Hard to Find Bulbs-Misc. P Series

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P2/25 115-120V, 850W, Thorn EMI, EWZ, L1222, P1/16, Hedler, Edler, L-1222, CIMA 1000M Hedler "jet-lux" D 6251 flood lights Hedler 75 J2 lamps, 110 volts, 850 watts, G6.35, 3200°K, 50 Hours, Possible Substitute 64535
PC168 14V, 3CP, 0-42723-00116-2, GE 27222
17459, 00231, 14V for 12V Systems, C-2F, MOL 1.11"/28.2mm, MOD .4"/10.2mm, 2500 Hours, T3.25, Printed Circuit Socket P12.4d and PCT3.25, .27A, 3.78W, MSCP 2
14V, .5CP, 0-42723-93283-1, Printed Circuit Socket P8.25d
PE1000D-13F Excelitas, 1000W
PF220 19.7V, 220W, Fiberstar, Fiber Optic Pool Lighting
PH-111A 75W, 125V, SC Bay, S-11 White
PH/112 75W, 115-125V, Photo Enlarger, 112, White, #112
PH/113 50W, 115-125V, PH113, PH-113, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, 50 Hours, #113, S-11 White Glass, Photo Enlarger Lamp, CC-2V Filament
PH-140 75W, 120V, Medium Screw E26, Beseler Enlarger, S-14 White
150W 120V B12 B-12 Base Down BA15s Single Contact Bayonet CC-8
PH-211 75W, 115-125V, E26, A-21 White
PH211C, 75W, Photo Enlarger, Clear, No. 211C, 115-125V
PH/212 150W, 115-125V E26 Medium Super-N-Larger Type 212 No. 212 4630-Osram
PH/213 250W, 115-125V
PH3, Ultraviolet, Hanovia, Newark, E26
PH50/150, 50/100/150W, Three-Lite, Photo Enlarger, 115-125V, 3 C. Med. Base, 2 C-9 Fil., 50-100-150 Watts, A21G4 White Enamel Bulb, No. 50/150, GE, 50-100-150W
PL10403 5V, 21mA, Sub-Miniature Bi-Pin
PN190 PN190, A-189, 12V, 150W, G17q, A189, Type 4, C-6F Off Set Filament, T10, G111, C-252, Riluma PN 190, AV 133, Blank doosje 5170.PST/9, Radium for Bauer T10R, J130, 12V-150W, Switzerland, J138, Radium 922W
2V .95A 1.9W C-2R For 2V Rechargeable AKB1102 MSCP 1, 40 hours P13.5s Vacuum Flashlight Flash Light
PR2 130001, B-3½, 2.38V, .5A, .4MSCP, C-2R, 15 Hours, 2-D Cells, 40100, 6240-00-155-7786
PR4 PR-4 130010 2.33V .27A .4MSCP C-2R 10 Hours 2-C Cells
PR5 PR-5, 2.35V, .35A, .82W, 35 Hours, P13.5s Base, B3.5 Clear Glass, MOL 1.25", Flashlight, For 2 "D" Batteries
PR6 PR-6, 2.47V, .3a, P13.5s Single Contact Miniature Flange, PR6HKB, 130020, 6PR, ML-4A2, 0085, 2 "D" Cells, 0-33268-00006-2, 033268000062, VPR6, Hasbro Star Wars Light Saber, 6240001558675, 6240-00-155-8675, FSCM 61951, MS15610-1, MS 15610-1, DLA400-89-M-U088, 2.5V, 2.5V0.3A

PR-7, 3.7V, .3A, .9 MSCP, C-2R, MOL 1.25"/31.8mm, MOD .45"/11.5mm, 30 Hours, 3 "D" Industrial Cells

PR9 PR-9, 2.7V, .15A, .4W, B3.5 Clear Glass, P13.5s Base, Eiko 40116, 3.14 Lumens, C-2R Filament, MOL 1.25", MOD .45", 45 Hours, LCL .25", .25 MSCP, For 2 "D" Cell Applications
PR10 PR-10 6V .5A 3W P13.5s Single Contact Miniature Flange
PR12 PR-12 6V .5A 6VO.5A 3W Flashlight P13.5s Single Contact Midget Flanged Fisher Price 125861 Fisher-Price Baby Monitor 75197 5-"D" Size Batteries "555" Flashlight Bulbs 6240-00-299-6767 6240002996767 PC436493 TYP PR12 Prefocus Torch Lamps 9234 540 10130 G4120 Fisher Price Baby Projector Light Show
4 D Size Batteries or 6-Volt Battery 4.75V .5A 500mA 2.38W 40086 C-2R MOL 1.25"/31.8mm MOD .45"/11.5mm 15 Hours B-3-1/2 SC Miniature Flanged P13.5s Base
PR14 2.38V, .5A, 1.19W, P13.5d Base, B3.5 Clear Glass, C-2R Filament, 15 Hours, Flashlight
PR15 PR-15 4.82V .5A 2.41W Flashlight P13.5s Single Contact Midget Flanged 4 D Size Batteries or 6-Volt Battery
12.5V, .25A, B3.5 Clear Glass, P13.5s SC Miniature Flanged Base, 40092, C-2R Filament, MOL 1.25"/31.8mm, MOL .45"/11.5mm, 50 Hours Average Rated Life, LCL .25"/6.4mm, 2.7 CP, Hand Spot
PR17 4.9V, .3A, 1.2 CP, 1.5W, P13.5s Single Conact Miniature Flanged, B3.5 Clear Glass, DIA .43", MOL 1.25", LCL .25", For 4 "F" Cell Batteries, C-2R Filament
PR-18 7.2V .55A B3.5 B3½ Single Contact Mini Flange Base 40096 C-2R MOL 1.25"/31.8mm MOD .45"/11.5mm 3 Hours P13.5s
8.63V, .5A, 5CP, 4.3W, P14.5s, B3.5, 7 D Cell Batteries
3.75V, B3.5, 0.86A, MSCP 2.25, Filament C-2R, Average Life 40, S.C. Miniature Flange
PR32 4.8V, .7A, P13.5s, B3.5 Clear Glass, 3.36W, C-2R Filament, MOL 1.25", 42 Lumens, 20 Hours
Printing Frame, Max 700 Watts, Pulsed Xenon Arc, PXA41
Printing Frame, Max 300 Watts, Pulsed Xenon Arc, PXA43
Printing Frame, Max 2500 Watts, Pulsed Xenon Arc, PXA55

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