Hard to Find Bulbs-E Series

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EAD 120V, 60W, BA15d
EAH 220-240V, 500W, 6 Hours, E26, R-40, C-9, 3400°K 
EAJ 25/35W, 12V, DC Bay/BA15d, Dual Filament
EAK PH/100T6½-120V, 100W, T6.5 Bulb, BA15d DC Bayonet Base, CC8, 080-609 for 080-606 Flashtube in 081-252 Light, PH/100T6.5-120V, FT-503 Flashtube Modeling Lamp, GE 30210
EAL GE 30281 120V 500W R40 Reflector Flood Medium Beam E26 Medium Base 15 Hours 3200°K
8V, 50W, Fuji, Haloge,n Two Pin
EBR 115-125V, 375W, E26 Medium, CC-6, 4 Hours, R30 Reflector, Photofloods, Medium Beam, 3400°K, 25° Beam Spread, 18,000 CBCP
EBV 120V, 500W, Inside Frosted PS-25 Glass, E26 Medium Screw Base, 01950, 17,000 Lumens, C-9 Filament, MOL 6.1"/155mm, MOD 3.15"/80mm, 6 Hours, 4.17A, 3400°K, 3400K, Photoflood
EBW 500W, 115-120V, B2, Medium Screw, PS25
ECT 500W, 120V, PS25, Inside Frost, E26 Medium Screw Base
120V, 1000W, 3200°K, E39 Mogul Screw Base, PS40 Frosted Glass, 60 Hours
EDK 115-120V, 500W, BA15s, C13D, SC Bay, 25 Hours
EDR 100W, 120V, T8.5, CC13 Fila., E26 Medium Screw Base, Burn Base Down, Microscope Bulb, Lamp, 100T8.5/9
18A/T10/1-6V, E26 Medium Screw Base, Axial SR-8 Ribbon Filament, 6V, 18A, 108W, Microscope Illuminator, T10 Clear Glass, Base Down
18A/T10/2-6V, Microscope Illuminator, 6V, 18A, 108W E26 Medium Screw, Burn Base Down SR6A Filament SR-6A
GE, 18A/T10/2P-6V, Microscope Illuminator 6V 18A 108W P28s Medium Prefocus Burn Base Down SR6A Ribbon Filament SR-6A, Microilluminator
EET 12.8V, 35W, Vented 2-Pin, 100 Hours
EEX P28s, 54881-0, 300W, 120V, 50 Hour, Athena 4500 Multi-Motion Analytic 16mm
EFM 50W 8V 50 Hours 64607 JCR8V50W 54123 6847 64607A
EFP/5H 12V, 100W, MR16, GZ6.35, 500 Hours, Disco
EFX Sylvania 54787-1, 120V, 500W, G22 Medium BiPost Base, T5 Clear Glass, MOL 6.5", LCL 4", 2000 Hours, 10,000 Lumens, 3000°K, CC-8 Filament
EGC/EGD GE 39134, 120V, 500W, P28s
EGF 750W, 120V, Med Pf/P28s, 300 Hours, 20,400 Lumens, 3200°K, T6 T-6, CC-8, Clear
EGJ 1000W, 120V, P28s
EGK GE 88614, 54656, 120V, 1000W, 1000 Watt, 120 Volt, P28s Medium Prefocus Base, 400 Hours, 24,500 Lumens, T-6 Frosted Glass, 3200°K
39138, P28s Medium Prefocus, 1000W, 120V, 3000°K, Q1000CL/P, T-6, 1000280, JCV/120V-1000W/B/AX, 2000 Hours, 1C562, MOL 6", 21,500 Lumens, LCL 3.5", T-6 Clear Glass, CC-8 Filament, Universal Burn Position
120V, 1000W, 3350°K, 54665-0, 50 Hours, G22
EGW 650W, 120V, 2-Pin GX6.35, 64535
EGX 120V, 500W, G17T, C-13D, 200 Hours, G17T7, GE 37902
EGZ 500W, 120V, 100 Hours, GZ9.5, 3200K
EHA 120V, 500W, GY9.5
EHC/EHB 120V, 500W, G9.5
EHD 500W, 120V, Med 2-Pin/G9.5
EHE 12V, 100W, PG22
EHM GE 43703, 91750, 300W, 120V, R7s, RSC, Double Ended, Q300T3/CL-120V, J120V300W-118mm, 6200 Lumens, 2000 Hours, C-8 Filament, T2.5 Clear Glass, 2950K, Horizontal Burn Position, MOL 4.688"/119mm, LCL 2.25"/57.1mm
EHP 300T4Q/CL, 300W, 120V, R7s/RSC, 2000-2500 Hours, 58942-2, 5-8942-0, 58942-0, GE 43705, CC-8, 5650 Initial Lumens, 2900°K, MOL 3.125"/79.3mm, LCL 2.25"/57.1mm, Q300T4
EJD 1000W, 185V, 3350°K, 100 Hours, 119mm
EJG 120V, 750W, R7s, 119mm
GE 20883, Q525T2.5/4, 525W, 120V, Clear, RSC, R7s, 3200°K, 20,600 Lumens, 400 Hours, MOL 4.7"
21V, 150W, MR16, GX5.3, Honeywell and GoldE Manufacturing Company 990 and 991 Dual-8 8mm Movie Projector
120V, 250W, 500 Hours, Clear, E11
EJY 19V, 80W, GX5.3, MR16, 3400°K, 25 Hours
EJZ 30V, 80W, GE 70054, MR16, GX5.3, Viewlex Superviewer 701 702 703
EKB 420W, 120V, 2-Pin Pf/GZ9.5
EKD 120V, 650W, 25 Hours, 3400°K, 20,000 Lumens, 3300°K, G-6, GX9.5, GX9,5 2-Pin Prefocus, CC-6, Clear
Ushio, 21V, 150W, GX5.3, MR16, 4200°K, EKE-HC
EKE/HO Ushio 1001628, 21V, 150W, GX5.3, High Output
EKG 80W, 19V, 25 Hours, MR-16, GX5.3
Osram 64580, 230V, Superphot, F6,3A, 225V, 1000W, R7s Double Ended, MOL 125mm/4.92", 220-1000-75J, 25,000 Lumens, 3200°K, 150 Hours
EKK 250W, 120V, 1000 Hours, G5.3, T4, 5500 Lumens
EKN 120W, 17.7V, MR16, 3200°K, GX5.3, CC-6, 120 Hours, 54751, JCR17.7V-120W, 0-48777-12030-9
EKP/ENA 30V, 80W, GX5.3, MR16
EKT 150W, 10.5V, 30 Hours
EKV 120V, 1100W, R7s, 117mm
EKX 24V, 200W, MR16, GX5.3
EKZ 10.8V, 30W, 200 Hours, 3100°K, MR16, GX5.3 2-Pin
ELA 19V, 65W, G5.3, T3.5, 25 Hours, Microfilm
ELB 80W, 30V, GX5.3, MR16
ELC/5 250W, 24V, 2-Pin GX5.3, 500 Hours, ELC/500
ELC/C GE 22023, 250W, 24V, 2-Pin GX5.3, MR16
ELC/E 24V, 250W, MR16, GX5.3, Enlarger
ELD/EJN 21V, 150W, 40 Hours, MR16, GX5.3
ELE/ELT 30V, 80W, 20-25 Hours, GY7.9, MR14
ELJ 120V, 1050W, R7S, CC-8, 75 Hours, JPD120V-1050WS/UA
ELS/ELR 16V, 50W, GX7.9
ELV 150W 21.5V GX7.9 100 Hours 21.5-150-99R 54765 21.5V150W, Dyonics 375A
ELZ 21V, 150W, GX7.9
MR16, GX5.3, 21V, 150W, 25 Hours
EMD 750W, 120V, RSC R7s, Frosted, Q750T3/4
EME 800W 220-240V 3200°K T3 R7s Double Ended Clear Q800T3/4CL 4.62 inches, 118mm long
EMF 800W, 240V, 3200°K, R7s, 119mm
EMH 17.5V, 75W, 300 Hours, G5.3
EML 175W, 24V, 7335A, G5.3 Miniature 2-Pin, Sylvania NAED 54371, GE 42612, Halogen, T4 Clear Glass, Overhead Projection, 125 Hours, C-6 Filament, 5000 Lumens, 3200K, Filament .21 x .19 Inches, Burn Horizontal ±15° or Base Down, MOL 2.12", LCL 1.06", GTIN 10043168426128, UPC 043168426121
EMM/EKS 250W, 24V, 2-Pin Ven/GX7.9, MR14, 25-50 Hours
EMM/EKS-5 25V 250W Long Life
ENG 300W, 120V, Oval 2-Pin/GY5.3, MR16
ENV 80W, 21V, 20 Hours, G7.9 Prefocus 2-pin Vented, MR-13, CC-6
ENW/ENC 19V, 80W, 200 Hours, GX5.3, CC-6
ENZ 30V, 50W, GX5.3, MR16, Projection, Enlarger
240V, 485W, 50 Hours, GY9.5, T6
EPF 30V, 80W, GX7.9, GX7,9, CC-6, 3200°K, 100 Hours
EPG 80W, 21V, 100 Hours, 43378, Minolta Microfiche Reader RP600Z, 54970
400W, 120V, 50H, G17q-3, 4203
EPK 30V, 80W, 18 hours, MR16, GX5.3
GX6.35 GX6,35 614552 30V 250W Sungun Lamp 61455-2
EPR 500W, 120V, 50 Hours, G17t, 4.5A
EPS 500W 220V 3M 7793-6 78-8012-7793-6 G17t T-6 For M088 54977 50 Hours 3200°K, 78-8012-7794-4, 93595 54975
EPT 10.8V, 42W, MR16, GX5.3
Reader Lamp for DP500 751817909 75-1817-909 UD0603DX 10.8V 42W 8000 Hours MR16 OCR NDP 300/600 NDP 250/500 51-101-02 41729, 58782 Imager DP500 751971904 75-1971-904 UD0603DX, Unisys DP 500
EPV 14.5V, 90W, 500 Hours, Substitute EPX, 13186, Northwest Microfilm, Inc. 75, 14, Sylvania 54926, GE 99344
EPW 360W, 100V, Oval 2-Pin GY5.3, MR16
EPX 14.5V, 90W, 500 Hours, MR16, GX5.3
6V, 12W, Wedge, Sylvania
ERD 14V, 35W, Wedge, 200 Hours
21V, 45W, Wedge
ERF 55034, 14V, 50W, Wedge W2.1d, 14-050-120, 1994, 1/4 Wedge T3, NAED 55038-0, 30223-0, 1994/ERF, GE 19550
ERJ 12.8V 45W 750-111 T3.25 55039 15 Hours CC-6 3400°K Tru-Mini, 45P12V
6V, 7W, T2-1/2 Wedge Base, T2.5, Apollo #1996
25W, 25V, BA15s
ERR Sylvania 55060, 25W, 14V, 550600, MR18, GY4
ERW 12V, 18W, 19P, 19P12V, G4, MR18
ERX 160W, 18V, 250 Hours, GX7.9, MR14, CC-6
24V, 250W, 35 Hours, GX7.9, MR13
ESB-Blue 6V, 20W, G4, T-3 Blue Coated Glass
ESC 24V, 200W, MR16, GX5.3
ESD 120V, 150W, MR16, GY5.3
ESH 82V, 85W, CC-8 Filament, MOL 1.75"/44.5mm, MOD 2"/50.8mm, 250 Hours, MR16 Glass, GY5.3 Base, Dichroic Reflector, 2950°K, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, Filmstrip
ESJ 85W, 82V, Oval 2-Pin GY5.3, MR16
ESL 120V, 150W, Q150CL/MC/2V, E11 Clear Miniature Candelabra, 150Q/CL, 1000 Hours
ESM 250W, 120V, E11 Mini-Cand Screw, Frosted, Q250MC
ESP 150W, 120V, DC Bay,BA15d, Q150CL/DC/2V, Modeling Lamp
ESR 100W, 120V, Ba15d, Q100CL/DC/2V
ESY-100V 100V, 150W, G6.35, T4, CC-6, JCD100V-150WM, ESY100V-150W, 54748, Ushio 1000371
ESY-120V 150W, 100V, 2-Pin G6.35
ETE Eiko 15224, 100W, 120V, E11, T-4 Frosted
ETF 120V, 150W, BA15d, Frosted, Q150DC
ETJ 120V, 250W, CC-8, 175 Hours, GY5.3, MR16
ETR 12.8V, 30W, MR16, GX5.3, 500 Hours
ETT 120V, 1000W, R7S
EVD 36V, 400W, GY6.35
EVR GE 47950, 500W, 120V, Mini-Can Screw E11, 2000 Hours, 10,450 Lumens, 2950°K, CC-8, Clear, MOL 3.75", LCL 2", 10,000 Mean Lumens
EWG 300W, 120V, GY5.3, 35 Hours, MR-16
EWJ 12V, 28W, MR16, 750 Hours
EWY 80W, 12V, MR16 Faceted 
EXN/24 24V, 50W, GU5.3, MR16, Wide Flood
EXN/ALU/10K Kandolite, 12V, 50W, MR16 Glass, Ultra 10K 10,000 Hour, Aluminium Coating, Halogen-Xenon
EXN-P/BA15d 12V, 50W, MR16C, BA15d, Wide Flood
EXP 12V, 35W, GX5.3, MR-16, Ushio 1000413, JCR12V35W, JCR12V-35W, CC-8, 1600 Lumens, 3300°K, 50 Hours, Burn in any position
EXT-P/ALU/10K Kandolite 12V, 50W, 12° Spot, MR16, GU5.3, Aluminum Reflector, 10,000 Hour Long Life Xenon-Halogen
EXT-P-NDL 12V, 50W, MR16, GU5.3. Front Glass, Spot
EXV 12V, 100W, JCR, MR16, GX5.3, Ushio 1000420, GE 99355, Eiko 02880, Varalux, Varilux, Video Light, Video 27, 8.33A, CC-6 Filament, MOL 1.75", MOD 2", 3300 Lumens, 3350°K, 27° Narrow Flood Beam Spread, 50 Hours, Dichroic Reflector
EXW 300W, 82V, 2-Pin/GX5.3, MR13, 15 Hours, GE 12095, CC-8 Filament, MOL 1.75" or 45mm, MOD 1.66" or 42mm, 3450K, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, Typical Working Distance 6", Slide Projection
EXW-5 02900 MR13 GX5.3 86V 300W CC-8 MOL 1.75"/44.5mm Dichroic Reflector 3400°K
EXX 120V, 250W, MR16, GX5.3
EXZ 12V, 50W, MR16, GU5.3, 24 Degree Narrow Flood
EXZ-Black 12V, 50W, MR16, GU5.3, Coated Black, 24°
EYA 82V, 200W, GY5.3, CC-8, MR16
EYC/24 Kandolite, 24V, 75W, MR16, GU5.3, Wide Flood
12V, 71W, MR16, GU5.3, Q71MR16-12V
EYF 12V, 75W, MR16, GU5.3, Spot
GE, 12V, 71W, MR16, GU5.3, 45862, 15° Spot, Purup-Eskofot EskoScan 2024
EYH/FKT 250W, 120V, Min 2-Pin G5.3
EYJ/EZZ 75W, 12V, 24° Narrow Flood, MR16, GU5.3
EYK 120V, 300W, MR16, GY5.3, 3300°K, 60 Hours, CC-8, Dichroic Reflector, 16mm Projection, 13905
EYL 12V, 100W, 20P, 2-Pin GZ9.5, CBAR6, 50 Hours, FB-PR-THT8, 54833-0
EYP 42W, 12V, 2-Pin GU5.3, 38° Flood, MR16
EYT 120V, 750W, E11
EYV 500W, 120V, Mini-Can Screw/E11
EYX 120V, 500W, E11, Frosted
EZA/4 GE 41783, Airport, Airfield, MR16, Wire Terminals w/Female Connectors, C-8, 6.6A, 30W, 1000 Hours, 4500 CBCP, 2900K, Burn Horzontal ±15° or Base Down, MOL 1.75", MOD 2"
EZC GE 23071, 45W, 6.6A, MR16, GX5.3 2-Pin Base, Airport, Airfield, 7.5V, 1000 Hours, C-8 Filament, 2950°K, Halogen, Burn Horizontal ±15° or Base Down, MOD 2", MOL 1.75"
EZD GE 14925, 19V, 125W, 6.6A, G5.3, T-4
EZE 150W, 82V, 150 Hours
EZF/EZJ 68V, 225W, GX5.3 2-Pin Base, MR13, GE 15832, 350 Hours, Burn Horizontal ±15° or Burn Base Down, MOL 1.75", MOD 1.625"
EZG Marc300/16A, 300W, 35V, 75 Hours, GEMINI-300, 6000°K, High intensity ARC lamp with external dichroic reflector for operation with MARC-300/LSU type lamp supply unit 6001(H)-1124, Dionics, B&H Specialist 567, PAR20 Glass, Special 2-Pin Plug, GE 11134, 37mm Working Distance, Zimmer 3950-56 SYC0022 M2-150-300 Cuba Product Light Source, 36247, MARC-300/16A, Microscope Illuminator Chiu Technical Corporation, High Intensity Light Source, Bell & Howell 1568 Arc projector, 16mm Bell & Howell 567TN 16mm Arc Projector, Kodak AV-256-TR-R Arc Illumination
EZM Marc300/16 Marc 300/16 300W 37.5V 5500°K Dyonics 2047 2801 25 Hours 29469 6240-00-081-4561 6240000814561 Colorarc 37.5V25HRS. 300-16 40836 External Eichroic Reflector Marc-300/LSU ME 84401 ME84401

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