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Some of these bulbs are not purchased directly from the manufacturer. We purchased these bulbs from auctions and businesses that discontinued selling bulbs or went out of business. All are new and most are in original display boxes. Some of the boxes may be ragged or missing, but the lamps are guaranteed new. Most of the lamps are GE or Sylvania brand. Some of these lamps are other brands like 3M, Apollo, Avigo, Bell & Howell, BIAI, Brooks Equipment Company, CEW, Chicago Miniature, Colortran, Cool-Lux, Crest, Damar, Dukane, Durst, Eiki, Eiko, Eveready, EYE, Filmo, Focus, GOKO, HIT Hoffman, Kaiser, Kalimar, Kando, Kandolite, Ken-Rad, Kondo, Lamco, Lucas, Micro Lamps, Inc., Narva, Norelco, Olson, Olympus, Omega, Orion, Oshino Lamps, Osram, P&B, Pelican Products, Inc., Philips, Ponder & Best, Prism, Radiac, Radiant, Radion, RCA, Riluma, Rival, Sifang, Stanley, Star Headlight & Lantern Company, Sunpak, Sunray Lighting, Tensor, Thorn, TP Hi-Lite, Tungsram, Ushio, Wagner, Westinghouse, Wiko and Wotan. If you have an inventory of new bulbs you no longer need, let me know and I will make you an offer for them.
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10 $1.80 G3.5 Clear Glass, Miniature 2-Pin Base, 2.5V, .5A, .5CP, C-6 Filament, 3000 Hours, LCL 5/8", MOL 15/16", Indicator, LCL Measured from Bottom of Pins to Center of Filament, GE 25312, 6240-00-765-4220, DSA400-77-F-4441  
6-8V, 32 & 32 C. P., Automotive Headlamp, BA15d double contact bayonet base, RP11 Glass, C-2V Dual Filament, 6.2V, 4.19A Maximum, 2C-2V, 125 Hours, LCL 1.25", MOL 2.25"  
10001 $2.00 NSN 6240-00-886-9972, E5 A2G Midget Screw, T1.75 Clear Glass, 10V, .015A, 1000 Hours, 1950912  
10029137-101 $5.00 Honeywell International, NSN 6240-00-065-3703, B8544, Lamp Assembly, 972454-1
1003 28¢ 12.8V, .94A, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet, B-6 .75" Diameter Clear Glass, 15CP, LCL 1.06", G-E, FD, 12W, Atlas Warner Super 8 Editor Model 400, 500, Sylvania 360350, 36035-0, C-6 Filament, Eiko 40155, 190 Lumens, MOL 1.75", MOD .79", 100 Hours, GE1003
1004 26¢ 12.8V for 12V Applications, .94A, 12W, 15CP, B6 .75" Diameter Clear Glass, BA15d, Maximum Overall Length 1.75", Light Center Length 1.06", 12V15CP, 2NM, GE1004, V04697912702450, Fischer Scientific Stero Master Mictoscope, Sears Router

$1.00 12V, 12.8V, 21C/21C, 21CP/21CP, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, S8 Clear Glass, C2R/C2R Dual Filament, G-E 1005, MCG 810E, American Optical Corporation 1005 Microscope, AGI/AS/858, 1.3A/1.3A, 15W/15W, 300/300 Hours, S8/CL/12.8V/1.26A/BA15d/STD, 0069549011199, 51119
GE1007, 1007, 6-8V, 32CP, Prefocused Spotlight, 10 17 G-E, RP11, P30s, 1942 Chevy Fog Light, S. C. Pref., 6.2V, 4.52A, 27.12W at 6V, C-2V Filament, 200 Hours, LCL 1-1/8", MOL 2-1/4"  
100W, 120V, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet, G16.5 Clear Glass, Spotlight, Base Down to Horiz., Spot, CC-13, MOL 3"/76mm, LCL 1.37"/34.9mm, 200 Hours, 1660 Lumens
100G16.5/29DC $18.50 100W, 120V, G16.5 Clear Glass, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, Spot, Burn Base Down to Horiz.  
1011-P-5055 $8.00 Carley CL1326, Replaces Keeler 1011-P-7034, 3.5V, .76A, 20 Hours, T1.5 Glass, 2.66W, Xenon, Ophthalmoscope, Red Bottom, Gold Plated, 1011P5055  
1011-P-5223 $8.00 Carley CL1327, Replaces Keeler 1011-P-7042, 2.7V, .5A, 50 Hours, T1.5 Glass, 1.35W, Xenon, Ophthalmoscope, Blue Bottom, Gold Plated, 1011P5223, 2.8V  
1011-P-7034 $6.00 3.6V Practitioner, Practicioner, Vista and Vista 20 Specialist Ophthalmoscope, 1011P7034, Carley CL1326, CL70284, CL1941 3.5V, Klein, Medic Lux  
GE1015, BA15s, G16.5 Clear Glass, 6.4V, 9.5A, 60.8W, 100 Hours
1015-P-5116 $8.00 Carley CL1341, Replaces Keeler 1015-P-7058, 3.5V, .7A, 25 Hours, TL1.5 Glass, 2.45W, Krypton, Otoscope, Red Bottom, Gold Plated, 1015P5116  
1015-P-5175 $8.00 Carley CL1443, Replaces Keeler 1015-P-7066, 2.7V, .5A, 50 Hours, TL1.5 Glass, 1.35W, Krypton, Otoscope, Blue Bottom, Gold Plated, 1015P5175  
1016 $1.00 12.8V/14V, 21/6CP, BAY15d Double Contact Indexed Bayonet, S-8 Clear Glass, 265/75 Lumens, C-6/C-6 Dual Filaments, MOL 2", LCL 1.25", MOD 1", 1.34/.59A, 300/1000 Hours  
GE-1017 G-E 1017 BA15s, Moviola Mfg. Co. 16mm Preview, 35mm Preview
RP11 Clear Glass, P30s, P15s, 4.5V, 1.25A, 5.63W, C-6 Filament, 75 Hours
Panasonic Original Replacement Part Pilot Lamp YWE Fuji .24V50mA 24V 50mA E10 T3.25 MOL 1.15"/29mm
1026 $25.00 12-16V, 32 & 32 CP, 32/32CP, Auto, GE-1026, P30d Double Contact Prefocus Special Orientation Design, Dual Filament, RP11 Clear Glass, Cadillac 1954, 1955, DCPF
110-130V, 2.6W, AC/DC Rectangular Filament T10x28mm, BA9s Miniature Bayonet, 49731, Volts 120, Filament 2C-2F, MOL 1.19"/30.2mm, MOD .43"/11mm, Bulb T-3 1/4, Amps 0.02, MSCP 0.2, WS.130V0.02A, Lumapro 4VCW5
1034 28¢
25W 8W, Dual Filament C-6/C-6, 12.8V/14V, 1.8/.59A, S-8 Clear Glass, BAY15d Double Contact Index Base, MOL 2"/50.8mm, MOD 1.04"/26.4mm, LCL 1.25"/31.8mm, 200/5000 Hours
$20.00 12.8V, 3A, 38.4W, Aircraft, GE1037, 3C6 Three Filament, BA15s, RP11 Clear Glass, Marco
22V, 50CP, Special Service, BA15s, RP11, GE1041, 1.5A, 33W, 100 Hours
$20.00 22V, 50CP, Special Service, BA15d, RP11, GE1042, 1.5A, 33W, 100 Hours  
RP11, 12.8/12.8V, 2.73/1.83A, P15d DC Prefocus, Bulb Diameter 1 3/8"/35mm, 34.9W/23.4W, Filament  C-6/C-6, MOL 2.2"/57mm, LCL 1.13"/28.6mm
26815, RP11, BA15s, Dual Filament, Base Down to Horizontal, Aircraft, 26V, 105CP, 2.7A, 70.2W, 2CC-6, 25 Hours, LCL 1.25", MOL 2.25"
105 30¢ 12.8V, 1A, 12.8W, 12V12W, .75" Diameter B-6 Clear Glass, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet, 500 Hours, MOL 1.75", LCL 1.06", MSCP 12, 12CP, C-6 Filament  
1050QC1 $2.00 125VAC, 1/2W, IDI, SA, Neon, 105-125V, Red, Quick Connect Mount, 1.9mA, Panel Mount Indicator Lamp, SPC TECH, SIN 2511T, 251IT, Non-Relampable with C2A plus Resistor Lamp, UL E20325, CSA LR13346  
1050QC3 $2.00 125VAC, 1/2W, IDI, SA, Neon, 105-125V, Amber, Yellow, Quick Connect Mount, 1.9mA, Panel Mount Indicator Lamp, SPC TECH, SIN 2513T, Non-Relampable with C2A plus Resistor Lamp, UL E20325, CSA LR13346  
1054 $1.10 32V, 23.7W, BA15d, RP11, 32CP
GE1056, JKL1056, CEC1056, 32V, 1.15A, 50CP, RP11, BA15d
BA15d, 40V, .92A, 36.8W, RP-11, Scooter
GE1073, BA15s, 12.8V, 1.8A, 23W, 1.80A/12.8V/SC Bayonet, GE 26838, S-8, 32CP, S25, S8, Braun Co. D-6, T1073
12V, 35W/6W, 32/4CP, 4 CP, Auto Fog Marker, P30d, RP11, 2.9A/.51A, Dual Filament, GE1074, S1074, JKL1074, Cadillac 1957, 1959 and 1960 Fog Light  
$1.00 12.8V, 1.8A, S-8, BA15d
10AS $5.00 6240-00-782-5605, Wire Leads  
10 ASB, 10V Telephone Slide
10C5 $4.00 10C, 10V, Slide 5 Base, .45A
10ES $3.00 10E, Pilot Light, T2, 10V, 40MA, WIRE TERM, 6240-00-977-0485
10ESB $1.13 Eiko 44014, 10ESB5, 10V, .035A, T-8, Slide Base 5
10S6-10/G-250V $5.00 10W, 250V, BA15d DC Double Contact Bayonet Base, Green S-6 Glass, 130322 25
10W, S-6 Clear Glass, 60V, E14 European Candelabra Screw Base
10S6-120V 60¢ 10S6-120V, E12 Candelabra Screw, MT10S6C-120V, 10S6/120CS
10S6-130V 58¢ 10W, 130V, E12, S6 Clear  
10S6DC-230V $1.00 GE 12060, 10W, 230V, S-6 Clear Glass, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, 10S6/10/DC, GE12060 9
10S6DC-250V $1.00 Sylvania 16720-0, 10W, 250V, S-6 Clear Glass, BA15d DC Double Contact Bayonet Base, Indicator, Elevator A484L4 1
10W, 120V, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet, S6 Clear Glass
10W, 230V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, GE 12041, 1500 Hours, 10S6/10-230V, S6 Clear Glass, GE230V10W, 230V10W
10S6/250V 72¢
10W, 250V, E12 Candelabra Screw, S-6 Clear Glass

*In stock-we always keep plenty of this item in stock and can order more if needed. With the miniature lamps this usually means at least 100 pieces in stock and with more popular lamps we may have thousands in stock.

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