Hard to Find Bulbs-F Series

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FAD 120V, 650W, R7s
550W, Movie Lite R40, E26, 120V
FAL 120V, 420W, R7s Double Ended Lamp
FAV 100W 11.5V 54472-Z Mini Screw Base T3 JC11.5V100WS 3400°K 6 Hours Sun Gun Cordless 54472-0, 2018, Cine 60 Sungun Light
FBG/FBD 500W, 120V, Min 2-Pin/G5.3
FBT 150W, 30V, 6 Hours, 3400°K, Miniature, 3208, 54567-0, 54567-1, 54567-2, NAED 6135, 56K
FBV 250W, 30V, E10 Miniature Screw, Pepper Light Gun, 3400°K, Sylvania 54568-0, 6 Hours, Philips 222984, 54568-2
FBW 350W, 30V, 6 Hours, 3400°K, 54569-1, 54569-0, 54495-0, 350W30V, E10 Miniature Screw
FBX GE 30343, Q650T4/4, 120V, 650W, 100 Hours, 16,500 Lumens, 3200°K, T-4, R7s RSC Recessed Single Contact, CC-8
120V, 1000W, R7s, Maximum Overall Length 3.75"
FCA 650W, 120V, 25 Hours, 54478-2, 4310P, R7s, Frosted, 3 1/16" Long, P1/9, Photoflood
FCB 600W, 120V, R7s, 95mm
100V, 1000W, Photoflood, R7s, RSC, 92mm
120V, 650W, R7s, MOL 2.85"/72.5mm, GE-FCH, 78-8454-3463-4E
FCK 20V, 170W, R7S, 36634, Microfilm, T-3 Clear Glass, 3150K, 100 Hours, 4250 Lumens, Light Source Area .33" x .155"
FCL 120V, 700W, R7s, 118mm, Clear
230V, 800W, 3400°K, 54481-0, Clear, R7s, 3.663"/93.07mm Long, Maximum Length 3.75"/95.3mm
FCP 375W, 120V, 3400°K, 10 Hours, Sylvania 54434-0, E11, T4 Frosted, SunGun, Sun Gun Movie Light, 0923, 1004, 54434
FCV 1000W, 120V, 3200°K, 300 Hours, T-6 Frosted Glass, G9.5 Base
FCZ 120V, 500W, R7s, Frosted
FDA 120V, 400W, R7s/RSC, 77.72MM, 3.06 Inches Long, 250 Hours, Sylvania 54471-1, 120V400W, T-C, Eiko 03170, 10,400 Lumens, MOL 3.17"/80.6mm, MOD .55"/14mm, CC-8 Filament, 250 Hours, 3200°K, T-4 Clear Glass
FDF 500W, 120V, Sylvania 59103-1, 500T2½Q/4CL-120V, 500T2.5Q/4CL-120V, R7s, T-2-1/2, C-8, 3200°K, 117.92mm, 4.64 Inches Long, B55-32 Q500T3/4CL-120V, Colortran 176-023 176023, Seerite 442D Model 10x10
FDG 225V, 1000W, Ushio 1000501, 126mm R7s Double Ended Base, JP225V-1000W, T-4 Clear 12mm Diameter Glass, MOL 127.1mm, 5" Long, C-8 Filament, 33,000 Lumens, 3400K, 15 Hours
120V, 420W, Photoflood, R7s Double Ended, 3.6'/91.5mm Long, 3M 78-8454-3483
FDN 120V 500W R7s Q500T3/4 Frosted
FDT 12V, 100W, T3.25, GZ9.5
FDT-85W 10V 85W
FDW 24V, 150W, 50 Hours, G6.35 with Ceramic Insulator
FDX 100W, 12V, GY6.35, T3, Q100T3/12V, Q100T3/12V/CL, 50 Hours, 3600 Lumens
240V, 600W, R7s, 3200°K, MOL 3.75"/95mm
B280601, 225V, 600W, 52, 1226OR, A1/228
FEM 400W, 120V, 50 Hours
FER 120V, 1000W, R7s, 5.62"
FEY 2000W, 120V, RSC, Q2000T8/4CL, GE 39790, 400 Hours, 57,000 Lumens, 3200°K, T-10, CC-8, Burn position horizontal +-4 degrees, Mighty Mole 4091, Q2000TB/4CL
FFJ 600W, 120V, RSC
FFM 120V, 420W, 90 Hours, RSC, 3200°K, 4348B, Sylvania 58862, R7s, Ushio 1000518, JPD120V-420WC1
FFT/HIR GE 20884, Q675T3/4, 675W, 120V, R7s Base, T3 Clear Glass, C-8 Filament, 400 Hours, 26,400 Lumens, 3250K, Operate Only Horizontially Within 4°, MOL 6.56", DIA .375", LCL 2.63"
120V, R7s, 2000W, T4 Clear, 1000524, JP120V-2000WC, 57000 Lumens, 400 Hours, 3200°K, 30864, MOL 6-9/16"/167.4mm, Sylvania 54720-1, Burn Horizontal, Quartz Glass, Halogen
220V, 240V, 600W, R7s, Photocopy, 79mm, Clear
FGB 120V, 750W, R7s Double Ended Base, RSC, T-3 Clear Glass, 3200°K, 93mm, 3.65"
120V, 750W, Photoflood, 92.45mm, R7s
120V, 500W, Photoflood, Clear, R7s, 92mm
FGF 150W, 24V, 50 Hours, 5014, ITL
FGT 120V, 1500W, Frosted, R7s, Halogen, 400 Hours, 3200°K, MOL 6.591"/167.4mm
FGW 150W, 24V, 200 Hours
FHR 12V, 50W, G5.3
FHV Philips, 32V, 150W, FC-T2.5TH, 815100, 2-Pin, G6.35, T-4, C-6F, 316711
FHX 25W, 13.8V, 250 Hours, 3200°K, MR16, GX5.3, Indus 093-008-1443 13238, Philips 13137, GE 47914, CC-6 Filament, Microfilm, Typical Working Distance 4.25"
1194-001, 6V, 1A, 6W, 200 Hours, Kindermann FR-1 Portable Microfilm Reader, GP15470 2076 509401-A, FJV, 06-006, 11941001, Micro 55 11941000
FJX 13.8V, 30W, MR16, 50 Dich, GX5.3, 500 Hours, C-8, MOL 1.77"/44.9mm, 3150°K, 410306, Type 13155, Indus Microfilm Reader, 4601 Series, 66D, 410904, FC-MR16-P, Philips 31499-7, 314997
FKK Osram 64789, GE 88488, 230V, 240V, 2000W, G38, CP/73, CP41
FKR 240V, 650W, 39735, 0-043168-397353, Q650T6/CL-240V, COLORTRAN HX86, 1000998, G9.5, Lowel Rifa-Lite LC-66, LC-88, LC-66EX, LC-88EX, Lowel DP Light, 3100°K, 300 Hours, JCV240V-700WCH, TH-X1000, Thorn 4-80248
FKW 120V, 300W, GY9.5
FLD 50W, 13.8V, 2-Pin, 1000 Hours, 54914
54384, 14.4V, 75W, 40 Hours, MR16, GX5.3
FLS 12V, 28W, 11071649, 1000 Hour, Gilway, GE 30894, JCR/M 12V-28W
FLW 24V, 300W, GY6.35
FMG 150W, 120V, MR16, 15477, Kodak 600
FMT 12V, 35W, MR16, MR16C, GU5.3, 12° Spot
FMV 12V 35W C-8 GU5,3 Faceted Reflector 2950°K 4000 Hours 24°
FMW 12V, 35W, MR16, GU5.3, 36° Beam Spread, WFL, Wide Flood
FMW/24 24V, 35W, MR16, MR16C, GU5.3, Wide Flood
FMW-Black 12V, 35W, MR16 with Black Coated Reflector, GU5.3
FMW/C/TF Plusrite, 12V, 35W, GU5.3, MR16 Tough Coated for Elevators
FMW-P/ALU/10K Kandolite, 12V35W Cover Glass Ultra 10K 10,000 Hour Aluminium Coating Halogen Xenon
FMW-Silver Eiko, 12V, 35W, MR16, GU5.3, Silver Colored Reflector
120V, 300W, T5 Clear Glass, 2-Pin GZ9.5, MOL 3.1"/79mm, 2000 Hours, 3000°K, 5800 Lumens, CC-8, LCL 2"/50.8mm, HD Burn Base Down to Horizontal
FNC 12V, 50W, MR16, GU5.3 Base, CC-6 Filament, 4000 Hours, Yellow Dichroic Reflector, 12° Narrow Spot
FNC-CG 12V, 50W, MR16C 2" Diameter Reflector with Front Glass, GU5.3 2-Pin Base, Dichroic Yellow, C-8 Filament, MOL 1.99"/50.5mm, MOD 2"/50.8mm, 4000 Hours Average Rated Life, 4.17A
FNE-CG Eiko, 12V, 50W, MR16, GU5.3, Dichroic Green Front Glass, 12° Spot
FNS 300W, 120V, 2-Pin GX6.35, 15 Hours, 9500 Lumens
FNT 24V, 250W, 275W, T4, G6.35
FNV 12V, 50W, 60 Degree Very Wide Flood, MR16, GU5.3 2-Pin Base
12V, 65W, 38-40° Flood, 65MR16Q16Q/40/FL, 65MR16/Q/FL, 12V65W
FPJ 12V, 50W, MR16, Dichroic, GU5.3, B5573-26
FRA Kandolite, 12V, 35W, M70, MR16, 3500 Center Beam Candle Power, 23° FL Flood Beam Spread, C6/C8, GU5.3, 3000 Hours, 3000°K
FRB 35W, 12V, 10° SP, Spot, MR16, GU5.3
FRB/24 35W, 24V, 12° SP, Spot, MR16C, GU5.3
120V, 650W, T26, 3050°K, 15,000 Lumens, 400 Hours, GY9.5
FRJ GE 88464, CP82, 240V, 500W, GY9.5
FRK 650W, 120V, 2-Pin Pf GY9.5, CP/89, CP89, GE 39637, Q650T8, 16900 Lumens, 3200°K, T8, MOL 3.54", C-13, 30481, 531640
FRL 650W, 230V, GY9.5
FSA 120V, 75W, 12 Deg. Narrow Spot, MR16, E17 Intermediate Screw
FSB 120V, 75W, 20° Narro Flood, MR16, E17
FSC JDR120V/100WL/N/E17 JDR-0105 120V 100W 12 Deg. Narrow Spot MR16 E17 Intermediate Screw 15104 CC-8 Filament MOL 2.75"/69.9mm MOD 2"/50.8mm 2000 Hours Dichroic Reflector 3000°K 1800 CP JDR75W/2M Burn Position-Any Display Lighting 12°
FSD 120V, 75W, 30 Deg. Flood, MR16, E17 Intermediate Screw, Eiko 15106
FSE 120V, 100W, 20 Deg. Narrow Flood, MR16, E17 Intermediate Screw
FSF 120V, 100W, 30 Deg. Flood, MR16, E17 Intermediate Screw
FSG 1200W, 120V, P28s, NAED 54899, J958, 27-452-0154, 3250°K, 54899-0, K-Mart Focal Brand Model DC-20-00-33, Harwood XR250
FSL Philips 25813-7, 230V, 300W, GY9.5, 6872P, CP/81, CP81
FTB 12V, 20W, 10° Beam Spread, MR11, C-8, GU4, 3000°K, 3000 Hours, M52, 4100 Center Beam Candle Power
FTD 12V, 20W, MR11, GU4, 30° Flood
FTF MR11, 12V, 35W, M66, 3000K, 3000 Hour, 3000 Center Beam Candle Power, 20° Narrow Flood, GU4
FWS Radium 22300038, RH 1207 P, RHP, RH1207P, 230V, 1200W, GX9.5, LIF T29, Halogen, 3000K, 29000 Lumens, 400 Hours, 3050K, LCL 67mm, MOL 125mm, 15x14mm C-13D Filament

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