Medical Lighting

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0002000 Burton Visionary OR Operating Light, 24V, 35W, BA15d, 750 Lumens, 1000 Hours, CC-8, MOL 53mm
WA00200, CA996, 216 Otoscope, Otoscope and Anoscope, 8-32 UNC 2A Thread, 2.5V, .35A, 15 Hours Average Rated Life, TL-1½, Nickel Plated, Vacuum
00300 3.5V Laryngoscope 60835
00900 2.5V Ophthalmoscope
01200 WA-01200-U, Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
021 Welch Allyn 11500 2.7V, .38A, ADC-4509-6, 2.5V WA Indirect Ophthalmoscopes, 6240-00-000-0010, 2100, 8000011, Colorimeter General Electric GE Medical Radiology CT PET MRI X-Ray Ultrasound, Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, WA21, 99-5008
6.3V, 2.1A, 13.2W, Halogen Exam Headlight 46003, WA-02600-U, 02600U, 6V
02700 2.5V, .66A, Otoscope, Welch Allyn Handle Adapter Model 73500, Otoscope Models 21100, 21120, 21150, 24000, 24011, 24020 and 24031, 02700-U, 027
02800 2.5V Vag 190
3.5V, Otoscopes 20000, 25020, 21700, 20200, 20202 and Tongue Blade Holder 28100, Halogen Diagnostic Set 547100
03100 Welch Allyn CA994 Carley 994 CL994 3.5V .77A 2.7W WA-31 8000017 99-5014 20 Hours CESS-2976-00 Halogen 03100-U Otoscopes 25000, 25200, 20000, 25020, 21700, 20200, 20202, 25270, 25070, 97110, 97100, 97150, 92800 and 22811 Illuminators, Transilluminators 27000, 27050, 26500, 26530, 41100, 43300 Tongue Blade Holder 18300 BiValve Nasal Speculum 26030 Bulb Diameter 4.6736mm Halogen-Xenon Wire Terminal 01090 T1-1/2 3170°K
WA-03400-U for Welch Allyn Pocket Jr. Otoscope #22840, CA1313, WA Pocket Otoscope/Throat Illuminator 20000, Welch Allyn Otoscope Model 728, Ref #728, WA03400, Illuminators, 2.5V, .64A, 20 Hours, TL-1.5, Nikel Plated, Xenon
03700 WA-03700-U, 3.5V
WA-03800-U, Used in 11800, 11800-V, 11810 and 11820 PanOptic Ophthalmoscopes, HPX, Carley 1742, 3.5V, .95A, 25 Hours, T-1.5 Glass, Nickel Plated, Xenon
WA03900-U, CA1670, 1670, Ophthalmoscope, 2.5V, .66A, 1.65W, 20 Hours, T-1½, Nickel Plated, Xenon, 12800, 13000, 12811, 12820, 12821 PocketScope Ophthalmoscopes
WA04100-U, CA1309, 1309, Examination Instruments, 10-32 TPI Thread, 14.5V, 2.3A, 33.35W, 100 Hours, T-3, Nickel Plated, Halogen-Xenon
WA04400-U, C1315, 1315, Ophthalmoscope, 2.5V, .64A, 1.6W, 20 Hours, T-1½, Nickel Plated, Xenon, American Optical 11405
04500 WA-04500-U 3.5V Retinoscope
04600 2.5V, WA-04600-U, 75 Hours, 740mA, 1.85W
04700 WA-04700-U, 894, Conventional Laryngoscope, Child, 1/8-72 NS3 Thread, 2.5V, .28A, .7W, 20 Hours Average Rated Life, TL-1 Lamp, Nickel Plated, Vacuum
Welch Allyn 04900-U 3.5V Halogen Lamp Base: Single Contact Groove, Glass Shape: T1-1/2 or TL-1.5, Overall Length: 22.2MM Ophthalmic WA04900 WA04900RB Diameter: 8.5MM Average Rated Life: 20 Hours ADC Lamps 4522-6 3.5V Halogen WA Ophthalmoscope HPX Halogen Ophthalmoscope bulb, Fits 11720, 11730 and 11735 Welch Allyn ophthalmoscopes, Also fits obsolete 11620 and 11630 ophthalmoscopes, CL995 Carley Equivalent, .72 Amp, Nickel Plated, Xenon Filled, Direct Ophtalmoscope Model 11720
WA06000-U, CA951, Fiberoptic Laryngoscope for 60813, 60814, 60715, 60815, 60803 and 60804, 8-32 UNF 2A Thread, 2.5V, .66A, 1.65W, 20 Hours Average Rated Life, TL-1.5 Glass, Nickel Plated, Xenon, For Use With Lightweight and 2.5 V Rechargeable Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handles
06000 HPX 10-32 Thread for WA 60713 Laryngoscope Handle
WA06100-U, CA1311, 1311, Examination Instruments, 10-32 TPI Thread, 15.1V, 2.26A, 34.126W, 100 Hours, T-3, Nickel Plated, Halogen-Xenon
WA HPX 06500, Welch Allyn Otoscope, Macroview Otoscope, Carley 1757, 3.5V, .78A, 15 Hours, TL-1.5 Glass, Nickel Plated, Xenon
07200 WA07200-U, 1.85W, 2.5V, Retinoscope 17200 Streak Lamp, 740mA, 10.3 Lumens, .82 Candles, 2950K, Ophthalmic
6V Vaginal Specula Illuminator Lamp
WA08200, 3.5V, Elite Streak Retinoscopes, 18245 Retinoscope
08500 3.5V LumiView Portable Binocular Microscope
WA08800, CA1662. 1662, Updated Vaginal Specula Illuminator, 12-28 NF Thread, 4.6V, .81A, 30 Hours Average Rated Life, TL-1½, Halogen, Xenon
09500 09500-U, MFI Solarc Replacement Lamp
1012-P-7003 6V, 10W, 1012-P5110, 1012P7003, A.P.I., Vantage
10421 Riester 10421, 2.7V, 3900, Otoscope
10591 Reister, 2.5V
10600 Riester 99-0600, 2.5V, Carley 1663, .75A, 15 Hours, TL-1.5, Nickel Plated, Xenon, Otoscope
10605 Riester 99-0605, 2.5V, Carley 944, Ophthalmoscope, .75A, 20 Hours, T-1.5, Nickel Plated, Xenon
10606 Riester, CA956, 3.5V, Ophthalmoscope
10607 Reister 10607, Carley 907, Otoscope, 3.5V, .72A, 15 Hours, TL-1.5, Gold Plated, Xenon, Ri-Scope, L Otoscope, L2/L3
10608 Riester 99-1108, 3.5V, Xenon, Gold Plated, Ophthalmoscope, Carley 956, 20 Hours, T-1.5, .69A
220W, 22V, 10A, 220T4, Q220T4-22V, 58939, Special G9.5 Base, 200 Hours, 6200 Lumens, T4 Clear Glass, 3250K, Universal Burn Position, Glass Diameter 12.7mm, MOL 66mm, LCL 39.1mm, 58939-0, P129362-228, GY9.35
31-74-28 8000165, Nikon 78508, BA15d, S-11 Silver Back Globe, 120V, 30W, Accuscope, Accu-Scope Microscope, Hosobuchi, SM-31-74-28, 0-48777-33562-8, 120V30W, 3262
5-0235-04 SunMed, Sun-Med, Penlon 55091, Endotracheal Intubation, 5-023504
5-0240-52 SunMed, 2.5V, 10-32 Threads, Halogen, Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes, Greenline, 5024052, 5-240-52, Laryngoscope Handle, Gold Cartridge, For Red Base with Reflector, 5-024052
5111N-4 2.5V Otoscope
5112N-4 2.5V Ophthalmoscope
55094 Penlon, 2.7V Fibre Optic Laryngoscope
5801006 Carley, 2.7V, Haag Streit Perkins MKI and MKII 2.7V Hand Held Tonometer, Screw Base, Clement Clarke Perkins MK1 and MK2 Hand-Held Tonometers, Kowa Tonometer
100915, 60W, 24V, BA15d DC Double Contact Bayonet, T-4 Clear Glass, Halogen, ALM 516767, ALM MDT2000 Series, Castle 2410MB, Castle MDT 2000 Series Surgical Light
64251 HLX64251, 6V, 20W, PG22, 500 Lumens, 100 Hours, C-6, Guerra-5628/W0, CSO 980 Slit Lamp
12V, 30W, PG22
64261 12V, 30W, G6.35, T3.25 Clear Glass, MOL 44mm, LCL 30mm, 750 Lumens, 50 Hours, 3300K, Universal Burn Position, Filament 2.6mm x 1.3mm, Sylvania 54023, LIF M/130
12V, 50W, GY6.35, Leica-500182, Olympus-8C402, Guerra-6419/AX7
Halostar Stalite, 90W, 12V, GY6.35, 4000 Hours, Dimmable, Clear, UV Filter, Halogen, 58684
64644 55997, 17V, 95W, G6.35
390158, 6V, 30W, P47d
843120 6V, 15W, P15d, PX22d One Slot Base, Philips 13347C, Zeiss 380176, 380018-1730, LT76Z, 3800-18-1730
8C103 SM-8C103, 8000300, Olympus 8C103 Microscope Bulb, 6V, 15W, Special Plastic Pre-Focused Base, BHC, BHM, 0588, 0589, VMLSG, VM-LSG, STM/8C103, SM8C103, 8000300, 15-0184/6V/15W, 15-0280, 7189, 7527B, Gerate, 15 Watt, 6 Volt, Effner, 99-75S15, SM-8C103, T8 Clear Glass, FC-6Z Filament, 180 Lumens, 200 Hours, 22mm Diameter, MOL 76mm, Special Base
8G102 SM-8G102, 8000303, Olympus
936009 24V, 50W, BX22d Base, G16 Silver Bowl Glass
940-750 SM-940-750, 8000311, HS510-250, 6V, 4.5A, S11, E14 with Solid Ring, Marco 2007-6, Eiko 41328
A0847805 22.8V, 40W, IRC Infrared Halogen, Merivaara Merilux 22.8V/40W, Code: 485761, Merivara, Ceramic Base, Infra Red Coating, For Merilux X1, X3 and X5 Units, 1000 Hours, 4300°K, 4300K, 35,000 Lumens
B5-010-04 Skytron 2345 Surgical Strobe, SM-B501004, MOL 1.5", 3 Prong
Microscope, 120V, 30W, S-11, BA15d, Clear
Blue 80 H080130, 21.5V, 130W
Blue 90 H053198, M-01023, 22.8V, 90W, 2300 Lumens, 250 Hours, C-BAR-6, 56053198
CAX 50W, 130V, DC Bay, BA15d
CL1406 CA1406, 3.5 x 35mm Thread, 2.5V, .3A, .75W, 15 Hour, Vacuum, TL1.25
CZ905-22 22.8V, 110W, G6.35
CZ908-22 22.8V, 150W, G6.35
DKK50 M01054 M-01054 JC 24V 50W G-8 2-pin Base, T4.5 Clear Glass with Ceramic Cap, 1000 Lumens, 500 Hours, C-BAR-6 Filament, Eiko 41930, Skytron B1-010-28, MOL 2.2"/56mm, DKK-50-24501, Skylux-SH101028, Guerra-6702/1, Skytron Surgical Light
DKK-75 24V, 75W, G8, Cap
DKK-100 24V 100W DKK100 Skytron Surgical Light B5-011-32 100W 24V BIPIN G8 Ceramic Cap SM-B501132 8000318 MED Medical M01055 M-01055 JC24V100W-G8 C. Cap 2200 Lumens 500 Hours C-BAR-6 Filament Skylux SH1010281  SH-1010281 MOL 51mm LCL 28mm Diameter 14.5mm
HBO 100W/2 69217, HBO 100 W/2, DC, 100W, 20V, 5A, 2200 Lumen, 22 Lumens per Watt, 260 CD, 170,000 CD/CM², 200 Hours, s90 Burn Position, MOL 90mm, LCL 43mm, SFa7,5-2 Base Negative, SFa9-2 Base Positive
J2022 Perkin Elmer, 300W
J2027 Perkin Elmer, 175W Module
J2028 Perkin Elmer, 300W
Narva 10, JC 6V 10W, PY16-1.25, 150 Lumens, 100 Hours, C-BAR-6 Filament
JC 6V 20W PY16-1.25, 450 Lumens, 100 Hours, C-BAR-6, Narva 20
40340-20700, 20W, 6V, Topcon, M01005, G4/Special G4/Spec Base, T3 Glass, Halogen, Hosobuchi HF9102, 45500, C-6 C-6U Filament, Topcon SL2E, SL-2E, M01005, 475 Lumens, 100 Hours, SP Base, Topcom, 41368
M-01006 6V, 10W, PG22
M01020, 12V, 50W, Special Base, C-BAR6 Filament, Wild 50, WILD50, 1400 Lumens, 50 Hours, Leica 38643/M655, Wild WI38463, Guerra HLX4643
M-01021 M01021, 12V, 50W, Inami 50, JC 12V 50W E14/26x18 Flange, 1400 Lumens, 50 Hours, C-BAR-6 Filament
18769, Heraeus 9312087, JC22.8V40W, 22.8V, 40W, G6.35 Two Pin Base, 800 Lumens, 1000 Hours, CC-6 Filament, Hanaulux, Hanalux 018769, Guerra 6419/3, Surgical Operating Room Light, Hanaulux Melbourne Hanaulux Oslo, Maco Prima, M-01031
M-01032 18566, Heraeus, JC22.8V50W, 22.8V, 50W, G6.35 Two Pin Base, 1000 Lumens, 1000 Hours, CC-6 Filament, Hanaulux, Hanalux 018566, Guerra 6419/3A, Surgical Operating Room Light, Hanaulux Melbourne Hanaulux Oslo, Maco Prima
24/40DC/41MLC, JC, 24V, 40W, BA15D, 800 Lumens, 1000 Hours, CC-6, MOL 61mm, Guerra 5429/F40, Daikyo Medical Instruments Co. LTD Alpha Halogen Surgical Lighting Fixture
M-01051 24V, 40W, E11, Xenon
24V, 120W, X514 Base, 3000 Lumens, CC-6 Filament
M-01058 24V, 140W, X514, 3500 Lumens, CC-6
M-01072 Angenieux 104316, Guerra 6221/3, 24V, 100W, X511, 2200 Lumens, 1000 Hours, CC-8, H2-511
M-01086 24V, 55W, G6.35, C-BAR6, Ceramic Cap
23V 100W X514SP, 2600 Lumens, 150 Hour, C-BAR-6
24V 40W E11 Black Umbrella, 800 Lumens, 1000 Hour, CC-6
M01089, SkyTron Skylux SH-52, Guerra 6701/3 24V 50W
M-01091 M01091, 24V, 50W, G8 8mm 15x19 Two Pin Base, Black Umbrella, 1000 Hours, 1000 Lumens, MOL 50mm, LCL 34mm, CC-6 Filament, Gas Kr Krypton, Million, Guerra 6704/2
M-01092 M01092, 24V, 40W, G8, Black Top
M-01096 M01096, BSS1089 Hill-Rom Prime, P1350, Prima, 22.7V, 180W, G6.35 C. Gold Pins, 4800 Lumens, 300 Hours, CC-6 Filament, JC22.7V/180W, BSS-1089
M-01099 24V, 35W, P45t, CC-8
M-01114 M01114, 20V, 180W, GZ9.5 2-Pin Prefocus Base, 4700 Lumens, 30 Hours, C-BAR-6 Filament, MOL 60mm, LCL 30mm, Base Width 21.5mm, Steris 093926-047
M01026, M-01026, SM-P129362-228, 8000355, 22V, 220W, Quantum Light, 2-Pin GY9.5, 4350 Lumens, 300 Hours, CC-6 Filament, 362-228, Amsco P129 362-228, Silver Pins
M01205, 24V, 60W, JA24V60W, PKX22s
25V, 150W, T4, R7s, 2.5", M02004
M04001, 6V, 4.5A, G40 Glass, E14 Screw Base, 26X18 Flange, 26 X 18, 1008, IL, 360 Lumens, 100 Hours, FC-6Z Filament, Hosobuchi OP2562, Marco & Mentor 1008, Guerra 2158/3, Topcon for Ophthalmic Slit Lamp
M04002, IL 6V 4.5A E14/26x18 Flange, 410 Lumens, 100 Hours, C-6U Filament, G-40 Glass 40mm Diameter, Hosobuchi OP2900, Haagstreit HS900-930, Guerra 2158/1
M04003, 6V, 4.5A, S35, E14/26x18, HS 366, HS366, Hosobuchi OP2366, Haagstreit 366, Mentor Opth Slit Lamp, 450 Lumens, 100 Hours, C-6 Filament
M-04004S M04004S, IL, 6V, 30W, BA20S/26, 400 Lumens, 100 Hours, C-6, S-35
24V, 50W, BA15d 30x26, 650 Lumens, 700 Hours, CC-6 Filament, G-50SPT, Hosobuchi 0-3701, Guerra 0178/LS, Orbitec 130769, Apollon For Operating Room, MOL 77mm, LCL 45mm, MOD 50mm
M-04015 12V, 25W, G40 Top Half Silvered Shadowless, BA15d, C-6
M-04016 12V, 35W, G40SPT, G40 Glass with Top Half Silver Bowl, BA15d, 400 Lumens, 400 Hours, C-6, Guerra-0376/9
Hosobuchi 0-3740, Hanaulux 016344, Guerra 0079/0, G-50SPT, CC-6 Filament, 700 Hours, 500 Lumens, IL, 24V, 40W, BX22d
24V, 40W, BA15d 30x26, 500 Lumens, 600 Hours, CC-6 Filament, G-50SPT, Hosobuchi 0-3706, Guerra 0178/L1, Orbitec 130771, Apollon For Operating Room, MOL 77mm, LCL 45mm, MOD 50mm
M-04023 12V, 100W, BA20d, 1800 Lumens, 100 Hours, FC-6Z Flat Coil Filament, G-40 Clear Glass, Guerra 3770/4
M-04032 24V, 50W, G50SPT, CC-6, BA20d
M-04033 24V, 70W, G50SPT, BA20d, CC-6
M-04040 24V, 50W, G40SPT, CC-8, BA20d
M-04041 24V, 60W, G40mm Mirrored Globe, Silvered, Chrome, BA20d 20mm Double Contact Bayonet Base, CC-8 Filament, 650 Lumens, 600 Hours
553.3881, 3.02-3.3V, LCM Kavo Handpiece, 1002.2928, 1000802, Coupler, Kavo Lux Lighting System, M-04501, M04501, 3V, 1.95W, Plastic Base, WD 1.3mm, 150 Hours, Dental Handpiece Lamp
3.5V 2.6W SP-Base, MSCP 2, 20 Hour, C-6
MAJ-525 Olympus 2.5V
ME300BF 300W, Cermax, Short Arc
6V, 18W, 3A, G-6 Clear Glass, BA15d Base, FC-6Z Filament, 100 Hours Average Rated Life, MOL 1.437"/36.5mm, 220 Lumens, LCL 20mm, Topcon LMP5 LM-P5 Lensometer, 40100-11530, 06-018-03, 76907, 8000233
PE150AF 150W, 5900K
PE150BF PE150BF, 150W, 3 hole, 5600K, 15kV (Start), 11 V ~ 13.5 V (Operating)
PE300BF Light Engine Ceramic Xenon, 10115, Nominal Length 42.34mm/1.667", Diameter 32.96mm/1.298", Window Diameter 25.4mm/1", Arc Gap 1.35mm/.053", 300W, 14V, 21A, 23kV Ingition Voltage, 5000 Lumens, 500,000 Candelas Peak Intensity, 50W Radiant Output, 2.6W UV <390nm Output, 5600°K, 4% Peak Stability, 5° Beam Half Angle, 6mm Aperature Focused Output 3130 Lumens, 3mm Aperature Focused Output 1410 Lumens, Parabolic Reflector, Average Rated Life 1000 Hours, Only use this lamp in proper equipment with proper safety precautions. UXR-300-VAC300-F-C5, 5001543, PULSED LAMP PULSE, 5 HOLE, 846519, CXE300BF, 10823, CXE300/BF/SB, PE300BF, Light Source machine Model XL-4400 for E400 By Fujinon
120V, 150W, BA15d, Castle Surgical Lights, 2420-C
Q235T4/3-33V 33V, 235W, CC-6, GY9.5 GP, Frosted T4 Glass, Gold Pins, 249-001, MOL 65mm, JC33V235W/F-GY9.5
USH-103D Replacement for USH-103OL or USH-1030L, Olympus BX21 Microscope
X-001.88.069 2.5V Ophthalmic Beta 200
X-001.88.077 2.5V Lambda100 Retinometer
X-001.88.084 2.5V Ophthalmoscope
X-01.88.034 2.5V, XHL, #034
Fiberoptic Laryngoscope, 8-32 UNC Thread, 2.5V, .7A, 1.75W, 20 Hours, TL-1.5, Gold Plated, Xenon
Heine Mini 2000 Pocket Otoscope, XHL 037, 2.5V, .68A, 1.7W, Xenon, Optima 31, Timesco 4075.250.20, Heine Optotechnik, Rusch 00 5630 000, Truphatek 512717 Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Lamp, Carley 954, TL-1.25, 20 Hours
X-01.88.041 CL1721, 2.5V
X-01.88.042 Heine 2.5V Direct Ophthalmoscope
Heine, 2.5V Laryngoscope
X-01.88.105 Heine, 2.5V, Fiber Optic Otoscope
X-01.88.106 Heine, 2.5V Opthalmoscope
X-01.88.108 Heine, 2.5V, Mini-C Clip Penlight Lamp
X-02.88.044 Heine Otoscope & Illuminator, 8-32 UNC Thread, 3.5V, .7A, 20 Hours, TL-1.5 Glass, Gold Plated, Xenon, CA 889
CA1651, 1651, Otoscope, 3.5 x 3.5mm Thread, 3.5V, .62A, 2.17W, 20 Hours, TL-1¼, Gold Plated, Xenon
X-02.88.070 3.5V, XHL, Beta 200 Ophthalmoscope
X-02.88.072 3.5V, XHL, Beta 200 TL, Ophthalmoscope
CA1665, 1665, Otoscope, 3.5V, .77A, 2.7W, 15 Hours, TL-1½, Gold Plated, Xenon
X-02.88.085 Heine Ophthalmoscope, Carley 1714, 3.5V, .69A, 15 Hours, T-1.5 Glass, Gold Plated, Xenon
X-02.88.086 Heine, 3.5V XHL, Opthalmoscope
X-02.88.101 Heine 3.5V Direct Ophthalmoscope
Heine In-direct Ophthalmoscope, Heine XHL 6V  X0488068, CA1679, 1679, Headlight, 6V, 1.7A, 10.2W, 300 Hours, T-2¼, Gold Plated, Krypton
X-04.88.076 Sigma 100, 6V
X-04.88.080 6V, 6W, UBL 100 Binocular Loupe
X-04.88.093 Heine, 6V, 5W, 30 Hour, XHL, Sigma 150 Binocular, Sigma 150K Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Spectacle
X-04.88.104 Heine, 6V, 10W, XHL #104 Omega 500 Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Xenon-Halogen, Binocular, Omega500, Unplugged
X-04.88.111 Heine, 6V, 5W, For Omega 500 Indirect, X-004.88.111, X.004.88.111
XBO R 100W/45C 69191, 100 Watt, Xenon, Short Arc, Reflector, Lightguide, Boroscopy, Fiber Optic, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Endoscopy, 500 Hours When Burned Horizontally, Special Plug Base, CRI 98, 6000°K, 7A, 2.52" or 64mm Diameter, Hot Restart, MOL 83mm, 100W, P15 Burn Position, DC Current, Working Distance 45mm, 14V
XBO R 180W/45C 69183, 180 Watt, Xenon, Short Arc, Reflector, Lightguide, Boroscopy, Fiber Optic, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Endoscopy, 500 Hours When Burned Horizontally, Special Plug Base, 44° Beam Angle, CRI 90, 6000°K, 12A, 2.52" or 64mm Diameter, Hot Restart, MOL 90mm, 180W, P15 Burn Position, DC Current, Working Distance 45mm
XBO R 181W/45C 69184, 181 Watt, Xenon, Short Arc, Reflector, Lightguide, Boroscopy, Fiber Optic, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Endoscopy, 500 Hours When Burned Horizontally, Special Plug Base, 44° Beam Angle, CRI 90, 6000°K, 12A, 2.52" or 64mm Diameter, Hot Restart, MOL 90mm, 181W, P15 Burn Position, DC Current, Working Distance 45mm
XBO R 300W/60C 69167, 300 Watt, Xenon, Short Arc, Reflector, Lightguide, Boroscopy, Fiber Optic, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Endoscopy, 1000 Hours When Burned Horizontally, Special Plug Base, 30° Beam Angle, CRI 95, 6200°K, 16A, 3.23" or 82mm Diameter, Hot Restart, MOL 80mm, 300W, P20 Burn Position, DC Current, Working Distance 60mm
Y1964 Perkin Elmer, 300W

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