F8T5/BL 8W Blacklight UV-A Light Bulb Fluorescent Lamp
F8T5/BL 8W Blacklight UV-A Fluorescent Lamp, Buglight Replacement Light Bulb

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Wattage: Rated 8W, 8 Watt Watts
Glass: T-5, T5 Clear, T16 European
Base: G5 BiPin
UV Emission: 350nm to 365nm, UV-A, UVA
Maximum Overall Length: 12", 12 Inches, 304mm, Actual about 11-7/8"
Average Rated Life: 7,500 hours

FS-5 Starter
If you are experiencing slow start times or the new lamp does not work you may need a new starter.
You can purchase the starter for this lamp at FS-5 Fluorescent Starter with Condenser.

Alternate Part Numbers: Eiko 15515, Blacklight 350nm Preheat, RB8T5/BL, F8T5/UV, Osram Sylvania F8T5/350BL, Ushio 3000115, F8T5BL, PL&T, Satco S2906, Green Energy 30373, Bulbrite 501608, Damar 02717B, Feit, LSE F8T5/BL/350, BL350, Efos 3049B, Spectronics BLE8T365, BLE-8T365, 18693, 3000115-U, Thermo Fisher Scientific 14-395-824, 017389, Philips TL8W/10, BL350/368, 26042027, 8Watt, Hitachi HITA007, Blacklight-368, Wemlite 30763, F8T5/BL/368, LS08WX-W, Abco Angelo 07511, EYE FL8BL, EX16, Exocuter 16, Halco Prolume Prism, Sylvania 20833, Wiko, Quantum 368, UVP 34-0006-01, 10093

Note: This lamp contains Mercury. Manage in accord with disposal laws. See www.lamprecycle.org.

Typical Use: Photo Documentation System, Bug Light, Bug Zapper, Flykiller, Fly Killer, Nail Curing, Glue Curing, Top Coat Curing, Gel Curing, Bug Eater



80-6249-48, 80624948


Benchtop 3UV Transilluminator LMS-20 95-0417-01 or 95-0417-02, LMS-26 95-0414-01 or 95-0414-02
2UV Benchtop Transillumintators LM-20 95-0449-01 or 95-0449-02, LM-26 95-0459-01 or 95-0459-02
White.UV Transilluminator TLW-20 95-0415-01 or 95-0415-02, LMW-20 95-0418-01 or 95-0418-02


White/UV Transilluminator Dual UV Transilluminators 89131-464, 89131-466, 89131-468, 89131-470, 89131-480, 89161-482
Long Wave UV 365nm F8T5/BL 21474-921

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