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18 40350, 14V, .04A, 1.63 Lumens, C-2F Filament, MOL 20.3mm, MOD 5.9mm, 5000 Hours, T1.75 Clear Glass, W2.1x4.9d Sub Miniature Wedge Base, .13 MSCP
1800, Radio, 1.35V, .06A, .08W, E10, T3.25, 500 Hours
E10, 2.5V, Appliance, Waffle Maker
18012 Eiko, Solux, 4100K, 12V, 50W, MR16, GU5.3, 17° Spot/Narrow Flood
1803, Radio, 4V, .06A, .24W, E10, T3.25, 1000 Hours
GE1806, 5V, .15A, Indicator, Mazda, 5.1V, BA9s
6V, 60W, BA-21S, BA21s, SPH. MIROIR, Mazda Projection Lamp, Globe shaped glass, 40mm in diameter with mirror on one side of glass, Single contact bayonet base 21mm in diameter with three locking pins.
27659, 1810, BA9s, T3.25, 6.3V, .4A, 2.52W, 1.4CP, 3000 Hours, 40356
GE 1811, 6.5V, .4A, 2.6W, BA9s, T3.25, Aircraft, 1000 Hour
1813 14.4V, 0.1A, BA9s
1813F 14.4V, 0.1A, BA9s, Frosted
1815 14V, BA9s, .2A, 1.4 MSCP, C-2V, 3000 Hours
CM1816 13V .33A T3.25 T-3¼ BA9s Miniature Bayonet GE1816 S1816 E1816  Brown & Sharpe Microscope
1816TR 13V, .33A, BA9s, T3.25 Transparent Red Painted Glass
1818 24V, T3.25, .17A, BA9s, 3.3CP
1819 BA9,s 28V, .04A, 1.12W, C-2F, 2140-0383, IEE, 1819X28V, CM1819, GE1819, JKL1819, Sony TC880, CCDE 39315-0, 6240-00-155-8707
28V, BA9s, IEE, 1819X28V
G3.5, BA9s, 14.4V, .18A, 2.59W, 1CP, 2000 Hours
28V, .1A, 2.8W, T3¼, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, 40638, C-2F, MOL 1.19"/30.2mm, MOD .43"/11mm, 1000 Hours, GE 81663
1820R 28V, .1A, 2.8W, BA9s, T3.25 Red Glass
40370 28V .17A T3.25 E10 Miniature Screw C-2F Filament MOL 1.19"/30.2mm MOD .43"/11mm 500 Hours
1822 GE1822, GE 1822 36V .1A 3.6W BA9s 27749 37367 T-3.25 Aircraft 4W C-2F Miniature Bayonet LCL .62" MOL 1.19"/31mm MOD .43"/11mm 1000 Hours 043168963916 043168277495 00043168277495 6240002671167 40372 MSCP 2.1
48V, .1A, 4.8W, T3.25, E10 Miniature Screw, 3.2CP, 1000 Hours
BA9s, 18V, .15A, C-2V, T3.25, 250 Hours, MOL 1.19"/30.2mm MOD .43"/11mm
1828 CM1828, 37.5V, .05A, T-3¼, BA9s Miniature Bayonet, 6240-00-249-6126, 6240-00-299-6126, GE1828, 27772
1829 28V, .07A, 1.96W, T3¼, BA9s
1834D, 6.3V, .159A, 1W, Wire Lead Base, T3.25, 1000 Hours
1835 55V, 2.75W, T-3¼, BA9s Miniature Bayonet
1835R 55V, 2.75W, T-3¼ Red, BA9s
1837 6.5V, .6A, 3.9W, BA9s, T3.25
1839 6.3V, .68A, 4.28W, BA9s, T4, Aircraft
1841 24V, .17A, 4.08W, Indicator, E12 Candelabra Screw, Clear, C-2V, T-4
1845 9.5V, .75A, 7.13W. BA9s. T3.25
1847 6.3V, .15A, .945W, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, T-3¼ Clear Glass
1849 1849, BA9s, 9.5V, .905A, 8.6W, T3.25, 40 Hours
1850 5V, .09A, .45W, BA9s, T3.25, T-3.25, T3¼ Mini Bay Base, 40394, C-2R, MOL 1.19"/30.2mm MOD .43"/11mm, 1500 Hours, Drake L-4B, Guest Automatic Anchor Light 6V #452, Farnell 628467, SLI W440
83292, 374090, 37409, SYL1855, T4.5, BA9s, 6.3V, .8A, 5W, MSCP 3.6, 3000 Hours
1860D, Instrument, 28V, 1.12W, .04A, Wire Leads
28V, C-2F, MOL 1.19"/30.2mm, MOD .43"/11mm, 1500 Hours, T3.25, BA9s, LCL .63"/15.9mm, .17A, 4.76W, 3 MSCP
1865D 1865D, 1.35V, .08A, .108W, Special Service, Wire Leads
1866 BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, 6.3V, .25A, 1.58W, 5000 Hours, .65 MSCP, C-2R, MOL 1.19"/30.2mm, MOD .43"/11mm, T3.25
1868D 1868D, Indicator, 18V, .04A, .72W, Wire Terminal Leads
T-3.25, Max. Bulb Diameter .406"/10mm, BA9s, 28V, .2A, 5.6W, MSCP 3, Filament C-2F, MOL 1.19"/30.2mm, LCL .63"/16mm, Avg Life Hrs 7000, ML-1873
0-14271-02283-8, 3.7V2.75A, 3.7V, 2.75A, 10.175W, BA15s, 2F418, 100 Hours, T5, LCL 1.13", MSCP 11
1876 3.5V, 2.5A, 8.75W, BA15s, T-6, C-6, 2000 Hours, T5 Clear Glass, 9W, 6500 CD, 82 Lumens, Ushio 8000125, GE 27889
BA15s, 3.5V, 2.5A, 8.75W, T-5 Clear Glass
1888 7V, .5A, 3.5W, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, T3.25 Clear Glass, 25 Lumens, 1500 Hours, MOL 1.19", MOD .43", LCL .56", C-2R Filament, MSCP 2, Eiko 40406
14V, .27A, T3.25 T-3¼, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, 2 MSCP, C-2F, 2000 Hours
T-3.25, 14V for 12V Applications, 3W, Miniature Bayonet, C-2F, 500 Hours, .24A, 2 MSCP, BA9s
1892 HP7-1892 BA9s 14.4V .12A 1.73W Automobile Radio Dial Lamp, Motorola VW Car Radio Dial Light
14V, .33A, T3.25, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, 2 MSCP, C-2F, 1.19 Inches MOL, 7500 Hours
G4.5, G-4½, 14V, .27A, 3.78W, 2 MSCP, C-2F, 2000 Hours
12V, Heavy Duty, Amber

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