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8001 Eiko 41084, 6V, 4.35A, E14, S-35mm
400W, Wire Leads
6V, 10W, BA15d, S8 Clear Glass, 100X1, 200 Hours, 06-010-03, 41085, 150 Lumens, C-6 Filament, MOL 1.81"/46mm, MOD .99"/25mm, S-25mm
8017 6V, 15W, BA15s, C-6 Filament, T-6 Clear Glass, 2.5A, T-19mm, MOL 2.12", MOD .75", 145 Lumens, 1000 Hours
8018 6V, 15W, T19, C-BAR-6, BA15d
12V, 50W, S-35mm, BA20d Double Contact 20mm Base, MOL 2.71"/69mm, MOD 1.38"/35mm, CC-6, 1000 Lumens, 50 Hours
8029 Dr. Fischer, 00843377, 15V, 60W, BA20d, S-35mm Glass, SM-8029, INC15V-60W/S35X67, 25 Hours, S11 Clear Glass, 8000274, Universal Burn Position, C-6U Filament, 924809966399
GE, 6.5V, 1.7A, 11.05W, Instrument, BA15d, G8
80460 Special Miniature Lamp in Bracket Instaview 270 Dual 8/Regular 8/Super 8 BIAI BAIA 08520 120V 50/60 CPS 60W 1129, Wards 67A1296 Montgomery Ward Dual 8 Editor Lamp
8098 14V, 65mA, .065A, MOL 9.7mm, 10,000 Hours, .15 Lumens, G1.27 Bi-Pin Base, T1 Glass
18V, .026A, T1 T3mm, BIPIN, MSCP .15, Clear, Filament C-2F, Life Hours 10,000
809M Instrument, G-8 One Inch Diameter Clear Glass, E10 Miniature Screw Base, 70V, 8W, C-7A Filament, 600 Hours, LCL 1.125", MOL 1.75", 6240-00-155-8711
81 6.5V, 6W, BA15s, G-6 Clear Glass, 6-6.5V, C-2R, 500 Hours, 1.02A, 6 MSCP, C-6, Aircraft Auto Indicator, GP881, GP8-81, 6CP, Honda C50, Argus Dual Eight 2808 Editor Viewer, Hickok Tube Tester, Possible Substitute for BM17s 4.5V 1A for Applications like the Koehler Commando Hand Held Lantern, Argus Showmaster Pocket Slide Theater 2110, 2804, 2808, 2810, CM81, 6240-00-014-1306, 6240-014-1306
8100 6V, 5A, 30W, E14, S11
8111 14V, .065A, .91W, C-2F Filament, MOL .25"/6.4mm excluding wire leads, MOD .13"/3.2mm, Wire Lead Base, T-1 Clear Glass, 10,000 Hours, MSCP .15
CM8-113, 10588, E10, T2.75, 2.5V
6.5V, 6CP, E12, G6, 1.02A, 6.63W, 500 Hours
82 6.5V 6.63W 1.02A BA15d G-6 C-2R 2012 4114 32189-0 S82 BT82 CEC82
8203 Osram, 25W, 25V, 1A, 30 Hours, A1/165, BA15s, Overall Length 50mm, T6 Clear Glass
8352-300 14V, Wedge, Lionel
42418, 14V, C-2F, MOL .69"/17.5mm, MOD .23"/5.9mm, 15,000 Hours, T1-3/4 Clear Glass, E5 Midget Screw, LCL .52"/13.2mm, .08A, 1.12W, .3 MSCP
28/28V, 24/24W, 26620, Aircraft, BA15d, G9 Silvered, 6240-00-635-9798, 300 Hours
120V, Filament CC-7A, MOL 1.19"/30.2mm, MOD .43"/10.9mm, 7500 Hours, T-3 1/4, BA9s, 0.025A, MSCP .36
841 BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, G12 Silver Coated Glass with Front Window, 3C6 3C-6 Three Filament Design, 12.5V, 3A, 37.5W, 36W at 12V, 2.375" Long Maximum, 1.5" in Diameter, Aircraft, 300 Hours
841007 Dr. Fischer, 6V, 5W, BA15d Bayonet Base, 00841007, 6.3V, T16mm Tubular Bulb, MOL 40mm, LCL 22.5mm, 45 Lumens, 1000 Hours, S135 Base Down ±135° Burn Position, B3516
12V, 35W, BA15d, RP11, Dr. Fischer, Heidelberg 92EMC, Paper Cutters, Polar 92, 1235-8, Orbitec 122470, P8423, Lawson Polar 210971, A12135, Diameter 35, Length 56mm, 2.92A
842451 Dr Fischer 00842451, 12V, 1.9A, P30s, S-8
85 28V, .04A, 1.12W, T1.75 Clear Glass, 3.77 Lumens, C-2F Filament, MOL .8", MOD .23", W2.1x4.9d Sub-Miniature Wedge Base, LCL .4", .3 MSCP, 0.3CP
8515 28V, .02A, Wire Leads
GE 853, 4V, .5A, 2W, BA15s, G11, Instrument, 200 Hours
8549-1 24V, 6W, BA9s, G4.25 Clear Glass, Elmo TRV-35G Fixture, A24V6W, Toshiba, 2000 Hour, TRV-35H, TRS-35XG Film to Video/Analog RGB Converters, 24V-6W
4V, 2.5A, 10W, Instrument, E12, S10, G10
86 6.3V, .2A, 1.26W, Sub-Miniature Wedge
T1¼, T-1.25, Aircraft Indicator, Wire Terminal Base, 6.3V, .2A, .55MSCP, C-2R, 5000 Hours
8623 28V, .04A, Special Knurl Screw Base, 4 Lumens, 1,000 Hours, 40mA, T1.25, AC/DC
8623R Red, 28V, .04A, Special Knurl Screw Base, 4 Lumens, 1,000 Hours, 40mA, T1.25, AC/DC
40978, 28V, .04A, .32 MSCP, .32CP, C-2F, MOL .45"/11.7mm, 1000 Hours, T1.25, Wire Terminal Base, NSN 6240-00-727-0919
T-1¼, Aircraft Indicator, Wire Terminal Base, 14V, .08A, .5 MSCP, C-2F,MOL .46"/11.7mm Maximum Overall Length, 1000 Hours, PS-940 B30-0187-15, Toyota 90072-02005 for JSD V-2 and TSD V-2 Sockets
8661 6V, 40mA, Wire Leads
87 6V, 15CP, BA15s, S-8 Clear Glass
T4.5, E10, 8V, .9A, 7.2W
S5.7s Midget Grove Base, 6V
10-8717, 029 49 D, 6V, 100mA, 430 6816-01, CE 088
6V, .2A, 1.2W, BA7s European Bayonet
24V, 40mA, BA7s
60V, 20mA, BA7s, .02A, 1.2W, 10,000 Hours, MOL 22mm, T-5mm, 60-1.2-00
879-GE GE 80634, 12.8V for 12V Systems, 16W, PGJ13 Right Angle Prefocus Base, Fog/Driving Light, Halogen
87 Inside Frost, 6-8V, S-8, 15CP, BA15s, S.C.B. Base, Auto, 15C
88 6.8V, 1.91A, CM88, 140088, MS15584-1, BA15d, 15 MSCP, 300 Hours, C-2R, W88, 15CP, 6V, 6240-00-155-8696
12.8V, 27W, T3-1/4 Glass, Axial Prefocus Shielded PG13 Base, 42450, C-6 Filament, MOL 1.75"/44.5mm, MOD .42"/10.7mm, MSCP 45-MSCP rating is for a filament in a non-shielded lamp, Halogen, 300 Hours, Fog, Headlamp or Signal Lamp, H880XW2
880-07 X-Rite 380 Series Read Lamp Replacement, X-Rite 381, 390, 391, 880, 881, 882, 890
8804X 32V, 25W, T8, C-8, BA15d, Marine Navigation
12V, 0-46135-30463-7, 046135304637, Halogen, Fog, Cornering and Back-up, H27W/2, E1, 24G, Hella H71071182, Opt Extrm Xy, Liteglow H881XW2 Low-Watt, 8976, 12.8V, T3.25, P22d Right Angle Prefocus Base, 42452, 565 Lumens, C-6 Filament, MOL 2.68"/68.1mm, MOD .42"/10.7mm, 300 Hours, Halogen, Shielded, MSCP rating is for a filament in a non-shielded lamp, MSCP 45, 2.1A 25304, PGJ13
882 CEC, T2.25 Clear Glass, 4.48W, 12.8V, .35A, C-6 Filament, 3.8 MSCP, Plastic Printed Circuit Base, RoHS Compliant, 2000 Hours
16772, 18167, GE882xc2, 882, GE882X, 882-X, G4 Bi-Pin Base, 12.8V, 4.5W, T2.5, C-6 Filament, .77A, Instrument
8839X Aqua Signal, Navigation, 40W, 24V, T12, P28s
8845X 12V, 2.03A, 24.36W, S-8 Clear Glass, P30s Single Contact Prefocus
885 GE 12335, GE 20907, 12.8V, 3.9A, 50W, C-6 Filament, MOL 2.68", T3.25, PG13 Axial Plastic Prefocus Base, LCL 1.25", Auto Fog Lamp, 1250 Lumens, MSCP 100, 200 Hours
886 50W, 12VDC, Halogen Lamp With 90° Angled Socket Base
889 27W, 12VDC, Halogen Lamp With 90° Angled Socket Base
13V, .58A, G-6 Clear Glass, SC Bay Base, C-6, MOL 1.44"/36.6mm, MOD .75"/19.1mm, LCL .50"/12.7mm, 750 Hours, BA15s, 6 MSCP
890 890, 221-087, 12V, 27W, T3.25, PG13 P29t Axial Prefocusl, Halogen, 42462
Halogen, 12.8V for 12V Applications, 8W, G4 Bi-Pin Base, .63A, MSCP 11, C-6, MOL 1.25"/31mm, LCL .77"/19.6mm, 500 Hours
41002, 14V, .1A, .5 MSCP, C-2F, MOL .63"/16mm, 10000 Hours, T1.75, Midget Flanged Base
12V, 16W, T3.25, PG13 Base, 12.8V, 1.25A, 28 MSCP, C-6, MOL 2.68", LCL 1.25", 300 Hours, Axial Prefocus
42466, 12.8V, 37.5W, Filament C-6, MOL 2.68"/68.1mm, MOD .42"/10.7mm, Average Rated Life 200, Bulb T-3 1/4, Right Angle Prefocus Base P22d, Halogen
42468, 12.8V, 37.5W, Filament C-6, MOL 2.68"/68.1mm, MOD 0.42"/10.7mm, Average Rated Life 200, T-3.25, Right-Angle Prefocus Base PGJ13, Halogen, Shielded, MSCP rating is for a filament in a non-shielded lamp, MSCP 78
CM8-967, 09670, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, 120V, 3W, 120V3W, T2, .325" Maximum Diameter, Flat Top Glass, Overall Length 1", 5000 Hours, Filament CC-7A, 1200 MSCP, 1058-266 Pilot Lights, Type LM35A
899 PG13, 12V, 38W, 60CP
8A/S6 GE, 8A, S-6 Clear Glass, E12, 12V
8B103 Ushio 8000294, 6V, 2.5A, 15W, 6V15W7M, SM-8B103, OP8B103, Filament FC6Z, Olympus EHS Microscope, P15d25-4A Base, T19mm Glass, 100 Hours, OL8B-103
8V, S8, Inside Frost, BA15d
8V, 2.2A, 17.6W, Frosted, S8, BA15d, 500 Hours

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