PH/140 120V 75W Enlarger Light Bulb Replacement Lamp
PH/140 120V 75W Enlarger Lamp

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Wattage: 75W 75 Watt, 75 Watts
Voltage: 120V, 120 Volt, 120 Volts
Base: Medium Screw E26
Color Temperature: 2900K, 2900 Degrees Kelvin
Lumens: 1150
Burn Positon: U, Universal
Length 3.38"
Amperage 0.62A
Glass Shape: S-14
Filament:  C-9
Average Life: 35 Hours

Alternate Part Numbers: Beseler Part #8101, Omega 471-038, 43220, Osram, Sylvania, NAED 11625, 046135116254, Ushio 1001266, 048777183090

Beseler Enlarger 23C, 23CII, Printmaker 35 B/W, 67XLC, 23C II or III condenser, 67c, 67cs, 67cs2, 67cp, 67SC-XL head
Printmaker 67, 67CP, late model 23CII, 23C III, late model 67C, 67SC, 67CS, and 67XLC condenser enlargers.
Honeywell Nikor 6x7 condenser enlarger
Omega Enlarger B-66, 66-XL, C67-XL, C-700 condenser, C760 condenser, B-600, Concept-6 , 471-038
Rollei of America Nikor B/W Condenser
Saunders Enlarger 670CXL, C6600
Star D 60 enlarger
White S-14

Cross reference information is designed to help you find the correct lamp for your application. We do not verify the accuracy of this information. You are responsible for ordering the correct lamp and we make every attempt to help you in that process. We recommend that you confirm the information with the equipment manufacturer before ordering.

Q. How do I change the lamp in my Beseler Cadet II?
A. Unscrew the three small screws at the base of the lamphouse and lift the lamphouse off. Unscrew the lamp when cooled and replace with a PH140 lamp. Refasten the lamphouse to the enlarger.

Q. I have a bessler 23C11 enlarger that needs a PH140 bulb. I just replaced a broken bulb (GE) with a new one made by a different manufacturer (WIKO). A print that originally took 12 seconds, now, with the new bulb, only needs 7 seconds. Obviously, all my times are going to be off. Is this normal? Is a stronger bulb better? Please help! 
A. This is normal. Bulbs do not project an equal amount of light over the life of the bulb. The older GE bulb probably had shorter print times when it was initially installed. While bulbs are manufactured to high and exacting standards there will often be a small difference between brands. The strength of the bulb should be equal to the standards required by the equipment manufacturer. Shorter print times equal higher productivity. Longer print times allow for easier dodge and burn manipulation.

Q. In our community college art department darkroom we use PH 140's on all our enlargers. At $9+ a bulb our budget is creaking. Does anyone know a good cheap substitute (a bulb, a modification of the enlarger, or both) for a 75w bulb that would work in a B & W Beseler enlarger? 
A. It is not recommended to use any other bulb than the bulb required by the equipment manufacturer. Better pricing is available when bulbs are purchased in quantity. If you are replacing bulbs more often than the 50 hours the bulb is rated you may have an equipment problem.

Q. I have besslers in my darkroom that have 2 different types of light bulbs-I believe one is a ph 140 and the other is a 111 something. One is round in shape and small-one is more the traditional light bulb shape(P 140).I find the 140 prints better-can anyone explain the pros and cons of these two light sources??? I hope I have the numbers correct. Is it expensive to switch all the enlargers to the 140 bulb? Does besler just sell the part that you screw the bulb into? 
A. The older style bulb is the small one with the pin mount base. The newer being the larger screw in style.
Beseler sells a kit to upgrade to the newer bulb. I would contact Beseler directly or check in with a repair shop which handles darkroom equipment.

Enlarger Bulbs are widely used in motion picture lighting. They are evenly diffuse across the surface of the bulb, have a proper color temperature of approximately 3200°K and come in different wattages.

        PH/111A = 75w Color 2900°K, 1120 Lumens, 15 Hours
        PH/140 = 75w Color 2900°K, 1150 Lumens, 35 Hours
        PH/211 = 75w Color 3000°K, 1000 Lumens, 65 Hours
        PH/212 = 150w Color 3050°K, 2300 Lumens, 100 Hours
        PH/213 = 250w Color 3400°K, 7000 Lumens, 3 Hours
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