PH/211 75W Enlarger Light Bulb Replacement Lamp
PH/211 75W Enlarger Lamp

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Watts: 75W
Volts: 115-125V
Amperage: 0.62A
Filament: C-9
Base: E26; also known as: Medium Screw
Maximum Overall Length: 4.94 Inches
Burn Position: Burn lamp in ANY position. Universal
Initial Lumens: 1000
Color Temperature: 3000 Degrees Kelvins, 3000K, 3000°K
Photoflood, Frosted White
Glass Shape: A-21
Average Rated Life: 65 Hours

Alternate Part Numbers: 30225, 471-002, 4610 Osram, 40569, Wesco Enlarging Lamp, Eiko, Photo Enlarger, Graphic Arts Lamps, ANSI, Sylvania, Philips, ph 211, ph-211, ph211, ph/211, ph\211

A.P. Products Jiffy Photo-Enlarger
Accura Division Interphoto Corporation 35, 66 Accura
Alco Photo Supply Corporation Filmarex, Filmarus, II Filmarex, Filmarexll
American Gauge and Manufacturing Company Conversion Kopykit Teletube
American Photo Laboratories 125 Precise-Number, 160, 160A
Austin Machine and Tool Company, Austin Custom-Built
Berkey Omega Universal 4x5 DV Condenser Lamphouse Cat. No. 404-825 120 V.A.C. 50/60 HZ 75 W No. 211
Beseler Photo Marketing Incorporated 45AF, 45H, 45M, 45MCRX, 45MCX, 45MXII, CB-7
Bogen Photo Corporation, Salon Special, 6-35 Mini, 22, 22 Special, 22A, 22B, 35 Mini, 66 Super, 66B Super, 67, 67 Special, 69, 69 Color, PR45, S35, Sub-II Pro Super, T35, Mini-35, Super-66, Color-69, PR-45, S-35, T-35, Mini-6/35
Burke and James Incorporated, Jr. 1, 2, 3 Junior Solar, No. 4, 35, No. 66, 150 Mark-II
California Tech Products Company, Enlarger Minilite
Chess-United Company Ideal, Multifax Super, 4x4cm Beacon Lite, 6x6cm, 4x4 cm, 6x6 cm, Ideal
Compco Corporation, No. 135, 324
Consolidated Instrument Parts Company CIPCO Everedi
Curtis Laboratories Incorporated, Color-Separation Contact Printer
DeJur Amsco Corporation, Professional, I Vematile, II Vematile
Durst (USA) Incorporated (EPOI) 54 Laborator, 404, 606, 609, A600-DA900, D659 Duomat, F30, F60, M35 Micromat, M301, M-301, M600, M-600, M601, M-601, M700, M-700, R305 Reporter, U70 Unomat , Magico
E. Leitz Incorporated, Focomat, Valoy, Vamex, Vogos, 1B, 1C, I Focomat, I Vasex, II Valoy, II Vasex, IIA Focomat, IIC Focomat, Focomat 1C with Walver Color Head Uses the EFN Lamp
Eastman Kodak, Advance, A Precision B, F-5x7 Auto-Focus Elipton Auto FocusF, Precision A Color Enlarger
Elwood Pattern Works 5x7 Studio, Model 120, 129, AM3, AM-3, BM Miniature, Model S, S2 Studio
Federal 219, 222, 230, 240, 245, 246, 250, 269 Junior Store-Away, 279 Senior Store-Away, 288, 311 Senior Store-Away, 312, 314, 315, 330, 331, 345, 347, 440, 450, 470
FR Corporation, LRT Industries, FR 3 in 1 Minolta
Graflex Incorporated, Variograph
Grant Photo Products Incorporated, Senior
Hansa 635, S635 S-635 Prima, H-2000
HANSA Prima 35 Junior
Hornstein Photo Sales Incorporated, Economy, Kadet
IMC Division Interphoto Corporation 66 Inter
Karl Heitz Incorporated, 35 Autoflex Primos Professional, 35 Autofocus Primos, 35 Testreflex
Kindermann, Subminiature, 2-1/4 x 2-1/4 Autofocus, 2-1/4 x 3-1/4 Autofocus, 4x5 Autofocus, 35 Autofocus, 35 Manual, 4x5
L.R.T. Industries, FR Enlarger
Lott Manufacturing Company, 240, 290, 311, 450
Luminos Photo Corporation, 66-35 Astralux, 66/35, 100 Deluxe
Masel Supply, Deluxe, Junior Number-1, 35 Telestar, 66, J35, J-35
Meopta, H B Marketing, 1A Axomat, 4 Opemus, 4x4 Opemus, 6x6 Opemus, II Axomat, IIA Opemus, III Axomat, III Opemus, Opemus 3, 4, 5
Montgomery Ward Company, Deluxe Miniature, Miniature, Standard Wards
Omega, Simmon Omega, Standard Enlarging Lamp for D-2/C, D-2/V, D3, D-3/C, D-3/V, D-5, D6, D-6, E-5/C, E6/C, E-6/C Condenser Enlargers, Super Omega B&C
Patterson 35
Ponder and Best Incorporated Macro, 2-1/4 x 2-1/4, 4x5 Color, 35mm, 66
Sears,Roebuck and Company Expert Marvel, Junior Marvel, Marvel Master, Marvel Senior
Simmon Omega Automega B Omega Super, C Omega Super, D2C, D2V, D3, D3C, D3V, D6, E5C, E6C
Spiratone Incorporated, DoubLograM Spiratone, 66 Automat, D356 Spiratone
Sun Ray Photo Company Incorporated, Aristocrat, Craftsman, Filmaster, Grant Senior, 23 Mastercraft, 45 Mastercraft, A Mastercraft, B Mastercraft Miniature, C Mastercraft Miniature, Arnold Model D
Testrite Instrument Company Incorporated, Fotolarger Merit C, D, E, Jr 2, E2, Fotolarger Junior 1, A1, B11, AI, BII, C, D, E, E2 Fotolarger
Unicolor, Deluxe B&W and Color Enlarger
Vivitar (Ponder and Best) E32, E-32, E33, E-33, E34, E-34, E36, E-36, E54, E-54, E74, E-74, 66 Enlarger

Cross reference information is designed to help you find the correct lamp for your application. We do not verify the accuracy of this information. You are responsible for ordering the correct lamp and we make every attempt to help you in that process. We recommend that you confirm the information with the equipment manufacturer before ordering.

Enlarger Bulbs are widely used in motion picture lighting. They are evenly diffuse across the surface of the bulb, have a proper color temperature of approximately 3200°K and come in different wattages.

        PH/111A = 75w Color 2900°K, 1120 Lumens, 15 Hours
        PH/140 = 75w Color 2900°K, 1150 Lumens, 35 Hours
        PH/211 = 75w Color 3000°K, 1000 Lumens, 65 Hours
        PH/212 = 150w Color 3050°K, 2300 Lumens, 100 Hours
        PH/213 = 250w Color 3400°K, 7000 Lumens, 3 Hours
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