Hard to Find Bulbs-Misc. H Series

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In Stock
H1156 $4.00 BA15s, 12.8V, 50W T-4  
$5.00 12V 50/15W 44040 12.8/12.8V C-6/C-6 Filaments MOL 2"/50.8mm MOD .64"/16.3mm 250/400 Hours Average Life T-5 Clear Glass BAY15D Index Bayonet Base
H12C $1.65 Sol-Rex, 4W, 130V, E12 Candelabra Screw, T4.5 9/16" Diameter Clear Glass, MOL 1-9/16", 4T4.5-130V, .031A  
H12D $1.88 Sol-Rex, 4W, 130V, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, T4.5 9/16" Diameter Clear Glass, 4T4.5, MOL 1.5", .031A 24
H13C $1.65 Sol-Rex 4W150V, 4W, 150V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, T4.5 9/16" Diameter Clear Glass, MOL 1-9/16", 4T4.5C-150V, .027A 55
H15C $1.65 Sol-Rex, 4W, 130V, .031A, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, T4.5 9/16" Diameter Glass, MOL 1-3/8" 1
H17D $1.88 Sol-Rex, 6W, 120V, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, T4.5 9/16" Diameter Clear Glass, 6T4.5, MOL 1.75", .05A  
H18C $1.65 Sol-Rex, 6W, 150V, VIB, VI8, V18, V1B, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, T4.5 Clear Glass, 6T4.5-150V, .04A, MOL 1.75"  
H19C $2.10 Sol-Rex, 7W, 250V, T4.5 9/16" Diameter Clear Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, MOL 1-5/8", 7T4.5-250V, .028A  
H19D $2.33 Sol-Rex, 7T4.5DC-250V, 7W, 250V, .028A, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, T4.5 Clear Glass, MOL 1.5" 73
H30C $1.65 Sol-Rex, 4W, 24V, .17A, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, T-4 1/2" Diameter Clear Glass, .167A, MOL 1.5" 2
H3-12V25W $2.16 H3, 12V, 25W, PK22s  
H3-12V55W/B $2.00 H3, 12V, 55W, Blue Coated Glass 2
Eiko 15360, H33CD-400, 400W, BT37, 66-1912-00050, E39, 15360, 69449, 252056
H3-6V25W $2.99 6V, 25W, H3, PK22s Base with Wire Lead-Male Spade  
H37KC-250/DX $6.00 MV250/DX/37/ED28, 250W, E39 Mogul Screw Base, ED28 Glass, H37 Ballast, Deluxe Coated Glass, MOL 8.25", LCL 5", Initial Lumens 11,200, Mean Lumens 10,800, Average Rated Life 24,000+, 3900K, CRI 50, V02509184402  
H39B $2.85 Sol-Rex, T4, 6W, 130V, .046A, BA15s, MOL 1-3/8", Flat Top Clear Glass, 6T4-130V 40
H400DX33-1 $12.00 GE, 400W, 400, Mercury, E39 Mogul Screw, ED37 White Coated Glass, H4000X33-1, General Electric  
H412V85/80W/B $3.00 H4, 12V, 85/80W, Blue Coated Glass 1
H46DL-40/50/DX $5.00 Eiko 15350, 40/50W, ED17 Coated Glass, E26, MOL 5.12", MOD 2.17", LCL 3.13", 1570 Lumens, 3200K, CRI 45, 8,000 Hours, H45/46 Ballast, Use in Enclosed Fixture, Universal Burn Position, Deluxe White, GE HR40/50/DX45-46, Halco 108302 MV50DX, Iwasaki HF50PD/H, Osram H45/46DL-40/50/DX, Philips H46DL-40-50/DX, IMERC Approval 2
H-715-AS-15-AVN-RED $5.00 6240-00-122-6697, 3.12mm Diameter Red Glass, Length 6.4mm Excluding Wires, Wire Leads Base, 6240-122-6697 5
H755LL $4.18 H7, 55W, Long Life, T4-5/8 Glass, PX26d Base, 12V, 00266, Hella H7+50%, H83145101, 12.8V, 1000 Hour, Halogen  
H755SWTX $7.58 Eiko, H7, 55W, Super White, Xenon  
H7/70W/24V $2.75 24V, 70W, H7, T4-5/8 Glass, PX26d Base, Axial Prefocus, Eiko 01532, CC-8 Filament, MOL 2.24"/57mm, MOD .43"/10.9mm, 250 Hours, Halogen, Auto Headlamp, Burn Horizontal  
H73D $1.95 Solrex, T4.5 Clear Glass, 5W, 30V, .167A, BA15d, MOL 1.5", Sol-Rex, 30V.17A 33
HBO 100W/1, 100W Super Pressure Mercury Lamp, 3-Leg, Osram+, Made in Germany
HBO200W/2/L1 $200.00 69198, AC, 200W, L1: 61±4V, L1: 3.6A, 10,000 Lumens, 50 Lumen Per Watt, 1000 CD, 40,000 CD/CM², Arc .6x2.2  
$150.00 HBO 200 W/TM, Stromart, DC/AC, 128 87A 00 04
HBO202W/4 $300.00 Osram 69316, HBO 202W/4, Mercury Short Arc Lamp, 202W, 57V, SFc10-4/15 Base, 200 Hours, S45 Burn Position, Mounting Length 102mm, MOL 127mm, LCL 1.6", Luminous Flux 9500, Luminance 33,000 cd/cm², Luminous Intensity 950 cd, 046135693168, 4050300507156, Double Ended, Simiconductor, BC7129, 33848, Fluorescence Microscopy, UV Curing, Picto Medicine, Metel OSRHBO2024, Data Sheet  
HI-110 $14.95 GE 26576, 19.7V, 190W, 183W, GX5.3, MR16, ACP141BA2, Res. #4297405, A247, 19.7V183W, HI-110/F, Faceted Reflector, Fiberstar Fiberoptic Pool Lighting  
HI-111 $22.95 19.7V 200W, Fiberstar Fiberoptic Pool Lighting  
HM202 $4.36 12V, 36.5/35W, T6 Clear Glass, P15-25-1 Double Contact Base  
HMI 12000W/DXS $650.00 Osram 64316, 12000W, Double Ended  
HMI-1200W/GS $26.41 Donar, Osram, HMI1200W/GS, Double Ended, UMI1200/GS, UMI1200W/GS  
125W 80V
HPA 2020S FX $80.00 Philips 38665-6, 386656, 938665845, 2000W, Control Gear or Ballast Driven, 8.7A, Cleo, Metal Halide, 9280 587 06006, Tanning Lamp, HPA2020S, Belgium, Hg, Exposure, 6.75" Long Lamp with 14" Wires, T28mm Clear Glass, 800 Hours, FE Spectral Output, 609 WPI, Arc Length 83mm, 9280 563 06002, 841207, TH2707, TH 2707, High Actinic Output, 919535745, 195357, 537 UV-A Watts, Isolde 4
HPA 400/30 S $45.00 HPA400/30SL, Replaces HPA400/30, MOL 105mm  
HPL375/115V $14.04 Osram, HPL, 375W, 115V  
HPL375/115V/X $14.04 Osram, HPL, 375W, 115V, Long Life  
HPL575/115V $17.33 HPL575/115V, (2-Pin Special), 575W, 92431, HPL575/C115V, 300 Hours, 16500 Lumens, 3200°K, T6, MOL 4.2", 4C-8, Thorn 37143, HPL575-C  
HPL575/115V/X $17.33 HPL, 575W, 115V, Long Life  
HPL575C/120V $17.33 GE 88436, 120V, 575W, 92433, HPL575/C, 300 Hours, 16520 Lumens, 3200°K, T6, MOL 4.2", 4C-8   
HPL575/LL/120V $17.33 GE 120V, 575W, Long Life, 92435, HPL575/LL/C-120V, 2000 Hours, 12360 Lumens, 3050°K, T6, MOL 4.2", 4C-8  
HPL575/230V $10.00 Osram 93728, 575W, 230V, HPL  
HPL575/240V $10.00 Osram 54619-3, 575W, 240V, G9.5 with Heat Sink Heatsink Base  
HPR40 $3.00 HPR-40, 6V, 75 Lumens, C-6 Filament, MOL 1.25", MOD .38", 50 Hours, T-3 Clear Glass, P13.5s Single Contact Miniature Flanged, Halogen, .67A, For 6V Lanterns, Eiko 44000, Northern Mining Cap Light  
HPR44 $3.00 HPR-44, 4V, 1A, 4W, 54 Lumens, C-6 Filament, MOL 1.25", MOD .38", 300 Hours, T-3 Glass, P13.5s Base, Halogen, Use with 3 "NI CAD" Cells, Eiko 40034  
HPR-50 for 6V Lanterns, Halogen, 5.2V, .85A, 4.42W
HPR51 $2.87 6.5V .7A/T-3 SC Mini Flange Base 40046 90 Lumens C-6 MOL 1.25"/31.8mm MOD .38"/9.6mm 25 Hours T-3 P13.5s For 5 "D" Flashlight Halogen 300% brighter than regular bulbs Halogen bulbs used with alkaline batteries are 300% brighter than regular bulbs powered by carbon batteries. Use this bulb only in lighting devices designed for halogen bulbs.
HPR52 HPR-52 2.8V .85A 2.38W T-3 P13.5s
HQI-DE70/WDX-E $20.00
Osram, Lightolier 56999, M85 Ballast, M85PX, Warm White De Luxe, NAED 784197, Metal Halide, T-6, R7s RSC Double Ended, HQI-DE 70/WDX-E, 70W, 64364, 19mm Diameter, 118mm Length, 3000°K, Lumens 6000 Initial-4900 Mean, CRI 85, 10,000 Hours, 90V, 57mm LCL, 7mm Arc, Osram
HQI-DE150/NDX $20.00 Sylvania 64368, HQI R, HQI-DE 150/NDX, RSC, Double Ended, Metal Halide, T-7 Clear Glass, Arc Lamp, Kr85 Gas  
HQI-DE-250/NDX $25.00 Sylvania 64374, 250W, 4200K, M80 Ballast, Double Ended, Metal Halide, T9.5 Glass, Fc2 Base, 0-46135-64374-3, 10,000 Hours, CRI 85, 20,000 Lumens, Osram, MOL 6.42", LCL 3.21", HQI-TS 250W/NDL, Powerstar, Neutral Deluxe, 436036 4
HQI-T-2000W/N/230V $100.00 Osram 421582, 2000W, Powerstar, E40 European Mogul Screw Base, Neutral White, 4400K, CRI 60, UV Block, 430mm Long, LCL 265mm, Diameter 100mm, 4050300421582, Specification Sheet 3
HQI-T 70W/NDL $35.00 Osram, Powerstar, 70W, Metal Halide, UV Stop  
HR100DX38 $10.00 GE, 100W, E39, H38  
GE 33026, R40, E26, 175W, R175, MOL 7", MOD 5", H39 Ballast, 24,000 Hours, Initial Lumens 5700, Mean Lumens 4350, 3900K, CRI 50, Deluxe White, Wide Flood Reflector, WFL, Universal Burn Position, Mercury Lamp, H39BP-175DX
GE 24171, R1000, Mercury, 24,000 Hours, H36/O Ballast, Universal Burn Position, Mogul Screw Base, BT56 Clear Glass, 1000W, H36GV-1000, MOL 15.06", LCL 9.5", Diameter 7", 57,000 Initial Lumens, 28,500 Mean Lumens, 5700°K, 5700K, CRI 15  
GE 24191, R1000, Mercury, 24,000 Hours, H36/O Ballast, Universal Burn Position, Mogul Screw Base, BT56 Coated Glass, 1000W, H36GW-1000DX, 69331, MOL 15.06", LCL 9.5", Diameter 7", 58,000 Initial Lumens, 29,000 Mean Lumens, 3900°K, 3900K, CRI 50, Deluxe White
HS1200559 $30.88 12V, 30W, Special Base  
HSD250W/80 $75.00 Osram 54243, 250W, GY9.5, 4ArXs For Architainment eXtreme Seal, 17,000 Lumens, 8000K, 3000 Hours, CRI 85  
HSD575/60 $50.00 Osram, HSD, 575/60  
HTI-152W/SE $60.00 Osram HTI-152W/SE, Single Ended, Martin Robo III, Martin Robocolor III  
HTI 300W/DX $75.00 Osram 54143, 300W, Double Ended, 5.5mm Short Arc, HTI300W/DX, 370651, A 290 680 00 04, SFc10-4 Base, 750 Hours, 6500K, 22000 Lumens, MOL 92mm, LCL 35mm, 54299, Sine-Wave AC, 100V, 3.6A, 9/50kV Ignition Voltage, CRI 85, Burn Horizontal ±45°, HTI 300 W/DX  
HTI 400WE/SE, 54139-0, 54139-0, 4-050300-436074, Osram, Metal Halide, Photo Optic Lamp, Germany
HTI405W/SE $50.00 405W, Single Ended, Metal Halide, HTI Xs, Osram Photo Optic Lamp, 400W/SE  
HTI-1200W/SE XS $160.00 Osram 54141 HTI 1200W/SE XS GY22  
HX400 $24.60 400W, Med 2-Pin/G9.5, 3200K, 300 Hour, 35392, 115/120V  
HY20W/DC/Frost $15.00 Hybec 2012, 120V, 20W, T-3 Frosted Glass, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, 3000 Hours, 190 Lumens, 2700°K, Length 2.25", Performance Lamp, 20T3/FR/DC, 120V20W, Japan  
HY40W/MC/FR $6.00 120V, 40W, E11, Frosted  
HY60W/MC/FR $5.00 Hybec, 120V, 60W, E11 Mini-Candelabra Screw Base, Frost, Frosted, HJ3B, CC-8 Filament, Krypton Gas, 120V60W  

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