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1007119 64441521, 440V - 480V, 1500W, R7s, 20.25", 18" Curning, M&R Red Chili DX Flash Unit, Red Chili D Quartz Flash Cure, Red Chili Quartz Flash Cure Unit
1007144 208V, 1396W, MOL 24.25"
1007210 QH1500/7/M&R-240V, 90061, 1500W, 240V, Clear, R7s, 20.25" Long, M & R, 1007210, 18" Curing Length, Cayenne D Alpha 8 Quartz Flash, Cayenne D Quartz Flash, Cayenne Quartz Flash, Cayenne Z Quartz Flash, Tacana D Quartz Flash, Tacana Z Quartz Flash
1007210A M&R, 1500W, 208V, Instant On Medium Wave, 20.25", R7s
1007211 M&R, 1500W, 240V, Instant On Medium Wave, 22.25", R7s
1007211C M&R, 1500W, 208V, Instant On Medium Wave, 22.25", R7s
1007251 M&R, 1500W, 415V, Instant On Medium Wave, 20.25", R7s
1007252A M&R, 1500W, 208V, Instant On Medium Wave, 24.25", R7s
1007256 M&R, 1500W, 480V, Instant On Medium Wave, 24.25", R7s, Filament Length 21.25, Curing Length 22"
1007261 29057, QH1600/7/M&R-380, 1600W, 380V, R7s, Clear, QH1600T3/CL/7-380V, MOL 19.8"/502.9mm, Measured 19-9/16"
1007287 M&R, 1500W, 208V, Instant On Medium Wave, 19.59", R7s
100PAR38/HEAT/CL/VWFL 12434, 100W, 120V, PAR38, Clear, Very Wide Flood, E26 Medium Screw, Sicca
100PAR38/HEAT/RED-120V 13849, 100W, 120V, PAR38, E26 Medium Screw, Red
100PAR38/HEAT/RETROLITE 13872, 100W, 120V, PAR38, Clear, Very Wide Flood, E26 Medium Screw
125R40/1-120V 90673, 125W, 120V, R40 5" Clear Reflector Flood, E26 Medium Screw Base, Infrared Heat, GE 48069, 5,000 Hours, Specialty
14132Z/98 5423205G, 64232055, 2000W, 235V, MOL 787mm, Heated Length 696mm, SK15 Base with 500/500 Insulated Wires with Splice, 11mm Diameter Glass with White Reflector, 2300K, Horizontal Burn
14193Z/98 235V, 2000W, Philips 924584244916, 8.5A, 70.2 W/CM, MOL 360mm, Lighted Length 285mm, 2400K, White Reflector 11mm Diameter Glass, Horizontal Burn Position, SK15 Ceramic Base with 160/160 Double Insulated Lead Wires and Ring Terminals, 5000 Hours, 9245 842 44916, 80049, LET-HLL, 872790081363000, Short Wave
150PAR/HEAT/RED 13892, 150W, 120V, PAR38, E27 Medium Screw, Red
150PAR/HEAT/RED-240V 13834, 150W, 240V, PAR38, E27 Medium Screw, Red
17010 Eiko, 115-125V, 500W, Translucent Glass, R7s, 8.7"
175PAR/HEAT 13643, 120V, 175W, 5000 Hours, 3100 Lumens, PAR38 Glass, Med Skt Medium Skirt Base, MOL 5.31", CC-6 C-9, 00043168136433, Infrared-Clear, 329003, 130336, Ideal for Restaurants, Bathrooms and Animal Habitats, Heat Light, Clear, Medium Screw Base, Comfortable Warmth, 175PAR38/Heat-120V, 816685, 0-46677-11626-2, 046677116262, PAR Clear, 175W120V, 814352
250R40/1 37770, 250W, 120V, R40 Clear 5" Reflector, Incandescent, Heat Lamp, C-9 Filament, 5000 Hours, 2200 Lumens, MOL 6.56"/166.6mm, GTIN 00043168377706, UPC 043168906593
250R40/5-120V Sylvania 14754-0, 250W, 115-125V, R40 Clear Infrared Heat Lamp, Heat Resistant, Caution-Read Warning Note on package, MDSKT Medium Screw Skirted Base, CL
250R40/10-120V Red, Incandescent, Reflector, R40, Medium Screw Base E26, C-9 Filament, 250W, 120V, Average Rated Life 5000 Hours, Heat Lamp, Maximum Overall Length MOL 6.56"/166.6mm, Bulb Diameter DIA 5"/127mm, 37771, GTIN 00043168377713, UPC 043168906586
375R40/1-115V GE 21334, 375W, 115V, Clear Flood, Heat Resistant, E26 50x39 Skirted Medium Screw Base, Infrared Indust., Industrial Heat Lamp, MOL 7.5", Burn Base Up, C-9 Filament, 5000 Hours, 2700 Lumens, 1170 CBCP, MOD 5"
380.11 Victory 6424153B, 240V, 1500W, SK15 with Male Connectors, Ruby Red Jacket
500G30/IR-115V 500G30/1-115V, 500W, 115V, E26 Skirted Medium Screw
54241037 1000W, 240V, SK15, Length 531mm, Heated Length 440mm, Diameter 20mm, Universal Burn, Ruby Red Glass, Tab Terminal, 85mm Wire, Paint Curing, Trisk 380.07, Dr. Fischer Philips 13836Z/876
54242056 QH2000T3/RFL/SK15-235V, 235V, 2000W, SK15 Base with 9" Wire and Fork Terminals, White Reflector, 14" Long, Vertical or Horizontal Burn, Philips Dr. Fischer 13168Z/98
64111031 110V, 1000W, Ruby Red, 16" Wire Leads, 20-1/8" Long, 17" Heated Length, Paint Curing
64118530 850W, 120V, MOL 198mm, Heated Length 119mm, SK15 Base with 85mm leads and Tab Terminals, 20mm Ruby Red Glass, Horizontal Burn, Paint Curing, Trisk 380.02
64221021 220V, 1000W, SK15, 17.75", 51" Double Insulated Leads
64221559 220V, 1500W, White Reflector, SK15, 35.5" Long, 36" Leads with Crimp Fort Terminals
64221830 220V, 1850W, Ruby Red, R7s, 18"
6423157B 235V, 1500W, SK15, 355mm, Gold, 25002Z
64231652 235V, 1600W, SK15 with Wire Leads and Fork Connectors, Reflectorized Glass, 8-13/16" Long
64233056 235V, 3000W, SK15 with 12" Leads, White Reflector, 30-7/8" Long, Horizontal Burn
6423305D 230V, 3000W, SK15 With 22" Leads Including Ring Connector, T-3.5 Clear Glass with White Reflector, 30-7/8" Long
64241017 240V, 100W, R7s, Clear Quartz Jacket, Catering, Overall Length 117mm, Heated Length 58mm, Horizontal Burn
64241027 240V, 1000W, X-Clip Metal Strap, Maximum Length 19" or 482mm
64241053 240V, 1000W, X-Clip Metal Strap, Maximum Length 19" or 482mm
6424105T 235V, 1000W, SK15 with 9" Leads and Fork Terminals, 14", Universal Burn
64241372 240V, 1300W, R7s, Gold, 10"
6424152P 240V, 1500W, SK15, 18.63"
64241530 240V, 1500W, R7s with Wire Leads, Ruby Red Glass
64241630 240V, 1600W, R7s with Wire Leads, Ruby Red Glass, Maximum Length 19-11/16" or 500mm, Heated Length 16" or 406mm, for Fostoria 222, 223 or RPH Heaters, 446167, 632-1624
64242021 240V, 2000W, X-Clip Metal Strap, Maximum Length 19" or 482mm
64242056 240V, 2000W, SK15 with 230mm Wire with Crimp Terminals, White Reflector
64243011 240V, 300W, R7s, Clear Quartz Jacket, Catering, Overall Length 118mm, Heated Length 60mm, Horizontal Burn
64243012 240V, 300W, R7s, Clear Quartz Jacket, Catering, MOL 221mm, Overall Length 219±2mm, Heated Length 150mm, Horizontal Burn
64243023 240V, 3000W, Space Heater, Ring Terminals
64245014 240V, 500W, R7s, Catering, 8-5/8"
64245052 240V, 500W, SK15 with Fork Terminals, White Reflectorized Glass
6440255C 400V, 2500W, 355mm, SK15 with Fork Terminals, White Reflector
64481622 480V, 1600W, R7s, Clear, 19.5" Long
Infrared GE 39019 300 Watt 120V Quartz Heater Lamp QH300T3/CL 5000 Hours 2400°K Sleeve Slv Base 6" Wire Leads 8.469"/216mm Long LCL 4.188" C-8 Filament
QH300T3/TL-120V GE, 300W, 120V, Quartz Heater Lamp, QH300T3/TL, T-3 Translucent Glass, 5000 Hours, 2400°K, Sleeve Slv Base, 6" Wire Leads, 8.469"/216mm Long, LCL 4.188", C-8 Filament, QH 300W 120V
QH375T3/7-120V 17004, 115-125V, 375W, MOD .4"/10mm, MOL 8.7"/221mm, C-8 Filament, R7s Double Ended Base, 2400°K, 5000 Hours Average Life, Frosted, QH375T3/FR/7, QH375T3/CL/7, T3, IR, 8.69, 120V, QIH120-375TE USHIO SUB FOR GE 38893, Infra-Red Heat Lamp, 375T3/7/FR, Quartz Heat Lamp
QH375T3/CL/7-120V 38893, 375W, 120V, MOL 8.8", LCL 5.06", 5000 Hours, 2400K, Horizontal Burn
QH375T3/CL-120V 375W, 120V, Quartz-Heat Lamp, S-05703, S05703, 223.8mm, Sleeve and Leads Base, 115-125V, T3, Clear Glass, C-8, MOL 8.8", LCL 5.06", 5000 Hours, 2400K, Infrared
QH375T3/CL/RC-120V 375W, 120V, Quartz-Heat Lamp, S-05703RC, S05703RC, 223.8mm, Wire Lead with Ring Connector Base, 115-125V, T3, Clear Glass, C-8, MOL 8.8", LCL 5.06", 5000 Hours, 2400K, Infrared, Glenray Model 56, Greer Enterprises, 900Watts, PAT RE 23662 23562, 23652, 23552, Food Warmer, Glenray C951
QH500T3/CL-120V S-05705, GE 21788, Sleeve and Leads Base, 120V, 500W, 115-125V, Infrared Quartz Heat Lamp, C-8, 5000 Hours, 2400°K, Horizontal Burn Position, MOL 8.8"/223.5mm, MOD .375"/9.5mm, LCL 4.813"/122.2mm, 10043168217887, 043168217880, IR, SLV, QH500T3/CL
QH500T3/CL/7 GE 21787, 500W, 120V, R7s, 8.8", 5000 Hours, 2400K
QH500T3/CL/RC-120V S-05705RC, Wire Lead with Ring Connector Base, 120V, 500W, 115-125V, Infrared, Quartz Heat Lamp, C-8, 5000 Hours, 2400°K, Vertical or Horizontal Burn Position, MOL 8.8"/223.5mm, MOD .375"/9.5mm, LCL 4.813"/122.2mm, IR
QH650T3/CL/7-240V 64246520, 240V, 650W, NDA Flashcure Filament, R7s, 8-5/8" Long
QH700T3/CL/SK15-240V 64247023, 240V, 700W, SK15, 8-7/16"
QH1000T3/CL-235V/SK15 64231024, 1000W, 235V, Burn Horizontal, T3 Clear Glass, SK15 Ceramic Base with 9.75" Wire Leads
QH1000T3-240V/S2 S-05713, 1001318, QIH240-1000/S2, 1000W, 240V, Clear, Universal Burn Position, Metal Base with Wire and Connector, 303mm Long, QIR Quartz Infrared, 2500K, 5000 Hours, C-8, LCL 254mm, DIA 10mm
QH1000T3/1CL-240V 22358, 1000W, 230-250V, Sleeve and Leads Base, MOL 11.9", LCL 10", 5000 Hours, 2400K, Horizontal Burn
QH1000T3/CL-210V 64211021, 64211020, 1000W, 210V, 350.8mm, Clear, Metal Sleeve and Leads Base, Popcorn Vending Machine
QH1000T3-240V/MW S-05714, 1000W, 230-250V, Flat Metal Contacts with Wire Leads, Maximum Overall Length 350.8mm, Burn Vertical or Horizontal, 5000 Hour Average Rated Life, QIR 240-1000C-MW(V), 2500°K, Filament Length 254mm, Glass Diameter 10mm
QH1200T3/G/7-120V 64121272, 1200W, 120V, R7s, 254mm, 10", Helen, Gold, Area Heater Lamp
QH1200W/HT-144V S-05706, 1200W, 144V, Quartz Heat Lamp, Sleeve Wire Leads, Maximum Length 8.8"/223.5mm Excluding Wire Leads, 22532, T-3, Halogen, 5000 Hours, 2450°K, Burn Horizontal, Bulb Diameter .375"/9.5mm, LCL 6.125"/155.5mm, 288530, 28853-0, 1001300, 59934
QH1500T3-240V-SK15 64241524, 1500W, 240V, SK15 with Wire Leads and M4 Fork Terminal, 19.75" Long
QH1500T3/7-220V 6422152C, 1500W, 220V, R7s, 15.39" Long, 1800K, 5000 Hours, Horizontal Burn, T-3 Clear Glass
QH1500T3/7-220V 64221529, 1500W, 220V, R7s, 17.75" Long, NDA Filament
QH1500T3/7-220V 64221520, 1500W, 220V, R7s, 18.18" Long, NDA Filament
QH1600T3/7-240V 230-250V, 1600W, T3 Clear Glass, Quartz Heat Lamp, R7s RSC Base, S-05718, 21003-9, 22691, 498.5mm/19.63" Long, 2500°K, 5000 Hours, LCL 400mm, QIR Quartz Infrared, Burn Position Vertical
40896, 200-220V, 1600W, T3, Clear, Sleave and Leads Base, H-002A, 19.75" Long, QH 1600W/CL, GE 22686 QH1600T3CL
QH1600T3/CL-240V 40897, 22688, 230-250V, 1600W, T3, Clear, Sleave and Leads Base, H-0020, 19.75" Long, QH 1600W/CL, Quartz Express Flash, Commercial Toaster
QH1600T3/CL-277V 22695, 1600W, 277V, QH1600/CL, MOL 19.8", Sleeve and Leads Base, Horizontal Burn
QH1600T3/CL/7-210V 22699, 1600W, 200-220V, Quartz Heat Lamp, C-8, MOL 19.8"/502.9mm, LCL 15.875"/403.2mm, 5000 Hours, 2350K, T3 Clear Glass, Bulb Diameter .375"/9.5mm, Clear, R7s, Infrared, Horizontal Burn Position
QH1600T3/TL-240V S-05545U, 1600W, 240V, QIR240V1600W T/S, Horizontal Burn, Metal Tabs with Wire Leads, 5000 Hours, MOL 503mm or 19.8 Inches, Lighted Length 407mm, 1001335-T
QH1875T3/CL/SK15-240V 64241821, 1875W, 240V, SK15 with 240mm Leads, Overall Length 503mm
QH2000T3/RFL/SK15-240V 54242055, 240V, 2000W, Clear Glass with Reflector Coat, Zone Heater, SK15 Crimp Terminal
QH2MT3/1CL/HT/VB 15551, 2000W, 230-250V, 240V, HT/VB, Infrared, Hungary, C-8, MOL 11.9", LCL 9.6", 500 Hours, 2450K, High Temperature, Construction, Universal Burn
28924, 2000W, 220-250V, Clear, Sleeve & Leads with Ring Connector
12716, QH2MT3/CL/HT/R, 2000W, 230V, Ceramic Sleeve with Wire Leads, 13.8"/350.5mm Long, Glass Coated on Side with White, 2450K, 5000 Hours, C-8, Horizontal Burn, LCL 11.06, Plastic Blow Moulding
QH2M/T3/CL/HT 230-250V 17040, QH2M/T3/CL/HT 230-250V, Hi Temp Construction, 6" Wire Leads, 13.78"/350mm, Clear, 2000W
QH2MT3/R/X-380V 64382051, 380V, 2000W, 512mm, White Reflector, X-Clip Base, 24-3/8" Long, Heated Length 17"
QH2500T3/CL-480V 22838, 2500W, 480V, Sleeve and Leads, 28.8"
QH2500T3/CL/7-480V 22837, 2500W, 450-500V, 480V, R7s RCS Recessed Single Contact Base, Maximum Length 28.8" Long, Horizontal Burn Only, LCL 24.88", 5000 Hours, 2400°K, T3 Clear Glass
GE 44159, 2500W, 480V, Horizontal Operation, Clear Quartz Heat Lamp, F2548H, Fostoria Industries, Inc., Price is per lamp, Maximum Seal Temperature 650°F, GE 22838, QH 2500W 460-500V, Double Ended, MOL 28.8", Sleeve Base, 5000 Hours, 2400°K, 63025489, 630-25489
QH2500T3/RFL/SK15-240V 64242550, 240V, 2500W, SK15 Base, 14", White Reflector
QH2500T3/RFL/SK15-400V 64402555, 2500W, 400V, T-3 Glass with White Reflector, SK15 Base, MOL 380mm, Lit Length 320mm, 230mm Leads with Crimp Terminals, CC-8 Filament
GE 28129, 2500W, Infrared, Clear Glass, 235V, Flying Leads Base, Quartz Heat Lamp, 1004316828129,1 L-QTZ2, Price is per lamp, QH2500T3/VB-10PK, Universal Burn, Maximum Seal Temperature 350°C, M4 Lug Term, C-8 Filament, Maximum Overall Length 13.8 Inches, Measured Length 13-5/8 Inches, 2450°K, 5000 Hours, 11 Inch Light Center Length
20718, 2500W, 460-500V, Clear, Sleeve Base with 6" Flex Leads, 28.75", 2500°K, 5000 Hours, 1001376, QIH480-2500/VS
QH3000T3/RFL/SK15-240V 64243055, 3000W, 240V, T-3 Glass with White Reflector, SK15 Base, MOL 14", Lit Length 11.5", 9" Leads with Crimp Terminals, CC-8 Filament
QH3000T3/RFL/SK15-400V 64403055, 3000W, 400V, T-3 Glass with White Reflector, SK15 Base, MOL 380mm, Lit Length 320mm, 230mm Leads with Crimp Terminals, CC-8 Filament
QH3650T3/CL/5-480V Victory 64483627, GE 10872, 3650W, 480V, Clear, T-3, R7s with 5" Leads, 41.62"
13648, 3800W, 575V, Clear, Sleeve and Teflon Leads with Ring Connector Base, Infrared, Horizontal Burn Only, 2F204, C-8 Filament, MOL 41.8"/1062mm, 5000 Hours, 2500°K
QH3800T3/CL-575V 22875, 64573820, 3800W, 575V, 550-600V, T-3 Clear, Sleeve and Leads Base, Infrared, Horizontal Burn Only, C-8 Filament, MOL 41.8"/1062mm, 5000 Hours, 2500°K, Quartz-Halogen Heat Lamp, Bulb Diameter .375"/9.5mm, LCL 38"/965.2mm, 10043168228753, 043168228756
QH3800T3/FR-575V 17050, 3800W, 550-600V, T3 Frosted lamp, MOL 41.8"
22900, 5000W, 575-625V, Infrared Quartz Heat Lamp, Sleeve and Leads Base, 28.75" Long, QIH600-5000/S, Ushio 1001402, 2500K, 5000 Hour
QH6000T3.5-480V 6000W, 480V, 12.75" Long, Wire Leads with Rings
QH6600T3/CL/HT-480V 13511, Quartz Halogen Heat Lamp, T3, Sleeve Base, C-8, 6600W, 480V, 150 Hours, Burn Horizontal, MOL 11.9"/302.2mm, DIA .375"/9.5mm, LCL 9.75"/247.6mm
QH6M/T3/CL/HT-480V 23843, 6000W, 480V, Wire Leads, 12"
QIR208-1100IBB 4164093, 208V, 1100W, BSC 726385, L-3, 19-5/8" Long, Filament Length 10" Long, H1100W208VM2
QIR208-1500ASS 208V, 1500W, SP-0475B-1, Softening Point 1600°C, Melting Point 1900°C, Typical Use 1000°C, Maximum Pinch Temperature 350°C, 2451-0013-01, R7s, 350mm
QIR208-2000ASS 208V, 2000W, R7s, 350mm

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