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How much is shipping?
How much is international shipping?
I heard that UPS brokerage fees into Canada are $40.00, is this correct?
This is my socket part number, what lamp do I need?
I checked my delivery confirmation number and it says that you have not shipped the package. When will you ship my package?
My lamp failed as soon as I applied power and the inside of the lamp is totally coated in white. What happened?
My lamp flashed and failed as soon as I applied power and there is a black mark on the glass near the filament and the inside is coated white. What happened?
My lamp flashed and failed as soon as I applied power and there is a black mark on the glass near the filament. What happened?
My lamp worked for about five minutes and failed. What happened?
My lamp did not last for the rated life. Is there a warranty or replacement for this lamp?
The lamp was working fine and I moved the equipment and now the lamp does not work. What happened?
What is the difference between regular lamps and bargain lamps?
I installed my new TV lamp, why does it not light?
I installed my new TV lamp, why is the picture darker?
Why am I not getting the rated life from my TV or digital projection lamp?
My rear projection TV has spots on the screen, how do I remove the spots?

Our shopping carts automatically calculate shipping for a variety of shippers and services both domestically and internationally. Not all lamps have a shopping cart because we sell lamps that are discontinued and hard to find limiting the quantities available. Please call 336-882-2854 for any shipping questions not answered online.

Shipping Information

UPS brokerage rates into Canada vary according to the value of the package.

We have a special brokerage rate with UPS called the eBP Program where packages shipped to consumers meaning non-business deliveries have a discounted brokerage rate. With this program there is no bond fee or COD fee that previously was $5.85 and $4.25 respectively. The brokerage fee is still free on orders under $20.00 Canadian. The brokerage fee for orders between $20.00 and $200.00 Canadian is $10.00 Canadian. If you use a business name in your delivery address you will not qualify for this discount program.

Rates, charges, and services are subject to change without notice.

International Shipping Information

This lamp had a vacuum leak. There are several possible reasons and the most common is cracked glass. The glass may have been damaged in shipping or dropped at some point. Another common cause of a vacuum leak is air leaking by the pins in the base of the lamp if the user has difficulty installing the lamp and puts too much force on the pins. Less common but possible is that the manufacturer failed to apply a proper vacuum in manufacturing. If it is a manufacturing defect we can return the lamp to the manufacturer for a credit with currently manufactured merchandise.

USPS delivery confirmation is not like tracking with UPS and Federal Express. With tracking the package is scanned at the point of pick up, at key points along the way and at the point of delivery. With USPS delivery confirmation the package is usually scanned before the point of delivery. If you check the number before the package delivers it may just say that we created the label for shipment. USPS International numbers may not receive any scans after the leave the USA.

The socket only tells you the base type. There are probably a large number of different lamps that will fit the socket and you will only be able to use a specific lamp or a specific range of lamps. For example the base type may support a variety of voltages but you will be applying a specific voltage and have to purchase the proper voltage based on what your fixture applies. It is tempting to think the voltage and wattage on the socket are related to the lamp you will purchase. The maximum voltage and wattage rating of the socket exceeds, and often greatly exceeds, the voltage and wattage of the lamp you can use in your fixture. Please call 336-882-2852 with your socket part number and old light bulb in hand and we will do our best to help you choose the correct lamp type for your fixture.

This problem is usually caused by over voltage. It is possible that you are using the wrong lamp for your application or your equipment is not regulating the voltage properly. Check the voltage before installing another lamp.

This problem is usually caused by overheating the lamp. Fingerprints on the glass can cause the lamp to over heat and fail and sometimes cause the glass to bubble. Failure of the cooling system because the fan is not working, the fan and/or filter is dirty or the air flow is blocked by objects around the equipment. The filament is more brittle when hot so a shock to the lamp such as bump can cause the lamp to fail.

The average rated life for a lamp is calculated by burning a group of lamps at the perfect rated voltage. The point at which half of the lamps are out and half are burning is the average rated life. Your actual life will vary greatly based on how you use the lamp. Lamp handling, voltage applied, use cycles and environment are all factors that alter your actual lamp life. Generally, manufacturers only warranty against defects in manufacturing.

The lamp filament gets brittle when hot. Please allow the lamp to cool before jarring the lamp. The older the lamp the more sensitive the filament is to vibration. If you are moving the equipment you can remove the lamp and pack it carefully separate from the equipment for the move.

The new-fresh stock lamps are recently purchased from the manufacturers or manufacturers distributors. The bargain priced lamps are new-old stock purchased from closing camera stores and other lighting businesses. We inspect the bargain priced lamps and they are all never used and undamaged. The brands vary and the boxes are unusually not as pretty but the performance is the same as new-fresh stock. Sometimes the pins of older lamps require cleaning to make the best electrical contact. If you are using the lamps we recommend buying the bargain priced lamps and if you are reselling the lamps we recommend buying the new-fresh stock lamps as they make a better presentation.

The most common reason for a new lamp not working is that the cover to the TV is not closed. TV lamps receive between 5kV and 15kV of electricity to start the lamp. As a safety measure there is a safely mechanism on the cover prevents electricity from going to the lamp if the cover is open. If the mechanism is bent or damaged and the cover is closed but the sensor does not recognize that the cover is closed not current will go to the lamp.

The most common reason for a darker picture is that the TV is in Economy mode. Make sure the TV is in Standard mode. If the TV is in Standard mode and the picture is dark check that the lamp is properly installed in the assembly. If the TV is in standard mode and the lamp is installed correctly then call our technical support department at 336-882-2854 with your receipt number, the make and model of your TV and the information from the old TV lamp so we can make sure you have the correct lamp for your TV.

Some brands of equipment or models of equipment have known short life problems. Search for online comments about your particular model of equipment to get an idea of what life to expect from your particular model. Vivitek TV's are known to have shorter lamp life. While Mitsubishi TV's are usually very good there are some TV's that have a technical problem that causes short lamp life. Mitsubishi has been good about fixing the problem at no charge even though the TV's are out of warranty. Short life can be caused by a number of environmental factors. Improper cooling is the most common. Examples of things that cause improper cooling are heated air going in to cool the lamp from sun, heat vents, other electronic equipment etc. and restricted airflow to cool the lamp from dust or objects around the TV. The lamp is designed to continue cooling the lamp after the lamp is turned off. Power outages or turning the TV off with a power strip will shorten lamp life. Voltage spikes are a potential problem so it is a good idea to have a surge protector in line with your TV. If the TV breaker is tripped occasionally then putting the TV on its own breaker should fix that problem.

If the spots are round and distorted then you have dust on the front of your lamp, on your color wheel or somewhere else in the optical path, you need to blow the dust off of the surfaces. If the spots are pixilated, square looking, then you possibly have a bad DLP chip.
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