Hard to Find Bulbs-C Series

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50W, 110V, Double Contact Prefocus Base, DCP, P30d, CC2V Filament, PH/50T8/71, 50T8/71, Burn Base Down
CAJ/CAC 115-120V, 50W, 50 Hours, CAC/CAJ, PH/50T8/67DC, CC2V, T-8 Clear Glass, Projection, BA15d Double Contact Bayone Base, Burn Base Down
CAL/CXP 120V, 300W, 25 Hours, T10, C13D
CAR 120V 150W 29380 15 Hours 267153 50310
CAS/CAV 50W, 115-120V, 50 Hours, CC13 CC-13, BA15s, T8 Clear Glass
500W, 120V, G17q-3
CBJ-CBC 75W, 115-120V, 50 Hours, T-8, BA15s
CBS/CBX 75W, 115-125V, 50 Hours, PH/75T8/106-120V, CC13, BA15d, 75T8/107, DC Bay, 50340, T8, 21673
CCK 115-125V, 75W, Code-PH/75T8/5, CC13, DCP, T8, P30d Double Contact Prefocus Flanged
CCM/CHD/CHC 200T8DC, 2CC8, DC Bay., 25 Hours, 200W, 120V, 115-125V, T8.5 Clear Glass with Painted Top
CDD 100W, 120V, SC Bay BA15s
CDJ/CEL 115-125V, 100W, PH/100T8/108DC, 50 Hours, BA15d, Philips 306480, 80949, 110T8/108DC, 10073, DC Bay., Burn Base Down, CC2V Filament, T8 Clear Glass, CDJ Clear Top, 100A3
CDK/CEA/CEB 115-120V, 100W, 50 Hours, BA15d, CC13
CEG-110V 100W, 110V, P30d, T8, Clear
CEG-120V 100W, 115-125V, T8 T-8 One Inch Diameter Clear Glass, P30d Double Contact Prefocus Base, DCPRE-FOCUS, Burn Base Down, Projection, CC-13 Filament
CEL-100W 120V, 100W, BA15d, T-8 Clear Glass with Painted Top, 100 Hours, Norelco 50345
CEL-110W 120V, 110W, BA15d, T-8 Clear Glass with Painted Top, 100 Hours
CEL-120W 120V, 120W, Sylvania 71075-0, BA15d, T-8 Clear Glass with Painted Top, 200 Hours
CEM/BFB 100W-120W-170W, 120V, 25-200 Hours, BA15s, 110T8/108SC, CC2V, Hunter front end alignment machine lamp, CEM/BFB
CER 115-120V, 100W, PH/100T8/107, E26 Medium Screw Base, T-8 Clear Glass, Projection, CC-13, Burn Base Down
CET/CHG 115-125V, 200W, PH/200T8/49, 2CC8, DC Pref, T8, 25 Hours, Clear, 200T8/49, PH/200T8/49-100V, 200 T8 , 71220, CHG Clear Top, CET and CET/CHG Painted Top
115-120V, 100W, Frosted, BA15s, T-8, CC2V, Projection
CFY 115-125V, 150W, P30d, T8, PH/150T8/112-120V, Projection, 2CC8, Base Down
CGD 115-120V, 150W, 2CC8, DCP, Code-PH/150T8/60, 30 Degree Basing, T8, P30d
CGP/CGF/CFK 115-120V, 150W, 25 Hour, PXAK, T8, T-8, BA15d, 2CC8, 150T8/79, PH/150T8/79, CG 81-X, 2CC-8, Burn Base Down ±25°, 115V, Clear, Projection, Mazda, Ord. No. 150B3, D.C. Bay, Davidson Slide Projector One Twenty
CHW 230V, 50W, BA15s, T8, Substitute CHS
CJJ 230V, 75W, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, T-8 Clear Glass, C-13 Filament, 3" Long, Projection Lamp, 50 Hours, Burn Base Down
CJX 230V, 100W, BA15d, T-8, PH/100T8DC-230V, Base Down, T8
CKS 230V 150W BA15d T8, Ares Illuminotecnica Outdoor Lighting Fixture 2000 ADA
CLC 115-120V, 100W, E26 Medium Screw Base, Clear with Opaque Top, T8.5
CLD P28s, 115-120V, 100W, T-8.5
CLX/CMB 115-125V, 300W, CLX-CMB, 25 Hours, BA15d, T8.5 Clear with Painted Top
115-120V, 300W, P30d Prefocus Base, T8.5 Clear Glass, Clear Top, G-E CMA, P15D30S Double Contact, Prefocus 30mm Collar
CMK 300W, 115-120V, P30d Double Contact Prefocus Base, T-8.5 Clear Glass
CMS/CNC CMS-CNC 300W 115-120V 25 Hours 300T8½/1DC C13D DC Bay. BA15d T8½ T-8.5 Clear PH/300T8½/1DC PH/300T8.5/1DC PH/300T8-1/2/1DC, Viewlex Project-O-Matic
CPF 300W, 120V, 25 Hours, ELM 15225, Sylvania 73327, 2CC8 2-CC8 Filaments, G17q Tru-Focus Base, Burn Base Down, Frosted Glass Ring, Wabash
CPG 6V 18A 108W E26 PH/18AT10-6V
CPR 6V 18A 108W P28s Clear T10 PH/18AT10P 18A/T10P-6V Projection Med. Pref. Base Down
6V, 18A, 108W, T10 Clear Glass, 18 AMP., DCMR, Double Contact Medium Ring, DC Med Ring
CRA 115-120V, 300W, C13, Tru-Focus, 25 Hours, Sylvania 73330, Realist 620 Deluxe CRA, Model 3153, 300 Watt lamp, Airquipt Superba Model 77, Superba 77A Model C for 2x2 Slides, Max Lamp 500W, Max Projector 550W, B&H Explorer 742-744, Realist 620 Deluxe 3151
CRL/CRX 32-34V, 28/32V, 300W, E26 Medium, Tubular T10, C13, PXEJ
30V, 300W, P28s Medium Prefocus Base, T10 clear glass with opaque top, Burn Base Down
CRT 120V, 300W, G17q, 500 Hours
CSH 120V, 150W, 500 Hours, G17q
CTB 50V 250W P28s Clear T10 PH/250T10/56-50V Med. Pref. Burn Base Down CTB-50V C-13 Fila MOL 5.5"/140mm LCL 3.2"/80mm MOD 1.25"/32mm T10 CG 101-AX
CTD 150W, 230V, 25 Hours, G17q
115-125V, 150W, P28s, T-10
CTM 115-120V 200W BA15s, Possible Substitute for the CZL Lamp, Tachistiscope, Rheem Califone Tachistoscope
CTR 120V, 140W, E26 Medium Base, T-10 Clear Glass, Burn Base Down, 1.17A, MOL 5", Keystone L751, L-751, L951, L-951, Keystone D-752, D-754, L-751, E-853, L-951, E-741, E-743, E-746, E-829, E-839, E-847, E-848, E-943, L-742, L-942, D-854, D-885, D-889, D-891, D-896, 411, 421, 431, 441
CTT/CTS/DAX 1000 Watts, 115-125 Volts, 25 Hours, G5 Blue Top Projector Lamp
CVJ 115-120V, 200W, Medium Base E26, Kodascope 16mm, PH/200T10
CVS 115-120V, 200W, T10, 200/T10P-120V, 50 Hours, P28s Med Pf. Base, Burn Base Down, Clear Top, Argud DP-2, Possible Substitute for Clear Top CSW, CWW and CXF
CVX/CVS 115-120V 200W T10 200/T10P-120V 50 Hours Med Pf. Base Down CC-13 PH/200T10P-120V Clear PH/200T10P-115V  200T10/87 P28s CC13 MOL 5.5" CC13, Scale Reading Machine, American Optical Corp. Magnavisa, I, L, M, T, IT, MK-200, Painted Top
CWA/CWB 115-125V, 6.25A, 750W, 25 Hours, G17q, A1/206
CWD 120V 300W 25 Hours G17q-4 T10
CWG 200W, 120V, PH/200T10/4DC-120V
CWR 115-120V, 200W, BA15d, T-10, Photographic, PH/200T10/5DC-120V, 2CC8
CWY 115-120V, 300W, P46l, C-13D, LG. V. Ring, Base Up, T10 Bulb
300W, 120V, E26 Medium Screw, T10 Clear Glass With Opaque Top, PH/300T10-120V, Projection, C13
CXF 120V, 200W, Clear T10, P28s, PH/200T10P-120V, Projection, Burn Base Down, GE Mazda, 115V, Society for Visual Education Picturol Model F Filmstrip Projector
CXG 150W, 230V 15 Hours, 73157, G17q
CXH 300W 230V 25 Hours G17q A1/201, 230VX300W, 733, SYL-201, 73335
CXK/CXY 115-125V, 300W, 25 Hours, 300T10P, C13, 2CC8, T10, Medium Prefocus
CXR/CXL 8V 50W, P30s, RT44
CYC/CYM 300W, 120V, BA15s Single Contact, T10 Clear Glass, MOL 3.19"
CYE 120V, 400W, BA15s, T10 Clear Glass with Opaque Top, About 3.92" Long
CYF 300W, 120V, BA15s Single Contact, T10 Clear Glass, MOL 5.16"
CYG 300W, 115-120V, PH/300T10/3LR, C13D, Large Ring, T10, Base Down
CYN 24V, 150W, PN220, PN 220, G17q, #5, Type-5, A1/212, 10582, G17Q-7, TYP.6289C-05 #5, 58.8224, #58.8224, 103323, 103, 323, 108823, KP-TF10, Leitz Pradovit N24, A/189, Hanimex Manumatic 1000, Off Center Filament, Radium 929W*r4, 14
CYR PH/300T10/3SR 120V 300W
CYS/DBH 1200W 120-125V 10.0A 10 Hours 88057 RCA 400 Series, B&H 16mm 500 Series No. 33493, Sylvania 74720, GE 29987, 115-125V
CZA 500W, 120V, 4-Pin, G17q, Proximity Reflector
CZC PH400T10P-120V, 400W, P28s, T10 Clear Glass with Painted Top, A1-39, 58878OE, 58878E, 588780E, 58878, Kodak Kodascope Model D, 400T12P
B&H Large Ring, Base Down, 400W, T10, C13D, 120V
CZG/DBS 500W, 230V, 25 Hours, G17q
CZS/CZY 115-120V, 500W, T10 Clear Glass with Painted Top, E26 Medium Screw Base, 25 Hours, PH/500T10-120V, Projection, C13D
CZX/DAB 500W, 115-120V, T10, P28s

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