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Hi Ron,

Much appreciation for your thoughtful reply,  One doesn’t always get that—particularly from the super-big retailers—online and otherwise.  Your point about the quality of the LED light is well taken.  I’m in a new (for me) home and trying to balance fiscal responsibility with both the functionality and appearance of the light.  

Thank you jogging my brain a bit!


Your rep was great!

I moved into this house recently. I had gone to Lowe’s to get halogen replacement bulbs for underneath the kitchen cabinets. We worked with an Employee of Lowes but what she suggested wouldn’t work so my brother looked up online and found ReplacementLightbulbs.com We called the telephone number and spoke to an older gentleman for at least 15 minutes. He asked important questions that allowed us to figure out the halogen bulbs that we needed and I ordered 18 of them. They arrived today and they fit perfectly! He was patient and gave us a lot of good information. You should be proud of this man who represents your company.
All My Best,



I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to deal with a professional business!  I will be sure to recommend.



Greetings Ron Miller,

Not only did I get a response to my email inquiry earlier this week, but:

  • The reply was way sooner/faster than I expected
  • The reply was helpful (amazing these days)
  • The reply was straight from the general manager himself

Thank you for your insight, I did have to break the brittle plastic of the G9 socket base but confirmed removal of the threaded insert of the lamp hardware. I've placed my order for a couple of the suggested replacement sockets and accessories.
The website may not look like much, but the service provided is world-class.



Hi Ron - I am going to Switzerland in a few weeks; if the bulb works when I get there I will order a second one from you. Again, I am very grateful you took the time to work through this order with me. It means a lot to my 86 year old dad that we found a bulb so he can watch his old movies. Best wishes - Nathalie



You had just the right bulb that I needed and it works beautifully.

Many thanks, 



Hi Ron,

I receive the 2 bulbs via UPS last week. Put one In the projector on the weekend. It worked and we saw some slides - and some special memories of times long ago. It was very nice as my dad and a number of other people who are no longer with us were in those pictures. It was really nice to see them again. 

Thank you for your help. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Hi Ron,

Thank you for your prompt and thorough follow-up.  I do appreciate your quick action to send a replacement.

I am the original owner of this Elmo GS-1200 from about 1979 and have followed guidance from the start to not directly handle projector bulbs of any type with hands, only cloth or gloves to avoid skin oil hot spots. This does look like a vacuum leak in bulb but there also is a dark band about 1/8” in width near the end of the bulb before it narrows to the tip and I heard a pop, so may have been over voltage and then leak happened.

I had not checked the voltage before and was surprised by what I found contrary to prior experience. I saw 2.8v in “warm-up” mode, then 23.4v instead of 21.6v at low setting and 26.4v at high, clearly out of spec of 23.75v. The surprise was that my use in years past which only included about 5-10% use on high never caused a problem with two bulbs that gave full life of at least 25 hours each.  The 2nd one (a GE) died about 10 years ago and I couldn’t find a replacement at that time. Both were clear and the burned-through filament could be heard rattling as expected.

All I can think of is that some component in circuit deteriorated over time to allow over voltage drift.  So now I know not to use high anymore on this projector!

I wouldn’t have realized this if not for your helpful comments motivating me to check the voltage.

And your staff will soon have another order from me so I keep a backup on hand.  I am only an individual so needs are small, but you have earned my loyalty for any other needs that arise.  Thank you.




Hello Ron,

First, let me say that in a world in which virtually every commercial interaction has become emblematic of the death of customer service, you and your company are a lonely beacon of hope in the great sea of mediocrity, slipping standards, and slipshod standards.

  1. You returned my inquiry with alacrity.  Despite it being sent late at night, I had a reply just after sunrise.
  2. I was given a thoughtful, detailed, explanation of the situation based on knowledge and science.
  3. I was given several options, all of them extremely fair and more than reasonable.

As I do not know why the one bulb failed (I have yet to try a continuity check on the terminals) I will happily accept your offer of a replacement bulb.

Again, thank you for providing service “above and beyond.”  This country needs more people like those who work in your company.




Hello Ron,

We have successfully installed the lamp in our slide projector (after carefully reading the enclosed instructions)!

Thank you so much for your help during our recent telephone conversation.  We are really looking forward to revisiting our VW Van trip to Europe and Northern Africa in the early 1970s through our slides.

Best regards, Janet


Hello Ron,

Thank you Ron and Replacement Light Bulbs.  This is a feedback letter on my order I had.

The packing was excellent. Well done.

I have just tested every bulb and want to inform you that all but one functioned properly.  The one that failed was a 40A17/34/ES (SYLVANIA Energy Saver 34 WATT). This was in a previously opened box. The rest of this lot was in original unopened (glued) boxes.  The bulb was not broken nor cracked, it was an internal failure. The bulb looked odd, as if the filament had bounced around inside. Sure enough that bulb failed.

I do not ask for or expect a single bulb replacement for a 40 cent bulb.
If you could put it in "my account" that I had a bad bulb then the next time I order it will be there. I don't know when that will be since I bought so many older bulbs, but I may see something in the future and say, "ohh look there is another one of those bulbs" and order.

Thank you again.



Customer Service Replacementlightbulbs,
One of the lamps was defective since it had bent pins (please see attached photo). May have happened during shipping but not sure.  Knew it was a problem when it did not fit in socket correctly.  Please replace with exact type ordered.  Will be happy to send defective lamp back if needle.  Just let me know how to proceed.



Hello Bill,

Thank you for your purchase!

I am sorry that you received a defective lamp. I am relatively sure this did not happen in shipping. While shipping damage can happen these are well packed and damage probably would not manifest that way. We will ship a replacement today, and I have the replacement on my desk already inspected by me to have appropriate pin positions.

We do not need the old lamp back. Shipping costs more than the lamps. If you are careful in straightening the pins you can use this lamp just fine. I would grab a pair of needle nose pliers and bend the pins straight and use the lamp. Consider this defective lamp a bonus in exchange for the work you have to do to make it fit correctly.



I wanted to apologize for not getting back to you sooner but wanted to let you know that I appreciate all your help in sending me a replacement lamp and also telling me how to fix the old one with Needle nose pliers.  Went ahead and straightened out the pins as you recommended, and it worked great!  Look forward to doing more business in the future since good customers service is something my wife and I value very, very, much!!!

God bless and Happy New Year,

Bill and Christina


Thank you for your concern. Honestly, the situation was rather inconvenient, but you get high praise for the way you handled it. Not only did you replace the bulb without a hassle, but you tried to help me understand what happened, and you worked to get to the cause of the problem. Your customer service could not have been better. Thank you.

Merry Christmas!



I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the recent service you provided me.
I had a somewhat obscure, discontinued fluorescent bulb that, after about 15 years, finally burnt out.
After a bit of a search, I found that you actually had this bulb in stock.
Packaging was great and delivery was very quick.  Unfortunately, the Post Office saw it fit to somehow crush the box and completely shatter the new bulb.
One simple call to your office, and you offered to ship another bulb at no additional cost to me.
This time packaging was even better and, again, delivery was very quick.  And, thankfully, the Post Office delivered the bulb in one, unbroken piece.

It  may have only been one little bulb, but your service made my day.




I just wanted to send a note to let you know how pleased I am with your service.  I placed my order on Monday and received today - 2 days.  Honestly, I wasn't certain what to expect as your website is somewhat underwhelming (please don't take that as too critical, just honest feedback).  So many people try scams, I was concerned that maybe I might be disappointed.  I certainly am not!

I imagine your pricing is so fair because you have a very basic site.  I appreciate that.  That said, if you endeavored to create a slightly more user-friendly site, you might achieve significant additional business.  I almost left, until I found both items that I needed.  

Anyway, my note is one of appreciation first and foremost.  And one of feedback for your consideration.  Most importantly I wish you continued success in your business efforts.



Dear Ron Miller,
I recently ordered some replacement lightbulbs for an old make-up mirror that I've had for decades. I was very pleased--and surprised--that you carried bulbs for the mirror. But what really stood out was the shipping. The bulbs were very well-packed in a box of peanuts, and arrived via priority packaging. It was quality care for the items, and quality care for the customer. Thank you very much! I doubt I'll have much need for other hard-to-find replacement bulbs, so I may not be in touch again. I wish your company a long and prosperous life.
Fort Collins, Colorado


Hello Ron,

I wanted to thank you for the great customer service. I have ordered from you guys in past years and have always been more than satisfied with the purchase experience. You have far exceeded my expectations and I will continue to refer your outfit to others. 

Kind regards,


I just wanted to let you know I received the bulbs yesterday. Awesome service. Thank you so much.  My husband installed it with no problem!!! Thanks again.



Your recommendation worked! The rings fit the socket threads and hold the globes in place. Plus, they’re made of metal, not cheap plastic, so when I accidentally dropped one it didn’t break.



Hi Ron,
Super fast shipping, arrived today and already installed the 10v bulbs!   Your company is GREAT!

Kind Regards,



Just received my order and cant be more pleased with your service Reps and the item. While it was just a couple bucks it was exactly what I needed. In fact, my elderly brother will be ordering something any minute now!
Thanks again.


Good morning. Just received my replacement bulbs this morning in the mail. I am very impressed with your packaging. I felt like a little child at Christmas almost. Thanks for the great service. Will finish my morning coffee now then install them. Thanks again and have a great day.

Sent from my iPhone


And BOOM! I got my bulbs already, Coast to coast in two days.


Thanks, guys!


Hello Ron

Quick note to say thanks to your staff for being professional and friendly.

Ordered 2 DNE bulbs for my super 8 sound movie projector.

Received in Vancouver Canada (3000 miles from you) under 2 weeks.

Well packaged with bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts for added protection.
Canada Post delivered right to the door.
Very impressed.

Thanks again and it is great knowing where one can get great service.

Yours truly



Good afternoon, Ron,

In case someone else asks:  your KANDOlite F4T5/BL lamp IS compatible with Yunlight’s “Insect Killer” model VL4WA (6” long), bug zapper. 




Great price (Walmart and Amazon were about 4 times as much.)
Great info on website about which size to get.
Very quick delivery.
Raleigh NC


I want to thank your company for the refund of $4.17 that the post office charged me on a delivery yesterday that I found was their error after talking to Ron Miler, your General Manager. 
This refund shows the honesty and integrity of your company in this day and age where many companies hear your complaint, and then it goes nowhere.   I will spread your name near and far to my friends
who are in need of light bulbs. 


Poland, OH


Hello Ron,
   Received the bulbs yesterday.  They work fine,  speedy shipping, careful packaging...100% excellent transaction.
Thank You,



I've just received two projector lamps from you folks and just wanted to note how impressed I am with your packaging and documentation, especially the 'read before handling lamp' instructions. Hardly anybody else makes such an effort to provide informative support, or packs a fragile product with such care. 

Thanks very much.

Henrietta NY


Kudos to the post office...  The lightbulbs arrived today.  That was way quicker than I was expecting.  One edge of the box was a little pushed in, but you had done a great job packing them, so they are all perfect.  And, CanadaPost didn't bother collecting taxes or brokerage fee from me.... 
So I am really pleased!!
Thanks again,



Hi Ron, 

Joe Powers here. I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my order the other day. A lot of people wouldn't have called me back to double check if really meant to order what I ordered, but you did. And I'm very appreciative of that. You don't see great service like that much anymore, so when I see it, I like to commend it. You and your company are GREAT, so I will send more business your way whenever I have the chance!

My order was already delivered today, so thank you for getting it out to me so quickly. I'm so glad I found your company online several years ago. 

Until next time.....thanks again!



Ron and Kat,

I recently placed an order with your company and simply wanted to express my gratitude. I was having a difficult time locating some socket rings; however, your website made it easy to find what I was looking for. The shipping was very quick and the items arrived perfectly.

Simply put, thank you! I look forward to doing business with you in the future. 


Ron, just wanted to let you know the bulb I picked up yesterday worked perfectly.  It’s 30-50% brighter than the old one (before the old one burnt out).  I had no problem finding the box outside your door (but I’m glad we discussed).  I see the inventory count today is 91 – down 17 from yesterday.  Looks like business is good for CLS bulbs!!  Thanks again for your help.  -Jeff, Pittsboro, NC


I recently purchased a DFC projector bulb for an 8mm film player from your company. I read the instructions upon arrival and was surprised to read most users say the bulbs last around 45 minutes TOTAL. I couldn't believe this was the case. Still, I followed the instructions sent with the bulb and the bulb lasted a total of about 30 minutes before burning out. This is unacceptable for the $65 price I paid + shipping and would like a refund.

Thank you for your help.

Transaction ID: 48B59127US067011K



Response from Ron:

Hello Bob,

Thank you for your order!

This lamp type has an average rated life of 15 hours under perfect handling and cooling conditions. Most customers get more than 45 minutes. 45 minutes is a common complaint associated with customers running 50’ reels and not cooling the lamp between reels. This lamp has no guaranteed life because with improper handling beyond the control of the manufacturer the life can be much shorter.

With rare exception every customer receiving a lamp claims that they followed all the instructions perfectly.

I can tell you that if the lamp worked for 30 minutes it was not defective and was not damaged in shipping. A damaged or defective lamp would never make it for seconds much less minutes.

The most common cause of failure in the time you referenced is failure to follow the instruction we provided that says once you turn the lamp off leave the lamp off for at least ten minutes with the fan running before you move or jar the projector in any way including turning the lamp back on.

This does not mean that short on/off cycles is why your lamp failed. There are lots of potential causes of a premature failure. Our objective will be to determine the cause of the failure or you are destined to repeat the failure to continued disappointment. If you want help determining the cause of the failure saying the lamp lasted 30 minutes is woefully insufficient to get to the bottom of the problem. Please send a clear photo of the lamp post failure with a description of what was happening at the time of the failure, before during and after.




Dear Mr. Miller, 

I just phoned your company's technical support for assistance in identifying a replacement bulb for an old Kodak carousel slide projector that belonged to my husband’s family. The gentleman I spoke with was both extremely knowledgeable and helpful in talking me through my questions and resolving my issues from what bulb I needed to how to replace the bulb in my projector. And, he provided helpful hints for protecting the life of the bulb as well as accomplishing my task of viewing boxes and boxes of carousels of generations of family slides.   

It is not often, these days, that I contact a company and get a person on the phone who is both polite, knowledgeable and helpful in just the right way. Kudos to your company. I will repeat this story and recommend your company to others! Thank you for the service you provide. I look forward to receiving my new bulbs from you.




Hi Ron,

Just wanted to share my thanks for your quick service and very reasonable pricing on some hard to find bulbs. I looked all over the Internet for some little automotive bulbs for an old style European headlight and only found them in Europe with 6 weeks shipping, or for $42/each with 2 week shipping here in the States. You had a cross referenced bulb for $5/each with reasonable shipping and they showed up in 3 days. 

I will be sure to share your website with all my car group forums! 

Thanks again and have a nice week,



I ordered by phone a pair of victory infra red halogen bulbs on 3/03/20. Beleive I spoke with Ron. I'm sending this note because I am very pleased with all aspects of that purchase. First, you are very knowledgeable about the product, knew exactly what I was requesting. Secondly, your price, even with shipping was about 10 times less than Amazon and other vendors. Third, the product arrived undamaged, perfectly packaged for the cross country trip, and arrived 2 days after my order. On top of that they were the correct item and work perfectly. All I can say is WOW!! What service!! Very uncommon in this day and age. I'm impressed. Thank you very much for being professional in your business.

Hatden, Idaho


Hi Ron:

i spoke to you the other day about an old Kodak projector bulb, and you helped steer me to the right one - CLS/CLG 120V 300W Lamp .  It arrived today, very fast delivery, with excellent instructions, which I followed and actually learned something.

Projector is up and running.  I just need to find a 5 inch 8mm reel and we are set to go.  Films from the late 1930's.  Family films.

So many thanks for your excellent service and advice, and I will be bringing all my old bulb needs to you.

Merry Christmas to you

Best regards

Snohomish WA


Recently found a  (discontinued) bulb for my makeup mirror on your site…then needed a ballast and you had that too!  Placed the orders and had the items in 2/3 days.  Awesome service!  Very well packed (no broken bulb)!!  There aren’t enough good words about this company’s customer service.
Thank you,

Dear Ron:

Thanks so much for your assistance on the phone on 05/03/19 at around 4:30pm ET.

We DID have Dawn dish soap and I cleaned both DAT bulbs that I have with cloth and water, dried carefully, NO fingerprint oil.

The projector is a Sears Whisper-Matic-IV #837.98760 probably purchased in the mid 1970's (I'm OLD).

Is there any market for these units? I'm almost finished dumping about 4,500 35mm slides and hate to junk the unit, but won't have any use for it IF I convert the slides to DVD's.

So kind of you to walk me through my perceived problem and discover it was my error of not securing the bulb properly.

Best wishes,

Bill, Bonita Springs, FL 

Ron's Response:

Hello Bill,

I managed photo labs for 20 years. I remember people transferring their film and slides to video and trashing the originals. I can tell you that the people who kept their film still have a good product and the VHS tapes are not good anymore.

You may notice that if you go to buy a computer most computers no longer have DVD drives. DVD is essentially obsolete, there is just a lot out there right now.

I personally recommend that you keep the slides and projector as someone will appreciate it later. You are getting this advice from someone who has too much stuff. There is value in downsizing, I just have not adopted the strategy.

As far as selling the equipment a lot of people looking for an old projector to view their movies and slides look on eBay. I am sure there are other sources but I do not do the best job of keeping up with trends like this.

I am glad you were able to complete the job with the lamps you had. The lamps are quite expensive now and getting every hour we can out of existing lamps will create a happy person at some point in the future who was able to get a lamp.



Hi Ron,

Good news the socket rings fit!

I gave a couple to the apartment complex maintenance mgr along with the company business card.

Hopefully, this will create additional business. They have over 1,000 properties across the USA.

Thank you again for all your help!

Best regards,



Hello Ron,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate to have found a quality business like replacementlightbulbs.com. It is refreshing to see a business operate with honesty and care for customers. I had spent a fair amount of time trying to locate FC11T4/865 bulbs, and I kept coming up with companies selling these at very high prices, Amazon selling one for $15.00. I finally discovered your business and the price was $4.95 plus a reasonable (and fast) shipping. I have built my small business on the same principles your company has. Great customer service and products at a fair price. I will certainly do business again with replacementlightbulbs.com!

My best regards,



Hi Ron! Just wanted to let you know I received the replacement light bulbs for my Avon Snowman. They got here so fast! I can now enjoy it for the New Year holiday! 
Happy New Year!


Thanks so much for the very fast service this week.

I had been looking for headlight bulbs for my antique Wheel Horse 520HC tractor, and found my usual sources for such devices wanted a king's ransom for them!

Sticking "Wheel Horse Headlights" into my search engine *(startpage.com) found your company on the first page.

I was amazed at how fast they came, and they fit perfectly.

Needless to say, you're now bookmarked for future reference when I need bulbs or vacuum tubes again. (I rebuild antique radios!)

Thanks again,



Dear Ron,

The knowledge you shared about CRI in your email today helped me tremendously. I've been "stuck", unable to make a final decision about having my lighting fixture repaired (halogen) (because of the logistics) or moving on to a new lighting fixture, one with an LED strip, which, when it fails, you have no recourse but to dispose of the entire fixture, a rather disturbing new development.

Now I am definitely going to make the effort to get it repaired with the sockets you provided to me!

Thanks so much, you really made a positive difference!




I received the ballast and installed.  It’s a perfect  fit and replacement.  My mother in law thinks I’m a genius.
Thanks for your help.




Great news! The two replacement bulbs came with intact filaments. My boys will be able to enjoy revisiting their childhood through beautiful slides projected by your quartz bulbs.

I am grateful for your rarefied service and product.



Hello Ron,

Items arrived today(Monday 22nd) exactly as described and perfect fit. Hope you can see now why were so keen on getting out of Europe (Brexit) nothing seems to work right with them.

Many thanks Greg

Note from Ron: Ordered October 15th and shipped USPS First Class International to the UK, delivery took a week. Many shipments take two or three weeks and occasionally much longer with no guaranteed delivery date for this shipping service.


Thanks Ron,

I installed the replacement bulb yesterday and it works great. I appreciate your patience with me and the technical information you gave me. Thank you for the replacement and I wish you the best in the future.




Hi Ron,

This is fantastic news!

I have just placed my order for a dozen.

Thank you so much for your patience, perseverance, and amazing customer service these past 4 years to mfc’er this item. Just an FYI, the original sample that you sent me is still working fine (high quality).

Warmest regards,


I recently bought a projector on eBay - a Chinon 4000GL. It was in very good working shape according to the seller...except when it arrived, the bulb was burned out. I was upset at first so I started looking around for a replacement. Don't know if you're familiar with it or not but there's this thing called the "internet" and like Alice's Restaurant, you can get anything you want.

Well, I came across a site called replacementlightbulbs.com and decided to check it out. After all I had looked at a number of others but didn't qualify for their mortgage for the CXL bulb for my projector.

I was quite surprised when I saw the same bulb on replacementlightbulbs.com for a fraction of what others were selling. Gotta admit, I was a little skeptical at first so I read a lot more. Did you know some sites actually have more than a first page? And they have other informative information on them..like yours? Wow! What a surprise!

As I was 90% ready to order from you I noticed a click to a page, of all things, jokes! Now I knew you were in N.C. so my initial thought was, Oh boy, a Southern conservative site  that might try to get my Yankee dollars...probably run by a stereotype southerner. After reading further (the jokes) I realized that I didn't really care if you were a conservative or liberal...just that you had to be an ok guy to set up a site like that.

So with credit card in hand I purchased a replacement lamp for my projector from you  And dang, what do you know? You had the gall to send it Priority Mail! Not only that but ordering it on a Friday you or your staff actually mailed it that afternoon. What are you really, a good old liberal businessman at heart (no offense intended)? And to add to my surprise, I got the darn thing the following Monday! Two days? You tryin' to start a new trend or something? Don't worry, I won't tell any of your competition!

Well the bulb works. It didn't explode or melt or whistle Dixie. It just worked and today that's something. If you keep this kind of service up I just may have to order from you again! Actually I'm going to get another CXL from you. I just want to know the difference between Ushio and Dr. Fisher other than 2.39 American.

I hope you understand this is all  tongue in cheek and I'm really happy with your product and your site. Anyone who can put some of those jokes on his site can't be all bad, even if you're a southern "gentleman?" LOL!

Thanks for the fine product and excellent service.

Illumin-atedly yours,


BTW, I've been playing with computers since 1966 and been on Al Gore's internet since 1969 with a 30 year stop-over in scientific optics (telescopes, lasers, satellites optics, etc.)


Hi Ron,

I'm going to put in an order for some projector bulbs (and thank you for having all the kind I need for our old
projectors!), but I want you to know that you're missing my family's favorite light bulb joke:
How many Jewish mothers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
None. "That's okay...I'll just sit here in the dark...."



Dear Sirs

Replacement bulb received, my projector working again. Thank you for your knowledge, expediency and professionalism.
Hope to do business with you in the future.
Yours truly Robert


Thanks so much, Ron.  I really appreciate your prompt reply.  You are the "best" in customer service and I really appreciate your great prices on the replacement bulbs!




Hello at Replacement Light Bulbs,
My (6)-F8T5/EX-N fluorescent bulbs arrived in excellent shape, great packaging. For your quality control information, one bulb flickers. I did not find any lot number labeling except for the manufacturer's mark on each end on the metal tube caps, a capital "J." Bulb labeling as per your online photo and cutsheet.

I bought these bulbs for my Porta-Trace Gagne 1012-1 light table. It is an old style, using fluorescent bulbs instead of LED type lights. Even though I live in the Chicago area, I could not find 5000K, 400L bulbs locally. Do not worry about sending me a replacement bulb; I will be dead and gone before I will use up the remaining (5) bulbs. I purchased multiples, understanding it is still a small order, to make more worth your company's efforts. Thanks for fulfilling my order!


Note from Ron: Here was our reply.

Hello Doris,

Thank you for your kind feedback!

I am sorry you received a lamp that does not work correctly. We had these custom manufactured so all the lamps we are selling are from the same batch. This is the first batch we ordered.

I appreciate the cross reference to the equipment using the lamp. Adding this information to our website may make it easier for customers to find the correct lamp and help us sell more lamps.

You should not have to pay for a product that is damaged or defective. Normally I would send a replacement but if you probably are not going to use the lamp I am happy to refund for the lamp. I sent your receipt to Sales asking them to refund for one lamp.




Hi Ron,

I just want to thank you for the advice you gave me. I replaced the sockets on my heat lamp and the bulbs that I purchased from you work find. Thanks for the help.


I talked to you earlier this afternoon about replacing the lightbulb on a Verilux lamp. You  suggested grinding the tabs on the outer edge of the small oval on the base of the replacement bulb. It took about a minute and works very well. Again, thanks for the help. You are the epitome of a great businessman.




I just want to commend you on your excellent web site. I was able to select a ballast to replace my CFL floor lamp ballast and even match the colors for the wiring of the ballast. Very well thought out on your part. Thanks!



Hello Ron,
   I received the two GE H7550-1 light bulbs Thursday...they work fine.  I use my Craftsman Ultra Beam lantern nightly when I take the dog out...great lantern with bright long distance beam..helps to prevent walking in to a coyote or mountain lion unexpectedly.
Parcel received in a timely fashion as promised...quick confirmation on shipping......excellent packing.  Thank you for being there..
Mariposa, Calif. 



Hi Ron,

I ordered 12 bulbs on 11/5/17 and was worried about breakage in transit. The Priority One box arrived today 11/9/17, and I have to compliment your packing department on a job well done! The 12 bulbs were rubber banded together in the center of the carton in their own individual boxes, surrounded by peanuts on all 6 sides, and topped off with bubble wrap. The carton was bashed in on one of the corners, and I was sure there would be breakage inside. NOT SO! Keep up the great work!

A satisfied customer – Carol


Hello Ron,

I hereby confirm the arrival of the package. It has been great doing online business with you. Great packing. All items are intact.
I am grateful for the assistance and guidance you provided and I am also sorry about the confusion I caused. My apologies. 

Keep up the good work.

Best regards.



Dear Ron,

I just received my order of 1178a bulbs. I wanted to thank your staff for packing the bulbs very carefully, even for my order of 10 bulbs. They have arrived safe and sound all the way in Australia.

Thanks very much


I would like to compliment your sales and customer service areas.  I had a really hard time finding a replacement bulb for an old spotlight I have. No stores around me had one. They all offered me a 50 watt or 75 watt replacement. The original bulb is 100watt, so why would I want to go dimmer.  Anyway, after no success at my area stores, I searched online.  My first choice wasn’t the best choice. The website showed my bulb “in stock”, but after waiting a week without getting a shipping confirmation, I called the company and they told me it wasn’t in stock.

Long story short, I saw your company carried the bulb. I called just to make sure it was in stock, and it was.  So I went back online and placed my order. Ten minutes later I received a tracking number, and 2 days later, the bulb was delivered.  That is the best service I have received in a long time. You are now my goto company for bulbs, you won me over.

Meanwhile, im still waiting for the other place to get back to me. I placed that order june 29th and still haven’t received it , or even get a tracking number, yet there website still says its “in stock”

Thank you for not being another company like that.



Thanks  for your excellent support and the heads up on the lamp availability.  I am very fortunate to have been advised by someone with your experience and caring!

All the best,



Just wanted to let you know that the lamp worked perfectly.  I've used it review about seventy five 50 foot 8 mm reels.  I am glad I had the opportunity to review all the reels before taking them to be converted to DVD.  About 20 of the reels were mostly scenery and not worth copying.  That more than covered the cost of the lamp. 


I want to send you all a huge THANK YOU  for the speedy delivery of my replacement lt. bulb for my magnifying mirror that was 8 years old. I was so afraid that I would have to totally replace this mirror and then have to pay in addition for someone to come in an install it. This was an expensive mirror and Beth & Bath had assured me that I would be able to replace the bulb when it died but when the time came they would not offer any help.  I cannot tell you how many companies I contacted about finding a replacement bulb and you guys really came through for me. I thank you so much for your professionalism and the pride you have in doing a good job.  I will definitely refer you to all my friends.  Maggi

Just wanted to send one last thank you note to tell you how impressed I am with your business. Both you and the woman I spoke with showed "old school" customer service during this entire process with multiple phone and email communications that were very organized. Something you don't see much anymore.

Kudos to you and your team!


Have been using the bulb for a few sessions now and all OK. (I'm converting old 8mm movies to digital). Thanks for your great service and best of the holiday and new year to you. Gord

Thanks so much for sending the replacement bulb. It works! The lamp is fine and my 96 year old mother who depends on it due to poor eyesight is delighted.



I need to thank you for this smooth transaction. The replacement ballast fit almost perfectly. I'll order from you again in the future.


I LOVE you guys! You have made my Christmas brighter, literally and figuratively! I have been searching for this hard to find lightbulb for the up light in my ceiling fan for well over a year. After being sent candelabra lights bulbs and Christmas tree bulbs all of which I could find locally and being brushed off and left hanging, as I know this is not a big money making order, your people responded to me immediately, kept up the correspondence and found the bulb I needed. Within a 24 hour period. I am amazed and delighted! As far as I am concerned, you are the ONLY online market that stands behind what you say, that you can find the “hard to find” bulbs, but most importantly, you WILL DELIVER!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! And a very Merry Christmas to you all.


You're the best!

Thanks so much for a fast and detailed answer, via phone and E_mail.. The document is a great reference. My client may not have chosen the best lamp for their application. Now I can point them in the right direction.

Thanks again,
Happy Holidays

Thanks for the reply and detailed instructions. Following your suggestion, I
reseated the bulb and gave it a good push. Never did hear the pop, but evidently
that was enough. The bulb came on and works like a champ!
Unfortunately, a lot of vendors wouldn't have bothered. Hats off to you
for caring and looking after your customers!!!
Thanks again,

Hi Ron,

Thanks for all the work. I am not sure the profit on $12.95 is going to cover much of that effort, but I did order one. Looks like it will do fine. As far as rewiring for no dimmer, I assume I will put a switch on the hot (black) wire, and connect the Red lines to one side of the bulb (the vertical pair as the bulb sits on the table), and yellows to the other side (the other vertical pair of pins).

Thanks again. Stellar customer service for little profit. I don't see a way to put in a review, but see you have them. Here is another.

Hi Ron,
Thanks for the stellar customer service regarding my wife's lit makeup mirror. After my inquiry, you researched the correct ballast for my situation, and actually tested it with the circular fluorescent bulb I was trying to drive. Then gave me actionable information. I bought what you recommended.
Thanks for going above and beyond for me. Allan in Colorado.

I want to thank your company for doing such a professorial job on my order for Ballast FML27 27W.

It came very quickly, was less expensive then Amazon, and you supplied instructions.

I was very happy with the transaction. It was better then most Internet transactions.

Thank you.

Ansonia, CT

Hi Ron,

I just wanted to tell you that I very much appreciate your support in helping me resolving my problem with both the lamp and the ballast.
It is really refreshing to deal with someone who is willing to go the extra mile in supporting a customer.

Again thank you very much,


O my goodness! I got it! You were terrific!!!SO patient n knowledgeable THANK YOU!!!


Thank you for all of your efforts! Customer Service must really be your middle name!!

I will retire the old unit and check the market for options. I will also take-up your suggestion about engineering a fixture to handle something from the current inventory of manufactured bulbs. First, I will check with a geologist about short-wave and long-wave band requirements for mineralogy and work from there.

I will drop by your end of the web for my bulbs, though, when the thought and engineering are completed.

All the best ....



Ordered 2 lights bulbs from you just a couple of days ago for my wifes' favorite fiber optic Snowman.... Got them today.
Great job and I will recommend your company...

Thanks again,

Hi Ron

Wanted to let you know the bulb you recommend works great. My little Christmas tree is ready to go. Have a great new year.


Hello Ron,

I just wanted to thank you for the great service I've received while placing a small order with your company. The transaction was fantastic, and the turnaround time on the order really blew me away.

You guys are doing a great job over there, and I appreciate it.

Thank you,


The bulbs I ordered, Cat # 2330 came today.
VERY disappointed with the cheap china bulbs.
Had you indicated they were made in China, I would have shopped elsewhere.

Our response to Steven's complaint

Hello Steven,

Thank you for your purchase!

I am sorry that you are disappointed. At the moment most light bulbs are made in China. Stop in Walmart and pick up a GE light bulb and light bulbs that were long ago made in the USA, a few years ago made in Hungary are now almost all made in China.

I have no notes complaining of the quality of the 2330 lamps made in China. China like anywhere else has some of the best and worst manufacturing in the world. We carefully select manufacturers that produce good quality. The products we have had the most problems with from a quality standpoint are GE products made in Mexico.

Is your only complaint that they are made in China or is there a quality issue that you can quantify for me to put in my notes?

Do you know of a source for this lamp that currently manufacturers this lamp outside of China?

If you are willing to purchase a manufacturing run and know of a source you prefer to make the lamp we will be happy to put that together for you.

Most customers are excited that we took the initiative to have the lamps manufactured and that they can get the lamps at all.

Please return the lamps with a request for a refund. We do not charge a restocking fee and we do not require an RMA number for returns.

In the future should you be sensitive to the country of manufacturer we are happy to check the country for you. We cannot usually choose the country of manufacturer but upon request we will be happy to look at the product and report back to you before you make your purchasing decision.



I just wanted to give you a big "thank you" for the bulbs I recently ordered. They fit my daughter's lava lamp perfectly. For nearly a year I searched store after store but could never find the right type and size of bulb, and then I came across your website and hit the jackpot. The shipping charges were a bit pricey, but the bulbs were reasonably priced and the service was so fast that I received them within 2 days of placing the order. Thank you so much!


Thank you for the great service and great selection of bulbs. I didn’t think i’d ever find a replacement for some incidental lights i bought in L.A. in the 1980s - but after using the specifications on your site i was able to judge the oddball replacement and they work great.

what did we do before the internet??

have a great day!



I recently purchased and quickly and safely received an order of 4 FE-US-30/5000K Longstar lightbulbs. Thank you. I have just opened and tested each bulb against my existing similar bulb. I was happy to find that all worked upon first use and color was comparable to my existing product. Testing each on the same fixture, I found that one bulb has an audible hum. I tried the humming bulb on my other fixture and it continues to hum.

Is this bulb defective? What would you like me to do with it?

Thank you,


Note from Ron: We contacted the manufacturer and they are sending a replacement. We do not yet know if this will cause a premature failure but we are sure it is irriating so not acceptable. Sometimes a hum in a lamp can be a normal by product of dimming for example but the above is a fluorescent lamp that is not being dimmed and should not make a noticable humming. It is an electronic device so it is not perfectly silent when in operation.

I received the replacement ballast on Monday 7/6 for a 60" Full Spectrum Floor Lamp that fail last week. The new ballast was smaller then the original, but fit in the compartment with a little modification.

I just wanted to thank you for the quick shipment and I will be ordering a spare ballast as a backup for the other lamp.



Good Morning,
Kudos to your entire staff on my online order, Receipt # RL - 378786, 06/12/2015.
I was more than pleasantly surprised to receive my package in 3 days via USPS Priority.
Best price, shipping, and customer service in my book.

I have a 1937 packard and the headlight bulbs I just purchased were perfect. Thank you so much, I will spread the word. Sincerely Tim

Thanks for your help and the instruction for the return. I will ship my items today and I wanted to tell you that your customer service and support was outstanding. Due to this great experience I will be delighted to use replacementlightbulbs.com in the future and I will recommend your company to others.
Have a great day!


Hello Ron, thanks again for the continued support through your kind and detailed correspondence.

Good news, did your suggested testing and eureka! the new bulb worked fine in my wife's Tensor lamp, left it on a long time and no cycling occurred. Prior to exchanging the bulbs I cleaned the contacts, tightened the socket sides, in my lamp these were too open causing loose contact.

Will you believe Ron that my parents got those lamps in the late 60's (!) -plan to restore them with a new coat of paint, have already installed aluminum stick-on tape to the inside of the reflectors, improving brightness.

Always used the required # 93 bulbs which were readily available pre-packaged in hardware stores, a long time ago...when I could not find these, tried the 12V automotive single filament bulb, but somehow this always caused the on-off cycling..

Best wishes for the success of your company,


Just wanted to take a second to let you know how pleased I was with your service.

As a new customer, I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at the rapid turnaround and shipping of my order and they arrived on Friday the 3rd (only 2 days later). That's faster than Amazon, on something they didn't stock, and you folks are obviously doing a lot of things right.

I'll be ordering from you again. Great Job.

Bothell, WA

Hi Ron,
Greetings, I am impressed by the way you handled my order, I got the bulbs, in good working condition and within 4 working days, I should have included the bulb for my projector lamp but I forgot to order it. Anyway thank you very much I will recommend you to my friends that will be needing bulbs not available here locally.


Ron, thanks again, the light works as you directed!

The first light had only two wires going to the light socket, I had to run 4 wires to the socket outside the post because there was not enough room to put them inside, looks funny but functional!

The second light was straight forward, all the wires were in the center post and all I had to do was replace the ballast and it works fine!

Thanks again, first class service!



Thank you for the receipt. And double thank you for having this very hard to find NOS neon bulb. It's for my late '50's tube tester. Actually, it's as old as I am.

Question.........at the bottom of the receipt after the receipt number is "Cupcake". I'm curious, what does that mean ? I like cupcakes, do you too?!

Regards, Mike


I received the new sockets, installed them and…… they worked perfectly.
Thank you so much for your help in having these made up for me!


Greetings: I recently ordered a CH40-120B FML 27W ballast to replace the one in my computer desk lamp. I just wanted to let you know that I was pleased with the entire ordering process. The item was very well described, well packaged, well documented, and promptly delivered. I would be more than happy to refer those in need of these type of items to your company.


Thanks for the quick delivery of an Osram P-VIP 230W/0.8 E20.8 today.
I called in the order yesterday afternoon, very helpful over the phone, and VERY helpful to have projector back up and running today.

Will purchase from you again, and will recommend to any and all who need specialty bulbs.


Thanks for your prompt reply.
Pl. inform your boss about about my comment: "excellent service"!


I just wanted to send a quick thank you. I have a rather old lamp above my bed that apparently uses what I found out to be somewhat weird bulbs. It had been working perfectly almost nonstop for years, but last month one of the bulbs started flickering and burned out, and then about 2 weeks later the other and final bulb did the same. So I just assumed I could find new bulbs for it, but lo and behold, they were not as common as I would have hoped, definitively not a Home Depot item for sure. I basically came to find out that on the whole of the interwebs there was but one purveyor of such an item. ReplacementLightBulbs.com. So I quickly placed my order for 2 of these bulbs, and within a week sitting in my mailbox was a wonderful little package that will allow me to see in the dark once more.

So....I thank you for existing, and I thank you for stocking
CF13SE/865-2G7 Compact Fluorescent Lamp



I received my new lamp and now my beloved Digital Projection Mercury HD is back on the ceiling and throwing a wonderful picture. I will need to recal the projector once I get about a 100 on the lamp.

The packing of the lamp was outstanding and I received allot quicker than I thought I would. I look forward to doing business with you in the futurer when I need a new lamp and counter reset.

Semper Fi


USMC Retired

Ron, I'm Jerry Brownlee and I have been a recent customer of your company. On or about 10/02/2014, I placed an order for a CH40-120B ballast and a SC-221 socket to repair a floor lamp for my dad. Parts were shipped THAT DAY. Your team is definitely doing something right. The part fit and the instructions were sufficient to make the repair a no-brainer. I salute you sir for a job well done. Please pass along a big "thank you" for helping me out. Jerry ​


Thank You for your excellent assistance with our Bell & Howell FML27W floor lamp restoration. Your CH40-120B ballast we purchased from you worked perfectly. The wiring information you included made the project take care of itself. Total time was about a minute or 2.

Thanks again for having this module and info available to bring an excellent lamp back to life.

Best Regards,

San Jose, CA

Hi Ron,

Lamps are received. Everything's ok.

Thank you for great service, keep up the good work!

Med vänlig hälsning / Best regards,



Dear Ron:

The bulbs for my Eumig 8mm Projector arrived to day. THEY FIT!
After searching for several years for these bulbs you have ended my search.
What a wonderful service you have.
Again many thanks.



I receivedmy order on Thursday, 06-27.
My order was, exactly what I ordered, exactly what I needed, in perfectcondition, and arrived so quickly that I thought I was living in an alternate dimension.
Outstanding performanceReplacementLightBulbs and thank you for your excellentservice.
Well done ... VERY well done.

FT Rouse

Received the replacement bulb today. Works fine. Excellent packaging. Great Service from you.



Wanted to let you know I am pleased so far with this GX53 bulb replacement that I bought from your company. The original bulb replacements from Home Depot for the base fixture is no longer available so this LED light with its lower energy use and longer expected life was a great find.


St. Louis, Missouri

I just ordered some ballast & bulbs and wanted to thank you for having a well put together website. I know it is an endless battle to keep up a working site, and you are doing a fine job. Customer service was good also.
Thanks again
Susan and Joe

Great Service

I just wanted to thank you for the prompt and great service in getting a ballast to me. I just got it in the lamp-- It works. Thanks again.

From the other side of the mountain,


Hello Ron,

I just wanted to tell you that I received the bulbs today, and they fit perfectly in my lava lamp.

I’m very happy with my purchase, and from now on, I’ll go to you first for my light bulb needs.



I want to thank you and your team for the excellent service you provided. This is regarding receipt RL -325963 for a FC12T4/865/LG 5.45".
This is an item that does not seem to be easily found. We went to Office Depot on Sunday as it seemed they had what we needed. No, it was a smaller diameter, so forget that. Other local businesses did not list anything like it, either.
An online search allowed us to find you. The detailed diagram on your site proved that your offering was the EXACT item we needed so there was no confusion.
From the time I actually placed the order on Monday until it was in my mailbox today was about 46 hours. That is outstanding! Yes, USPS did their part, but obviously you processed the order and got it into the mail almost instantly.
Granted, this was a tiny order, yet you treated it like we were the biggest client you have. It surely is appreciated. That light is used daily and was greatly missed for those days when it was out of commission.
If all businesses provided the level of service you do, it would be a remarkable country. Thanks again. I will surely consider you for other bulb needs in the future now that I'm aware of you.
Kissimmee, FL

Hey Ron!

I just wanted you to know that the ballast worked perfectly!!! It was very easy to install and as you said, a bit smaller so it fit with ease! FYI - I am a maintenance tech by trade, so I already had a little advantage :)

Thanks again! I will definitely shop you guys again!

Hi Ron,

I felt compelled to write again and say 'thanks' for the earlier reply. You're old school, like I am, from back in the days when providing good service was important. I really appreciated your reply. You don't see much of that anymore. The world was more pleasant back then.

The floor lamp in question belongs to a neighbor, an elderly lady. I wrote her a little note telling her that if the lamp was important to her, I could rewire it, but if not, she should probably replace it. She told me just go ahead and chuck it.

Anyway, thanks again.

Best Regards,

-Steve G

Very impressed!


The bulb I received is an exact replacement and works perfectly! I received the bulb in a very timely manner. I intend to use your services again.

Thank You Much



I've been meaning to write to thank you for your correct advice a few weeks ago concerning a projector lamp to fit my dad's old Revere 85 regular eight projector. You were kind enough to spend time with me on the phone and tell me how to load the bulb I had (CZX/DAB 500W) but was having trouble fitting. Anyway, I did get it in as you instructed and the projector is working fine. Last night I watched my third birthday party that had many family members in it who are long gone.

I am planning to have some family over to watch the old movies and would like to have a second bulb on hand just in case. Is it better (secure) to order online or call the 800 number?

Thanks again for your help.

Hello, am writing to thank you for making it so easy for me to find the right bulb. I had been trying to find the right bulb for my Lava lamp for months! Finally after months of searching, I found what I needed here. Now I know where to shop for bulbs. I was beginning to feel that maybe they no longer had this bulb.Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!!

Trinette from Evanston, Illinois

Hi Ron:
You may recall our previous conversations concerning the #13 light bulbs I purchased from you, and the problem I had in that 5 of the light bulbs would burn out afater approx. 4 hours of use each time.
You suggested I check the AC adapter with a voltage meter and you were right on the mark! The 3 volt output was actually reading 7.5 volts. I purchased an AC adapter with an output of 3 volts, 1 amp from Radio Shack, and it is working well. I have been burning the #13 lamp with the new adapter for 2 days now, burning the bulb approx. 7 hours each day, and no problem.
If I do have any problemsI will get back to you, but if I don't please accept this e-mail as abig "Thank You" for yourassistance and advice. It was truly appreciated.

Thank you for such great service!
Ordered late yesterday afternoon, delivered at noon today,
installed and ready for use tonight.
You are awesome!

I wanted to get back to you….first, let me say that your customer service is exemplary. My niece and I spent 3 hours going through the slides by holding them up to the light and sorting through those that we will convert to DVD. As a result, we will not need the projector to work. Thanks again for all your assistance and if you ever need a customer service reference, please let me know.


Thank you so much for your time and effort in trying to get us the right light bulb. We are very impressed with your work ethic and willingness to go the extra mile. We will definitely tell our friends & family about your company/website.

Thanks, Heather

I just ordered a couple replacement hard to find fluorescent bulbs last Thursday for my desk lamp and got them already! You guys are amazing! Thanks so much

Best Regards,



You've been awesome (no wonder I ordered from you before). Thanks so much! I am going to place my order now :)

As my husband always says... Make it a great day!


Hi Ron,

When I took apart the light fixture tonight I found that I had dislodged a connector in reassembling it yesterday, disconnecting the yellow circuit. This, I suppose, did give the same indications as a bad ballast, but it was really just a knucklehead mistake on my part. You were right in having me test all the basics first, but I saw the problem as soon as I took it apart, and reconnected the wire. Everything works as advertised now!

I want to thank you for the level of attention you gave me in my problem. It's surprisingly refreshing to see this sort of customer service these days, and you saved us both a trip to the post office!

Many thanks,

Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your service. My bulbs arrived sooner than expected and work perfectly!  HarrietAnn  Wilmington, Delaware    Sent from my iPhone  

Hey Ron,

I was actually being a bit facetious about the discount - your prices are great.

I think the 100W lamps will be fine. I'll place an order for a dozen.

My sincere thanks for all your efforts to assist me. I'm afraid I shun social media, so I cannot "like" or "pin" or post a "twit" about your company. But if it is of any help, I can offer a testimonial:

"replacementlightbulbs.com is THE place to go for light bulbs. The staff there will do whatever it takes to find any bulb you may need. Orders are handled quickly, and the prices are simply the lowest. Great service, quick delivery, best prices - why go anywhere else?"

Kind regards,


I am very pleased the way you handle the business and product works without any problem.
I kept your business card for the future need.

Thank You


Ron -

I appreciate the fantastic service on my small order of two replacement ballasts. I had no chance of finding the right ballasts out here in my small town, and you got them to me in three days at a great price.



Special note from Ron: If any seller of products gets a purchase order from Zigma Supplies using 210-598-9455, cell 210-316-9933 and email magda@zigmasllc.com please be warned. They provided us with a purchase order on September 12th, 2012 and as of October 1st, 2013 they do not reply to emails, phone calls, mail and ultimately have not paid the $449.49 they owe us. They seem to be an importer ordering products in the USA and delivering them into Mexico. They had us drop ship to an address in Laredo Texas and bill them in San Antonio Texas.

WOW !!! RECEIVED ALREADY .... YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME !!! loved the website and jokes...Please thank all your staff and service people...youROCK !!! Anne from Idaho

Thank you so much for the fast reply as well as all of the info. I will look at each one of the bulbs today on the Contact Printerto see if I can find any more writing on them. It isbe later on this afternoon OK.
I know if anyone can match up these bulbs it will be you!!!! I can't tell you how many times we have used the Enarger that you found bulbs for. We had a WWII friend (lost him 1 1/2 years ago to cancer) that was a Navy Photographer, that enlarger brought back so many memories for him as the one he used during WW IIwas verysimilar to it. He and I would go to the darkroom so we could develop some of his old negatives, the pleasure that gave him can not be measured. AlsoI can't tell you how many times he said, " I sure am glad that guy (you) found the bulb for this thing".
We are not that far from you (Mocksville) so if it would help you to have the Contact Printer in hand wecould certainly run it over.
I will get back to you with any more info I find today.
Kindest Regards,

Dear Mr. Miller,

I wanted to send you an email about your wonderful, helpful associate Allison. I am sure that you do not get many of these emails and having been in the customer service industry I feel a need to let someone know when they were really helpful and kind. I spoke with Allison @336-882-2854 @12:42pm today January 10, 2013. She was very helpful & especially patientwith all my questions. Below is my order for the bulbs.I do not knowif she will ever knowthatyou got this email but I do know that younow know she wasand is a very helpful individual and that makes a difference for me.

I look forward to receiving my lamps very soon. I use these air purifiers because of my Lyme Disease issues and they are helpful in keeping things in the air away with my immune system be at risk.

Happy New Year!


Thank you for your help. I was stuck until speaking with Ron, who helped me identify the correct bulb for a Kodak projector from the 1930's. It is working like new!

Hi, Ron, Pat here. I received my 3 bulbs today. They are perfect! Thank you SO much for all the time and effort you put into getting me these. I didn't think that kind of customer service still existed in these days!!! Happy New Year. Regards, Pat

Firstly, Happy New Year !!! Just a moment to let you know that your web site as a whole, easy tonavigatehowever, the detail placed in the explanation, description and tips on what to be careful of are the best I have ever seen for an internet store front. I will do ALL my lighting and light electrical needs shopping from your site. So thank you!!!

Note: I have a big mouth and will let anyone who will listen, know about your site.


"Tag your it !!" ;~}

Hello Ron,

I really appreciate you taken time to address my concern; with suchemphasis.

PS: This bulb has our, Toshiba: 62MX195 RPTV, back to showing a sharp vivid picture.

Great Customer Service!!

Happy Holiday!!


Just like to thank you for one of the best internet transactions i have ever experienced..everything very profressional and just done right !! thanks buzzy

Mr. Miller,

If you knew the few days I have had dealing with eBay and PayPal... My life has been, pardon the term, hell! Your company an American owned has turned all of this around!

I had given up hope on being able to replace my bulb in the projector and enjoy my movies until running across your company in a search. It was so delightful and reassuring to be able to CALL and talk to someone on the first ring. As well as selecting my light bulb through a very well spoken lady named sheena I believe. Thank you for providing the service your company does and having wonderful staff for customers to interact with. I look forward to receiving my product in a few days and as well when this bulb runs out I definitely know where I will look to for another.

Thank you again!!!!


Thank you so much for carrying the right light bulb. Grandma always had this beautiful cardinal that lit up and the wings would change colors. She died at the age of 92 and left us her cardinal. Last Christmas the light bulb quit working. I have tried for a year to find the right replacement. Finally just in time for this Christmas I found your company. Thanks for delivering it in such a timely manner. The cardinal is now in the living room, all lit up for the family to enjoy.



I just wanted to let you guys know (please let Ron know as well, since I don't have his email address) that the bulb came in right in the nick of time yesterday for the presentation. You guys saved us! I got it installed and working with no problems. Considering the price and the service given, we'd be idiots not to use you in the future.

Thanks again,

Ron, a thousand apologies Sir. It was a fuse, you were correct. The bulb is working great. I will dance at your next wedding! lol. Thanks again, and I will use/recommend your company always. By the way, where is High Point, NC? Any good cabins for rent on a river or lake? Signed, Grateful.

Hi, my name is Joe and I'm in Pahrump, Nevada. I just recently ordered a new lamp for my TV and your help and service was the very best. Your associate was the only person who knew that the letter "h" after my part number was critical and the part was here fast and perfectly packed. Thanks for great service and we'll make it a point to recommend your company and buy all future bulbs from you. Thanks again Joe


I received the bulb yesterday. Thanks so much for your help. Your customer service is awesome!


Hello:  I would like to thank you for the "GREAT SERVICE" & "GREAT PRICES" it was a pleasure doing business you.  Sincerely  Thomas

I want to take the time to thank you for the prompt delivery of my purchase from your company. I was afraid I was not going to be able to find a replacement ballast for my light fixtures thatare relatively new, but the internet and your superb sales did a great job. Again, thanks and we will do business again of that I am sure. Best regards. MMarquezJr

Dear Ron,
Thank you so much for your prompt and very kind reply. The package indeed was delivered thirty minutes after I sent you this panicky note.
One more time it was an extreme pleasure to deal with you, I am tremendously grateful for your service and, waiting for all my bulbs to burn out so I have an excuse to contact you again,

My very best regards,
Best wishes,

Dear Ron,

You are such a nice person! You've not only made my day, you've made my month! I would love to order all 57 of the GE 15W S14. How can I go about this? You have already done so much for me I can't ask you to do this for me. I just wish I had more than gratitude to offer you.

Many thanks,

Hello Ron,
We want to thank you for the 2nd bulb and you were right. That lamp does not work so we feel it is the lamp.We are going to buy another lamp and if it is ok with you, may we still use your company for bulbs? I noticed when shopping online that the bulbs are really expensive. Your company is the best in costs and you are excellent as far as customer service.
Do you prefer us to mail you back the 2nd light bulb you sent?
Again, thank you very much.


Thank you for promptly mailing my order of halogen lamps, including two for a Kodak Slide Projector, earlier this month. These arrived in good condition at the back door, delivered by the US Postal Service. I look forward to future purchases from your company, when light bulbs around here go out.



800 Burton Avenue, Suite 107
High Point, NC 27262
336-882-BULB (2852)

Order Line: 800-692-3051
Technical Support Line: 336-882-2854
Fax Line: 336-882-2819

Hours: 8 AM to 4 PM EST Monday through Friday

Address changes, invoice copies, tracking and delivery confirmation numbers, order status, product availability, payment options, shipping quotes, returns, damage claims
Technical Support: Help finding a product not listed, determining the correct lamp for your application, lamp handling and premature lamp failures

International Orders: Large international orders that require special shipping arrangements and quotes

If you have compliments, complaints, suggestions, or help with areas not listed above please contact:

Ron Miller
General Manager