL 500 Hours JCR15V-150WH5, Noritsu, Fiber Optic Pool Lighting
24V 250W GY6.35 T4 3000 Hour 94 29231 13600 116810 5500 Lumens, GE 10 UK, CAP, Q250T5/CL-24V, 55021731292311, 68-51-0161, Quartz Halogen, Lampe auz Halogenes
Q250CL/MC-130V 43700, Halogen, E11 Miniature Candelabra Screw Base, CC-8, Clear 1/2" Tubular T4 Glass, 250W, 130/120V, 2000 Hours, 5000 Lumens, 2950K, MOL 3.156"/80.1mm, LCL 1.625"/41.2mm

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