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2002900-4 Lamp Assembly, 56698, NSN 6240-00-179-2509, MS90451-7152AS15, CM7152
Code 302670, B-Pin, 12V, 12W, G4, 30267
203 9.84V, .5A, 4.92W, E10, G6
2040 12V, 8W, T2.25 Clear Glass with Painted Top, W2.1x9.5d Wedge Base, 150 Hours, 12.8V for 12V Systems, .63A, C-6 Filament, 132 Lumens, 10.5CP, MOL 1.25" or 31.75mm, LCL .4" or 11.7mm, GE 19280, GE 12326, Step, Courtesy, Map, Parking
S28, S2B, M5, 40448, 12.8/14V, 2.1/.48A, 32/2 CBCP, MOL 2"/50.8mm, MOD 1.04"/26.4mm, 1200/5000 Hours, S-8, DC Index Bayonet
2057NA 12.8V/14V, 2.1/.048A, 27W/6.7W, 24/1.5 MSCP, BAY15d Indexed Bayonet, S-8 Natural Amber Hi-Temp Amber Paint, C-6/C-6 Filament, MOL 2"/50.8mm, MOD 1.04"/26.4mm, 1200/5000 Hours, 40455
2058U GE 12899, 13/14V, 27/7W, S8 Clear Glass, 12.8V/14V, Wire Terminals, Gas-Filled, 1200/5000 Hours, Truck, C-6/C-6 Dual Filaments, MOL 1.81", MOD 1", 32/2 MSCP, 402/25 Initial Lumens
Cooper Crouse-Hinds Airport Lighting, GE brand 20845, 6.6A, 45W, MR16, GX5.3, Crousehinds, 25788, GE25788
BA15s, W209, Special Service, B6, 6.5V, 15CP, 1.78A, 11.57W, C-6, 100 Hours, LCL 1.0625", MOL 1.75", Auto Interior, BAIA Editors
209-GE GE209, BA15s, Special Service, B6, 6.5V, 15CP, 1.78A, 11.57W
Telephone, 20V, .03-.038A, .6-.76W, TS1
210 S-210 6.5V 1.78A 11.6W BA15d 348790, 25988
99125, 376510, 18V, .04A, .72W, .15CP, MOL .52"/13.2mm, MOD .23"/5.9mm, 10,000 Hours, T1.75, Wire Leads
10V, .04A, .4W, Wire Leads, C2F, 5000 Hours, T1-3/4 Clear Glass, Incandescent Subminiature, 6240-00-782-5991
11x44 12V 12CP, 1979 Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Tail Light, 13V, TL021102000, 0-42723-40087-3, 39224, Truck Lamp, Replaces 211 and 211-1
Wire Leads, 6240-914-5607, Approx 5/8" Leads, Yellow Bead, 6.3V, .2A, 1.26W, .55MSCP, C-2R, MOL .52", 5,000 Hours
2114 Eiko 40464, 6V .06A T1.25 Wire Terminal
2116D, 24V, .035-.045A, .84-1.08W, T2 Clear Stovepipe Glass, Wire Terminal Leads
2117D 35V, .04A, 1.4W, Wire Terminals, Indicator
13.5V for 12V Applications, T3 Glass, 9.5mm Diameter, 10W, MSCP 6, 1.72"/43.7mm Long, 2000 Hours, .74A, Miniature Double End Cap Base
2123 2.5V, .35A, .875W, Instrument, Wire Leads, 2123D
2127D 3V, .19A, .57W, Indicator, Wire Leads
2132D 14V, .08A, Indicator, Wire Terminal Leads
2134 2134U, Instrument, 6V, .04A, .24W, Wire Leads
2135D 1.3V, .03A, Indicator, Wire Terminal Leads
2140-0404 OL-3007, OL3007, 5V, T-1, Sub-Midget Flanged, .04A, .025CP, 50,000 Hours
2140-0427 5V, .06A, .3W, Sub-Miniature 2-Pin
2140D Wire Terminals, Instrument, TL-1.75, 2.5V, .35A, .875W, C-2R, 20,000, MOL 9/16"
2141D 28V, .1A, 2.8W, Indicator, Wire Terminals
214-2 13.5V, End Cap with Loop
2143D 10V, .015-.020A, .15-.2W, Indicator, T2 Clear Stovepipe Glass, Wire Terminal Leads
2144 GE 17479, 12.8V
2154 S8 Clear Glass, Dual Filament, Wire Terminal Leads, 28V, 1.02A, 28.56W
2155 GE 47141, 2155IP, 28V, S-8, 32/6CP, Wire Terminal Leads
2156U 3V, .03A, .09W, Wire Terminal Leads, Indicator
216 12V, 1CP, BA9s, Auto-Radio
14V, .1A, 1.4W, For 12V Applications, .5 MSCP, C-2F, MOL .52"/13.2mm Excluding Leads, MOD .23"/5.9mm, Hella 723 371-00 723371-00 B2847, Hella T863
6V, .04A, .24W, Special Service
2165D 2.5V, .066A, .165W, Special Service, Wire Leads
2167D 55V, .1A, 5.5W, Special Service, Wire Terminals
Indicator, 4.5V, .110-.125A, T1.75 Glass 5.62mm Diameter, Wire Terminal Leads
2176 24V, .05A, 1.2W, T1.75 Clear Glass, WL Wire Terminal Leads, 1000 Hours, .5 MSCP, MOL .52"/13.2MM Excluding Leads, MOD .23"/5.9mm, C-2F Filament
2181G 6.3V, .2A, 1.26W, T1.75 Green Glass, Wire Terminal Leads, 20,000 Hours, MOL 13.2mm, MOD 5.9mm, C-2F Filament, 6240-00-126-4551
2182 14V, .08A, T1.75 Clear Glass, Wire Leads Base, 3.77 Lumens, C-2F Filament, MOL .52"/13.2mm, MOD .23"/5.9mm, 40000 Hours, .3 MSCP, Eiko 40478, 2182D, LCL .23"/5.84mm, NSN 6240-00-987-5464
28V, .04A, T1.75, T-1¾, Wire Terminals, .3 MSCP, C-2F, 10,000 Hours, 6240-00-949-8106, DLA400-84-F-0855, C/C, Marantz mod. 20 tuner, 2187D
219 6.3V, .25A, 1.5W, Eiko 49701, 6.29 Lumens, C-2V Filament, MOL .94"/23.9mm, MOD .43"/11mm, G3.5 Clear Glass, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, LCL .53"/13.5mm, .5 MSCP, Stanley 6V 1.5W Japan, 5000 Hours, Vivitar Instant Slide Printer Viewing Panel Bulb, 5.5V0.25A
6V, .2A, 1.2W, Indicator, Wire Terminals
2195D 14V, .08A, Indicator, Wire Terminals
2200 5V, .06A, .3W, .63 Lumens, WL Wire Terminal Leads Base, T1.75 Clear Glass, MOL .52", MOD .23", C-2R Filament, .05 MSCP, Eiko 40488, 25,000 Hours, 6240-01-006-0747
220401-006 Flexible Strip Lamp Assembly, 6240-01-229-5710, 6240012295710, Uses Three 6838 Lamps, 012295710, 220401006
222 E-10 Mini Screw 2.25V .25A .56W GTL-3 ML-222 6240-00-197-2585 6240001972585 2-AA Batteries GE222 Ultra-Optix Model SV-2LP Pocket Lighted Magnifier, Green Plastic Healthmate Otoscope 2.2V0.25A JAPAN, Model B0001FPRCO MicroPro 48 Micro Pro 48 Piece Microscope, Bausch & Lomb 10X Coddington, Apollo 27548 Handheld Illuminated Magnifier, 2.2V BLC/11K Pen Light
2220 21/21CP, 6V, Auto, P30d, Tung-Sol, 21-21, 6-8V, Fixed Focus
2229 Medical, 2.5V, .3A, .75W, Wire Terminals
222X 26001, 2.25V, E10
223 E10, 2.25V, .25A, .56W, FE3.75
Medical, 2.5V, .3A, Wire Terminal Leads, Tubular 4.53mm Diameter Glass
2232 JKL JKL2232, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet 15mm Diameter, GE2232, 28V, .643A, 18 MSCP, CC-8, 2000 Hours, S-8, Spiral Head, CM2232, CL-600, Aircraft, 42384, MOL 2"/50.8mm, MOD 1.04"/26.4mm, S8 Clear Glass, LCL 1.19"/30mm, 34763, 18W, 226 Lumens, GTIN 20043168347635, UPC 043168347631, 20043168347635
2233 42386, 28V, Filament CC-8, MOL 2"/50.8mm, MOD 1.04"/26.4mm, Average Rated Life 2000 Hours, Bulb S-8, SC Bayonet Base BA15s, Spiral lead, LCL 1.19"/30mm, 0.766A, MSCP 21, Bamar
224 Flashlight, 2.15V, .22A, G-E224, GE224, 2 AAA CELLS FLASHLIGHT BULB, TL2.75 Lensed, Special Thread Groove Base, 23mm Long, E10 screw on newer bulbs fit most applications but are slightly larger and do not fit all applications., C224
2240D GE, Wire Terminal
22-4301 Mentor MT224301, ME224301, G4 2-Pin Base, MOL 28.5mm, Tariff 9018.90.80.00, PAM Potential Acuity Meter Diagnostic Instrument Projector, Vision Tester, Krypton, Lens End T2.5 Clear Glass, 500 Hours
22-4506 Mentor, ME22-4506. 6V, .2A, Lens End
226 Sub-Midget Flanged
36225-0, S-2307, 2-Pin
GE233 G3.5 E10 2.33V .27A .27A/G3-1/2 Mini Screw Base 49702 C-2R MOL .94"/23.9mm MOD .43"/11mm 10 Hours CM233 E233 2.33V.27A, Zadiix Self Illuminating 35mm Slide Viewer
2330 6V 32 & 32 CP Auto Headlamp P30d Double Contact Prefocus 6-8V 23 30 L 2330L, Hudson Terraplane, John Deere 1952 M
12V, 32 & 32 CP, Auto Headlamp, P30d Dual Filament, RP11
2341-Osram 24-30V, 1W, W2x4.6d Wedge
24V, .06A, Bi-Pin
2357 12.8V/14V, 2.23A/.59A, 27W/8W, S-8 Clear 1" Diameter Glass, BAY15d Indexed Double Contact Bayonet, MOL 2"/50.8mm, MOD 1.04"/26.4mm, LCL 1.25"/31.8mm, MSCP 40/3, 40CP/3CP, 40/3CP, C-6/C-6 Filaments, 400/5000 Hours
2357 Natural Amber, 12V, 30/2.25CP, 0-42723-40097-2, BAY15d, S-8, T2357NA
6.3V .5A T3.25 49704 C-2R 2000 Hours MOL 1.19"/30.2mm MOD .43"/11mm BA9s Miniature Bayonet
T239, 7239, 1239, 100-245, Zenith Panel Replacement Lamp, BA9s, 6.3V, .36A, 2.27W, T3.25 Clear Glass, Eiko 00929, MOL 1.19", C-2R Filament, MOD .43", 5000+ Hours, .67 MSCP, 4.15 Lumens, Radio
12.8V, C-6 Filament, 400 Hours, S-8 One Inch Diameter Clear Glass, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, 2.23A, 28.54W, 40CP
239X Radio, TV, 6.3V, .36A, 2.27W, BA9s, 5000 Hour
17853, 42240, 14V, .24A, 3.36W, 1500 Hours
2410X-1 Eiko 50038, 24V 10W Minature Wedge base, T3-1/4, T3.25
Eiko, 50054, 24V, 10W, .417A, C-2F Filament, T-5 Clear Glass, Xenon-Halogen, 3000 Hours, MOL 1.53"/38.9mm, MOD .62"/15.8mm, W2.1x9.5d Miniature Wedge Base, 8 MSCP
242 Radio, TV, Indicator, 6.3V, .15A, .945W, BA9s, T3.5
2.33V .27A TL-3 Mini Screw Base Flashlight C-6 MOL .93"/23.6mm MOD .38"/9.6mm TL3 40520 10 Hours MCG-410U 6240-00-155-7898 6240001557898 DLA00-85-F-1229 GE243 ML243 S243 CM243 E243, 243WF, 26063
24-35H 24V, 35W, BA15d, G50SPT, CC-6
245 2.46V 1.23W E10 Slide Viewer Bulbs E-245 Panavue, GAF Automatic Pana View, Eastman Kodak Kodaslide Stereo Viewer Model 1, Sawyer's Inc. View-Master Taling View-Master Lighted, Pana-Vue All
247 5V, .06A, Sub-Midget Flanged, T-1
2.5V, .8A, GE248, Hand Lantern, E10 Miniature Screw, G5.5 .68" Diameter Clear Globe Shaped Glass, .80A
98792, 32410-0, Telephone, 24V, Teleslide 3
24A2 24A/2, 24V, .03A, Teleslide 2
24B, 28990, 24V, Telephone, .035-.045A, .04A, 40ma, Slide Base 1
24B, Black Base, Telephone, 24V, .035-.045A, 902 Base, Slide Base 2
40513, 24V, .017A, Filament C-2F, MOL .92"/23.4mm, MOD .27"/6.9mm, Avg Life 15,000, Bulb T-2, Base Slide Base 5 TS5, MSCP 100EFC, Replaces 28V .02A, Slide Base 5 Short
24D/2, 24V, .1A, TS2
24E1 24V, TS1
24E2 24V, .035A, T-2, TS2 Slide Number 2, 44018, C-2F Filament, MOL 1.69"/42.9mm, MOD .27"/6.9mm, 7000 Hours, 600EFC MSCP
24ESB5, 24V, .04A, T-2, TS5 Slide Base 5, Short, 40507, C-2F Filament, MOL .92"/23.4mm, MOD .27"/6.9mm, 8000 Hours, .04A, 850EFC MSCP, Sylvania 331890, 33189-0
24F5 24V, Teleslide #5, NSN 6240-00-919-4700, 6240-01-615-0105, .032-.038A, 650 Design End Foot-Candles, C-2F Filament, Cold Resistance 70, MOL .915", 5000 Hours
24MB 24V, .07A, 1.75W, BA9s, C-2F
24NA 14V for 12V Systems, T2.75 Natural Amber Glass, Wedge Base, MOL 21.8mm, MOD 8.72mm, LCL 11.7mm, 1500 Hours, 1.5CP, .24A, 3.36W, 12V3W, C-2V Filament
24PSB, 24V, .073A, 40512, C-2F, MOL 1.11"/28.2mm, MOD .27"/6.9mm, 10,000 Hours, T-2 Glass, TS5 Slide Base 5, 3000EFC
24V3W10X44 24V, 3W, 10x44 Festoon
29004, 24V, .035A, TS2
251 2.47V .3A T1-3/4 SC Mid Flange Base 40524 C-2R MOL .63"/16mm MOD .23"/5.9mm LCL .38"/9.6mm 30 Hours T-1.75 .45 MSCP
253 2.5V, Midget Groove Base, TL-1.75 Lens End Glass, .35A, .88W, C-2R Filament, 10,000 Hours, MOL 11/16"
2530 GE2530 Dual Filament 2x C-2V 6V 6.5/4.2A 38.5W 200 Hours P30d RP11 50 & 32 CP
253X GE253X, GE 28470, Instrument, TL1.75 Glass, Midget Groved Base, 2.5V, .35A, .875W, C-2R Filament, 10,000 Hours, MOL 11/16"
254 2.5V, .35A, .875W, S5.7s
256 14v, .27A, 3.78W, BA9s, T3.25
259 GE259 B4-GE259 B4GE259 6.3V 1.58W 48 6 Volt 6V .25A T3.25 T-3.25 T3¼ 40534 C-2R MOL 1.06"/26.9mm MOD .40"/10.2mm 5000 Hours Miniature Wedge Base 7-4976 EA441X334 EA-441-X-334 GE Clock Radio Tru-Tone Door Bell F7S GE Clock Radio Model # 7-4976A Black and Decker Router #7614 &  #7914 Type #1 Nu-Tone LD-49 Door Chime Unit, Princess Phone GE NBR 259 Lamp, NBR259, McIntosh 7270, McIntosh MC Amps, Lamp, GE Softlite Clock Radio, Technics SA-700, 7-4966, Baldwin Cinema II Organ 214DR, Nutone 4-8 Note Motor Driven Chimes, 7-4672A
261 28475, 2.5V, .35A, Lens End, S5.7s Special Base, 6240-00-916-1638
263 2.4V, .35A, .84W, E10, Flashlight
265 49707, 28V, 2.24W, C-2F, MOL .94"/23.9mm, MOD .43"/11mm, Average Rated Life 5000, G-3.5, BA9s, LCL .50"/12.7mm, .08A, MSCP .75, 44719
267 6.3V, .15A, .945W, BA9s, Flasher
SX6s, 2.5V, .35A, 28476
269 Code 350350, 32V, 4mA, SC MIDG FLAN, S269, 6240011785141, V0469780200186, 6240011785141SP
27 4.9V, 1.47W, .3A, E10 Miniature Screw, G-4.5
12V, 1.2W, .1A, W2x4.6d Sub Miniature Wedge Base, 6.03 Lumens, C-2V Filament, Eiko 42231, MOL .8"/20.3mm, MOD .2"/5.1mm, 1000 Hours, LCL .4"/10.2mm, .48 MSCP
2741 24V, 1.2W, .05A, 6.03 Lumens, W2x4.6d Sub Miniature Wedge Base, T1.5 Clear Glass, C-2V Filament, MOL .8"/20.3mm, MOD .2"/5.1mm, 1000 Hours, LCL .4"/10.2mm, MSCP .48, Eiko 42223
2741MF 24V, 1.2W, T-1.5 with Socket
2821 42232, 13.5V .25A Miniature Wedge Base W2.1x9.5d, T3-1/4, C-2V, W3W
2825 13.5V for 12V Systems, .4A, 5W, T3.25 Clear Glass, W2.1x9.5d Wedge Base, C-2V Filament, MOL 1.06" or 26.9mm, MOD .4" or 10.2mm, LCL .5" or 12.7mm, 50 Lumens, 4CP, 750 Hours, ECE Type W5W, Eiko 40637, ACDelco ACBU1042, Bosch 1 987 302 206, Brittish Standard 501, Flosser 4291, GE 28759, Hella 8GP 003 594-121 or 8GP 178 560-081, Klaxcar 86311Z, Lucas LLB501 or LLB501T, Narva 47501, Philips 12961, Trifa 01732, Wagner 17177
285 GE 12155, T3.25, Wedge, 5V, .09A, .25CP, .45W, 1500 Hours
2860X Eiko 50042, 28V .214A, 1000 Hours, T31/4, Miniature Wedge, Xenon
28V, .04A, T-2, Wire Terminal Base, 6240-00-077-2526, 28-99, 28-ES
28V, 28ESB5, 40544, C-2F, MOL .92"/23.4mm, MOD .27"/6.9mm, 6000 Hours, T-2, Slide Base 5 TS5, .04A, MSCP 1500EFC, Sylvania 332850, 33285-0
28EX 28V, 45mA, .045A, 28V45mA, Tele-Slide #1 with Special Round End, 6240-01-316-4479, 6240013164479, 71-1021-000, 711021000, Can Replace 24EX
28V, BA9s, 40546, C-2F, MOL 1.19"/30.2mm, MOD .33"/8.4mm, 5000 Hours, T-2.5, .04A, MSCP .29, 12761
28PSB 28V, TS-5, Tele-Slide #5, TS5, T-2 Clear Glass, C-2F Filament, .04A, 40mA, 1.12W, MOL 23mm, LCL 6.9mm, 5000 Hours, 28PSB5, Eiko 40548, GE 12072, Osram 33327, Satco S7828
291 2.9V, .17A, .493W, BA9s, Indicator
Replaces 57, 57X & 1895, BA9s, 32688, 40550, 14V for 12V applications, G4.5, 5000 Hours, 2 MSCP, MOL 1.07"/27.2mm, MOD .59"/15mm, LCL .56"/14.2mm, .33A, 4.62W
294 BA9s

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