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GE 25299, 6.4V, 3A, 19.2W, Special Service, Sewing Machine, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, 23 CP, 500 Hours, MOL 2", LCL 1.25
6022 5V, .02A, T-1 Clear Glase, WL Wire Leads Wire Terminal Base, Eiko 40824, .38 Lumens, MOL .25"/6.4mm, MOD .13"/3.2mm, 10,000 Hours, .03 MSCP, Filament C-2R, NSN 6240-00-183-0658, B8694
6034 28V, .024A, .67W, T1.75 Clear Glass, SX6s Single Contact Midget Flanged, T5.5mm, C-2F Filament, MOL .63" or 16mm, LCL .5" or 12.7mm, 4000 Hours, NSN 6240-01-032-0712, DLA400-83-M-AS99, OL6034, OL-6034
6.15V, .5A, G4.5, E10 Mini Screw Base
100W, 120V, Sylvania 58727-0, Castle Co. 3914, Castle Type Medical Lamp, MDT/CASTLE
Teleslide, 29062, 60V, TS-1 Teleslide #1, .045-.055A, C-5 Filament, 5000 Hours, MOL 1.6875". 2200 Design End Foot Candles, Approximate Average Cold Resistance 102, 6240-179-1802, Military Standards Number 15609-5
60A2 60V, Teleslide 2, TS-2, T-2 Clear Glass, MOL 42.9mm, Switchboard, 5,000 Hours, .045A, TEL SLIDE, C-21 Filament
60MB 60V, .05A, 50mA, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, T2.5 Clear Glass, 3W, C-7A Filament, MOL 1.19", MSCP .73, LCL .95", 7500 Hours
60PSB5 60PSB, 60V, .05A, Slide Base 5 TS5, 2200EFC, T2, CC-2F, MOL 1.11"/28.2mm, MOD .27"/6.9mm, 7500 Hours, Sylvania 339450, 33945-0
60RB 60V, .05A, 3W, BA9s, Reflector
33957, 339570, E12, R7, Reflector 91mm, Syl, 60V, .05A, 3W
6.3V, G-3.5, Bi-Pin, .25A, GE612, 36935
6180 5V, .06A
6225B 12V, 25/25W, B20d, B35
28V, .37A, 10.36W, G-6, SC Bayonet Base, 2C-6, MOL 1.44"/36.6mm, MOD .75"/19.1mm, 1000 Hours
12V 12.8V/12.8V 35/35W 35W/35W A7375 Stanley 48056 B-Type BA20 Base Motorcycle ATV Snowmobile 410-5019 BA20d Double Contact 20mm Bayonet B-35 Bulb C-8/C-2R Filaments 100/100 Hours Average Life MOL 2.6"/66mm MOD 1.42"/36mm 53/53 MSCP, 2005 525EXC, 12728 S2 Phillips Duplo 12V 35/35W E1 21B5, Husky 610 Headlight Bulb, late model KTM EXC headlight bulbs, Philips 12728, Osram 7327
12.8/12.8V 35/35W A7027 Double Contact P15-3 P15D25-3 Base J-Type Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile Lamp, RP-10 RP10 Glass, C-6/C-6 Filament, 100/100 Hours, MOL 2.25"/57.2mm, MOD 1.25"/32mm, MSCP 53/53, AGI-4215, 12V,  RP30mm Glass, 57033, 6235J-BP, 4215, 48038, Double Contact Prefocus Flanged P15d-3, 20-7208, 123535, 860-1201, Kimpex Ref # 01-160, Yamaha, Headlamp Bulbs, 22-295, Suzuki SUZ123535, Ford 1510 Tractor
6235Y 12V 35/35W A5677 48028 RP11 P15d Y Type 12.8/12.8V C-6/C-6 100/100 Hours MOL 2.3"/58.4mm MSCP 53/53, Ford 1500 Tractor Headlamp, Ford Tractor 1600, 45677
623AF 623/AF, 24V, 6CP, Auto, Frosted, BA15s, GE623AF
624 28V, .37A, G6 Clear Globe Glass, BA15d Base, 2C-6 Series Filaments, 1000 Hours, 6CP, MOL 1.44", LCL .75", 10W, 10.36W, Eiko 40829
6241 6V, 45W, BA15s, RP11
12.8/12.8V for 12V applications 45/45W, 48058, C-8/C-2R Filament, MOL 2.6"/66mm, MOD 1.42"/36mm, 100/100 Hours, B-35 B35 Clear Glass, DC Bayonet European BA20d, MSCP 69/69, A7379, 410-5024, 2005 Beamer
48062, 12V, 12.8/12.8V, 45/45W, Replaces 40/45W, C-8/C-2R, MOL 3"/76.2mm, MOD 1.61"/41mm, 100 Hours, G40 Clear Glass, P45t, P45t41, MSCP 69/69, 410-5035, 12620, R2, 7951, Hella 78154, Narva 49211
6245J 12.8/12.8V, 45/45W, Double Contact P15-3, P15D25-3 Base, J-Type Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile Lamp, RP-10 RP10 Glass, C-6/C-6 Filament, 100/100 Hours, MOL 2.25"/57.2mm, MOD 1.25"/32mm, 12V, RP30mm Glass, 6245J-BP
6246X 6.2V, .46A, 2.852W, Single Contact Prefocus P30s, S-8, C-8
Osram 6251 Sylvania 39387 6V 5W BA9s Miniature Bayonet MI-251/56 G5 Glass 200 Hours B6251 116930 SIGNAL LAMP 951 227
6V, 5W, G4.5 Globe Shaped Glass, E10 Miniature Screw Base
12V, 6W, BA9s, G4.5 Clear Glass, Stanley 12V6W, 200 Hours, 40669, .5A, 4.2 MSCP, MOL 1.07"/27.2mm, MOD .59"/15mm, C-2V Filament, 40667
B-35, 60/60W, 12.8/12.8V, BA20 Base, 75 Hours Rated Life
12V, 12.8/12.8V, 60/60W, B-35, P43T
7V, 40830, .63A, 4.41W, C-6 Filament, MOL 1.44"/36.6mm, MOD .75"/19.1mm, 1000 Hours, G-6 Glass, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, 6V3CP, 3CP, 6240-00-155-8720
63000 BAIA Editor Replacement Lamp, Reviewer 8, Reviewer Super 8, 1003 Lamp Soldered to Custom Frame, 12.8V, 12W
631 Eiko 40832, 14V, .63A, G-6 Clear Glass, BA15s
6343 6.6A, 100W, G6.35
48052 12V 35W A7275 BA20s BA20 Single Contact Bayonet 410-5017 B35 Clear Glass C-6 Filament 100 Hours MOL 2.6"/66mm MOD 1.42"/36mm 53 MSCP
63K E12, 7V, .63A, G-6
63M 7V, 3CP, Indicator, GE63M, E10 Miniature Screw, G6 Clear Glass, 6-8V, C-2R, 1000 Hours, MOL 1-5/16", LCL 7/8"
64 7V, .63A, BA15d, 64-MS15569-1, 3-MSCP, 1,000 Hours, C-2R, 3C, 6V, Auto Aircraft Marine, G6 Glass, Telescope, Telescopes, 9G6240-00-155-8663, 6240-00-155-8663, 6240001558663
64015 H3, PKX22s, UV Stop Glass, 10V, 50W, Stop Light, 750 Lumen, 8000 Hour, C-6 Filament
6411 12V 10W SV8,5-8 K5618-n4o N177232 Beetle 1952-1979 Festoon Dome Plafonier Lighting Systems Models 3100, 3200 & 3300 C10W
12V, 5W, SV8,5-8, ALOS 17, 11X41, 12864, 39405, 41MM2, 12844, 239
12V, 6W, H6W, BAX9s single contact bayonet 9mm in diameter with pins at 150° instead of the typical 180°
100W, 12V, PKY22s, Halogen, Possible Substitute 01015 which has the PK22s and is missing a tab
6V 5W SV8,5-8 ALOS 16 Festoon 200 Hours 10x36 3462 6844 3261 A6416 253 SV8.5 A2511 3462C Volkswagen # N177251 S8.5
64222 Osram, 6V, 10W, PG22, Microscope Slit Lamp, Zeiss 10SL, Ophthalmic, Hikari M-01006, Guerra 5628/W1
64225-MOD Osram, 6V, 10W, 098239, 098 239, Osram 64225 with custom metal bracket added
24V, 5W, SV8,5-8, Festoon, 37.5mm Long, 10.6mm Glass Diameter, 8.58mm Metal Diameter, 39401, 4-050300-172729, Possible Substitute KL20XE, 10x35, C5W-24V, T-3.25, C-8 Filament, MOL 1.38", MSCP 3.6, .2A, 300 Hours
6424 24V, 5W, 11x41mm Festoon, T3.25 Clear Glass, MOL 1.61"/41mm, MOD 11mm, C-8 Filament, 4.93 MSCP, .21A, RoHS Compliant, T11x41mm
6427 6V, 3W, 8x29mm Festoon
6429 24V, 10W, 11x41mm Festoon, SV8.5, 200 Hours, 8.4CP
24V 3W .125A Festoon Cap 7-8 8x31 LP23 29mmx8mm 29x8 1.15"x.31" SV7-8 591227036 SV8,5-8 VG140 A2023 13842 A6430 6340 2315 AL23 Sockel SV 7, THD Hot Plate Antennuator, 39414
6V, 3W, 38mm Long, 8.1mm Glass Diameter, Festoon

Osram 58493, 62W, 6.6A, MR16, 125mm Wire Leads with Flat Female Connectors, 1500 Hours

64337A 6.6A, 48W, MR16, Wire Leads with Female Spade Connectors
64341 Osram, 100W/6.6A PK30d J1/79 58709 6.6A/100T4/64341/HLX C bar 6 Filament 1000 Hours MOL 55mm w/Cable, Agfa MSC2 Scanner (Straight Leads) Airfield/Airport
64342A Osram, 100W/6.6A PK30d, Agfa MSC2.3 Scanner (90 degree) Airfield/Airport
6439 12V, 3W, 33MM Festoon, 6240-00-241-2288, S6439, JA26225, 2000 Hours, 6.5mmx33mm, Philips 12849, T6.5x36
64410-MOD Osram, 6V, 10W, G4 2-Pin Base with Metal Bracket Assembly Added
64450 Osram 64450AX, 12V, 75W, GY6.35, Clear Glass, Axial Filament
64458 Osram, 12V, 100W, GY6.35
64473-120V Kandolite, 64473, 120V, 75W, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet with Ceramic Extension, T3.5 Clear Glass, Length 76mm +/- 2mm
64473-FR Kandolite, 64473, 120V, 75W, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet with Ceramic Extension, T3.5 Frosted Glass, Length 76mm +/- 2mm
64485 Kandolite, 120V, 100W, BA15d with Ceramic Extension, Osram 64475m 64485
64502 Osram, 230V, 150W, GX6.35, T4
12V, 15W, SV8,5-8, Festoon, T4.5, 1.25A, 17.5CP, Bulb Diameter .625"/14.5mm, C-8, MOL 1.61"/41mm, LCL .59"/15mm, 75 Hours
64515 Osram, 300W, 240V, 58524, GX6.35, 3400°K, P1/23, EAN 4008321098719, 4008321098726, Model V-0121E Ambico Camcorder Video Light
6V, 15W, Festoon, 031-515, 42.5mm Long, 14mm Glass Diameter, 400115, 6850, 1834, 259
24V, 18W, SV8,5-8, SV8.5, Festoon, 43.3mm Long, 14mm Glass Diameter, 39416
64575 Osram, 230V, 1000W, F6.3A, F6,3A, Halogen Photo Optic Lamp, 4050300006919, GX6.35 Bi Pin Base, ANSI EGY, Universal Burn Position, LCL 38mm, MOL 67.5mm, 15 Hours, 33,000 Lumens, 3400K, LIF P1/15, T-4 Clear Glass, 4008321098856, CRI 100, 58525
64609 Osram 64609, 12V, 50W, PG22
12V, 75W, G4, AX Axial Filament
64622 Osram, 12V, 100W, G4 Bi Pin Base, Axial Filament, Germany
64664 400W/36V  (2-Pin/G6.35) (A1/270) (EVD/LL) 150 Hours HLX64664 64664HLX Lumens-14,500, MSP, Syntra
12V, 18W, SV8,5-8, Festoon
24V, 18W, SV8,5-8, Festoon, 39374
656 28V, 1.68W, C-2F, 2500 Hours, W2.1d Miniature Wedge
657 SL2-657, 657MW, 657MU, 28V, .08A, 2.24W, W2.1d Miniature Wedge, 80mA
14V, .08A, Wedge Base, Filament C-2F, MOL 1.06"/26.9mm, MOD .4"/10.2mm, Avg Life 15000, Bulb T-3-1/4
12V, 60W, 12.8V, BA20s, BA20 Single Contact Bayonet, B-35 Clear Glass, C-6 Filament, 75 Hours, MOL 2.6"/66mm, MOD 1.42"/36mm, 75 MSCP
40841, 12V, Filament C-8, MOL 1.26"/32mm, MOD .24"/6.1mm, Avg Life 5000 Hours, Bulb T-2 T2, Base Double End Cap SF6/6, .25A, MSCP 1
14V .08A 80mA 1.12W 40844 C-8 Filament MOL 1.26"/32mm MOD .24"/6.1mm 10,000 Hours T-2 Glass SF6/6 Base Looks Like a Fuse ATL HDI 3000 5000
67 13.5V, .59A, 4CP, G-6 Clear Glass, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, 8W, C-2R Filament, MOL 1.44", LCL .81"
67273 6V, 15W, T-5.5 Clear Glass, Z16 Special Screw Base
679 3V, .0125A, .0375W, T1, Sub-Midget Flange
67A 12V, .59A, BA15s, Amber
67AF 67/AF, 12V, .59A, 7.08W, Automotive, BA15s, Frosted
67B 13.5V, .59A, 8W, 67 Blue, Auto Instrument, Indicator, Marker
67CB 12V, 4CP, Auto, Instrument, BA15s, Ceramic Blue
67K 13.5V, .41A, G8, E12, Indicator, 4CP, C-2R, 1500 Hours, LCL 1", MOL 1-3/8", 50 Lumens
13.5V, 4CP, Indicator, Clear, E10 Miniature Screw
13.5V, Indicator, E10 Screw, Outside Blue, GE67M
68 12-16V, 8W, 3 C. P., BA15d, G-6, Tail Lights 1974 Arctic Cat Snowmobile, Actic
680 5V, .06A, T-1, Wire Leads, 60,000 Hours, .38 Lumens
6802 2002900-1, 6240-01-015-7791, CM-6802, ML189
45V/36V, 10W/6W, B15d, 088 439, BA15d, T5, T17, 45/36V10/6
682 5V, .06A, .3W, Sub Miniature Flange Base, T-1 Clear Glass, C-2R Filament, MOL 9.5mm, 6240-00-062-6174, 60,000 Hours, LCL 4.7mm, Aircraft, CM682
Osram, 140V/110V, 10W/6W, E14, T5, T17, 39451, 140/110V10/6
381390, 38139, Wire Terminal Leads
6835 5V, Wire Leads
Wire Terminals, Standard, Aircraft, 28V, 24mA, .024A, OL-6838AS15/TPL, 9114050088, .15 MSCP, CC-2F, .25 Inches MOL, 16,000 Hours, L-1482, Oshino 03110771301000
6839 28V, .024 A, .15 MSCP, CC-2F, T1-3mm Clear Glass, sub min, 24mA, SX4s Sub Midget Flange Base, MOL 9.7mm, MOD 3.2mm, 1.89 Lumens
683R 5V, .06A, T-1, Wire Leads, Red
GI6848, 48V, .025A, T1.75, Mid-Flg,
685 5V, .06A, .3W, T-1 Clear Glass, SX4s Sub-Midget Flanged Base, .63 Lumens, C-2R Filament, 25,000 Hours, MOL .38", MOD .13", LCL .19", Eiko 40872
14V, .04A, 5mm, Clear, L.E.S., VTY690, Midget Screw Base
6963Z Philips 290932, 29093-2, 5000W, 230V, G38, CP/85, 100016348, 186768-00, 18676800, 9238 659 42924, 08711500186768, Broadway, CP/29, P3 Technology, Universal Burn, Average Rated Life 420 Hours, 3200K, 132500 Lumens, MOL 280mm, LCL 165mm, 26x29mm Filament, Rapid Acting HBC Fuse 25V
Telephone, 6V, .12-.16A
Telephone, 6V, .29A, 1.74W
6G6-4V 4V, 6W, G6 Clear Glass, BA15s, 4VJAPAN, BSS
6V, .14A, T2-1/2, Mini Bay Base, 40777, Filament C-2V, MOL 1.19"/30.2mm, MOD .33"/8.4mm, Avg Life 20000, BA9s, MSCP 0.12
6PSB 6PSB5, T2, 6V, 140MA, SLIDE #5, .140A, 6.0V, T-2, TS5 Slide Base, .14A, MOL 1.11", MOD .27", C-2V Filament, 20,000 Hours, 550EFC
6S6/3-120V GE 11577, S-6 Clear Glass, 6W, 120V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, C-7A Filament, 5000 Hours, Appliance, Night Light, Nightlight, 23 Lumens, MOL 1.87", DIA .75", LCL 1.37", Longer Life-Dimmer Light as Compared to Standard 1500 Hour 41 Lumen Lamp
6V 6W S6 Glass Clear E12 Candelabra Screw Base
6S6-12V 6S6, 12V, 6W, E12 Candelabra Screw, S-6 Clear Glass
S-6 Clear Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 6W, 18V, .33A, MOL 1.88"/47.8mm, MOD .75"/19.1mm, 1500 Hours, Indicator
6S6/24V 6W E12 Candelabra Screw Clear 6240 00 143 7513 6240001437513
6S6/30V 6W, 30V, E12 Candelabra Screw, S-6 Clear Glass, 6240-00-155-7878
6S6/32V 6W, 32V, E12 Candelabra Screw, S-6 Clear Glass
6S6/48V 6W, 48V, S-6 Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw, Clear, 3.7 MSCP, C-6 Filament
6S6-60V 6S6, 60V 6W E12 Candelabra Screw
6S6/7 GE, 120V, 6W, E17 Intermediate Screw, S-6 Clear Glass
6S6/75V 6W, 75V, S6, Clear, Candelabra, Train
6W, 80V, Candelabra Screw, Clear, Kodaslide Stereo Viewer 2
6S6-120V 6S6, 120V, 6W, E12 Candelabra Screw
6S6-120V/W 6W, 6S6, S-6 White Glass, 115-125V, 120V, E12 Candelabra Screw, 16960-0, B&H Pilot Lamp 23292 for 202-285, Abco-Westinghouse 04026, 6S6/W/CD, 1500 Hours, Sylvania 14744-0
6S6-125V 125V, 6W, S-6 Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw, Clear, NSN 6240-00-143-7432
6W, S-6 Clear Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 130V, 11369, 40788, C-7A, MOL 1.88"/47.8mm, MOD .75"/19.1mm, 1500 Hours, 3 MSCP, 203B6S6C-130
6W, 130V, S6, E12 Candelabra Screw, Painted Ceramic White
6S6-145V 145V. 6W. Clear. Candelabra Screw Base. S-6. 3/4" diameter clear glass, MSCP 1.4
6W, 155V, Candelabra Screw, S-6 Clear Glass, GE 11374, Sylvania 16943-0
6W, 230V, Clear S6 Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base
6S6DC/24V 6S6DC-24V, 6W, S-6 Clear Glass, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, NSN 6240-00-553-1038
6W, 30V, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, S-6 Glass
6S6DC/32V 6S6DC-32V 6W Double Contact Bayonet S-6 Glass
48V, 6W, .125A, C-6 Filament, MOL 1.82"/46.2mm, MOD .75"/19.1mm, 1500 Hours Average Rated Life, S-6 Glass, DC BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base
6S6DC-60V 6W, 60V, BA15d, S-6
6S6DC/75V 6W, 75V, BA15d, S-6 Clear
6S6DC/120V 120V 6W Double Contact Bayonet Base Indicator Lamp 6S6DC/CL120V 302-385 430076 6S6DC/120V S6 S-6 Clear MS15567-1 6S6120-DC 656120-DC 303 A-11 471-031, Omega 471-031 Indicator Lamp for D/E Dichroic Lamphouse
6S6DC/125V 125-130V, 6W, BA15d, S-6 Clear Glass
6S6DC-130V 130V, 6W, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, Clear, Indicator, 16784-0 9044 S6CL6/BAY 6S6DC-130V, 11594
BA15d, 6W, S-6, 145V, Clear
6W, 120V, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet 15mm in Diameter, S6 Clear Glass
6S6TG-120V 6W, 120V, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, S-6 Transparent Green Glass
6WG-R-28V, PC293, LED Red
6Y GE, G-E, 6.4V, 3A, 19.2W, Special Service, Sewing Machine, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet, 23 CP, 500 Hours, MOL 2", LCL 1.25

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