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301 28V, .17A, 4.76W, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet, G5 Clear Globe Glass, MOL 1.38", MOD .62", Eiko 49448, C-2F Filament, 500 Hours, LCL .69", 3 MSCP, Aircraft
36508, 96414, GE3011, JKL3011, BA15s, S11, Clear, 28V, 1.29A, 36.12W, 44 MSCP, 1000 Hours
301R 28V, .17A, 4.76W, Aircraft, BA15s
302 BA15d, 3CP, 28V, G5, .17A, 26120, NSN 6240-00-155-7926
3022 13V, 5W, Festoon, 8x29mm
302R 28V, .17A, 4.76W, Aviation, BA15d
303 28V, .3A, BA15s, G6
303CR 303, Red, 28V, .3A, 8.4W, BA15s, Aircraft
303NR 303, Natural Red, 28V, .3A, 8.4W, BA15s, Aircraft
304 BA15d, 28V
304OF BA15d, 28V, 8.4W
28V, .3A, 8.4W, 304 Natural Red, BA15d
305 28V, 15CP, 14.28W, .51A, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, S-8 1" Diameter Clear Glass, C-2V Filament, Maximum Overall Length 2", Light Center Length 1.12"
3057 18389, S8 Clear Glass, Plastic Wedge Base, C-6/C-6 Filaments, 1200/5000 Hours, 402/25 Lumens, 32/2CP, 12.8V, 27W, Halogen, GE 12305, MOL 2.09", MOD 1", LCL 1.1", Reat Turn Signal, Back Up, Cornering, High Mount Stop, Parking, Rear Sidemarker, Stop, Tail, Front Turn Signal
3057LL, 12.8V-14V, 32/2CP, 0-42723-93729-4, 3057KX, Plastic Wedge Base, 3057K
3057 Natural Amber T3057NA 40603 12.8/14V 2.1/.48A 24/1.5 MSCP C-6/C-6 MOL 2.09"/53.1mm MOD 1.04"/26.4mm 1200/5000 Hours S-8 Plastic Wedge Base
305NR 28V, .51A, 14.28W, S-8 Natural Red Glass, BA15s 15mm Single Contact Bayonet Base, Aircraft, C-2V Filament, 300 Hours, MOL 2", 15CP
305R 28V, .51A, 14.28W, S-8 Red Painted Glass, BA15s 15mm Single Contact Bayonet Base, Aircraft, C-2V Filament, 300 Hours, MOL 2", 15CP
306 BA15d 28V 15c Aircraft .51A 15W 40566 C-6 MOL 2"/50.8mm MOD 1"/26.4mm 300 Hours Vertical, 14 Hours Horizontal S-8 Glass LCL 1.13"/28.6mm .51A 15 MSCP 26152 S8 C-2V 14W 188 Lumens CBCP 188 Filament Supported
307 28V, .67A, BA15s, S-8, 21CP, 300 Hours
28V, 21CP, 21 CP, BA15d, .67A, S-8 S8 Glass, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, 21 MSCP, C-6, 300 Hours, 40570, 265 Lumens, MOL 2", MOD 1", LCL 1.13"
308AF GE 26171, Aircraft, All Frosted, 28V, .67A, 18.76W, S-8 1" Diameter Glass, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, C-2V, MOL 2", 300 Hours
308NR GE, 28V, .67A, 18.76W, Aircraft, S-8 1" Natural Red Glass, BA15d Base, C-2V Filament, 300 Hours, LCL 1.125", MOL 2"
308R 28V, .67A, 18.76W, BA15d, S8, Red, Aircraft
Nikon, 8V, 60W, BX15d, G12 Clear, 309-D4011, 8V60W, Made in Japan
309/NR, Natural Red, Aircraft, 28V, .9A, 25.2W
30V, Telephone, Teleslide, 33010-0, 83351, .06-.085A, 1800 Average End Footcandles, C-21 Filament, 41 Average Cold Resistance, MOL 1.6875", Indefinite Long Average Rated Life
30A2 30V, .06-.085A, Telephone, Teleslide
30B3 Sylvania 33020-0, 30V, TS3, Teleslide 3, Switchboard, T-2 Clear Glass, .1A, 3000 MSCD, C-7A Filament, 4000 Hours, MOL 1.69" or 42.8mm, 6240-00-186-6603, K1, II69
31 6.15V, .3A, G4.5, E10
310 S11, BA15d, 28V, 32CP, .9A, 25.2W, 300 Hours
311 BA15s, 28V, 36.1W, 1.29A, S-11, 50CP, 300 Hours
311/IF 311IF, Aviation, 28V, 50CP, Inside Frost, BA15s, S11, 311IF, 3111F
311/OF 311/OF, Aviation, 28V, 50CP, Outside Frost, BA15s, S11, 311OF, 3110F
311/NR 311NR, 28V, 1.29A, 36W, Aircraft, Natural Red
14V, 80mA, T4.2, C-2F, 2321-140930, Orange Caps, Two Wire Leads, #8053 8053, 111066, 2321-140930, Made in Japan
312 BA15d, S-11, 28V, 1.29A, 50MSCP, 300 Hours, C-2V
312NR 28V, 1.29A, 36.12W, BA15d, Natural Red S11 Glass, C-2V Filament, 300 Hours, LCL 1.25", MOL 2.375"
312R 28V, 1.29A, 36.12W, BA15d, Ceramic Red S11 Glass, C-2V Filament, 300 Hours, LCL 1.25", MOL 2.375"
312W 312 White, BA15d, S11
313 28V, .17A, 4.76W, BA9s, C-2F, Clear, W-L-00111/8/, Aircraft, CM313, 170mA
313R 28V, BA9s, Red
315 28V, .9A, 32CP, BA15s, S-8
5V, .06A, .3W, T1.75, Midget Flange Base, 6240-01-097-4722, SA3150, 3150AS15, GI3150, 5V60mA
3155 12.8V, 1.6A, S-8, Plastic Wedge Base, 1000 Hours
12.8V, 2.1A, S-8 Plastic Wedge Base, 42292, 32 MSCP, C-6, MOL 2.09"/53.1mm, MOD 1.04"/26.4mm, 1200 Hours
3156 Natural Amber, 13V, 24CP, 0-42723-92627-4, T3156NA
14V, P27/7W, 12V, Plastic Wedge Base, 1200/5000 Hours, 402/38 Lumens, Halogen, 12.8V, 27W, MOL 2.09", LCL 1.1", 32/3CP
3157A 12.8V/14V for 12V Systems, 2.1/.59A, 24/2.2CP, S-8 Amber Painted Glass, C-6/C-6 Filaments, 26.88/8.26W, W2.5x16q Plastic Wedge Base
6V, .7A, BA9s, T-3.25, T3¼, Bernina 1130 305500, Philips 2BT, SA316, 6240008179803, 6240-00-817-9803
3V, .19A, .57W, Amber
3V, .19A, Blue, Aviation
3V, .19A, Green, Aviation
3V, .19A, Red, Aviation
28V, .04A, Blue, Avaition
Blue, 28V, .04A, Aviation
321-CA, Aviation, 28V, .04A, 1.12W, Special Screw Base, Ceramic Amber, Yellow
321-G, Green, Aircraft, 28V, .04A, 1.12W, Special
321R Aircraft, 28V, .04A, 1.12W, Transparent Red, Special Screw Base
321W Aviation, 28V, .04A, White, Special Screw Base
32-2111T Leecraft, LLC 1 NY, 32, Snaplite, 125V, 1/3W
323R 323-R, Red, Aircraft, 3V, .19A, .57W, Special Base, .25C, C-2R, 350 Hours, LCL .178, MOL .55", CM 323
323SR 323-SR Stained Red, Aircraft, 3V, .19A, .57W, Special Base, .25C, C-2R, 350 Hours, LCL .178, MOL .55"
Wire Leads
327 28V, 40mA, SC MIDG FLAN, CM327
327A Aircraft, 28V, .04A, 1.12W, Amber, Yellow
327B 28V, .04A, T1.75 Blue Glass, SX6s Midget Flanged Base
327R 28V, .04A, T1.75 Red Glass, SX6s Midget Flanged Base, JKL327, GNSN 6240-00-272-8601
328 S328, CM328, GE328, E328, 6V, Mid. FLG. Base, T-1¾, .2A, .6 MSCP, C-2R, 1000 Hours, .34CP@5V, Midget Flange Base
328R 6V, T1.75 Red, Midget Flanged Base
330 GE-330 14V 80MA 1.12W SX6 Single Contact Midget Flanged
330SR 330 Stained Red, 14V, .08A, Aircraft, T1.75, SC Midget Flanged, .5 CP, C-2F, 2500 Hours, LCL .375, MOL .625"
332 Special Service, 6V, .2A, 1.2W, SX6s Midget Flange Base, T1.75
334 28V .04A 1.12W .34 MSCP C-2F 4000 Hours Midget Groove Base T-1¾ CM334
28V, .04A, 4mA, .34 MSCP, C-2F, MOL .72"/18.3mm, MOD .23"/5.9mm, 4000 Hours, T1.75, Midget Screw
3357NA 12V, Amber, 27W/8W, Wedge
336R Aircraft, T1.75, Midget Grooved Base, 14V, .08A, C-2F, 2500 Hours, LCL .375", MOL .625"
337 6.3V, .2A, .6 MSCP, C-2R, 1000 Hours, Midget Groove Base, T1.75, CM337, 6V, 6V200mA, Printronix 9212 Printer, 6240-00-660-8467
338 2.7V, .06A, .5 Lumens, SX6s Midget Flanged Base, T1.75 Clear Glass, Eiko 01183, C-2R Filament, MOL .63"/16mm, MOD .23"/5.9mm, 6000 Hours, .04 MSCP
339 5V, .2A, 1W, SX6s Midget Flanged
340 Aircraft, 28V, .04A, 1.12W, SX6s
341 5V, .03A, .15W, T-1 Clear Glass, 6240-01-043-5308, LA341, 7263, G1.27 Bi-Pin Base, 16,000 Hours, CM7-7263
342 6V, 40mA, E5 Miniature Screw
3425 13V, .77A, T11X37mm Festoon, 10mm, 120 Lumens, C-8 Filament, MOL 1.46"/37.1mm, MOD .43"/11mm, 400 Hours, SV8.5mm Base, 9.55 MSCP, Eiko 42424, GE 26727
T-1¾ Midget Flange Base, 10V, .014A, .002 MSCP, C-2F Filament, MOL .63 Inches or 16mm, MOD .23 Inches or 5.9mm, 50,000 Hours Average Life, 40622, 6240-00-722-6467, DLA400-80-F-1925
6V, .04A, 6V0.04A, 40mA, SX6s Midget Flanged Base, MOL .63"/16mm, MOD .23"/5.9mm, 10,000 Hours, T-1.75, C-2V, LCL .38"/9.6mm, .03 MSCP
3450B Osram, 6-7V, 2W, BA9s Single Contact Bayonet
3456 24-30V, 2W, E10 Miniature Screw Base
3457 12V, Wedge, 40/3CP
345R 6V, .04A, .24W, T1.75 Red Glass, .38 Lumens, .3CP, C-2V Filament, 10,000 Hours, SX6s Midget Flange Base, MOL 16mm, LCL 9.7mm, 6240-00-902-8976
346 CM346, 18V, .04A, C-2F, Indicator, T1.75 Clear Glass, Midget Groove Base, .15CP, 10,000 Hours, LCL 3/8", MOL 5/8"
48-60V, 2W, E10, E10/13
3462B 48-60V, 2W, BA9s
348 14V, Frosted, E5 Midget Screw
349 6.3V, .2A, 1.26W, SX6 Single Contact Midget Flanged Base, T1¾, NSN 6240-00-962-0525
3497 T3497, 12V, 45CP, 0-42723-93146-9, BA15s, T6
35 2.5V, .8A, E10, G5.5
350 6.3V, .15A, 150mA, .45 CP, Single Contact Midget Flange Base, C-2R Filament, 3000 Hours, Aircraft, T1.75 Clear Glass, LCL 3/8", MOL 5/8", Possible Substitute 381
35006 12V, 35W, MR16, GU5.3, 3500K, 10° Spot
35011 12V, 35W, MR16, GU5.3, 4100K, 10° Spot
35012 12V, 35W, MR16, GU5.3, 4100K, 17° Narrow Flood/Spot
352 2V, .06A, .12W, E10 Miniature Screw Base, G3.5 .447"/11.36mm Diameter Clear Globe Glass, Special Service, GE352
354 2.47V, .3A, BA9s, G3.5
Sylvania 35253-0, GE 40636, 28V, C-2V, MOL .94"/23.9mm, MOD .43"/11mm, Avg Life 500 Hours, G3.5, BA9s, .17A, MSCP 3.5, 83124, Note: This lamp is designed for a particular purchaser and may not be suitable for other uses because of it's excessive wattage requirements for the bulb size., NSN 6240-00-155-7866, CM356, CM356ENGLAND
3560 Hama, VE 10, VE10, 5.5V, E10 Miniature Screw Base, WS5.5V, G4.5 Flower Glass, GF4.5
3570 2.5V .5A Hama Slide Viewer Spare Bulb Mini B201 3, B101 3642 3640 B602 3668 3693 VE6
1.35V, .06A, .081W, E10, G3.5
Telephone, 35V, .09-.11A, 35C, Red Base
Teleslide, 35V, T2, .3 MSCP, Elevator A487L11
362 Wire Leads
363 Eiko 40640, 14V, .2A, BA9s, G3-1/2, G3.5
3644 3.7V, .3A, E10, TL-3 Lens End
2.2V, E10 Miniature Screw Base, .18A, TL-3 Glass with Lens, Welch Allyn Penlight
Design Volts 3.69V, Rated Volts 3.6V, E10, G3.5, .5A, 1.8W, For Use with 3 "D" Cell Batteries, C-2R Filament, 15 Hours, LCL 23/32", MOL 15/16", Lighted Make Up Mirror, 3.69V Replaces 3.5V, 3.5V0.5A
10V, .04A, T1.75, Midget Flange Base
368 2.5V, Midget Flange Base
37 GE37, 14V, C-2F, MOL .8"/20.3mm, MOD .23"/5.9mm, 2500 Hours, T1.75, W2.1x4.9d Sub-Miniature Wedge Base, LCL .4"/10.2mm, .09A, .5 MSCP
40650, 18V, C-2F, MOL .63"/16mm, MOD .23"/5.9mm, 10000 Hours, Bulb T-1 3/4, Base Midget Flanged SX6s, LCL .38"/9.6mm, .04A, MSCP 0.15, 28641, NSN 6240-00-940-7070, JKL370, JKL 370, CM370, EE370
371 Medical, 6V, .06A, .36W, Special Screw Base
39488, 6V, 2.4W, .4A, EP10
T-1.75, T-1¾, E5 Midget Screw Base, 14V, .08A, 1.12W, .5 MSCP, C-2F, MOL .72 Inches 18.3mm, 1500 Hours, Ikea Stranne Lamp
3V, C-2R, MOL .63/16mm, MOD .23"/5.9mm, 10000 Hours, T1.75, SX6s, .015A
T-1.75, T-1¾, Midget Flange Base, 28V, .06A, 1.68W, .34 MSCP, C-2F, MOL .63 Inches 16mm, 25000 Hours
377 6.3V, SX6s Midget Flange
378 6.3V, .2A, E5 Midget Screw Base, T1.75, C-2F, 20,000 Hours
379 6.3V, .2A, S5.7s Midget Grooved Base, T1.75, C-2F, 20,000 Hours
3797 24V, 2W, 17 Lumens, C-8 Filament, MOL .932" or 23.9mm, MOD .346" or 8.8mm, 200 Hours, T2.75 Clear Glass, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, LCL .511" or 13mm, .083A, MSCP 1.35, 3797-S, S3797
6V, .6W, .1A, BA7s, 39351, 17003
38 BA9s, T3.25 Clear Glass, 2.2V, .1A, .22W, C-2R Filament, 3000 Hours, W-38, W38, 38MB
#38 Dialco Neon
380 ML380, 61951, 6.3V, 40mA, 6240-00-926-7603
T1.75, 6.3V, .2A, SC Midget Flanged Base, .4 CP, MOL .63"/16mm, LCL .38"/9.7mm, C-2F, 20000 Hours
382 14V, .08A, T1.75 Clear Glass, SX6s Midget Flanged Mid Flange Base, Eiko 40670, 3.77 Lumens, C-2F Filament, MOL .63"/16mm, MOD .23"/5.9mm, 15,000 Hours, LCL .38"/9.6mm, .3 MSCP, CM382
T1.25, Midget Screw, 14V, .08A
T1.75, SC Midget Flange Base, 28V, .04A, 1.12W, MSCP .15, C-2F, MOL .63/16mm, LCL .38"/9.7mm, 6240-01-103-3081, 385AS15, DLA400-90-M-D115
40674, 14V, 1.12W, Filament C-2F, MOL .63"/16mm, MOD .23"/5.9mm, Average Rated Life 40,000 Hours, Bulb T-1 3/4, Midget Grooved Base S5.7s S4S/8, LCL .38"/9.6mm, 0.08A, MSCP 0.30, T1 3/4, MID GRV, 14V .08A, .3CP
38.6017 Osram Wotan, 15W, T26 Pygmy Clear Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, German Viewer Bulb, Koscop
387 28V, 40mA, T-1¾, SC MID FLG, MIDGET FLANGE, JKL387, JKL, GE387, 353270
387G 28V, 40mA, SX6s Single Contact Midget Flange, .04A, T1.75 Green Glass, 387 Green, G-387, MIL-85762A, 28VDC, 65196-0327-25-L
388 28V .04A .3 MSCP C-2F 25,000 Hours T-1¾ Midget Groove Base CM388 , KOMO Machine, National Optronics Horizon II Edger, O388, 0388, 03-D3, 2867, EBT, Fanuc Control 180i Pushbutton Interior Light for Machine Tool
3886X 12V, 6W, BA9s, T3.5 Clear Glass, Test Voltage 13.5V, 80 Lumens, 27.4mm Long, 9mm in Diameter, 400-1000 Hours
389 10V, .04A, .4W, Indicatior, 353510, 35351-0, 98936
40659, 12V, C-2R, MOL 1.09"/27.7mm, MOD 0.38"/9.6mm, 300 Hours, T-2.75, BA9s, .33A, 4W, 2.8 MSCP, T4W, 330mA, Instrument Lights for a 1974 Alfa Romeo, T4W
38-931 Dialco Neon #38-931, Bi-Pin, Red Cap
38-933 Dialco, Neon, #38-933, Bi-Pin, Amber Cap
6V, 2W, BA9s, Osram
3898 12V, .17A, T-2, BA7S Base, C-2V, MOL .82"/20.8mm, MOD .27"/6.9mm, 200 Hours
3899 24V, .125A, 3W, BA7s European Bayonet Base, 200 Hours, Eiko 06141, C-2V Filament, MOL .83"/21mm, MOD .22"/5.6mm, T1.75 Clear Glass
#39 Dialco #39, 6V, .20A, Bi Pin, Metal Cylinder, Red Cap
3V, .015A, .045W
24V, 4W, BA9s
12V, .04A, T1.75, Midget Flange Base, .12 MSCP, C-2F, MOL .63"/16mm, MOD.23"/5.9mm, 20,000 Hours
10V, .04A
28V, .04A, E5 Midget Screw, T1.75, 7000 Hours
12V, 6W, BA15s, T-6, Clear
3S6-130V 130V, 3W, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, S-6 Clear Glass
3S6/5-120V 120V, 3W, S6 Clear Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw
3S6/5-130V 130V, 3W, S-6, E12
120V 3W S-6 Glass Double Contact Bayonet 3S6/5DC-120V 40556 3S6/DC-120V, Empire Troubador series of turntables 598, 598 Series II and 598 Series III., Sol-Rex H56D, .03A, MOL 1.75", 3S6DC
3S6DC-120V 120V, 3W, BA15d, S-6
3T4-120V 3W, 120V, T-4 Clear Glass, E12

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