Hard to Find Bulbs-B Series

Lamps ordered will generally be shipped the next business day by USPS Priority Mail or UPS, check here for Shipping Information. Large orders may qualify for a discount and may not qualify for next day shipment. If you do not know what lamp you require or for lamps not listed, email your request or call 336-882-2854. To order, please use our secure shopping cart or call 336-882-2852 or 800-692-3051.

These bulbs are not purchased directly from the manufacturer. We purchased these bulbs from auctions and businesses that discontinued selling bulbs or went out of business. All are new and most are in original display boxes. Some of the boxes may be ragged or missing, but the lamps are guaranteed new. Most of the lamps are GE or Sylvania brand. Some of these lamps are other brands like 3M, Apollo, Avigo, Bell & Howell, BIAI, CEW, Chicago Miniature, Colortran, Cool-Lux, Durst, Eiki, Eiko, EYE, Filmo, GOKO, Gould, Hosobuchi, Kalimar, Kando, Kandolite, Ken-Rad, Kondo, Lamco, Norelco, Olson, Olympus, Omega, Orion, Osram, P&B, Philips, Ponder & Best, Prism, Radiac, Radiant, Riluma, RCA, Sifang, Sunpak, Thorn, TP Hi-Lite, Ushio, Westinghouse and Wiko. If you have an inventory of new bulbs you no longer need, let me know and I will make you an offer for them.

Some lamps have the expected life of the lamp listed in their description. Your lamp life results may vary. There are several factors which affect the life of a lamp. Finger prints on lamps can dramatically reduce the life of a lamp. This is especially true with higher wattage lamps. The amount of voltage used relative to the rated voltage increases or decreases the lamps life. Any jarring of the lamp can damage the filament. This is especially true with lamps after they have been used as the metal becomes brittle in the heating and cooling process. For more information on handling lamps please refer to our home page.

75W, 28V, 54924-1, MR16, GX5.3, 6003
BAB/24 $1.29 24V, 20W, MR16, MR16C, GU5.3, Wide Flood
BAB-Coat $2.44 Plusrite, 12V, 20W, MR16, GU5.3, Coated
115-120V, 300W, Color Printer Lamp, E26, R30, Base Down
Exciter Lamp 4V 3W 75A-T5-SCP-1 .75A T5-C6FIL. S. C. Cand. Pref 34884 Transverse Filament GEBAK4V GEBAK SC PF Base C6 T5 Bulb 4 Volts, B&H 500 Series Filmosound 16mm, 6240-00-057-0886, DLA-400-78-F-3901, A.V.E. Corp 16mm Canary
28V .68A 19W BA15d S-6 RS-6725 Show & Tell A600
11430, 12V, 45W, MR16
BBF 99¢ 12V, 20W, MR16, GU5.3, Narrow Flood
GE, 115-125V, 40W, E26, A21, Ruby Red Safe Light, Safelight
BCA $3.79 250W/115-120V (Medium) B1, B1 Photo Flood (Blue) Daylight I.F.
GE, 60W, 120V, E26, A21, NDA, Safelight
BCK $30.00 500W, 120V, 4 Pin G17q, 50 Hour, 96727, 54576-0
BCK/5 $30.00 125V 500W Long Life
BCL $30.00 300W, 120V, 1000 Hours, G17t Base, T6 Clear Glass
BCS $5.00 115-125V, 120W, E26 Medium
120V, 200W, BA15d, G12 Clear Glass, GE 30252
100W, 120V, BA15d, R-14, CC-2V, Smith Victor S100
20V 150W G16.5 P30d - Double Contact Prefocus Flanged
BEC $25.00 150W, 120V, DC Bayonet BA15d, 115-120V, 25 Hours, B12, 2CC8, PH/150B12, 71100, Proj  Base Down
150W 120-125V Possible Substitute CAR 15 Hours Realist 400 Projector 3115, Argus Inc. Special 515, Audiscan, Inc. CSM, TSM  For 230V Use CTD
200W, 115-120V, 25 Hours, PH/200, B12, B-12, 2CC8, BA15d, C.O. Baptista Films Tel-N-See, Sylvania 200B12, Ushio 1000051
300W, 220V, 230V, 25 Hours, BA15s
400W, 120V, T8-½, C13D Filament, SC BAY, Base BA15S, T8.5
300W, 220-230V, 25 Hours, 73310, CC13, G17q, Base Horizontal, Tru-Focus, Wabash, Movie and Slide Projection
20V, 150W, 50 Hours, Sc Pref, Base Up, CC6 Filament, G16.5 Bulb, 471-022, Microprojection Lamp for Omega DM Enlargers
BEY $40.00 20V 100W 5A 50 Hours Bioscope P30s Microprojection CC6 Fila. G16½ G16.5 SC PF. Base Down to Horizontal 5A/G16½/1 5A/G16.5/1 Clear horiz. PXFX S. C. Prefocus 34602 B&L Macro Projector, Scherr Tumico Optical Comparator #2076, G-E 20V 5A/G16.5/3
BFB  $25.00 170W, 120V, BA15s, T-10 1.25" Diameter Tubular Glass, C-6/C-6 Dual Filament, Sylvania 71190
750T20P/SP-120V, C-13 Filament, 750W, 120V, 200 Hours, GE 22110, T-20 Clear Glass, P28s Medium Prefocus Base, MOL 5.75", LCL 2.1875"
750W, 105V, Studio LTG., Westinghouse, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, T-20 2.5" Diameter Clear Glass, P28s Medium Prefocus Base, C-13 Filament, 257-080, Projection Lamp
115-120V, 750W, E26, R40, Clear, For Intermittent Burning Only
115-120V, 750W, T20 2.5" Diameter Glass with Opaque Top, C13 Filament, 200 Hours, GE 29890
125-130V 15W 022 701 500 Hours 90327 qa3 E14 Klar Birne 100/110 110-120 Pygmy 100V12W-130V12W 100/130V 12/15W 8/Board Ind LUX/ENG Luxram ADR Crompton Sign 380018-1830 125-130V 310282 Thorn 110/120V, 26x57, 067-5059, 0675059, Kaiser 50N Viewer, 380018-1900, Patterson Safelight, E5432, 124207, You can substitute this lamp in most applications.
BFM/CL-25W $5.00 110V, 25W, E14 European Screw Thread, Frosted Pygmy Glass, adY, F 27-1, 90237, Lietz 5m, Osram, Germany
BFM/E12-15W $5.00 Wotan, 120V, 15W, cUX, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, ST26 Clear Pygmy Glass, 38.6017, Made in Germany
10.8V, 3A, 32.4W, P30s Single Contact Prefocus Flange Base, S-8 Clear Glass, C-6 Filament
4V, .75A, BA15s, S-8, C-6
BFW $25.00 G16, 20V, BA15s, 150W, Enlarger 
4V, Exciter, .75a, S8, S-8, SC Prefocus, 75A/S8/SCP, 3W
BGB/BGK $4.00 .75A, 4V, S8-C6FIL., DCP, D. C. Cand. Pref., 4V, 3W, Exciter, P30d, .75A/S8/DCP, C6, DC Cand. Pref., PH/75A/S8DCP, BG B, K-L, Sylvania 17107
120V, 250W, 25 Hours, 28A, 54, B&H 16mm 44223
20V, 100W, S-11, CC-6, BA15s
BHH $10.00 100W, 120V, BA15d, S-11 Clear Glass
BJC $10.00 30W, 100V, BA15d DC Bayonet, Burn Base Down to Horiz., PH/30S11/89DC-100V, Photocopy, C7A Filament, S11 Clear Glass, 500 Hours, 300 Lumens, 24CP
GE, 120V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, S11 Clear Glass, C-2V Filament
BJW $15.00 12V, 35W, 50 Hours, MR13 Dichroic Reflector, GX7.9 Vented Base, Target Systems 8, 8500, 8600, 8mm Movie Projector, GE 70045
$25.00 120V, S11, BA15d, 15W
750W, 120V, G22 Medium Bi-Post, Lens Side, 3200°K, 150 Hours, 18,000 Lumens, C-13D, MOL 5.51"/140mm
45W, 125V, BA15d, 200 Hours, Film Viewer, Base Down to Horizontal, CC13, S11, Clear, CC-13 Filament
$20.00 120V, S11 Frosted White Glass, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base
BKR $10.00 30W 115-125V 50 Hours Film Viewer PH/30S11/10 E12 Cand. Base S11 CC2V Clear 12519 5BS11 5 BS11 BKK, American Optical Forty- Stereo Microscope, GE 29136
BKV $20.00 30W, 120V, BA15s, S11 Clear Glass, CC-2V Filament, 115-125V, Average Rated Life 50 hours
BLK $25.00 120-130V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, CC2V Filament, 30W, S11 Frosted, Frost Glass
BLR $20.00 50W, 115-125V, BA15s, 50 Hours, S-11 Clear Glass, Viewer
BLX $5.00 115-125V, 50W, BA15d, S11 Clear Glass
BMD $10.00 115-125V 100W BA15s S-11 CC-2V
115-125V, 100W, Projection, BA15d, S11, D. C. Bay.
7.5W 120V Red Lamp E26 Medium Thread S-11 (71/2S/R Replacement)
BMY $15.00 115-125V, 100W, BA15s, 50 Hours, S11, CC13, Clear
BNF $6.00 115-125V, 75W, BA15d, FG 1119-G, S-11 Clear
10W, 120V, GE, S14 Red-Amber Darkroom Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 1500 Hours, Universal Burn Position
10W 115-125V Photographic Purple E26
BRD $6.00 .75A 4V SC Base C6 Filament T5 Bulb PH/75A/T5SC-4V 50 Hours 12134 17327 BA15s/19 12134 B&H No. 12134 4-Volt, .75 Amp. Exciter Lamp for Filmosound, B&H Filmsound 179
BRG $5.00 .75A, 4V, 3W, T5, C6, DRAV, DC Prefocus, KE-050, P30d
BRH $10.79 1000W, 120V, RSC/R7s
BRN $25.00 120V, 1200W, 20 Hours, 546981, 54698-1, G17T, 93596
BRP $18.00 750W, 120V, 50 Hours, Sylvania 54675-0, G17q-3 Base
BRR $30.00 1000W, 120V, 50 Hours, G17T7
BRS $4.00 4V, .75A, T5-C6Fil., 75A-T5-SCP., S. C. Cand. Pref, PH/75A/T5SCP-4V, C6, 17327, KE-02, 8004, 7253C, P30s
BRX $5.00 6V, 1A, 6W, 1A/T5/5, C6, DC Cand. Pref., PH/1A/T5/5-6V, BRX6V1A, Sylvania 17100
BSA $10.00 14V, P30s, T5, Sound Lamp
$25.00 750W, 120V, 3000°K, 54797-0, G22 Medium Bi-Post, T5 Clear Glass
BSK $5.00 6V, 1A, 6W, 100 Hours, T5-6, T5-C6FIL., S.C. Cand. Pref., PH/1A/T5/6-6V, CG-51, GEBSK6, 17103, Kodak Pageant Projector, Model-Nr.: AV 256 TR-R, Forway Industries 16mm Projector Model 10, GE 39708, Sylvania 17103
BSS/BSB $15.00 6V, 1A, 100 Hours, 1A-T5-7, C8, SC Cand. Pref., T5, S.C. PF. Base, C8Fil., Axial Filament, Ampro Premiere 20, AA, XA, YA, YSA, UA, UAB, Century 10, -10A, Premiere 10, Paramount 20, 6240-00-156-1572, 7210C, 7210-C, 72100, P30s, GE 39709, PH/1A/T5/2-6V
BSW $4.00 7V .2A PH/20A/T5SC C8 20A-T5-SCP .20A C8FIL PH/20A/T5SCP lear Clear 50225 7V-0.2A 989533 PH/20A/T5SCP .20A, Ampro Corp. Sound Lamp L, M, N, U, X, Y, YS, Century 5, GE 39710
BTA $25.00 1000W, 120V, GY9.5, T7 Clear Glass, C13D Filament, 50 Hours
BTC $25.00 1000W, 120V, 50 Hours, 54942, P47d, T-7, C13D, 3250°K
BTD $4.00 7V, .2A, .20A, C6, DC Cand. Pref.
$27.00 120V, 1200W, 20 Hours, G17t 3-Pin Base, T7 Clear Glass, 00380, 38200 Lumens, MOL 3.75"/95.3mm, LCL 1.56"/39.7mm, 3350°K, Burn Base Down, Possible Substitute BRN, 120-1200-31G, 1000082, JCS120V-1200W
BTH $12.00 Osram 54365-0, 115V, 575W, P28s Medium Prefocus Base, NAED 54365, 300 Hour, 3250K, 15500 Lumens, C-13D Biplane Filament, T-6 Clear Glass, S90 Burn Base Down ±90°, Maximum Overall Length 107mm, Light Center Length 55.6mm
BTM $20.63 500W, 120V, P28s, Q500/T6/4CL/2P
BTR $19.43 1000W, 120V, P28s, Q1000/T7/4CL/2P
BTT $10.00 9V, 2.15A, 19.35W, Sound Reproducer Lamp, BA15s
900W, 120V, 75 Hours, 3M 78-8000-7618, 165-5863, Sylvania 54673-0
BVB $25.00 115-125V, 30W, BA15s, 25 Hours, CC2V, SC BAY
BVE $12.00 120V, 625W, GY9.5
BVE/5 $12.00 125V, 625W, GY9.5
BVK/BVS $6.00 5V, 6.5A, 32.5W, Sound Lamp, 50 Hours
BVL $8.00 6V, 1A, 6W Sound Lamp, Sound Reproducer, SC PF Base, C6 Filament, T5 Bulb
$30.00 120V, 750W, 50 Hours, G17q-3, Sylvania 54591
BVR $25.00 120V, 30W, BA15d, 25 Hours, 71016, GAF Viewmaster, Viewmaster 30 Standard, Viewmaster Toy Projector
BVW $45.00 GE 12555 Q2MT10/4CL/MP 120V 2000W 350 Hours 59,000 Lumens 3200°K T-10 T10 Mog Pf (P40s) C-13 Clear 54692, Leviton 8” Theatre Fresnel 213-525, 176-194
8V, 2A, 16W, T8, BA15s, Radiant
2000W, 120V, 3200°K, Q2000/4CL/BP, G38 Mogul Bi-Post, Clear T-8, Mogul Bipost, GE 39587, 500 Hours, CC-8, 54000 Lumens, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, MOL 8.25", DIA 1", LCL 5"
6V, 50W, BA15s, T-8
BWF-GE $58.49 GE, 120V, 2000W, Mogul Screw
BWF-E $50.00 Eiko, 120V, 2000W, Mogul Screw
BWG $45.00 120V, 2000W, E39 Mogul Screw Base, T-9 Frosted Glass, Halogen, 3200K, Sylvania, Ushio 1000096, Q2000/4CL, JCV120V-2000W, 57,200 Lumens, 500 Hours, MOL 7.5", CC-8 Filament, LCL 5.25"
$25.00 Q750T7/4CL/TP, 120V, 750W, 3200°K, 200 Hours, 21000 Lumens, C13D, Clear, MOL 4.5"/114.3mm, MOD 2.374"/60.3mm, G9.5
Q1000T8/4CL/TP, 1000W, 120V, 3200K, 176-081, 176081, GE 39792, Q1000T7/4CL, 250 Hours, 28500 Lumens, 3200°K, T7, G9.5, MOL 4.5", C-13D
BWT $75.00 12V, 100W, BA21S-4, T-8, C-6F, Base Down
BWY $30.00 8V, 50W, P30s, T-8, C-6, PH/50/T8/84-8V, PH50T8/84-8V, Univex P-8 8mm Projector Lamp, CDG
BXA $6.00 10V, 7.5A, 75W, P30s, T-8, C-6 Horizontal Filament, FG 828-X
BXB $10.00 4A, 8.5V, 34W, P30s, SC PF, C-8, 100 Hours, PH/4A/T8/86-8.5V, Coleman Junior II, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, 4.2A, 4.2A/T8SCP, T8 Clear Glass
BXE $6.00 10V, 7.5A, 75W, BA15s, T-8, Sound Reproducer, C8 Filament, Burn Base Down
BXG $25.00 10V, 7.5A, 75W, BA15s, C6, T8, Marin
BXJ $20.00 4A, 8.5V, 34W, T8, C8, SC BA15s, Axial Filament
BXK $30.00 4A, 8.5V, 34W, P30s, C-6, T8
$10.00 9V, 4A, 36W, P30s, T-8 Clear Glass, Sound Lamp, C-6 Horizontal Filament, Burn Base Down
$25.00 10V 5A 50W P30s Prefocus Single Contact with 15mm Diameter Base and 30mm Ring Burn Base DN. to Hor. BXP-10V RCA 96190 Exciter Lamp 5 Amps. Prefocused T8 Clear Glass 5A/T8SCP/7
BXR $25.00 10V, 5A, 50W, Horizontal Filament, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, T8 Clear Glass, SCC, BA15s/21, LIF G/12, Mazda, Projector, Gas Filled, Made in England
BXT $50.00 12V, 100W, BA15s, Type 7238N/05, 25 Hours, 111/77, PN140, PN 140, 58.8105, Syl-186, A1/186, Thorn J1, Agfa-evaert, Inc. Diamator-N12, Leitz Wetzlar 315725, Weimar 3, Eumig Phonomatic, Minox Minotact and Minomat Slide Projectors, Home Projector Cinema, Bauer 8mm T-10L, T-10S, Weimer 3 Projector, PV-100, 12V100WIV/79, 12V 100WIV/79, 12V 100W IV/79
BYD $50.00 100W, 20V, 5A, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, T8 1" Diameter Clear Glass, Westinghouse, Collimex, Off Center Filament, 25 Hours, Eastman Kodak Company Kodoscope Eight 60-T 8mm Projector
BYM $50.00 27.5V, P30D Double Contact Prefocus Base, Burn Base Up, T-8 Clear Glass, MOL 3", CC-6 Filament, 175W
BYS $35.00 9V, 4A, 36W, P30s, T-8 Clear Glass, C-8 Axial Filament, Burn Base Down
20V, 100W, BA15d, 100T8/1DC, Cont Map, EXAS, T8, CC6, Burn Base Up, Projection, Radiant
BZA $15.00 20V, 100W, BA15s, T8, CC6, EXCY, Omega 471-021, 100T8/1SC, 100W-20V, S.C., Burn Base Up
$50.00 100W, 33V, 3A, Projection, PH/100T8SC-33V, BA15s, Burn Base Down, C-13 Filament, T8 Bulb Clear, Eastman Kodak Universal Kodascope Eight Model 60 8mm
BZW $10.00 115-125V, 50W, 50 Hours, BA15s, CC-2V, 29179, PH/50T8/67SC-120V, T8 Clear Glass

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