Hard to Find Bulbs-D Series

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DAC 150W, 120V, 500 Hours, G17q
DAG 500W 120V 25 Hours
DAH 120V 500W 200 Hours
DAR 500W 120-125V, 25 Hours, Burn Base Down
DAS 115-120V, 500W, P47d, T10, C-13D
500W, 120V, 4-Pin G17q Base
DBJ 500W, 115-120V, 500T12, C13D, Focus Lok, 25 Hours, T12, No Internal Reflector
220V, 250W, P28s, T10
DBM 120V, 1000W, 10 Hours, G17q Tru-Focus Base, C13D Filament, Burn Base Down
DBR 115-120V, 300W, P28s Medium Prefocus, T12 Clear Glass
115V, 300W, B&H Large Ring
DCB 300W, 120V, GX17Q
DCH/DJA/DFP 150W, 120V, 4-Pin/G17q
DCR 150W, 21.5V, 10 Hours, GX17q, CC-6, T-12
DCS 500W, 115-120V, 25 Hours, Base Up
DCW 150W, 24V, 50 Hours, GX17q
DCX 750W, 115-120V, E26 Medium Base, 25 Hours, T-12, C-13D, Clear
DCY 150W, 120V, G17Q
DDA 150W, 24V, 18-25 Hours
DDB 750W, 120V, P28S, T12 with Opaque Top
DDF 17V 55W MR16 GX5.3 3100°K
DDK 19V 80W MR16 GX5.3 40 Hours 54729 103204
DDM 80W,19V, 2-Pin GX5.3, MR16
DDN 200W, 20V, RSC R7s Double Ended
DDP 22V, 132W, T-4, GZ9.5
DDY 120-125V, 750W, 200 Hours, C13D, P28s Medium Prefocus, T-12
DEA 120V, 300W, G17q Base, Opaque Top, Proximity Reflector
DEC 750W, 115-125V, 25 Hours, C13D, DC Med Ring, T12
DED GE 54726, 64618, 13.8V, 85W, GX5.3, 1000 Hours, T-3¼, 43950, 3150°K, MR16, C-6, Microfilm
DEJ 115-125V, 750W, 25 Hours, T12, C13D, P46S, Opaque Top
120V 500W 500W/120V/T12 (4-Pin/G17q) 25 Hours 50640 DEK/W C13D Tru-Focus
DEP/DGR 115-120V, 750W, DEP/DGR, DEP-DGR, 25 Hours, G17q Tru Focus Base, C13D, T12 Clear Glass, 73520, 706647, GE 29825
DER 120V, 500W, G17q
DES 750W, 115-120V, 25 Hours, PH/750T12/4LR-120V, C13D, Vented LI Ring, Clear Top, Burn Base Up, Large Ring, B&H No. 26464, Large V Ring, B&H Slidemaster 154 Model A, 154-A, B&H No. 08115, 6-B1, 151A, 151-A, Sylvania 72560, 03856
1000W, 120V, E26
DEY 1000W, 120V, E26 Medium Screw Base, T-12 Clear Glass, C-13D Filament, PH/1MT12, Burn Base Down, Westinghouse, Photographic, DEY-120V
DFD 1000W 115-125V 10 Hours P28s Medium Prefocus 1MT12P-115V T12 C13D 1MT12P-115V DeVry #476, 99-7125, 476 1000C2 T12 T-12 C-13D PH/1M/T12P-125, Ampro Premiere 20, X, Y, XA, XC, YA, YS, COM, YSA, Century 5, Century 10, Century 10A, Compact, Premiere 10, 30, 40, Kodak 8-71, Revere 777, Kodascope 1610 16-10, Kodascope 16-10 1610, Victor Model 55, Arriflex 16mm Sound Siemens 2000, Kodak Contour Projector Model 14-5 Surface Illuminator, Audio Visual Corp. 8mm AVCA 910, 915, 925
DFE 30V 80W 15 Hours 3400°K
DFF 120V, 150W, 500 Hours, T12, G17q
DFH 115-120V, 500W, Focus Lok Base
DFJ 115-125V, 500W, P28s, T12 Clear Top, MOL 5.5"
DFK 1000W 115-125V 10 Hours, PH/1M/T12/3LR-120V Painted Top T12 C13D B&H Large Ring PXEX C-13D 8E88 PH-53 6240-155-8018 624015558018 26465, Sylvania 72615
DFN/DFC 150W, 125V, 4-Pin/G17q, GE 29386, CC-8, MOL 3.19", LCL 1.56", 15 Hours, 3150K, 8mm Projection, Typical Working Distance 2.25"
DFR/DBJ 500W, 115-120V, 500T12, C13D, Focus Lok, 25 Hours, T12
DFT 1000W 120-125V 25 Hours
DFX 500W, 230-250V, 25 Hours, Projection, G17q
DFY 115-120V, 1000W, 25 Hours
DGA 300W, 115-125V, 25 Hours, G17q Tru-Focus, C13 Filament, Burn Base Horizontal, T10 Clear Glass with Painted Top
DGB/DMD 30V 80W T12 Clear w/Reflector
120V, 500W, C13D, Tru-Focus G17q, Burn Position Horizontal with Beam Down, Sylvania Wabash
DGF 120V, 500W, 25 Hours, C13D, G17q
DGH 750W, 120-125V, 500 Hours, 750T12/500, C13D, P28s Med. Pref., Bowling Score, AMF-8252, 8256, 8257, 8265, Sylvania 72580, Brunswick Model KK Crown Imperial DN-58, GE 29875
DGL 1000W, 120V, 25 Hours, 1M/T12/100, C13D, DC Med Ring
DGS 1000W, 115-120V, 10 Hours, 1M/T12/1-115V, C13D, DC Med Ring, Burn Base Up, PH/1M/T12/1-120V, T12, Sylvania 72652
DHB 1000W, 120V, Clear, T12, Large V Ring, 25 Hour, 1M/T12/4LR, C-13D, Vented L I Ring, Burn Base Up, Sylvania, 25 HR
DHF 120V, 500W, G17q, T12 Clear Glass with Opaque Top, C-13D Filament with Built in Reflector, 3.75" Long, 200 Hours, Light Center Length 1.75", Can substitute for DAH
DHH 120V, 400W, G17q
DHJ 120V 250W, Kodak Showtime Model 20A, A30
DHS 1200W 115-120V Double Contact Medium Ring T-12 T12 Projection
DHT 1200W, 120-125V, 10 Hours, P28s
DHY 500W, 120V, 25 Hours, G17q
DJH 500W, 120V, 200 Hours, Sylvania 74450, G17q
DJP 250W, 21.5V, 25 Hours, GX17Q, T14 Clear Glass, Transparent Dichroic Reflector, Sylvania 76240
DJR 100W, 12V, 50 Hours, GX17Q
115-125V, 1000W, Mogul Screw, Blue, Daylight, PS52, 21157
DKK 750W, 230V, 25 Hours, T12, P28s
DKM T14, Lo-Volt, Tru-Focus, Tru-Flector, Dichroic Super, 16mm Movie Projectors, 250W, 21.5V, 25 Hours, Sylvania 76250-1
DKP 250W, 21.5V, 25 Hours, FB-PR-T14, Sylvania 76258
DKX/DSF DKX/DSF, Q1500PS52/4, 1500W, 120V, E39 Mogul Screw, 3200°K, C-8, 1000 Hours, 41,000 Lumens, 13" Long, Inside Frost, IF, Inside Frosted, Scoop Lamp, PS-52, Tungsten Halogen Scoop Lamps, 3200K
DKY 250W, 120V, PH/250T14/3-120V, Projection, Burn Base Down, E26 Medium Screw Base, T14 Clear Glass, C13 Filament, 5.3 Inches Long, Radiant, C-13
DLC 115-120V, 250W, T14 Clear Glass, 50 Hours, P28s Single Contact Medium Prefocus Flanged, 250T14/2-120V, A1/005-115V, PH250T14/2, A1/5, Burn within 45° of base down provided tilt is in the direction in which the filament plane faces.
DLD 30V, 80W, GE 40216, CC-6, GX17q 4-Pin, MOL 3.5", LCL 1.56", 15 Hours, 3400K, Typical Working Distance 1.75"
DLF 115-120V, 750W, T14, C13D, P28s Medium Prefocus Base
DLH 250W, 120V, G17q, T14
DLN 120V, 750W, 25 Hours, G17q, T12 Opaque Top, GE 29846
DLR 250W, 21.5V, 10 Hours, G17q, T14
DMH 250W, 120V, 15 Hours, Sylvania 76268, G17q-4, Super Technicolor 580, Keystone K560M
DMJ 240V 480W G17q
DMK 120V, 500W, G17Q
DML 120V, 400W, G17q Base, T14 Clear Glass, C-13D Filament with Reflector and Lens
DMS 115-120V 500W 50 Hours 72480 3200°K T20 C13 E26 Medium Screw PH500T20 AM Optical HS1000, American Optical Corp. B, C, D, E, H, S, BC, DA, DC, DK, SA, SAC, Bausch & Lomb Balopticon Slide Projector Model B
DMX 115-120V, 500W, P28s, T20, T-20, 3200°K, Clear, 50 Hours, 500T20P, C13
DMZ Sylvania 54615, 5000W, 120V, G38 Mogul Bi-Post Base, Tungsten Halogen, T17 Glass, Possible Sub DPY
Sylvania, 115V, 200W, G17q, T12 Clear Glass with Painted Top, MOL 4.25", DNI59, DN-l59, C13D Filament with Collection Screen and Proximity Reflector
DN206 Sylvania, 115V, 300W, G17q, T12 Clear Glass with Painted Top, DN-206, C13D Filament with Collection Screen and Proximity Reflector
DNE 120V, 150W, G7.9 Vented Base, MR16 Glass
Clear Projection Lamp, 115-120V, 500W, E39 Mogul Screw Base, T20 Glass, Burn Base Down, 500T20/14
DNT/FMD 750W, 120V, 3050°K, P28s/Med Pf, 750T12/9-120V, C-13D, Spotlight, Burn Base Up
DNV/FME 120V, 1000W, T12, C-13D, P28s Medium Prefocus Flanged, 1M/T12/2-120V, Spotlight, Burn Base Up
DNW GE 21887, 500W, 120V, 500T20/64, P28s Medium Prefocus, Display Spotlight, C-13, 2900°K, 500 Hours, 10,000 Lumens, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, MOL 5.75", LCL 2.1875"
750W, 120V, T20 Clear, E26 Medium Screw
DPJ 750T20P, 750W, 115-120V, P28s, T20 Bulb, PH/750T20P-115-150V, Med. Prefocus, Base Down,  C13D Filament, Koken C-20 DS
DPY GE 41736, 5000W, 120V, G38, 500 Hours, 143,000 Lumens, T-17, 3200°K, Mogul BiPost, Q5000T20/4CL, C-13, Clear, JS120V-5000WC, 1000215, 93805, 54647-4, 54647
DRA 300W, 120V, 2 Pin G6.35, 655-DRA Video Lamp 120V 300W Glass 2 Pin/G6.35 Cabin Projector Lamp
DRB/DRC T-20, P28s, 1000W, 120V, 28,000 Lumens, C-13, MOL 5.75"/146.1mm, MOD 2.52"/55.6mm, Base Down, 3200°K, 25 Hours, 01600
DRL 120V, 300W, Medium Prefocus P28 P28s, T20
DRS 120V, 1000W, 25 Hours, Medium Pf P28s, T20, 28,500 Lumens, 3325°K
DSR 1000W, 120V, 1M/T20/54-120V, C13D Filament, Bull's Eye Frost, Burn Base Down, E26 Medium Screw Base, T20
DTA GE Q1500T8/4CL, 30522 – DTA-Q1500T8/4CL, Halogen, Single-Ended, Bulb T8, Base Mogul Prefocus P40s, Filament C-13D, 1500W, 120V, Average Rated Life 300 Hours, Initial Lumens 41,000, Color Temperature 3200°K, Burn Position Base down to horizontal, Maximum Overall Length MOL 7.87"/199.8mm, Bulb Diameter DIA 1"/25.4mm, Light Center Length LCL 3.43"/87.1mm, 10043168305225, 043168305228, 01660, Ushio JCS120V-1500W/CP40 0-48777-11407-0
115-120V, 1500W, GE 30009, T20, G38 Mogul Bi-Post
750W, 120V, GE 22117, Spotlight, 3200K, 3200°K, 1000 Hour, 750T24/16, 14800 Lumens, Medium Bi-Post Base, C-13, Filament Clear, Lamp is made of heat resistant glass (HRG). Burn Base Down, Insertion in "twist-in" type sockets requires only a slight clockwise turn - excessive force may break the bulb. Possible Substitute EGR
120V, 1500W, 54607-0, R7s, Double Ended 143mm, 5.6", T6, Strand Ianebeam Blonde Floodlight, GE U.S.A. 87+, Q1500T8/4CL-120V
DVY 650W, 120V, Min 2-Pin G5.3
220-230V, 500W, T20 Clear Glass, P28s, 500T20P-220V, 120-500-75Q
DWD 14445, 100V, 300W, E26, R40, 300R40FL-100V, Flood
DWE 650W, 120V, PAR36, MFL, 2 Screw Terminals,  Q650PAR36/1, GE 41667
DWG 100W, 6.3V, PAR36, Screw Terminals, Spot
DWH/DWJ 100W, 6.3V, PAR36, Screw Terminals, Flood
DWK 230V, 1000W, P28s, T20 Clear Glass, A1/58, GE 29953
DWL 6V, 100W, PAR36, GE, Cinema Light, TV News, 2 Screw Terminal Base, Shielded Filament
Sylvania 54413-0, 120V, 1000W, 139mm Double Ended, T-6 Clear Glass, 30 Hours
DWT 1000W, 120V, RSC, T-6, 2000 Hours, 21,000 Lumens, R7s, MOL 5.625"/143mm, LCL 1"/25.4mm, 3200°K, CC-8, Clear
DWW 120V, 460W, R7s 65mm, American Optical Corp. Opaque 3525, 3527, Overhead 3540, 3550, Overhead Apollo 3640, 3641, 3672, Sylvania 54420
DWY 120V, 650W, 25 Hours, 3400°K, 3.084 Inches, 78.35mm Long, R7s
DXB GE 30151, 115-120V, 500W, E26 Medium Screw Base, R40, 6 Hours, 3300°K, 45000 CBCP, CC-2V, Spot Beam,15 degrees, RSP-2, NDR Products Corp. 65-C1 Duel X-Ray Film Viewer
DXC GE 30145, Photoflood, 120V, 500W, 6 Hours, 5500 CBCP, 3300°K, R40, E26 Medium Screw Base, C-9, Flood Beam 90 Degrees
DXH 115-120V 375W 15 Hours at 118V R-32 R32 Movie Light E26 Medium Base Reflector Flood Wabash 375 Watt 14483-0 14483-6 NAED 6135 R40 Photolamps Movielight 3200°K 13,900 Beam Cpr. Beam Angle 40°
DXM 250W, 30V, 3400°K, 12 Hours, 54473, Sun Gun, R7s
DXN 1000W, 120V, 3400K, 30 Hours, 3.65 Inches, 92.61mm Long
No. B4 Superflood, 115-120V, Avg Life 10 Hours, Sylvania, Daylight Balanced Blue Bulb, 4800°K, E39 Mogul Screw Base, PS35 4.375" Diameter Glass, Overall Length 9.4", 1000W, Photography, 19,200 Lumens, 120-1000-49TF, 8.7A
DXV 220-240V, 800W, 3400°K, Sun Gun Lamp, DXX can Substitute, 10 Hours, 1024, 3.1", Colortran B8-34F, T-4 Frosted Glass, Fused, 4316
DXX 220V, 230V, 240V, 800W, R7s, T3
DXZ 58.8480 58.8480E 125V 250W P28s Gold Top T10 Leitz Prado 250 100-130 volt 250 Watt Nr. Osram 588480/1E Philips 6070 C
DYA 1000W, 120V, 3200°K, 150-200 Hours, 28000 Lumens, R7s-18
DYF 19.3V, 140W, 3200°K, 50 Hours, GE 35123, T-3 Clear Glass, G5.3 Miniature 2 Pin Base
DYG 30V 250W 15-25 Hours 176-090 176090 3400°K 30V250W
DYH 600W, 120V, Min 2-Pin, G5.3, Copy Stand
DYJ 230V, 650W, G5.3 Miniature 2-pin
DYN 120V, 1000W, R7S, 4.23 inches, 107.51mm long, B10-32EF, Frosted
DYP 600W, 120V, 75 Hours, 54545-0
DYR 230V, 650W, GY9.5
DYT 80W, 19V, 25 Hours, 54742
230V, 800W, R7s, Photoflood, Frosted, 79.25mm
DYY/EGH 500W 120V 50 Hours 74872 54587, Sawyer Rotomatic 600A, Sawyer's Rotomatic 747-AQ 747AQ, Antona Inc. 8mm Image Blend
DZA 10.8V, 30W, G5.3
120V, 1000W, 400 Hours, 3200°K, 54799, G22 Med Bi-Post, T6, Clear, Q1000/M/64/CL/4/B/120V
DZG 120V 500W 3200°K 100 Hours
DZL 19V, 100W, G5.3
DZN 120V, 150W, GY7.9, MR13, 18 Hours, Sylvania 54818, DZW/DZN, 50 Hours, 77902
DZP 50W, 30V, 150 Hours, Sylvania 54950, GX7.9, MR16
DZR GE, 250W, 120V, Home Movie, 2-Prong, PAR36, 2 Contact Lugs, CC-6, 3400°K, Medium Beam
625W, 240V, 2-PIN GZ9.5, A1/265, 240-625-29, 75 Hours
DZX J240V1000WB/DZX J240V 1000WB 240V 1000W R7s RSC Double Ended Lamp WQ 1000T3/CL/240 1000T3Q/CL 7½" CP92 1000258

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