BAH 300W Light Bulb Replacement Lamp
BAH 300W Photo Lamp Replacement Light Bulb

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Watts: 300W
Volts: 115V
Amperage: 2.61
Average Rated Life: 20 Hours
Base: E26 - Edison Medium Screw, 26mm
Glass: A-21
Filament: C-9
Lumens: 9000
Bulb: A-21
Color Temperature: 3200°K
#1 Photo Flood (Inside Frost) IF
Type: A

Possible Replacement for Discontinued CXD Lamp

GE brand BAH lamps are discontinued with no remaining stock.

Cross-Reference: GE 40886, GE-BAH, Photocopy, Ushio 1000024, 3M 78-8003-6513-8

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Generally, it is not advisable to use blue bulbs alone with daylight films. These bulbs are not designed to be the sole source of illumination, but are to be mixed with or supplement daylight. When used alone, results tend to have a slight brown cast and may not yield true colors, though at times they can be quite close.

You can use ordinary household globes for photography. But you should be aware of a few characteristics which you may want to consider.

Color Temperature:

        Standard Domestic Light Bulb (40-60w) 2800K
        Standard Domestic Light Bulb (100-200w) 22900K
        Standard Domestic Light Bulb (500-1000w) 3000K

These bulbs will be significantly "warmer" (orange/red) than tungsten light sources designed for photographic purposes. Remember the color temperature of quartz halogen fixtures is 3200K. 


Standard household bulbs are not very diffuse. They tend to burn hotter in the center. You may find this undesirable, especially, if the light source is in frame.

Options exist which allow you to use ordinary household fixtures as well as clip lights and special fixtures you can make for your own purposes. Photographic suppliers and expendable supply stores carry several color correct light bulbs which will fit into standard light sockets.

Enlarger Bulbs are widely used in motion picture lighting. They are evenly diffuse across the surface of the bulb, have a proper color temperature of approximately 3200°K and come in different wattages.

        PH/111A = 75w Color 2900°K, 1120 Lumens, 15 Hours
        PH/140 = 75w Color 2900°K, 1150 Lumens, 35 Hours
        PH/211 = 75w Color 3000°K, 1000 Lumens, 65 Hours
        PH/212 = 150w Color 3050°K, 2300 Lumens, 100 Hours
        PH/213 = 250w Color 3400°K, 7000 Lumens, 3 Hours

Photofloods (standard pear shaped) are another option. The most common sizes are: 250w and 500w.

        ECA = 250W Color, White-3200°K, 6500 Lumens, 20 Hours
        BAH = 300W Color, White-3200°K, 9000 Lumens, 20 Hours
        ECT = 500W Color, White-3200°K, 13650 Lumens, 60 Hours

        BBA (No.1) = 250W Color, White-3400°K, 8700 Lumens, 12 Hours
        EBV (No.2) = 500W Color, White-3400°K, 17800 Lumens, 8 Hours

        BCA (B-1) = 250W Color, Blue-4800°K, 8912 Lumens, 12 Hours
        EBW (B-2) = 500W Color, Blue-4800°K, 10500 Lumens, 6 Hours

Reflecting Globes (RFLs) (mushroom shaped) are another option:

        DAN R-20 = 200w 3400°K
        BEP R-30 = 300w 3400°K
        EAL R-40= 500w 3300°K Medium Beam
        DXB R-40 = 500W 3300°K Spot Beam
        DXC R-40 = 500W 3300°K Flood Beam

The 82A filter corrects for the BBA photo lamp light when using tungsten film. The 80B filter corrects for the BBA photo lamp light when using daylight film. 

To set up your "Light Station" place the screen on top of a piece of black paper and center it 12 inches directly below a 150W clear incandescent bulb or a BBA No.1 Photoflood (preferred) Bulb. Either should be fitted with a foil-type pie tin as a reflector.

Cross reference information is designed to help you find the correct lamp for your application. We do not verify the accuracy of this information. You are responsible for ordering the correct lamp and we make every attempt to help you in that process. We recommend that you confirm the information with the equipment manufacturer before ordering.
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