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BTL 500W, 120V, P28s, T-6, 3050K, 750 Hours, 11,000 Lumens
BTN 750W/120V  (Med Pf/P28s) Q750/T7/CL/2P
BTP 54688, 750W,120V, Med Pf P28s, Q750/T7/4CL/2P
120V, 1000W, P40s Mogul Pre-Focus Base, 500 Hours, 23000 Lumens, T-7 Tubular Clear Glass, 3050°K Color Temperature, Universal Burn Position, MOD 24mm, MOL 177.8mm, LCL 100mm
CDM35/T6/830 39W, Mastercolor CDM R 35/T6/830, Ceramic Arc Metal Halide, Fadeblock UV Filtering, G12 Bi-Pin Base, Single Ended T-6 Clear Glass
CDM-SA/R 150W/942 UNP Ceramic Discharge Metal-Halide, 150W, 4200K, 250mm Cable, Fiber Optic, CRI 96 Ra8, Cool White, 2750 Lumens, 1.8A, 198V Ignition Voltage, Not Dimmable, MOL 106mm, DIA 95.3mm, R30, 6000 Hours, Unversal Burn Position, 928086805303
CYV 1000W/120V (Mog BiPost/G38) Q1000T7/4CL/BP 54706 42697 200 Hours 28,500 Lumens 3200°K T-7 T7 C-13D Clear
CYX 2000W, 120V, Mog BiPost G38, Q2000T10/4CL
DVS 500W, 130V,  RSC, R7s, 118mm, J-2027, J130V500W, CRI 100, 2000 Hours, 3000°K, 10,000 Lumens
120V, 500W, P28s Medium Prefocus
120V, 750W, P28s Medium Prefocus
EGN 500W/120V  (MedBiPost/G22) - Q500T8 
EGR 750W, 120V, G22, T7
EGT 1000W, 120V, Med BiPost G22, 3200°K
EHF 750W/120V  (Med 2-Pin/G9.5) Q750/4CL 39971 300 Hours
EHG 120V, 750W, G9.5
EHR 58936, 400W/120V  (RSC) Q400T4/CL
EHZ 300W, 120V, RSC, R7s, Frosted, Q300T3, 2000 Hours, 5000 Lumens, 2900°K, 117mm Long, Horizontal Burn Position
30374 Q1000T5/4 120V 1000W 150 Hours 26,000 Lumens 3200°K T-5 R7s CC-8 Frosted, 53996-0
FEL 1000W, 120V, Med 2-Pin G9.5, CP77, Q1000/4CL
FEV 200W/120V  (DC Bay/Ba15d)
FHM 1000W/120V/FR RSC Q1000T3/4 23792 400 Hours 27300 Lumens 3200°K T3 R7s MOL 4.68"/118mm C-8 043168237925 00043168237925 6240010345596  Burn position horizontal +-4 degrees, Frosted, Apparent lighted length slightly longer than similar clear lamp. 219479, QCG61-M1, 54532-2, FB-CT14, 165-3565, 10-318, P2/29, 7786R/16, Smith Victor 750-SG in K76 4,000-Watt Quartz Professional Studio Kit and K77 2,200-Watt Interview Lighting Kit, Colortran 104-011 Mini-Lite 10, Ushio 1000533, FHM 120V-1000WCF1
FLE 360W/82V  (2-Pin/GY5.3) MR16
FLK 575W/115V  (Med 2-Pin/G9.5)
FRG CP82, 120V, 500W, GY9.5
FSH 125W, 120V, 2-Pin/G5.3, T-3, 200 Hours, 3200°K, 2500 Lumens, CC-8, Clear, CRI 100
GCA 250W/120V  (2-Pin/G5.3)
GLC 115V, 575W, G9.5
HBO 50W/AC L1 69213, 50W, 39-45V, 1.3A, 2000 Lumens, 40 Lumens per Watt, 230 CD, 30,000 CD/CM², L1: 1.3, 100 Hours, Burn Position S45 Vertical ±45°, MOL 53mm, LCL 22mm
HBO 50W/AC L-2 69214, 50W, SFa6-2 Base, 34-39V, 42V, 100 Hours, 2000 Lumens
HBO 103W/2 69182, Olympus Microscope BX-51, 21301, DC Current, 100W, 23V, 4.3A, 3000 Lumens, CD 300, CD/CM² 170,000, 300 Hours, S90 Burn Position, SFa7,5-2 SFa9-2 Base, Mercury Short Arc, Mercury Discharge Lamp, MOL 90mm, Microscope Illuminator, Leitz LH100Z, Leitz LH102Z (500-138), Olympus BHRFL, Olympus BH2RFL, Olympus IMT2RFL (8-B192), Zeiss 3800-18-4060, Ushio USH103DH, Olympus BX 51/DP70
HBO200W/DC/TM 69163 HBO 200W
HMI-2500W/SE HMI2500W/SE, Single Ended, 54070-0, HMI 2500 W/SE, G38, 2500W
HMI-575W/GS 54064, HMI575W/GS Double Ended
HPL550/77/X 54604, 2-Pin Special Base, 550W, 77V, 16170 Lumens, 3265°K, T-6, 4-C8 Filament, MOL 4.17", 300 Hours
HPL750/115V 750W 115V 2-Pin Special JS115V-750WC 54602-4 Ultra Plus 1000675 G9.5 Special Base, T-6 T6 Glass, 750/115 37823 UCF 21,900 Lumens, 300 Hours, 3,265°K
HTI-150 HTI-150W/90V
HTI-400W/24 400W/55V Proxima nVue AmPro UltraBeam Metal Halide Photo Optic Lamp 5600°K 250 Hours 54083 7.3A 24mm Typical Working Distance Highly Efficient Lighting using Dichroic Focusing Reflectors, Lycian Superarc 400, Omniprint Alternate Light Source 104802
MH70W/G12/3K MH70/G12/WDL, CDM70/T6/830, CDMT70/830 70W G12 Bi-Pin Metal Halide M139/E Ballast Clear Fadeblock LCL 2.22" MOL 4.38" 8000 Hours MH-G12 MH70/G12/3K M98/E MH70W/G12/3K 12000 Lumens UV Stop Quartz Arc-Tube MH70/G12/WDL MH70W/G12/WDL MH03 MH 70/G12/WDL 3000K UV Block 25x110mm High CRI  Axial Arc CMD70/T6/830
MH70W/G12/Blue Metal Halide, 70W, G12, MOL 110mm, Blue without the need for filters, 5500 Lumens
MH70W/G12/Green Metal Halide, 70W, G12, MOL 110mm, Blue without the need for filters, 5500 Lumens
MH70W/G12/Magneta Metal Halide, 70W, G12, MOL 110mm, Blue without the need for filters, 5500 Lumens
MSD-200 200W/68V  (2 Pin Pf/GY9.5) 2000hr
MSD250, 250W, 90V, 6700K
MSD-250/2 250W, 90V, 2 Pin Pf/GY9.5, 3000 Hour
MSR-575/HR 575W, 95V, 6.95A, G22 Medium Bi-Post Base, 49,000 Initial Lumens, 750 Hours

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