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50 33639-0 336390 G3½ Miniature Screw Base 1.65W 7.5V .22A 1 MSCP C-2R 1000 Hours, 1947 Gottleid Pinball
5001 6V, 10W, BA15s, Editor
5007 12V, 5W, R5W ECE Type, .42A, G-6 Clear Glass, 40647, C-2R Filament, MOL 1.44" 36.6mm, MOD .75" 19.1mm, 200 Hours, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, LCL .74" 18.8mm, 4 MSCP, 4CP, SC BAY, Philips 12821
5.1V, .15A, .6 MSCP, C-2R, MOL 1.07"/27.2mm, MOD .59"/15mm, 100 Hours, G4.5, Miniature Screw
Osram, E14, 6V, 5W, G6
5026/CL Osram, Germany, 5026, 8V, 5W, E10 Miniature Screw Base, S-8 Clear Glass, S-25mm, C-6 Filament, MOL 50mm, MOD, atY
5026/FR Osram, Germany, 5026, 8V, 5W, E10 Miniature Screw Base, S-8 Frosted Glass, S-25mm, C-6 Filament, MOL 50mm, MOD, wzZ
503 5.1V, .15A, .765W, G4.5 Clear Glass, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, .6 CP, 7.54 Lumens, MOD 14mm, MOL 26.9mm, LCL 12.7mm, 100 Hours, C-2R Filament, SR503, Eiko 40752
12V, .25A, S8, P30s SC-Prefocus, Marine Navigation, Marine Signal, GNSN 6240-01-032-5034, 6240010325034, FSCM, DTCG4002P20279, 12V0.25A, 12V025A, 12V0.25A5034X, 12V025A5034X, NLI-5034X, 185.1037-00, 32501
507-3835-1531-600 Neon, Bi-Pin Base, Metal Cylinder, Red Cap, 908768-01, 6240-00-764-5205
507-3835-0933-600 Neon, Bi-Pin Base, Metal Cylinder, Amber Cap
507-3840 Clear, Neon
507-3906-0975-600 6V, 200mA
507-3910-1431-600 Dialco, 507-3910, 10V, 14mA, Red
507-3910-1437-600 Dialco , 10V, 14,A, Clear
507-3911-1431-600 Dialco, 10V, 40mA, Cylindrical Red Cap, Dialight, Panel Mount Indicator Lamp, .08CP, 10,000 Hours, Switch Actuator
507-3914-1471-600 507-3914, B, 9513, 14V, 80mA, MS18235-2, Dialight, Dialco, Red, .3CP, 15,000 Hours, MOL 28.96mm
507-3914-1475-600 Dialco 507-3914, 14V, 80mA, Frosted Plastic, White Light, .3CP, 15,000 Hours, MOL 28.96mm
507-3917-0974-600 Dialco, 507-3917, 28V, 40mA, Blue
507-3917-1437-919 Dialco, Clear, 28V, 40mA
507-3917-1471-600 Dialco, Red, 28V, 40mA
507-3918-0747-600 Dialco, Clear, 28V, 40mA
507-3918-1471-600 Dialco, 28V, 40mA, Red
507-3918-1473-600 Dialco, 507-3918, 28V, 40mA, MS18235-3, Amber Cylindrical Cap with "1" on Top, .3 CP, 7,000 Hours, 2 Pin Cartridge, MOL 1.14"
507-3918-1475-600 Dialco 507-3918, 28V, 40mA, Cylindrical White, .3CP, 7000 Hours, MOL 1.14", Number "1" Printed on End
507-4537-1537-670 Dialco, Neon, 45H-100K, 6240-00-208-2379, CML830037, CN04WCSN117, Dialight, Bi Pin, Metal Cartridge, Clear Lens
507-4757-3331-500 Dialco 507-4757, 5V, 20mA, Red Cylindrical Lens, 5189073
507-4761-3737-500 Dialco, 28V, 20MA, 507-4761-3737-500, 72619, Semiconductor Device, Clear, 6240-01-009-2232, DLA-900-80-A-A230-0841, F82 Part III
507-5337-0933-670 Dialco, Neon, 100K, Amber
507-5338-Amber Dialco, 33K, MS18237-1, Amber Cap, Bi-Pin, Metal Cylinder, Neon
507-5338-0937-630 Dialco, 33K, MS18236-1, Dialight, Neon, Clear Lens, Bi-Pin Cylinder
BA15s, G6, 24V, .18A
509KR 509K Red, 24V, .18A, 4.32W, Indicator, E12, G6
50LMP-40WH 40W, 120V, BA15d, Signal Beacon Lamp
51 6-7.5V, .22A, 1.65W, BA9s, G3.5, 1CP
51R Red, 7.5V, .22A, BA9s
E10, G3.5, 14.4V, .1A, .75 MSCP, C-2V, MOL .94"/23.9mm, MOD .43"/11mm, 1000 Hours
521-9058 Dialco, 5V, Midget Flange Base, 6240-01-059-0403
52A 24V, .03A, .72W, TS6 Teleslide 6 Base, T2 Clear Glass, 6.8mm Glass Diameter, C-2F Filament, MOL .92", 5000 Hours, Sylvania 337110, 33711-0
53 14.4V, .12A, 1 MSCP, C-2V, 1000 Hours, G3½, BA9s
530 24V, .17A, 4W, Indicator, E12, G6, GE530
541/R, Red, 28V, .1A, 2.8W, E12, G6
542 6.5V, 1A, 6.5W, Instrument, Potentiometer, BA15d
55 7V, .41A, 2.87W, 2CP, BA9s, G4½
5530 TS-1, 6V, 40mA
5530-00-012-020 TS-1, 12V, 20mA
553.3881 Hikari M-04501, M04501, 5533881, 3.02-3.3V, 3V, 1.95W, Plastic Base, WD 1.3mm, 150 Hours, Dental Handpiece Lamp
GE 44773, Res. #8109234, 40783, 6.3V, C-2R, MOL 1.06"/26.9mm, MOD .4"/10.2mm, 3000 Hours, T3.25, W2.1x9.5d Miniature Wedge Base, LCL .65"/16.5mm, .25A, .9 MSCP
555-G 16044, 555-G, Green, 6.3V .25A T3-1/4 Wedge Base
T3.25, Wedge Base, 13V, .33A, 4.29W, C-2V, MOL 1.06"/26.8mm, 500 Hours
.55A, 12V, S. C. Pref Single Contact Prefocus, S-8
55B, Telephone, 55V, .1A, 5.5W
55C2 55C, Telexlide 2, 55V
56 5V, .58W, C-2R, 0.12A, T1-3/4,, MOD 0.22” or 5.5mm, T1.75, W2.1x4.9d Sub-Miniature Wedge Base, LCL .4” or 10.2mm, 20,000 Hours, MOL .8”or 20.3mm, .15CP, Eiko 44326, 1.89 Lumens
T3 Glass, Rigid Loop Base, 12.8V for 12V Systems, .97A, 12.42W, 12 CP, 12V12CP, C-8, MOL 1.72"/43.7mm, 1000 Hours, 12CP, 13V, 12.0CP, GE 39746
561-5301-070 Dialight, A1, LED, Uni-Color, Yellow, 2-Pin, 34 mcd, 2.2V, PCB, Super Bright, Diffused, 585nm, 20mA, 50° Viewing Angle, CBI Circuit Board Indicator, 5SD-9455
562 13.5V for 12V Applications, 10W, .74A, T3 Clear Glass, Rigid Loop Base, 9.99W, 2000 Hours, MOL 1.72” or 43.7mm, MOD .37” or 9.5mm, C-8, 6CP, Eiko 42052, 75 Lumens
24V, 5W, BA15d, 030 85F, Imp, Osram562624V5W, K15764n, G6, R5W
5627 24V, 5W, R5W, T-6 Clear Glass, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, .208A, 4CP, MOD .75", MOL 1.48", LCL .75", 200 Hours
42058, 13.5V, C-8 Filament, MOL 1.72"/43.7mm, MOD .39"/9.9mm, Average Rated Life 1000 Hours, T-3 Glass, RGLP Rigid Loop Base, .52A, 7.02W, MSCP 4
57 L57 12-14V 2C.P. Miniature Bayonet Base G-4½ .24A 3.36W C-2V Indicator 5712V2CP 12V2CP 12V 2CP
12.8V, Rigid Loop Base, MOL 1.76"/45mm, T4.5, Clear, 2.1A, 32 CP, 32CP, 600 Hours, 42074
573 TYG573, 12V, .1A, E10 Miniature Screw Base, G573, K3197, 6240-00-357-0139, 12V0.1A, G3.5 45mm Diameter Clear Globe Glass
577 12V, 18W, Festoon, T4-3/4 Clear Glass, .59" or 15mm Glass Diameter, C-8 Filament, Maximum Length 1.63" or 41.2mm, 19.1CP, 19CP, 20W, 1.5A, Miniature Cap Festoon Base, 1994 94 Pontiac, Possible Substitute 6475
57X GE 25597, 12V, BA9s, G4.5
583-D, 34363, Wire Terminal Leads
58.8015 12V 75W P35s 35s 074880 074 880 Diver Dan RT-50 Radiant T9 13730C/04 137300/04 13730/04 A1/224 PN/130 A-192 PN-130 C-6 Type 6 Elipsold Elipsoid projektionslanpe lampe de projection H-104 Ellipsoid, H-107 H110, Bolex 18-5L Super, Burn Base up or Base Down, 12V75W- PHILIPS For 100W use 13116C/04
110V, 150W, BA15s, T8.5, Metal Cap, Base Down, Substitute CEW/CFC
58.8660 58.8660StE, 5A, 375W, P28s, 75V 
590 13.5V, .37A, 5W, T3.25 Wedge, Clear Glass
5972 31333-8 313338 6V 10W T-3 G4 200 Hours LCL .95"/24mm MOL 1.5"/38mm 150 Lumens 3000°K Burn in Any Position 38 61 08-0000
5AB-T NE-23T, Miniature Glow Lamp, External Series Resistance Required, T-2 Clear Glass, 60-90V DC Breakdown Voltage, 59V Average DC Voltage, .3 DCMA, 5V Maintenance DC Voltage, 6000 Hours, 1" Wire Terminal Leads, MOL .75"
NE76, Neon Glow Miniature Lamp, CM NE-76, Wire Leads, T2 Glass, 5AG-A, 72V, .004A, 250K, 68-76V, 6240-00-539-8959, 2000 Hours, MOL .75"
5C7/W GE, 120V, 5W, C-7 White Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, GE120V5WKOREA
32715-0, 327150
5SLB5, 327270, 32727-0

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